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Marauding There And Back Again by Prongs05JP
Chapter 8 : Detention and Disaster
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There are some mentions of birthdays in this chapter, and I just want to clarify that only James and Lily's birthdays are actually accurate to JK's world. The others are just convenient to have them where I want.

Next thing - come on guys! 900+ reads and only 8 reviews? 8! R&R

Chapter Eight:
Detention and Disaster 

Rachel was having the time of her life – seventh year had by far been the best so far. What with becoming friends with Peri, having Andy all to herself and getting the right grades, she’d pretty much got it made. But there were a few overlook able errors with her new perfect world. She didn’t see Andy nearly as much as she would like and he had been getting a bit distant lately – but Rachel didn’t mind. She had plenty of essays that she needed to be getting on with anyway. That’s where Rachel found herself on Wednesday morning, hunting down Andy in her free period. The only lesson going on for Seventh Years was History of Magic, and whereas Lily was the only one that took it out of the girls Abbie was still asleep and Peri had vanished somewhere else.

She had already looked down at breakfast and the Ravenclaw girl she had asked said he wasn’t in the common room – but for obvious reasons didn’t want to go up to the boys dorm to check if he was still in bed. Which was most likely. He wasn’t really a morning person. Rachel wasn’t either, until she got going and could be awake.

After another ten minutes and many detours, (many corridors had broom closets that were being occupied by snogging couples and it wasn’t the most pleasant feeling when walking past them) Rachel decided to give up on her search and head back up to the dorm to find Abbie and see if she was awake.

She wasn’t.

Like usual. 


Remus sighed. His thoughts strayed away from Professor Binns’ droning voice and he leaned back in his chair, his thoughts starting to a certain girl who had been occupying his mind recently…

“Ouch!” He cried as he felt a sharp pain is his back. He whirled around, unaware that the class was staring at him and saw Sirius sitting there grinning with his quill in hand. Remus growled something incoherent before turning back round to face the front. When he realised that the class’ eyes had been on him he shrunk back in his seat.

It seemed to Remus that the only other person who was trying to pay attention like him was Lily. Unfortunately, it seemed that they were both failing in that aspect. He looked round. James was doodling on his parchment looking bored, Peter was gazing out of the window forlornly and Sirius was about to poke him in the back with his quill again.


“Ow!” Remus howled again before spinning in his seat so fast that he toppled over to the side. The class laughed at the spectacle before Remus got back to his feet, brushing off his clothes grumpily.

He lifted his chair back onto its’ legs and glared at Sirius so much that he actually looked quite scared before sitting down again.

“Are you quite alright, Mr Lupin?” Professor Binns warbled.

“Yes sir. I’m fine.” He growled through gritted teeth. Without another word he began to drone on about some ancient war that nobody cared about. Just as he felt his mind drifting off he felt something hit the back of his head. He turned round to see Sirius grinning, gesturing to a scrunched up ball of paper lying on the floor.

Rolling his eyes, Remus bent to pick it up.

Are you actually paying attention? 

Remus frowned before scribbling back his reply.

I’m trying too. You’re not making it any easier.

Sirius barked with laughter and Remus smiled, not turning round.

What are you trying to say there, Lupin?

Came the reply.

I dunno. Ask Prongs – I’m trying to listen to Binns. 

After a rather accurate sketch of Binns from Sirius (involving too many tongues and not enough eyes and an opening of it’s mouth very slowly) Remus chuckled before chucking the paper over to Peter, giving Sirius a significant look. Sirius rolled his eyes before continuing a paper passing conversation with Peter.

Remus turned back to face the front, and watched James who sat next to him in front of Peter (who was next to Sirius). His doodling had long since been over and his eyes had taken on a dreamy expression. Remus followed his gaze up to the front of the class where a certain redhead sat before tearing the corner off his note paper and scribbling a note on it.

You’re being a bit obvious, mate.

The paper landed back in his lap with James’ reply.

Aren’t I always?

Remus chuckled before throwing it back with a new message.

I think that’s where it’s all going wrong, Prongs.

James frowned and cast a dark look in Remus direction before throwing it in the direction of the bin. Remus snorted before leaning back in his seat lazily.

The lesson continued much the same, with Remus desperately trying to pay attention, but it being too early in the morning for him to do so. And by the time Binns’ dismissed them he had almost fallen asleep, much to his dismay. Ignoring his friends, he jogged up to catch up with Lily on their way to Defence Against the Dark Arts.

“Hey Lily,” He greeted.

“Morning Remus.” She replied.

