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Make it Easy by Happy Lily Potter
Chapter 1 : The Proposal
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A/N: Hello, everyone, and welcome to my first short story! I hope you enjoy it and please leave a review :) Thanks for clicking!

Disclaimer: I own nothing of this story except the plot. Everything else belongs to JK Rowling.

                                                               Chapter 1                                         
                                                            The Proposal   

      It's all worked out. The entire plan, the perfect plan, all ready for tonight. At 5 o'clock, when Ginny gets home from work, I will invite her to dinner for two at Riviera London, the fanciest Italian restaurant in town. It's expensive, but I saved up three months worth of money after I bought the ring. At exactly 8:45, when I plan to be on our desert course, I will propose. It will be magical, wonderful, and perfect. 

     The only flaw is what her answer will be. 

     I'm sitting on the Weasley's worn leather couch, figeting and so nervous I could impress a pig at how much I'm sweating. I had already told Mr. and Mrs. Weasley my plans, along with Ron and Hermione and practically all the other Weasleys. They're all in support but nearly had a heart attack when I told them. 

     My eyes dart to the clock anxiously again. 4:30. Half an hour. That's two minutes less than when I last checked it. We're making progress. 

     I pull out the ring from my pocket again and twirl it in my fingers. It shines in the afternoon sun. The star-cut diamond turns a deep crimson-orange, matching the time of day. I swallow hard and place it back into my pocket. I tap my foot absentmidedly and stare at the clock as hard as I can, as if my eyes could make it 5.

     Mr. Weasley walks into the room, sees how nervous I am, and walks over. He sits on the coffee table in front of me, tilting his head so that he can see my face. 

     "Harry?" I jump at being addressed. The house had been near silent all day; everyone was at work save Ron, Hermione and I, who all got the day off and they were in Hogsmeade for the day.

     "Mr. Weasley," I say politely, nodding to him and smiling falsely. He sees right through me; apparently I'm not good at hiding my anxiety.

     "Harry, I know you're nervous," He says in a soft tone. "But believe me, Ginny loves you, son. You'll be fine, alright?"

     I hesitate before answering. Still, what if she says no? What'll I do then?


     I turn to him. He's smiling encouragingly. I smile back. 

     "Yeah, alright. Thanks, Mr. Weasley."

     He pats my knee. "Good luck, son." He gets up and walks into the kitchen just as the back door bursts open. I leap and look behind me, and there's Ginny, hair a mess and soaking wet. 

     "Augh! I hate my job! I had to help stop some wild hoses that some idiot set off down in Wales! Then that totally airheaded git next to me set his entire office on fire, and Jollie down the hall came up and started spraying me instead of his bloody office! I mean, how hard is it to spray a bloody fire with your bloody wand? Honestly!"

     She continues to vent as she hangs up her sodden coat and hat on the wooden coatrack. Her eyes shoot daggers at everything they see. I check the clock on the wall. Only 4:45. I tentatively walk up behind her and tap her shoulder. She whips around, daring me to say something.

     "H...hi, honey..." I say quietly. " since you, you know, had a bad day and all..."

     "It was terrible!" She screams. "My mindless twit of a boss doesn't even know what happened all day! You know what he was doing the whole time? Talking to his wife!"
     "Yeah, so since it was really bad...and all...I have reservations at seven for Riviera London for two, so-"

     "Harry, I can't! I have so much work to do! I have to write an entire report on-"

     "Honey, I know, I know, you have a lot to do," I say as I grab her shoulders. "but think about it; just one night, you and me...c'mon, whaddya say? Huh? Just one night of relaxation?"

     She visibly relaxes. Her shoulders go down and her eyes soften. "Alright, Harry, alright..." I grin and kiss her quickly before turning around and running up to Ron's room to ring Ron. (we still share a room. Sad, I know.)

                                                        Part One: complete.

                                                     Part two: Working on it....


     Riviera London is a dark-colored one-story with a small pond in the front, with floating lily pads lighting up. It's rather dark inside, and it's all a deep purple. 

     Ginny, looking beautiful in a cream knee-length dress and curled hair, and I arrive at Riviera London at seven on the dot. We're seated immediately at a table near the back of the restaurant. As she picks up the menu, she smiles. I love it when she smiles.

