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Petunia's Change by blackthoughtsredwriting
Chapter 1 : Pick-Up From the Train Station
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Author's Note: I know this story is really out of character but I always liked the idea of Petunia and Dudley not being so cruel. lol. You'll see what I'm talking about in later chapters so while I enjoy constructive criticism, please refrain from leaving a review about this detail. Thanks =]





Petunia Dursley sat in the passenger seat of her husband’s new car as it sped along the busy London street.

They were on their way to King’s Cross, the train station where they would later pick up Harry.

Her son Dudley was in the back seat listening to his new MP3 player while her husband, Vernon Dursley, was driving the car. He was tapping his fingers on the steering wheel like he always did when he was anxious and impatient.

“We’ll be there to pick up the damned boy in five minutes,” Vernon announced.

He said that every time that they had to pick Harry up from the train station at the end of the year. Vernon hated Harry with a heated passion.

Vernon had always hated Harry, just as he had hated all wizards. But Harry he hated most of all.

Petunia had never hated Harry. She was just jealous of her sister Lily, whom was always adored by her parents. Lily was adored and Petunia was shoved aside like she didn’t even matter. They were all proud of Lily making it into Hogwarts. All they said was Lily this and Lily that. She was never talked about.

That is why she disliked Harry. He was a nuisance brought upon them by her spoiled sister.

Petunia was awakened from her thoughts by Vernon parking into the lot next to King’s Cross.

Vernon turned the key in the ignition and the car turned off.

“Come on, lets go get the boy,” he growled as he opened the door and got out.

Petunia and Dudley got out with him and followed him into the station where they walked in between pillars and finally got to Platform 9 ¾.

Petunia always thought it odd how they got al the students off the train. They all just walked through the barrier between platforms 9 and 10 and they would come out on the other side.

Petunia looked off to her right to see the usual welcome back party, waiting.

She saw Vernon glance uneasily over at them before returning his attention to the barrier.

All of a sudden, a girl with red hair burst out of the barrier and walked over to the large group.

She was followed by a girl with long brown hair and a boy with shoulder length ginger hair.

Harry came out and they walked over to the large group, also.

Petunia scooted closer to where they stood as they said their goodbyes. She was close enough to where she could hear them.

“Do be good and try to take care of yourself,” the red haired woman said.

“I will Mrs. Weasley don’t worry about me,” Harry said, “I’ll be fine.”

Harry turned towards the young red headed girl, and Petunia could see the tension in the two. Harry’s goodbye to her seemed forced, as if he didn’t want to leave her.

Petunia was suprised that she had made this observation. She normally didn'y even bother looking at him unless she had to let alone interpteting his body language.

Harry then looked at the red haired boy and shook his hand.

“We’ll try to get you out of there as soon as possible,” he said.

“It better be damn fast because I don’t think I can stand them this time,” Harry said.

The brown haired girl came up and hugged him, “Don’t be hard on yourself,” she said, “It wasn’t your fault.”

Petunia saw Harry sigh, “I know it wasn’t,” he replied.

“Please write if you can, “the brown haired girl said, “I know you will need someone to talk to. I don’t want you going crazy in there.”

“I’ll try to,” he said, “that’s if they don’t lock Hedwig up or anything.”

“I hope they don’t,” she said as she finally let go.

Petunia put her scowl on just in time as Harry turned around, but what she saw almost made her scowl disappear.

Harry no longer had the usual happiness in his eyes as it used to be be. They looked a dull green, not the usual emerald brightness, and they looked haunted. The look in his eyes scared Petunia and she didn't even know why. She found herself wondering what he had been through this year to make him seem so hopeless. They had been trying to squash the happiness out of him for a long time but it seems like someone had beaten them to it.

Petunia could tell that something wasn’t right with Harry, because she had never seen him this way before. She knew that something bad had happened to him, and she felt a twinge of pity.

“Hurry up boy we haven’t got all day,” Vernon said.

She jumped at Vernon’s voice and saw that Dudley was just as startled.

Harry pushed his trolley over to where they were standing and looked up at them with the same emotionless eyes.

“Well, what are you waiting for,” Vernon said, “hurry up and quit standing there.”

Harry didn’t say anything as he pushed his trolley after Vernon.

At the entrance to the station Harry let Dudley and Petunia go through first.

Petunia saw Harry look back at the crowd and smiled. As he smiled a tear fell down his cheek.

Harry turned back around and followed Petunia out of the station and to the car.

Harry put his trunk in the back of the car and then climbed into the backseat without a word.

The car ride home was quiet and Harry faced the window the entire time.

As soon as they got home Harry got his trunk out of the back of the car and walked up to his room.

Everyone went into the living room and began watching television.


The day passed uneventfully and later that night Petunia was in bed reading a book while Vernon was taking a shower.

Vernon got out of the shower and went and layed on the bed next to her.

“There’s something wrong with the boy,” he said.

“What makes you say that,” Petunia asked.

“The way he acted when he got off the train,” Vernon said, “He acts like he doesn’t even care. He hasn’t said one word to us, no witty remarks, nothing.”

“Something bad must have happened to him,” she said, “did you see his eyes? Did you see the way he looked at us? It kind of looked like when Dudley was attacked in the alleyway by that dementor. That look is horrible.”

“Well all I know is something weird going on with him,” Vernon said, “do you think it might have something to do with the prophecy thingy?”

I don’t know,” she said, “but would you blame him with all that weight on his shoulders?”

“Just be careful around him,” Vernon said, “the situation is fishy. Just remember he comes of age in a short while. He’ll probably put a curse on us.”

“I highly doubt that,” Petunia said.

“I wouldn’t put anything past him,” Vernon replied.

Vernon settled into bed and was asleep within minutes. Petunia however, was still wide awake.

She was thinking about what could have happened to him to make him look like that. She didn’t know why she was making a big deal out of this. She supposed it was because of how he had looked at her in the train station. The absence of emotions in his eyes was disturbing.

Petunia slowly quit thinking about it and before she knew it, she was asleep.

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Petunia's Change: Pick-Up From the Train Station


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