“Listen, I was wondering if you had the notes from History of Magic. It’s just… it’s early in the morning, and I found it hard to concentrate…” He trailed off. Lily held up her hand smiling.

“Say no more, I’ll copy some out for you at lunch.”

“Thanks, Lils. You’re a godsend.” Remus smiled warmly before turning to wait up for his friends.

Outside DADA, the boys were being rowdy, like usual. Or rather, James, Sirius and Peri were being rowdy whilst Remus and Peter stood at the side shaking their heads at their antics.

“There is no way, that you are smarter than me, Peri!”

“Definitely! I’m a girl, so that makes me smarter than boys.” Peri stuck her tongue out.

“Hey, I resent that!” Sirius cried in outrage. “Guys are way smarter than girls – aren’t we Prongs?”

“Well… you say we, that would depend on me classing you as a guy or not.” James frowned in thought. Sirius narrowed his eyes.

“Anyway, back to my original point – I am the smartest here.”

“Fat chance.” Replied James and Peri in unison.

“I’m older than you, Prongs. And you Peri! I’m the oldest, therefore the smartest.” Sirius shot back with a note of finality in his voice.

“If we’re going on age,” Remus put in tiredly “I am the smartest as I’m older than all three of you.” All three stood with their mouths agape at Remus, who was leaning against the wall lazily.

“You’re so cool, Remus!” Peri laughed.

“Well, to be honest, I’m pretty sure you all knew I was the smartest anyway.” He replied drily. Peri gave him a warm smile, just as Holland came up from behind them.

“Inside. You know the drill – there’s no reason to talk, etcetera, etcetera.” Sirius and James rolled their eyes as the class was ushered inside the classroom.

Once the class was seated, Holland began the lesson. Remus did have to hand it to Holland: the lessons were interesting, for him at least. Not really for people such as Sirius and James who much preferred to be doing practical work. He did however, find his mind wondering as the lecture wore on – it was about the basics that he was sure he had the notes for – he could easily go over them another time…

As he felt his mind wander that face popped up into his mind again - damnit! He turned to the girl sitting next to him in an attempt to wrench his thoughts under control. Alice Summers had been dating Remus’ roommate, Frank Longbottom, for about three years now. Remus and Frank hadn’t always been best friends, but they got on fairly well with each other.

Alice’s eyes were trained on the front, but not where Holland was standing, leaning against his desk. Remus followed her gaze and saw that three rows in front Frank sat there, doodling idly on his parchment. He grinned, and thought about commenting on it, but decided against it. He hadn’t forgotten that last week he was beaten hands down in the duel by Alice – whose heart was set on becoming an Auror. Remus had no doubt that she would make it.

As Remus yawned his way through the rest of the lesson, he idly checked his timetable to see what he had next – Arithmancy. That meant that the others would be making their way to Divination. Divination was pointless in his opinion, and the teacher who taught it was pretty crazy too. She used to have random mood swings – she was generally just quite creepy.

He laughed silently as he closed his eyes, leaning back in his seat. It was good to be back. 


James watched Remus close his eyes, only for them to be jerked open again immediately by Holland’s cry of dismissal. He packed his books into his bag, before slinging it over his shoulder and jogging in pursuit of Sirius.

When he caught up with him, the two waved goodbye to Remus who turned and ran to catch up with Lily and Rachel, who both took Arithmancy. James sighed.

“I can’t be bothered to walk, Sirius. Will you carry me to Divination?”

“Sure.” he laughed. Sirius handed James his bag and turned so James could jump on his back. Once in the piggy-back position, James pointed forward.

“March on, faithful steed!” he cried.

“Now there’ll be none of that crap, Prongs, or I’ll dump you in a closet somewhere.”


“James what are you doing?!” Came a laugh from next to them. Walking alongside them were Peri and, albeit a bit awkwardly, Will. James yawned, ignoring the curious looks he received from passing students – he was on Sirius Black’s back, after all.

“What does it look like I’m doing, Ri? I’m catching a lift to Divination.” Peri giggled and shook her head. Will chuckled.

“Don’t worry ‘bout hanging out with us losers, Will.” Peter laughed. This only made Will laugh more – losers, is not exactly a word anyone in the school would associate with the Marauders. Maybe quite a few might associate it with Peter alone, but they’d never say it within earshot of any of the other Marauders. Most people didn’t have a death wish.

As the six Gryffindors made their way to Divination there was little conversation. Just walking along in companionable silence, with James on Sirius’ back acting as if there was nothing wrong with that.

