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Dancing by pirette08
Chapter 4 : Blind
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A/N: I’m so sorry for the delay but I had to re-edit this chapter a lot so it could be compatible with the guidelines. Hopefully this time it’ll be enough. Ron and Harry are reunited and are both forced to deal with the truth. This is the last chapter and I’m terribly sorry for making you wait. The song in this chapter is basically from Ron’s point of view. Please review if you read it, I really love getting feedback, and stay tuned for my future works =) “Blind” by Lifehouse.



After many agonizing minutes, it was all over. The taunting images that had agonized Ron as he attempted to destroy it had vanished. Ron was standing with his grip relaxed on the sword, gazing down at the ruins of the locket. The images of Harry and Hermione tightly intertwined, speaking out all the fears he had ever had was still vivid in his mind. He had never thought he’d have to see a more heartbreaking sight than the one he had seen on the Delumenator, but the one he had witnessed through the Horcrux had to be a million times worse.


The reason he was standing there, blankly with blood red eyes was because he wanted to make things right. He had enough of being cooped up at Shell Cottage feeling sorry for himself. The sooner he went through what he had set out to do, the better. The faster the pain would disappear.


 As he wandered around the forest, he had spotted Harry following an eerie, wispy doe Patronus. He had watched in horror as Harry dived deep down and stayed there for several minutes. He ended up saving his life that night. For once Harry would be in debt to him. Not that those petty thoughts mattered anymore, he had grown a lot while he was away from them. However, he had paid a hefty price for carrying out such a noble deed. He had been forced to watch as the vision he had always feared, a vision which was actually correct, played out before him. For a fleeting second, all the growth he had had been overwhelmed by the strong surge of hate and jealousy the visions were making him feel.


Harry walked slowly toward him. He knew what he had just seen wouldn’t be easy for him. It broke his heart to see his best friend so distressed over what he wished would be true. Over something that had already happened. For Harry and Hermione had shared a kiss similar to the one that had happened between Riddle-Harry and Hermione. He heard the clang of the sword as Ron knelt down on the ground. He watched as Ron buried his face in his hands. His body shaking in what appeared to be sobs. Harry approached and put a hand on his shoulder.

“After you left,” Harry said grimly. “She could not stop crying. She tried to hide it from me when she thought I was asleep… most of the time we didn’t even speak to each other. With you gone…”


Harry wasn’t entirely lying. The first few days after Ron had left, Hermione had been crying and she had not really spoken to Harry. Except for that night. They were now finally getting back to normal after the visit to Godric’s Hollow and the night they had talked about what had happened on that other special night. Harry felt anguish as he thought of the next thing he’d say to Ron.


“She’s like my sister, I love her like a sister and I reckon she feels the same way about me. It’s always been like that. I thought you knew”


Ron shrugged off Harry’s hand.


“Don’t lie” Ron said throatily. He stood up and faced Harry. Not caring anymore that his eyes were bloodshot and that his tears were visible.


“What? Ron it’s the truth!” said Harry firmly.


“No it’s not. I saw you together. On the Delumenator…”


Harry felt his stomach drop.


“I know you two love each other.”


“Ron…I’m so sorry. You know the last thing Hermione and I wanted to do is hurt you.” said Harry.


“I know that Harry. Believe me I do. It’s just…the image really got to me you know? I know that you and Hermione aren’t doing this to get back at Me.” said Ron.


Harry was at lost for words. What could he probably say to Ron?


“I know that what happened was out of your control. Besides, Hermione never showed any interest in me that way. It was always one-sided. I didn’t exactly help things by treating her the way I did either.”




“No Harry. I saw everything that went on that night. I know you guys are willing to put this aside but I’m not going to let you. I’m not going to let Hermione settle for me” said Ron stiffly.


“She’s not settling. She really does love you” said Harry. He didn’t really know why he was trying to switch this around.


“Harry no!” said Ron. “I saw how she looked at you that night. She never looked at me that way. I know what is true. For once in my life I’m taking the high road. I’m not about to sit here and complain and force Hermione to look at me in a way she never will.”




“I’m letting her go. Not that I have any right of acting as a boyfriend after the way I left things. But I’m here for two reasons. One, I realized what a prat I was and I had to make things right. And two, save you and Hermione from blowing something so special away.”


