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No Chance Of That by Just_A_Lily
Chapter 13 : Sirius's 'Sister' VS Bellatrix
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A/N: Hi there! I can’t really tell if I’ve had many readers, but I hope you all like it and if you have any suggestions or comments, I would love to take them! Thanks for the reviews I have had so far, I love reviews!J

(And of course, all rights except the obvious to JKR, because the obviously not hers is obviously mine and not hers though what is obviously not mine id without a doubt most obviously hers!)




I groaned somewhat angrily in my sleep, annoyed, and groaned. “Mmmhmm…” I mumbled as I buried my head deeper into the huge fluffy pillow, cuddling into the pleasant warmness that saved me from the sweetly cool air. Blankets, on bed, I registered some what vaguely.




I growled through my teeth, and rolled over, tugging my tank top back so I wasn’t flashing the morning and taking in Rose and Alice curled into two balls underneath the bed, their heads just barely peeking out and up, and so I could see their hair. Brittney was lying on her side, knees tucked up a little bit, head in her arms. Holly was- why in the hell was her face partially in my butt? Awkward…


Scooting away from the face of my snoring friend, I grudgingly stood up. My hair was arranged in that ‘elegant’ bed head style, and flowing wildly. My tank top was revealing a good bit of belly flesh, but at least I was appropriately covered. My knee length plaid jogging pants were low on my hips. I always did like these pants….




I flipped the door off before tucking my wand in the waist band of my pants and cupping my elbows in the palms of my hands, walking over to the door, eyes squinted, nose wrinkled, my sleep look in place.


I swung the door open to see Potter, fully dressed, hair messier than usual, looking rather impatient and a shade of worried. He should be, I thought in annoyance, he woke me up, the little-


“Lily, because I couldn’t get Sirius to explain to me why in the hell he was outside of our room and purposely locked out and didn’t come back to listen in on the- well, I had to knock him out to get him to shut up and tie him up so he wouldn’t break down your door about an hour ago. So, you wouldn’t happen to know…?” Potter asked. Looking past him into our common room, I saw an unconscious Sirius Black tied unceremoniously to my couch.


I nodded, not actually comprehending a single word he had said. “Got it, kill Sirius tomorrow. James, could you please get that idiot out of our living room?” I asked in partial exasperation before turning on my bare feet and trying to close the door so I could go back to sleep.


“Lily, you didn’t even answer my question!” he protested.


“Shhh!” I hissed, as I saw from glancing worriedly over my shoulder Holly moan and roll over and the other three give small indications of waking up. I grabbed Potter’s hand and bodily dragged him through the living room- no, Lily, common room, we don’t live here in, like, a house together!- and sat down with him at out kitchen table. Oh, screw it, I guess it was KIND of a mini house…


“Look, we were having a normal girls night, pedicures and manicures and random gossip about every other student in the school and a little bit of chocolate Rosie got from home and Alice made us milkshakes out of some pumpkin juice from supper and stuff like that and then Brittney came barreling in and we were more than willing to hide her from Sirius, because he’s been chasing her, so we had to lock him out and then we continued our normal girls night.” I whispered in annoyance to him. He actually had the nerve to look both incredulous and disbelieving. Oh, what did that nimrod know?


“Oh… well, that explains it. I think he really likes her. Why won’t she talk to him?” he asked me, somewhat confused.


“He scares the shit out of her, Potter, what do you think- why is there an owl in here?” I asked suspiciously.


“What? Where?” he asked in mild surprise, looking around.


It was my owl, actually. I beckoned her over and untied the letter from around her leg, and motioned for her to fly away to get some rest then. She hooted and nibbled my ear softly before complying happily.


Dear Daughter,


 We just found out that your Aunt Jillian has three months to live. The worst part about the situation is they found out while running tests one her while she was on life support, because both she and my brother were in a major car accident on their way into London. They hit a produce truck, which spun out and flipped on top of them. My brother Fredrick is dead. The funeral is next week. We aren’t even quite for sure if Jillian will last that long. Her weak American constitution was not up for the horrible blow of both the loss of her husband and her ‘precious’ dog things, along with the information about the cancer disease. There is no cure. I would appreciate you being home at this point in time, if for no other reason than to provide the emotional back bone you always so willing give to us. Petunia was adamant about you not attending, but as she is grounded and about to be locked into her room with bars on her windows- as when she was twelve and refused to stop sneaking out of the house, something similar happened to you at fifteen, you may recall- for constant sneaking out with that atrocious piglet she calls Vernon something or another she shall not provide a problem.