“So… do any of you know where Abbie is? She’s taking Divination too.” Will asked as they neared the top of the North Tower.

“Oh… she said she had to talk to Remus about something.” Peri replied.

“Right.” He replied. As the group approached the stepladder that was already lowered from the classroom, James slid off Sirius’ back, handed him back his bag and took up first. The others followed in silence, and Will cast a glance behind him in time to see Abbie running up the corridor behind him. He turned to face her, grinning. Abbie however was not smiling – she looked worried and Will frowned.

“What’s wrong?” he asked concernedly.

“You… will never guess… what I just saw,” She panted. Will was about to ask what it was until an old wrinkled face appeared through the trapdoor.

“Divination won’t wait forever, my dears.” Professor Minson snapped. Will shut his mouth promptly and climbed up just before Abbie. When they climbed into the hot and stuffy room Abbie groaned loudly. She had just been running around half of the castle and was suitably out of breath and hot – entering a stuffy classroom was definitely not what she wanted to do at this point.

The class were all lined up around the edge of the room – turned out Minson would be deciding their seating arrangements for this term – this could only end badly.

Although not too badly for some, as James and Sirius wound up sitting next to each other – they had the same “seeing ability level” so were put next to each other. Abbie, unfortunately, was right across the room from Will so whatever she saw would have to wait until later for her to tell him.

“Now class, this term we will be going back to studying the crystal ball watching just to refresh your minds and eyes of the ancient art that graces this room.”

“Graces this room my foot. My foot and it’s out the window.” Sirius murmured and a couple of people round him sniggered, although the comment wasn't very funny. People just enjoyed contributing to Sirius Black.

“Did you say something, Mr Black?” Minson’s attitude changed completely. She was well known to have immediate mood swings depending on the situation around her, so students had to be careful.

“Just… can’t wait to get started, Professor.” Sirius replied, nodding his head with the air of an enthusiastic child. When she turned around he slumped back into his seat and sighed.

“That, students, is a good example of someone who actually wishes to learn.” She began writing a couple of instructions on the board with her back to the class. “You must all strive to be like Mr Black, and act as he does in my classroom.” In unison, the whole class slumped in their seats and sighed melodramatically, causing them all to crack up instantaneously. Minson abruptly turned, and her brow furrowed and she closed her eyes briefly.

“I will demonstrate briefly with Mr Potter, as Mr Black seems to be a bit of an idiot right now.” She sighed irritably. Mood swings? Making the movements out to be much bigger than they should be, she retrieved a crystal ball from the dusty shelf at the back of the class and placed it in front of James with a thunk. She then began staring intently at it, her glasses sliding down her nose slowly. James sniggered, but she appeared not to notice.

“I see… I see… suffering. Joyful suffering.” 

"Laaame with a capital 'L'." Will snorted under his breath.

“Joyful suffering? How does that work?” Peter laughed.

“Well if you’d be quiet you snivelling boy I’d tell you!” She snapped suddenly, startling the class all together.

"Maybe it means... you're off your rocker?" Sirius offered absently, staring at the ceiling. 

If looks could kill... Minson shot a particularly dark glare in Sirius' direction. 

"Mr Black, I would appreciate you keeping your mouth shut whilst I teach unless you have something productive to contribute." She gave him a pointed look and Sirius shrugged indifferently. "Now Mr Potter," She continued. "I would like you to tell me what you see inside this orb." James leaned forward in his seat, peering into the crystal ball.

“Hmmm… I see… a lot of mist. Maybe it’s like a cloud or something. A fog?” He shrugged.

“No, Mr Potter,” She sighed irritably. “That’s the mist of the future!” James nodded, rolling his eyes.

“Lots of ‘mist of the future’ then. Oh wait… it’s clearing. Hmmm it looks like…” He clicked his tongue and squinted. “A face. It looks like a face. It’s staring at me – wow that’s creepy –“ A couple of the class laughed. “… I think it’s a guy. He has glasses… his eyes are quite brownish, or maybe they’re green – I can’t really tell with all this mist of the future in the way… Oh! He has black hair. I think…! Oh… it’s my reflection.” Sirius sniggered and Peri started laughing at him.

“You idiot!” She shook her head through her laughter. “Your bloody reflection!” James shrugged, trying to regain some of his pride. 

“I’m not entirely sure… he could have had green eyes – the mist of the future was in the way.” Minson snorted.

“I don’t appreciate the mock being taken from my subject like that, Mr Potter.” Her mouth twitched in an irritated fashion.