Harry couldn’t believe those words had just come out of Ron’s mouth. He had really grown in the days since he had left him and Hermione. What was more, he was also renouncing Hermione.


“I’m not saying I don’t love Hermione. Cause I do. It’s because of that I’m letting go”


“You’re joking” breathed Harry.



Ron couldn’t help to chuckle at Harry’s reaction.

“I’m very serious Harry. You two can be together. Openly. Ginny wishes you two the best.”


“You mean. Ginny knows too?”


“Yeah, couldn’t leave my sister out of the loop could I?”


Harry smiled widely but regretted it almost instantly.


“Ron I’m so sorry. I wish this could’ve been discovered before you ever liked Hermione romantically.


“It’s okay. I guess deep down I always suspected it. You guys just had lousy timing” Ron said chuckling.


A long awkward silence ensued.


“I’m sorry I left.” Ron muttered.


“Well…you kind of made up for tonight.” said Harry brightly. “Getting the sword, destroying the Horcrux., saving my life, letting Hermione go--”


“That all sounds much cooler than it was.”


“Now you understand what I meant by it before?” said Harry. “Things like that always sound cooler than they are.


Harry walked forward and hugged Ron eagerly.


“Thanks so much mate.” said Harry. “Now all we have to do is find the tent.”


“And confront a furious Hermione” Ron added.


“Yeah, well that’s all mostly you. As you know she isn’t furious with me” said Harry mockingly.


They both laughed as they headed back together. A wonderful sound that hadn’t happened in weeks.


Finding the tent wasn’t as hard as Harry thought it would be. He couldn’t contain his happiness anymore as he went into the tent. Ron lagged behind, with good reason. Even though everything was all right between Ron and Harry, Hermione still had to forgive him. Harry knew that Hermione was going to be a little harder to convince that Ron was indeed sorry he had left.



Hermione was still fast asleep, curled under a heap of blankets. It took several tries until Hermione finally awoke.

She stirred and sat up quickly and pushed her fringe away from her face.


“What’s wrong? Harry, are you all right?”


“It’s okay, everything’s fine. Perfect really. There’s someone I brought along”


“What do you mean? who--?”


Harry moved to the side so that Hermione could see Ron.


Hermione was speechless. She had secretly hoped that this moment hadn’t come so quickly. In fact she was somewhat hoping Ron would not come back at all. At least then she would have good enough reason to ignore what she and Harry had proposed to do, in regards of their feelings. Things with Harry were finally settling back to normal. Now Ron was back in the picture. It was a mixture of emotions that surfaced. Relief, that Ron was alive. Anger, that he had come back. Hurt, because now Harry and Hermione did have to act like platonic friends.


Ron gave Hermione a weak smile as she stood in front of her.


Hermione threw herself forward and started punching every little bit of Ron she could see.


“Ouch--ow--geroff! Hermione!--OW!”


“You--arse--Ronald--Weasley! You--come---back--after--weeks-and--weeks- where’s my wand?”


Harry put Hermione’s wand in the pouch Hagrid had given him. Harry could tell she was livid. He had never seen Hermione so upset.


“Hermione calm down!”


“Don’t tell me to calm down. And YOU!” she yelled pointing at Ron.


“I ran after you, I yelled for you to come back”


“I know. I’m sorry, I really am” said Ron apologetically.


“Oh, and I suppose you think everything will go back to normal just because you’re sorry?”


“I’m not expecting for you two to act as if it never happened. But I know I was wrong. I am here to admit I was being a jerk and try to fix things” said Ron.


“Just exactly how did you find us? It’s very important for me to know, that way I can find a way to prevent any unexpected visits from people I don’t want to see” said Hermione heatedly


She was still angry at Ron, for the way he had left. But now, it was his reappearance that had caused her outburst. She was feeling frustrated that Ron was the reason things between her and Harry were odd with each other. She was furious at Ron for returning just when she and Harry were attempting to go back to normal. What was even worse, was that reality was slowly coming back to focus. She knew she had to continue with the decision she had made. To stay with Ron. After all, she was doing it for the sake of the trio’s friendship and Harry’s relationship with the Weasley’s. She really had thought that the time for pretending she loved Ron would be far away. Now it seemed to appear to fast, almost tauntingly. She wasn’t entirely sure she was still mad at Ron for trying to fix things, but she couldn’t just say the real reason why she was so upset at his arrival.