                                                     Your mother


I read it twice, rolled my eyes at the part about weak American constitutions, and then I groaned and slammed it on the table. “I am going back to bed. Don’t wake me up, got it?”


Without picking my letter back up or gaining a reply, I turned and stormed away to a family free dreamland. All the same, I stored away the information that I needed to tell Dumbledore.



When I finally got back up, the other girls were taking a bath in the bathroom. Without a word, I joined them.


“Morning, Lily,” Alice murmured, floating by me, with her dirty blonde hair floating out around her.


I smiled sleepily in her direction, and started lathering my hair.


Once we were all dressed in our uniform, we grabbed a couple pieces of toast each from the kitchen bar, and lightly stepped out of the portrait hole into the Heads Hall. Potter and Black had long since cleared out. I wonder if he’d actually listened to me and got the idiot out of our living room- I mean common room.


I looked at the portraits in embarrassment, and they looked inquiringly and smugly at me. It was awkward and more embarrassing than I had realized.  Then I looked at the entrance into the Head dorms to see if there was much of a difference.


There was a major difference.


The girl was sitting in a small swing in a brand new tree by the lake, watching the boy in part interest, part confusion, as he watched her with one eye and worked on charming a small flower garden to grow bigger. She seemed delighted with what he was doing, but when he looked she stuck her tongue out insistently. There was a wolf; grey and lithe, standing alongside a huge and shaggy black dog in the back of the trees behind the boy, and four different flowers already grew in the wild flower garden the boy seemed to be trying to cast a spell on. When I looked more closely, I realized that one of those flowers were smaller and newer.


I frowned as the girl looked at the boy in confusion, remembering that it was me and Potter. Then the girl looked at me and winked. I turned and walked away to catch up with the others.


We had slept through first period, but we all coincidentally had that as a free period on Thursday mornings, which is why we had been able to have the slumber party. But now we were cutting it close for herbology, or at least Holly and I were.


We ran full sprint outside, and we were about to make it, when we heard the distant chimes signifying we were late.


We looked desperately around and then our eyes fell on one another. “We need a distraction.” Holly said finally, tone worried.


I furrowed my brow for just one a moment before it hit me. “I hate to say it, Holly, but we’re going to need a Marauder. And more accurately, Potter and or Black.”


“One problem, Lily, they’re probably already in class, and how in the world are they going to cause a distraction for us if they don’t even know that we need them?” Holly asked rather dubiously.


“Simple. Come on!” we rushed to the doorway and hid right outside, watching as Professor Sprout handed out something that looked suspiciously like Venomous Tranquila in large pots. And there was Potter and Black all right, joking and showing off every time the poor professor turned her back.


“Holly, if this doesn’t work, pretend to be slightly injured and I’ll say we would have been on time but you fell down pretty hard and you had to convince me to let you come to class still, okay?” I whispered, and she nodded conspiratorially at me.


Then, with a grim grin of determination, I whispered, “Acio the pants James Potter and Sirius Black are wearing!”


I hadn’t been sure if it would work since I was doing a double incantation and it wasn’t exactly said the correct way, but, sure enough, both pairs of pants started pulling towards me. I concentrated harder and harder, and the pants started to rip at the seams. By now every one in the class room was watching, and as the pants floated down in front of us, I dropped the spell and we snuck into the room, me supporting Holly on one shoulder as we slipped into the only seats behind Potter and Black.


They were flushing, but grinning in their boxers. It had worked perfectly, they were barely even embarrassed, those no good low down prats!


I rolled my eyes subtly and we joined in laughing. Professor Sprout, in utter horror, transfigured them two new sets of pants and re-dressed them, muttering her head about idiotic pranks and pranksters.


She didn’t even notice we were gone.


After class, however, I felt indebted to thank Potter. “Hey, Potter, Black!” I called, jogging away from Holly and Nick to catch up.