“Oh! Maybe it was my evil twin.” James laughed, ignoring Professor Minson. Sirius cottoned on quickly.

“I get it! You’re evil twin will spring at you from the mists of the future and cause you to suffer, but you’ll be happy to see him!” James clicked his fingers melodramatically.

“Of course! And after all, the inner eye is never wrong!” James laughed.

“OUT!” Minson screeched and the two boys leaped from their seats.

“Now, now Professor, lets not be so hasty.” Sirius laughed.

“Yes, Professor, we wouldn’t want to have a repeat of that incident in fourth year with the smashed crystal ball and Padfoot in the hospital wing.” James nodded solemnly.

“Just GET OUT OF MY CLASSROOM YOU INSOLENT BOYS!” Sirius and James were only too happy to comply.

After that brief debacle, class continued on relatively normal, which in this case was boring, until it was time for lunch. Will, Peri and Peter (Abbie had disappeared, and Will had promptly forgotten that she had something to say) met up with them in the Great Hall where they were already tucking into some sandwiches. The three slid into seats opposite in silence, all with the events of the morning in their minds.

“Well I think we all know that you’re not particularly keen on Divination then.” Will grinned.

“Oh no! We love Divination, don’t we, Padfoot?”

“Yeah, annoying Minson.” His eyes glazed over in reminisce. “Especially after that time she threw a crystal ball at my head. She should have been thrown out after that.” He growled, biting into a sandwich ferociously.

“But you don’t like Divination, just annoying Minson.” Peri laughed. The two boys nodded enthusiastically. “Why do you take it then?”

“Spite.” They both replied in unison with mouthfuls of sandwiches spraying the table. Peri shook her head at her cousin and friend, but couldn’t hold back her smile.

The rest of the day passed by far too quickly for Peri, as although she acted cool (or at least she thought she had) in front of the Great Hall last week, she really was not looking forward to her detention. Her legs quavered that evening at the thought of what McGonagall would have them doing – and nothing the other boys said could cool her down.

“Relax, Peri. It’s your first detention – she won’t have you doing anything too bad.” Remus soothed. He himself wasn't looking that great - quite pale and sickly. Peri assumed it was him being nervous too.

“Not too bad…” Sirius interjected unhelpfully.

“You’re really not helping Padfoot.” Peter sighed. “Honestly, I’m the one who should be scared – not a tough talker like you.”

“But you’ve gotten used to it by now Wormtail. If you were in her position you’d probably be peeing your pants right now.” Sirius continued indifferently. Peter bristled.

“I think you should just shut up, you git.” He snapped.

“It’s true though.”

“That’s enough Pads. What’s gotten you in such a bad mood – what’s Wormtail done to you?” Remus asked irritably. Sirius shrugged, examining his fingernails.

“Don’t know what’s wrong with Mr Grumpy over there, but you’ll be fine Peri.” Remus turned back to Peri. She nodded, but didn’t feel that confident.

“Where’s James?” She asked.

“He’s in the Head’s Common Room, catching up on some last minute homework.” Peri raised her eyebrows sceptically. “He is!” Remus persisted, laughing.

“Yeah, it’s been all study, study, study this year for Prongs.” Sirius added bitterly.

“Oh give it a rest, Padfoot!” Peter snapped. Sirius huffed again. “He’s just working hard – he wants to pass y’know? And don’t even bother making some stupid comment about how much I fail at exams because I know I do and not all of us can pass with out revising a single word!” He remarked hotly. Peri clapped him on the back.

“Nicely said, Peter.” She smiled. Peter smiled back, brightly. Remus pulled his pocket watch he got for his seventeenth birthday and checked it. Nodding, he snapped it shut and put it away inside his robes.

“Five to eight – come on guys. Prongs said he’d meet us there.”

The foursome made their way down to the Great Hall in silence, with Sirius stomping sulkily behind him. None of them had any clue what was wrong with him – although he seemed to have odd days like this every so often, so Remus had whispered in her ear. When they reached the Great Hall, James was already standing outside, leaning against the wall and whistling a merry tune. Peri wandered over and shoved him, trying to get him to move inside.

“What’s got you in such a good mood?”

“I don’t know what in Merlin’s name you mean, Ri.” He smiled back.

“You never whistle.” She laughed. James shrugged and turned his attention to the approaching Professor McGonagall. She marched forwards, not looking any of them in the eye as she motioned for them all to step into the Great Hall.

