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Just Another Bird. by ItsUnconditional
Chapter 2 : Like Pee In Your Pants.
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'Maybe you should just.. I don't know.. go out with him?'

I stopped dead in my tracks and turned to face my bestfriend, the only other person in Hogwarts who actually understands my views on dating. Staring at her in utter disbelief and hoping to merlin that i had heard her wrong, i realised that she was completly 100% serious. 'Did someone chuck a rock at your head?'

She looked at me, dumbfounded. 'Why would you ask that?'

'Because you're delusional?'

'I'm not'

'So.. You actually think that i should go out with him?'

Emma nodded at me.


Another nod.

'A boy?'

And yet another nod.

I pointed to Potter who had just walked out from the Quidditch shop opposite where we were standing, 'Him?'

'Yes Nissa!'

I walked away from her as i muttered under my breath, 'Definatly delusional'

Following after me, she threw her arms up above her head and sighed, defeated. 'I am not delusional'

I turned to face her as she finally caught up with me. I placed a hand on her shoulder, 'Denial is one step closer to acceptance' I told her like i would do if i was her psychiatrist, slow and gentle.

Emma glared at me. I smirked and then continued on my way.

'Maybe not Potter then!' She yelled after me, 'What about some other bloke?'

I turned to face her once again, 'What's up with you?'

She gave me a questioning look.

'Why are you trying to set me up with someone all of a sudden, Emma?'

'I.. I just want you to try it'


'Because then i might possible be able to talk to you about boys without you attempting to always change the subject' I stared at her, utterly confused. This was so out of character for Emma. 'I mean.. you're my bestfriend Nissa, you really are. I just.. sometimes i wish i could talk to you about normal teenage girl problems but lets face it, you're not exactly.. normal'

'Gee, thanks'

'You know what i mean'

'Why do you care all of a sudden?'


'Why do you care?' I repeated as if talking to a child.

'Because.. well-'

I cut her off before she could even start to explain. I had figured it out for myself, 'You like someone, don't you?'

She blushed. I smirked.

I sighed, finally defeated. 'Fine! I'll give up my beliefs for you!' She looked at me and smiled, 'but I will not date Potter'

Opening her mouth to speak again, i cut her off. 'Or any boy for that matter' i then paused, 'and especially not a Girl.' another pause 'I will not date anyone' I concluded.

Huffing, she strolled over to me, linking her arm through mine as she went past, dragging me with her. 'Fine, I guess that is better than nothing'


Oh, Bloody great!

'What?!' I snapped as i turned to face a slightly startled Potter.

He studied my attire slowly, my faded skinny jeans and one-size-too-big dark purple Jack Wills hoodie with matching dolly shoes. 'Hi' he said, almost sheepish.

'Uh.. Hello?'

Emma gave me a nudge in the side with her elbow. Glaring as i turned to face her i angrily hissed, 'What the hell was that for?'

She gave me a pointed look as her eyes darted between me and Potter. I just stared at her as if she needed to go to the mental institution. 'Is there something wrong with your eyes?'

Sighing, she decided to change tactics. She twitched her head a few times in Potter's direction as she gave me a funny look. 'Are you.. Are you feeling okay, Emma?' I was genuinly concerned.

'OUCH!' Grabbing my now hurting arm, i glared daggers at my bestfriend, 'Why did you punch me?!'

She dragged me down the street, muttering her apologies to Potter as we went. Stopping outside of some random shop, she turned on me. 'Nissa. I'm worried.'

'So you punch me?!' No answer. 

Still rubbing my sore arm, i looked at her confused. 'About what?' I asked, slightly hesitant.

'Your danger sensor.. or whatever you call it.' She, being my bestfriend, was the only person i had ever trusted enough to tell my secret to.

'What about it?'

'Did you know that Potter was coming? Because you didn't bother dragging me away into some shop like normally..'

'Shit. I'm broken!' I cried as i realised what she was getting at.

'Maybe he's not a danger anymore?' She corrected.

'Well.. I wouldn't have called him a danger in the first place. He's more along the lines of "the annoyingly large red pimple on the face which is my life" which could also be translated as "my very own personal annoyance"'

Shaking my shoulders she half-yelled, 'That's going off subject. Stay focussed!'

'I am focussed!'