“Yeah, Red?” Black asked me curiously.


I grinned some what self consciously at him. “Thanks for providing such a fabulous distraction for us to sneak into class earlier. It may not have been your idea and all, it was obviously mine, but you played your part magnificently. And I owe you one, ok?”


Potter looked dumbfounded. “Y-You were the one who ripped off our pants….?” He trailed off in utter confusion. I merely sighed and rolled my eyes.


“Yup, I did. Now, on to more important things. Black, I want to talk to you at lunch. Meet me in the library.” I ordered.


He raised an eyebrow at me and smirked. “Sorry, red, love, but you’re already called for by my best mate here, and you don’t steal your brother’s girl, not ever. Though you don’t look like you’d be to bad Red. You move real well.” He winked suggestively at me, and I barely retained my flush. Instead I rolled my eyes as Potter knocked his ‘brother’ in the back of the head as hard as he could.


I decided to play up to it. “Sorry, sweetie, I’m saving up for some one else. Someone HANDSOME, and STRONG, and sooo utterly TALENTED… Oh! I sure wish Prince Charming would come sweep me off my feet!” I said in a sweet and dreamy American southern draw.


“But me most charmante darling Red! Can’t you see your ’n ze presence of two boyz of dat veery description?” Sirius asked me in mock offense win a bad French accent.


I rolled my eyes and couldn’t resist a giggle at him. “I’ll talk to you later, Potter, Black. And Sirius, it really is important, ok? For you AND- well, you’ll see.”


And then I ran along to Divination like a good little Lilly, followed by a little over an hour of the dullest Charms lesson ever.


At lunch, I grabbed a sandwich and went to the library, claiming a table in the very back. It was almost deserted, and I was relieved, considering the form of conversation Sirius and I were about to have.


I had just pulled out my Charms notes when I sensed a presence beside me. I put them down lightly and looked up, smiling. “Hey, Sirius- Severus?”


In front of me was the pale and uncared for form of my ex-best friend, Severus Snape.


“Lily, how are you?” he asked me in a low voice. It had changed since I had last heard it.


“I’m fine, Sev- but are you even allowed to be talking to me? Don’t your little friends hate me because I’m a muggle born?” I asked, keeping my voice flat and toneless.


“Lily, look, I really am sorry. But I needed to tell you something, give you something. Lily, you’re my best friend- you were my best friend. I apologized a million times. Cant we start over?” he asked me, hope in his eyes.


“Severus… have you been branded as one of Voldemort’s, yet?” I asked softly and reached for his arm, pulling up his sleeve. He flinched, but let me. And I saw the dark mark branded on his sallow skin, and wanted desperately to cry.


“Lily, I’m sorry. You don’t understand it, not at all. But I’m going to save you; I won’t let him have you. He’s after you, you know. You and all the Marauders, except for the one. There was a prophecy about you and Potter. The Dark Lord has spies in Gryffindor, and they are closer to your inner circle than you may think!” he seemed to be pleading with me.


“Who, Severus? And why? What are you talking about?” I was confused, and tired, and sad.


“I know you aren’t going to believe me. I don’t even care if you don’t. But I want you to. I need you to. Even if you hate me, knowing that you are alive and healthy keeps me alive. He’s the one you don’t trust, out of all of them. Not the leaders, not the were-wolf. Think about it Lily, the answers obvious. I can’t say his name. But, memories, Lily, of him reporting to the Dark Lord-“


“Lily, is the bag of slime giving you any trouble?” asked a disgusted voice from beside us. Sirius was finally there. I saw him as the Slytherins did then, as I used to. Cold and unfeeling, cocky, and disgusted by what he thought was beneath him, prejudiced against that sort of thing.


“I don’t think that’s your business, Black sheep. Regulus said you got blasted off the wall finally. You come to cry in the muggle born’s arms?” Severus hissed, looking once at me apologetically before standing up and pulling out his wand.


Sirius was faster, but he wasn’t going to use his. He lowered his voice and it got deeper, in a scary, cold way. It was then that I realized exactly what a force to be reckoned with Sirius Black was. If he wanted to, he could do mass works of terror. And it was a damn good thing he was on my team, or I’d be running for the hills.