     "I have to say, Harry, I feel a lot better already. Thanks." I grin back. 

     "No problem, Gin. Anytime." She smiles and looks back at her menu. When the waitress comes, Ginny orders pasta with meat sauce. I order a sausage calzone.

                                                Things go downhill from here.

     As we're waiting for our meal, the door suddenly bursts open, casting light over the dark interior of the restaurant. Ginny and I turn at the same time, only to see the people I least want to see right now. 

     "Hi," Ron says to the receptionist. "We're here with Harry Potter, party of two?" The receptionist points back to us. 

     "Damn." I mutter. Thankfully Ginny doesn't hear me. Ron and Hermione weave their way in between tables, being rather clumsy, and pull up two chairs around our table. Ron grins at me.

     "Harry!" he says in a fake nice voice. I mentally remind myself to kill him when we get home. "Fancy meeting you here!"

     "Yeah, total coincidense!" Hermione chimes. I see Ron glare at her. Ginny frowns.

     "Who invited you lot?" She snaps. Hermione looks hurt. Ron looks angry.

     "Can't a bloke just meet up with his mates for a bit of chow? Ah, here it is..."

     All anger gone from his face, he stares hungrily at my calzone as it's set in front of me. 

     "Mind if I have a bite?" He asks, taking my fork and diving into my dinner. Yup, definately gonna kill him. 

     "Mind if we join?" I hear more Weasley voices. 


     George and Angelina grab two more chairs and squeeze into our already somewhat crowded table. Hermione says hi to both of them, as does Ron. Ginny looks quite frustrated. 

     "What are you doing here?" She growls. 

     George looks innocent. "What, can't an older brother meet his family for dinner once in a while?"

     "My words exactly!" Ron exclaims through a mouthful of calzone. Hermione looks apologetically at me. 

     "Right, well..." I mutter to myself. I grab a spare fork from a neighboring table and begin to eat. Ginny follows me. 

     Ten minutes later, Mr. and Mrs. Weasley enter the restaurant, which is starting to give us strange looks. Mr. Weasley looks extremely sorry. 

     "Sorry, son, Molly wanted to watch. She forced me." He breathed as quietly as he could as he pulled up another chair. 

     "Not a problem." I say through gritted teeth. This was not going as planned.

     Moments later, Percy and Audrey walk in, pull up chairs, and join in the conversation on Quidditch teams. I didn't even tell them the plan. The manager, a tall, thin man in a tuxedo, holds his nose in the air as he walks over to our table. His voice is slow and deep.

     "A-Mister Potter, hmm? Well, yes, you see, you have too many people at your table, and hmm, if you do not fix it immediately, we will have to a-escort you from the, a-restaurant."

     "Naw, naw! Cannons are gonna kick Wasps butt!"

     "Tornados are gonna beat the crap out of all of 'em!"

     "Bats are gonna beat you down!"

     "A-Mister Potter, please try and clear the area, we have, hmm, customers-"

     "Falcons all the way!"

     "Hmm, A-Mister Potter, please-"

     "Ginny, will you marry me?"
     The words are out of my mouth before I can stop them. There is silence. Even the manager has become quiet. I'm on my knee, holding out the ring in the little leather box it came in. The diamond's now a soft purple for dusk. 

     Ginny's mouth is slightly open. Slowly, she puts a delicate hand to cover it. Just then, Bill and Fleur walk in, breaking the silence that had spread to the entire restaurant. 

     "Did...we miss something?" Bill says in a low tone. Ginny lets out a nervous giggle that worries me.

     "P-please?" I stammer. I hope. I plead.

     "Yes." She breathes after what seems like a century. "Yes, yes yes yes yes!" She flies onto the floor, grabs my face and kisses me so hard I forget my own name momentairily. 

     Cheers and applause erupt from the entire restaurant as we stand up and I place the ring on her hand. She's laughing and crying now. 

     "I love you." I say. 

     "I love you too." She laughs and kisses me again. Louder cheers and hats being thrown in the air. 

                                                               Part two: Complete.



A/N: Well, there you go! This is my first proposal scene, so please drop a little review and tell me what you think! Thanks!
Rachel. :)


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