“Now I have a thousand papers to mark, so I’m not going to go into thorough detail about some complicated punishment. This is the Great Hall. It’s dirty. You’ll be cleaning the whole hall – no magic.” The boys groaned but Peri sighed with relief – she had been expecting a far worse punishment than that, as things had been slightly stricter when it came to punishments back at Salem. The rules had been more relaxed, so there really was no point in breaking them from her perspective. Especially with the harsh punishments you received afterwards.

McGonagall waved her wand and four buckets with sponges appeared on the floor next to them.

“I want to see my face in it. You don’t leave until it’s finished.” And with that she marched from the hall without a backwards glance. Peri sighed with relief – this wasn’t all that bad. She felt a hand on my shoulder and turned to see Remus, smiling encouragingly.

“Told you so.” He smirked. Peri rolled her eyes, before bending to pick up a bucket of water. She glanced around the Great Hall. It had never seemed so big – especially with the long tables being moved to the edges of the hall (by magic, no doubt).

She sighed again, but the others smiled and set to work.

“I’m surprised you guys actually do the work at your detentions.” She remarked, whilst settling down with them. “What with your reputation.” She added. Sirius shrugged.

“We do some stuff, we get in trouble. The teachers who actually punish us are the teachers worth obeying.”

“I can understand that.” She replied, before they all got on with their work in silence.

“Oh come on guys.” James huffed after a couple of minutes quiet. “I’m bored – let’s play a game or something.” He got to his feet, throwing the sponge back into the bucket. Sirius jumped up immediately afterwards.

“Yeah!” He cried, his bad mood from earlier seemingly forgotten. Remus slapped his forehead with his palm.

“This can only end badly.” He groaned.


Rachel was a bit worried, to say the least.

All day she’d been searching for her boyfriend, but he was no where to be found. She hadn’t shared any classes with him, but his friends had said he had attended every one. One friend in particular almost mentioned about him going out in the morning, but was quickly called away by his other friend before he could elaborate. She was starting to feel even a little hurt, but was comforted a little by the fact that she was definitely meeting him tonight.

The statue of Ernie Trumparkeries, (some wizard who fought some battle at some time or another) on the fourth floor was where they always met before he took her somewhere. Rachel loved it when he surprised her, and Rachel knew for certain that if he had anything more to surprise her with, she might just fall in love with him. And she meant for real.

She stood behind the statue, reading the writing engraved on the back as she had every time she had waited for him there. It wasn’t quite after hours, but she didn’t like the sound of being found on the fourth floor in the middle of the night. Before long, she felt to strong hands place themselves around her eyes and hot breath tickled her ear.

“Guess who?” Rachel smiled and turned in his arms before planting a firm kiss on his lips. A gesture he returned, smiling into her mouth. He then pulled away and Rachel pouted.

“From that, I’m guessing it was Andy Carter.” She grinned shyly. Andy smiled too, but he looked a little distracted. He squinted over the top of her head at something, and frowned. Rachel spun around, but saw nothing.

“What is it?” She asked concernedly. Andy shook his head and shrugged.

“Nothing.” Rachel was unconvinced. “It was nothing!” He laughed. He bent down and kissed her on the cheek before grabbing her hand. “Come on, there’s something I want to show you.” Rachel gulped, thinking about her earlier thoughts. Could she really fall in love with him?

Well, he was charming, handsome, played quidditch, and he seemed to care about her a lot. He was perfect.

Well, almost perfect…

But perfect was Remus Lupin in her opinion – and that was one thing he couldn’t be. Andy led her through long passages that Rachel was sure she’d never seen before, but Andy seemed unperturbed. And Rachel felt safe with Andy. They finally found their way into a disused classroom by the looks of it, and finally Andy let go of her hand to shut the door behind her.

Andy then sat her down on the desk next to him, and pulled out a small velvet box from a pocket in his jacket. Rachel gasped – it looked expensive.

“For you.” He smiled, handing it to her.

“Oh Andy…” Rachel looked shocked as she took the box from him. “It looks expensive – you really shouldn’t have –“

“But I wanted too. And that’s the point.” He cut across her. Rachel glanced at him before cautiously opening the box. Inside, there was a beautiful bracelet, embroidered with her initials on one of the charms. A crescent moon, a round circle (with the carved initials) and a star hung from it and it seemed to be made of gold.

Rachel gasped again, and hugged Andy tightly.

“Oh thank you, Andy! It’s beautiful – where did you get the money for this?” She cried. Andy shrugged awkwardly and released himself from her grip.

“It’s a gift. For you because…” He trailed off, looking away from her. Rachel’s smile faltered.