“Get out of my sight, Snape. Leave Evans alone, or else.” He ordered firmly.


Severus took one last desperate look at me and ran far, far away. Sirius sat down beside me then, and grinned.


“SO, Evans, what did you want to talk about?” he asked me warmly.


“There are spies of Voldemort in Gryffindor,” I said flatly, my voice level.


“What?” he was instantly alert. “You haven’t been listening to some bull from Snivellus have you? He cant be trusted. He’s probably been branded!” he hissed.


“He has been. But he isn’t actually loyal. He just… he doesn’t know what to do, and I have a bad feeling his small bit of indecision is due to me. He practically said so.”


“He’s a traitor to his own Death Eater kind, then, and certainly not loyal to our cause.” Sirius said angrily.


“That’s the thing. He makes it sound like he is loyal to me. And he said that this spy is passing along information. And that the Dark Lord is officially after me and all of the Marauders except for one of you. And he said ‘the one’ not one of them.” I said worriedly.


“Lily, I don’t think it’s a big deal. No Marauder will be turning traitor any time soon, understand me? Do you think I would let anything happen to you, either?” he asked me as if insulted by my lack of faith.


I looked at him curiously. “I thought you mostly hated me, Sirius Black.”


“Nah, Lily. I didn’t use to like you to much, you were to head strong! God, if I had a twin sister who was going to have to same personality as me, it’d be you. In all honesty, that’s some of the fin of our little relationship, a brother and sister type of feeling. Better than the family I have already. The Marauders are like my brothers, and you’re like a sister. For instance, who always was with Prongs when defending you? I finally realized this all when Moony pointed it out. Its one of the reasons I don’t seem so supportive of Prongs chasing after you all the time. Not jealous, but worried for both of you. And at the same time…” he trailed off thoughtfully.


“Wait, so the reason we fight the way we do and you tell Potter to lay off me sometimes and are about as over protective and possessive as Potter is you feel a little like I am your sister?” I asked skeptically.


He nodded. “Weird, huh? Moony thinks of you as a sister, too. Peter… well, Peter doesn’t feel much of anything anymore. Hasn’t since last year almost.”


I sighed and shook my head, but smiled. That was actually quite a nice thought, having nice enough brothers instead of a bitchy older sister who hated me quite completely.


“Well then, as your sister, I want to talk to you about Brittney.” I said then, as firmly as I could imagine myself ever being with anyone except Potter and Slytherins.


He flushed and his eyes got wide, but then they narrowed. “SHE WON”T TALK TO ME!” he almost bellowed, in a whispery way, of course, as it was a library after all.


I sighed in annoyance. This was going to be harder than I had originally thought.

“Sirius, she’s scared of you. You wont stop chasing her down.” I said rather patiently, as if to a young and overly idiotic five year old.


And of course he still didn’t get it.


I stood up. “Come on. We’re going to the Quidditch pitch,” I said theatrically, and he, confused, followed me out of the library.


 As we walked, I explained to him. “Look, Sirius. Brittney has spent years going unnoticed and in partial hiding. She’s went out with a lot of popular boys and still stayed out of the lime light. She is afraid of knowing people or becoming good friends with anyone because of her being what she is, like Remus sort of. And she doesn’t like being chased!”


He looked at me, clearly needing everything spelled out for him. I sighed at his helpless idiocy, and out of pure annoyance.


“Look, Sirius. Brittney is afraid of being chased because you’re to… imposing, popular, scary, easy to get attached to, and she likes you, you idiot! And if she likes you and is afraid to admit it,” we were climbing the steps of the stands now, “then she is going to run far, far away from you! Idiot.” I added for good measure.


He looked startled. “I don’t mean to scare her! But she’s so… she makes me feel the way Prongs does around you, all nervous and some what fuzzy around you, and like you just have to at least talk to her, gain her attention-!” he sighed theatrically. “Oh, woe is me, for alas is this poor Romeo!”


The he started. “What did you say about Remus, Evans?”


I started, to, and he reached out an arm and grabbed me. It was starting to rain. “Remus, were we talking about Remus? I don’t think we were.” I stated firmly. Out of the corner of my mouth, I whispered in a voice so low only the water pouring down and a dog (if there was one around) would ever be able to hear, “Save me, Brittney!”