'Uh-Huh, and i'm Santa'

I examined her closly, 'No you're not. Santa's fat and has a beard' pause, 'You don't even have whiskers'


I shot her a blank look.

'I don't think that he's a "danger" to you anymore, Nissa' Emma used her fingers as quotation marks as she said "danger", 'Maybe you should take its advice..'

'You're telling me to take my own brains advice?'

She nodded. Stupid habit that is getting to be.

'That's the most idiotic thing i've heard anyone say in the past week..' I skipped away from her as i muttered, 'Totally bonkers'

'Thanks!' She called after my retreating form. I have a feeling she heard me so i gave her the thumbs up from over my shoulder.

We were back at school and I was running.

Running from Potter.

The feeling of him growing closer was stronger than it had been earlier today. I could feel his presence flowing through the corridoors behind me, encircling me and gracing itself with my every move.

This was what i was used to. Knowing where he was, which direction he would come from.

Something else was prodding at my "Danger sensor" it wasn't a big thing, not as strong of a warning as Potter's energy was giving off, so i ignored it and headed in the direction in which it was attempting to steer me away from.

I swung open the nearest broom closet door as i lit the tip of my wand so i could see, as the door slammed shut behind me i peered up, 'EWWW!' I screamed as i shielded my eyes with my hands.

There was a lot of rustling and embarressed mutters before the opening and shutting of the door behind me. That really was the last thing i needed to see. Potter's cousin getting off with that Slytherin kid. Eh, Gross.

Finally deciding that it was safe, i pulled my hands away from my eyes. Only to end up staring into bright emerald green orbs, 'AHHH!' Jumping backwards i knocked into a few boxes which were behind me and that sent me tumbling forward onto the person who had scared me in the first place. We both fell with a thump onto the hard stone floor, myself being slightly more protected from the impact as i landed on the person's chest.

'Potter' I growled as i rolled off of him to sit up against the nearby wall to watch him sitting up as he rubbed the back of his neck and smiled shyly at me.

'What do you want?' I snapped at him. Potter's smile was wiped cleanly from his face from the sharpness of my voice.

Shrugging, he replied. 'Just wanted a chat'

'In a freaking broom closet after scaring the shit out of me?'

'Well.. I didn't expect it to happen like that, did i?'

'I don't know' I glared at him, 'and i don't particulary care'

Potter just stared at me.

'You can leave now'

He stood up, motioning to the door, 'You coming?'


Shooting me a questioning look, he raised one eyebrow.

'I like sitting in broom closets'

As he sat back down i realised that i needed to elaborate, 'Alone'


'Because it helps me to avoid annoying people'

'Like who?'

Like who, he asks!

Like bloody you, Potter!


'I got that part.. but, who?'

'People people'


'You should go have a chat with your cousin.. Rose, is it?'

Another questioning look.

'She was in here snogging that Malfoy bloke when i stormed in here' Deciding to make him angry with her so that he'll storm off to go find her and leave me in peace i added, 'I understand why she would want to get with him though. My god, have you seen him? That boy has fine written all over him.' So i may have stolen some of Olly's more famous "boy describing phrases" but it was worth it to see the anger turning his face a bright red colour. Sometimes sharing a room with Olivia has it's up sides.

'He isn't good enough for you, Nissa! You could do so much better than that bloody ferrets son!' I was slightly taken aback by his outburst. Sure, i had been expecting an outburst, but about Rose.. not me.

I know that i don't care about boys, but it annoyed me that he was telling me who and who was not good enough for me.

'Oh, and who is fucking well good enough for me then, Potter?!'

His face lost some of it's red-ness as he replied slightly calmer, 'Me'

I laughed. I couldn't help it. 'You?'

'Yeah.. me'

'Why would you be good enough for me?'

'Because.. because i love you'

More laughing from my part.

'What do you know about love?'

'Love is like peeing your pants, Nissa' He paused for effect, 'Everyone can see it, but only you can feel it'

'Always the charmer' i muttered as i stormed past him and out of the broom closet to then take off in a sprint down the corridoor.

Now there is no need to hit me:) At first this chapter was like mega short. I was only about 900 words but then i thought, i'm bored.. so i'll make it longer. I hope that it's not dragging along too much. The next chapter will be out some time in the new year, so yeah.. Thanks for reading, guys:)
Dee, x

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