“Because of what?” She asked hesitantly. Andy turned back to her and stared intently into her eyes.

“Look, I don’t know how to put this…”


When you find someone who is supposed to be performing a detention, performing it in a most immature manner involving lots of shouting and you happened to be Head Girl, you’d find yourself in the same position as Lily Evans.

She had been asked by Professor McGonagall to check on the four Marauders and Peri whilst they were doing their detention – for obvious reasons. McGonagall didn’t trust them, and she herself had a lot of papers to mark. And McGonagall had been right to mistrust them.

James Potter stood in the middle of the room, with his tie pulled over his eyes and sponges strapped to his feet by shoelaces with his arms outstretched as if reaching for something. The other stood around him, taunting him as he reached out trying to catch one of them. But being blindfolded, that was very difficult and with sponges on his feet it was even more so – he kept slipping over, much to the other’s delight. Except for Remus, who sat diligently in the corner scrubbing the floor with a sponge, but without keeping his eyes off the game – he laughed when appropriate and seemed to be enjoying it too, much to Lily’s disgust. He was a prefect he should be putting a stop to all this!

Then a thought struck her – James Potter was Head Boy! He should be putting a stop to this, let alone taking part!

It was at the moment when James slipped over again and Sirius, Peri and Peter collapsed with laughter that Lily chose to march into the hall and make her presence known.

“WHAT ON EARTH IS GOING ON IN HERE?” She hollered as loud as she could. The laughter stopped instantly, and they all turned to stare at her. Sirius coughed.

“Well… we’re cleaning the floor.” He replied, sniggering. “Or rather James is.” James had by now torn off the tie that covered his eyes and was gulping and looking at Lily fearfully.

“Yes but is this an appropriate way to ‘clean the floor’.” Lily fumed. “You, of all people believe it or not Potter are Head Boy and should not be partaking in such a frivolous activity!”

“Lily, look, it was only a little fun –“

“Don’t you dare call my name like you’re my friend – the next time I hear it I’ll curse you into oblivion!” She screeched. “And YOU, Remus Lupin, who thinks he can hide in the corner and not be noticed – you should have put a stop to this, ages ago!”

“Lily –“

“You are supposed to be carrying out a detention for Christ’s sake! A punishment not a place to muck about and be stupid!” Sirius rolled his eyes and slumped backwards, leaning against the floor.

“She’s not gonna stop.” He moaned, as Peri and Remus tried to calm her down. But at that moment, Abbie burst into the hall looking distraught.

“Has Rachel passed by this way?” She cried desperately. Lily stopped shouting and turned to her friend, who looked like she was on the verge of tears. Lily rushed to her side.

“No – what is it, Abbie? What’s wrong?” She asked, biting her lip. The other’s got to their feet as well, as Peri also rushed to Abbie’s side. And a sorry sight she was. Her face was a burning pink colour, as if she had been running a long way, and her blonde hair that was usually tied up lay dishevelled around her shoulders, sticking out from her hairband at odd angles.

“She’s gone – missing! She went to meet Andy like normal, and I just happened to be passing an old disused classroom on the North side of the castle, when she came bursting out sobbing her eyes out. I tried to talk to her but I don’t think she heard me!” She choked back a sob. “She was crying something about Andy and then she said – she said – oh, Lils! I think she’s going to kill herself!” Lily gasped and the others ran forward.

“Where is she, do you know?” James asked. “We’ll help you look.” Abbie nodded gratefully.

“Did you say she was crying about that Carter guy?” Remus asked quietly. Abbie nodded.

“But –“ She began to add something else, but Remus cut her off.

“Did you say you thought she was going to kill herself?” He continued and Abbie nodded hesitantly. “If he’s done anything to hurt her, I swear I’ll kill him.” He spat with a vehemence no one had heard from Remus before. And he swept from the room without another word. The group stood in stunned silence, Abbie staring after him.

“But it’s not just that.” She continued. “I went into the classroom and Andy was standing there a little lost and he told me to go after her. He said he’d broken up with her.” Lily’s jaw set firm.

“We have to find her.” She muttered. The other’s nodded, their differences forgotten – if briefly, at least. 

oooh a bit of a cliffhanger for you there! So what do you think's going to happen next? Let me know in a review! There are no special thanks this time around, :( shame that really. I was hoping to get this chapter out before the holidays (I had some sudden inspiration - on my birthday, no less!) but I had to make some editions for it to be validated. Hoping everyone had a great christmas! Anyways, would loves some reviews and thanks for reading!

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