Unfortunately, Sirius, the dog Animagus, carries on certain qualities. “Brittney save you from what?” he asked suspiciously. Just then, thunder and lightening both cracked right beside us and it started to rain so hard you could barely see two feet in front of you.


“Later, Sirius! Come on, let’s get inside!” I shouted over the water, refraining form telling him that while he was being steadily soaked, it was only drizzling the least bit around where I was standing, like a water repellent shield. “Thanks, Brittney!” I muttered certain Sirius couldn’t hear me now as the thunder boomed again.


I felt Sirius grab my hand, and then we were running as fast as we could through the rain, guiding each other back to the castle as fast as we could move. My hair was misted, but not to overly wet yet, and my uniform barely damp. Black was dripping with water.


“We’re here!” he gasped in relief as we finally made it into the Great Hall, and the closed the doors behind us, leaning heavily on them. I released his hand easily, and shook my head to get rid of the droplets of water forming. He looked at my suspiciously un-soaked state, dragged me behind a secret passage behind a wall panel, and then, to my surprise, turned into a big black sopping wet dog.


“You’re much more adorable like that, Sirius! You know what, I think we should call you Snuffles, you precious puppy doggy!” I cooed at him. He looked me dubiously in the eye, like, ‘really, you’re that creepy?’ and then he started shaking, getting water ALL OVER me I might add, as was his initial plan.


“Snuffles, damn it!” I growled angrily, shielding my face from the worst of the water spray coming out of his fur. He transformed back into a laughing Sirius Black.


“Your evil!”


“It’s in the job description of brother, my sweet Evans!” he responded cheerfully, “but why aren’t you freaking out?” Aw, how adorable a suspicious, if-you-give-me-the-wrong-answer-I’ll-eat-you Black looked! (Though the whole I’ll eat you thing is a tad bit alarming… and unfortunately very, very likely…)


“Oh, I already knew that you were and Animagus dog. Cant figure out the other two are, though, or if Remus is one.” I said with a shrug, and, without waiting for a reply, darted out of the secret passage and down into where every one was eating lunch, just in time to collect my friends, wave at Brittney sitting over at Ravenclaw, who looked at me rather suspiciously, and dart off to DADA.



“Students, my name is Professor Daniel Freeman. I’m staying here at your intriguing school this year as a small experiment between me and several other teachers from Salem Institute in mid America on the differences in the schools. I was supposed to go to Durmstrong, but I got quite lucky in the end when Professor Dumbledore so kindly chose me to fill the position of Defense against the Dark Arts Teacher, instead of the witch who was planning on being here. They were afraid she couldn’t take the strain, poor Olivia. She never was healthy, but to teach a full class…


“Anyway, I have been looking over what you’ve learned so far. I see you’ve most definitely been taught about horrid and deadly curses, you know the worst three, so on and so forth, and you having advanced knowledge of both beasts and afflicted humans such as were-wolfs, and the more cunning non human creatures that hold every bit as much wit, for example, goblins. I also see that you have worked on dueling some, especially as of last year. But you didn’t finish the lesson, no?”  Professor Freeman asked skeptically.


There was a murmur of assent through the Gryffindors in the room, and a few of the Slytherins. It was joint class.


“Well, then, I’d like to finish it up. I think that, to assess your abilities, get a ranking of your abilities, and so on and so forth, I will be setting you all up in dueling pairs and then you can go group by group. I feel we should get through most of you today, because I think we may have two groups go at once.” Professor Freeman said.


Potter raised his hand. Now this was the interesting part. But I thought it was Remus’s year to play mess with the new teacher? Oh, wait, no he went last year… I thought idly to myself, and leaned forward anxiously to listen more attentively.


“Yes, Mr.….?” Professor Freeman asked, looking straight at Potter, intent as a falcon hunting down its prey.


Potter leaned back in his chair. “Potter, Professor. James Potter, Head boy, Marauder, and brilliant wizard. Nemesis of the Slytherins, especially Snivellus, and true love of Lily Evans, who just doesn’t know that I’m her true love yet.” he said cockily, and smirked innocently at the teacher.


I bristled for a moment, and then I internally smirked myself. Freeman didn’t seem the type you could get away with messing with. He was tall, with dark co-co colored skin and pink lips, no hair on his shiny head, military style, and broad shouldered, bulky to say the least, but you could tell it was all muscle.


You have to appreciate anyone who could totally whoop any one else’s ass. It’s a given fact of life! Especially when he might turn on Potter.


“Mr. Potter, I don’t believe I asked for a life history. It’s interesting to finally meet your acquaintance. I’ve been warned about your little gang of Marauders, and as I suspect they are in this class, how would you boys like to stand up and introduce yourself to the whole class?”  Professor Freeman asked mockingly.


Potter looked dually impressed, but shook his head. “No, sir, I don’t think that’s necessary-“


“Sure it is, Potter, now all four of you can stand up.” Dang, this man meant business.


I was in love! Someone to torment and embarrass Potter!


All four of them stood up. Potter stood up beside Sirius, who glanced around the room with that aristocratic kind of grace he has, careless and proud. Potter looked vaguely annoyed, but was doing a good job covering it. Remus looked ready to kill Potter for a second, but then he grinned, bowed, looked around, and marched up to the front of the room and shook the Professor’s hand. “Glad to meet you sir! Ignore the idiots. Really, its better for all of us!”


Professor Freeman looked at him for a second and looked ready to roar with laughter. “Mr. Lupin? Ah, they told me specifically about you! Great grades, grand achievements, could have been Head Boy, but they thought the position might tame your friend Potter your friend Potter there!”


Potter looked more annoyed than ever. Peter was standing up, too, now, and he looked at Remus rather warily, wondering what he was thinking to do such a thing, I have no doubt.


“Let’s see. You to look like brothers and you’re Potter, so you’re Black, of course, the only one not in Slytherin, from what I’ve heard in the teachers lounge. And you must be Pettigrew. I suspect you boys will be attempting to cause general mayhem in my class. Well, I assure you that, if you do, you won’t last long. Trust me, I was in the army for years, I know the drills.” Professor Freeman partly threatened, and Peter paled slightly. The whole troupe sat back down.


But it seemed Professor Freeman wanted to either further embarrassing Potter, or me, even if we hadn’t formally met.


“And who are you babbling about true love with, Potter? A Ms. Evans? Poor girl! Is she in here?” he asked expectantly.


I was going to DIE. At first I tried to shrink down underneath under my desk, desperate to escape, or crawl into a deep hole under a huge rock in the middle of the Great Lake. Unfortunately, I really couldn’t when Potter dramatically jumped up, bounded all the way across the rooms in a few short jumps, and ripped me from my chair, pulling me off the ground and dangling me in the air like a freaking rag doll to show me off.


“This is my lovely, gorgeous, precious, sweet heart. Who hates me with a burning passion! Isn’t that great, Professor Freeman? Hate is SUCH a passionate emotion, its destined that it turns into real love for me-“


“POTTER YOU HAVE FIVE FREAKING SECONDS TO PUT ME DOWN AND STOP SHAKING ME BEFORE I HEX YOU INTO THE NEXT F-ING CENTURY, DO YOU UNDERSTAND ME!? I AM NOT YOUR SWEET HEART, NOR AM I PRESCIOUS TO YOU! DOWN, BOY! NOW!”  I shrieked somewhat border line hysterically when Potter propelled me higher off the ground and shook me like a prize trophy.


Potter seemed vaguely offended. “What’s that supposed to mean? Of course you’re precious to me, Lily Flower!”


Before I could start screaming at him Sirius burst out laughing across the room, rolling on the ground with laughter. “Prongs, you prat, let her down before she kills you! We have plans tonight!” he roared with his bark like laugh. Potter pouted for a moment, and Remus came jogging over.


“Sorry, Lily! He’s an idiot. Haven’t talked to you much, how are you?” he asked grandly.


“Fine, except for that irksome git,” I complained as he lightly pulled me away from Potter and set me gently down.


“I know what you mean. They’re so weird sometimes! I heard Sirius and you had a nice long conversation about how stupid he was being about the situation?”


“Yeah, and I think I might of actually gotten it through his head. You know how stupid he and Potter can be-“


“HEY!” Potter and Sirius both protested.


Professor Freeman chose then to step in. “I think that is enough. Please, take your seats, and I shall partner you up, understand?”


Things quieted down for the moment. Then the horrifying partnerships began.


“James Potter and Severus Snape.

Crabbe and Luke Nelson

Remus Lupin and Henry Goyle.

Lily Evans and Bellatrix Black.

Jace Gormer and Avery Mulciber.

Marie Crepe and Holly Prewet.

Brittney Sparks and Sirius Black? How did that happen? Oh, well.

Peter Pettigrew and Darling Davies.

And last of all, Dominique Larson- never mind, next class, I apologize.” Professor Freeman paired off. We looked at one another in partial shock. These were practically all Slytherin-Gryffindor pairings, except for a few just Slytherin, and Brittney and Sirius!


Oh no. Brittney and Sirius!


“Please pair off, and prepare to battle. We’ll start with the female-female groups first, and then we can either switch partners for you, Ms. Sparks, or-“


“I’ll take him, sir. Trust me when I say I can take him on my own. Don’t other going easy on me.” Brittney said quite firmly, interrupting him. I flashed her a thumbs up and mouthed good luck with that.


All the marauders and everyone else included looked a tad bit skeptical. However, Professor Freeman nodded. “All right, then. Lily Evan and Bellatrix Black are up first.”


I stepped up to the mat across from Black. I glanced at her emotionlessly, she looked at me with an arrogant bit of disgust that screamed, ‘You’re an in inferior mudblood!’ it seemed to me. To annoy her, I rolled my eyes straight at her.


And so she began. “Tarantangella!” she hissed.


I easily stepped aside. “Engorgio”


She dodged, but her ear got horribly swollen up. I snickered evilly, and then she got furious.


I had to constantly keep moving, like a perfectly choreographed dance that I was executing as she rolled and floundered to avoid me, shrieking.


The curses she was using weren’t exactly nice. I tried to be polite, but she was truing to cut me up. And she hissed crutacio more than once, I heard her we were so close.


And then we were circling again.


I saw her open defense, she was relying on sending so many curses at me, I wouldn’t be able to get through her, and she wasn’t shielding herself. She took advantage of my studying her and shot a beam of blue light. To late, I tried to dodge it, but it hit me in the stomach.


The pain was horrible. It felt like my insides were being forcibly ripped out and my body shredded by tongues of fire and hot white crystal knives, mercilessly shredding my whole body. When I put my hand to my stomach, I felt a wet stickiness, blood.


I have to win. I will win.


One last horrifyingly painful shock of adrenaline rushed through me, and I staggered up to my feet from where’d I’d went flying and had fallen. My head hurt to, I’d hit it. But Bellatrix was so shocked I was standing, alive even, that I had the perfect opportunity.


“Scourgify.” I ordered shakily, hate in my voice, stronger than ever before. Her eyes brimmed with suds and bubbles, and they fell into her mouth, and as she screamed she choked on them some.


I didn’t care. Nothing fazed me more than the pain at that moment. “Stupify, expellimarius.” I said shakily. She crumpled to the ground inelegantly, and her wand flew into my hand. I turned to Freeman cautiously.


“Sir, I think I won.” I managed to hiss between my teeth, and then the whole world started spinning, and I blacked out, straight into arms I had never been so grateful for- that I had never been grateful for period, as a matter of fact.

A/N: ok, guys, sorry that was so bloody long! I just couldn’t find a good place to stop, you know? Oh, well, I hoped you liked that chapter. Sorry if I left a bit of a cliff hanger, and all, but it seemed like a good place to stop before one chapter became the whole freaking story! J PS- I have an odd new obsession with smiley faces and bubblegum and even (gasp) pink. This is creepy considering I normally hate the color… no offense to any pink lovers. I have a kid sister who does everything pink, pink, pink, so you have to understand my trying to avoid it sometimes. Anyway, if any of my characters become a tad pink for a while, well, don’t panic, ok? I doubt this little bubbly faze will last any longer than after Christmas, especially if Nathan doesn’t either ask me out finally or quit flirting with me- yah, ignore that part! Just a bit of forewarning. Sorry!

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