I was young but I wasn't naive
I watched helpless as he turned around to leave
And still I have the pain I have to carry
A past so deep that even you could not bury if you tried


“Hermione don’t say that. I know you’re still mad at Ron for leaving, but you can’t really mean not wanting to see him again. He’s still our friend” said Harry defensively.


Harry could tell Hermione’s words had hit Ron hard. He couldn’t let her continue bashing Ron, not after all he had done recently.


Friend? After he just walked out on us when we needed to be together the most? We promised Harry we’d stay with him till the end. And you left” said Hermione turning towards Ron.


“What kind of friend are you when you bail out just because things aren’t as smooth as you thought it’d be. We handled your whining enough, but what you did was unforgivable Ron”


“Hermione, Ron saved my life” said Harry.


Hermione looked back at Harry, shocked.


“What?” she breathed.


“Harry-” Ron attempted, apparently not wanting Hermione to know.


“No Ron, before she starts putting you down again, she needs to know why I’ve forgiven you. Why she shouldn’t be dwelling on things that belong in the past” said Harry cutting in.


“Look don’t get me wrong, he saved you? Then great. That still doesn’t change what he did Harry.” said Hermione.


“Remember how badly we got along with you? When we saved you from that troll? It all changed didn’t it?” argued Harry.


“I understand you’re still upset at Ron, just hear me out. Ron completely made up for what he did tonight. He saved my life, got Gryffindor’s sword from the lake when I failed to do so, destroyed the Horcrux-”


“And stepping down” said Ron cutting in.


Hermione turned towards Ron, looking confused.




Harry let Ron handle it, Ron was more entitled to it then he was.


“Hermione, I saw you and Harry together.” Ron said throatily.


It was more difficult speaking to this to Hermione than with Harry. He knew after he said everything that there wasn’t going to be any turning back. He wasn’t at all wishing Hermione would choose him. It would be stupid for him to still have hope after what he’d seen.


“Is this about the Horcrux again? You know--”


“No. it’s about what I saw on the Delumenator”

It seemed to have grabbed Hermione’s attention, though now she was looking a little too anxious.


“The Delumenator?”


“Yes, I don’t know exactly how I did it, but I accidentally clicked a button I hadn’t seen before. I saw your whole…er…conversation with Harry.” said Ron uncomfortably.


Hermione flushed. She was actually surprised how Ron seemed to be handling himself. The anger she had towards him melted as she saw how uncomfortable he was. The feeling seemed to be mutual, as Harry was again standing off in the sideline.



After all this time
I never thought we'd be here
Never thought we'd be here
When my love for you was blind
But I couldn't make you see it
Couldn't make you see it
That I loved you more than you'll ever know
A part of me died when I let you go


“Ron, I’m so sorry.” said Hermione.


She was at a loss for words. What could she possibly say to him? That it was all a lie? It wouldn’t be credible. To either of them. If Ron had seen what had happened that night, heard what had happened that night, what else was there to say?


Ron simply nodded. He looked completely calm. But Hermione could tell it was still hard on him.

“You have nothing to apologize for. After the way I left, I’d have to be very stupid to believe you’d still want me as a boyfriend.” said Ron.


Ron saw that Hermione was about to argue, but decided to continue what he had to say. It would be better off to just get it over with.


“No Hermione let me talk, I love you, I really do, but I haven’t treated you the way you deserve. I heard what you said to Harry that night. You were giving up on him to stay with me. To settle with me. I love you, a lot, but I can’t be in a relationship that is a complete sham. You wouldn’t be doing any one any good by lying.”


Hermione could see the hurt in Ron’s eyes. She heard it in his voice. Despite the way he had acted, she still loved him. She would always love Ron as a brother. It hurt her to see him this way. She hadn’t chosen to stay with Harry because she knew it would hurt Ron. Yet, anyway it turned out; it seemed Ron would always end up hurt. Hermione wished it had been easier. If only she would’ve had the guts to say what she felt about Harry a long time ago, before Ron got his hopes up and ruined.


“To me, what hit me the hardest of what you said was the way you chose me, not because you want to give me a chance, but because you feared the way I would react to your happiness.”


“Ron, I don’t want to be put as the innocent victim here because I’m not” said Hermione tearfully. “But when you left over what you suspected of, it did terrify me that we’d never see you again. Ron, despite everything I was worried about you the whole time.”


“That’s the thing Hermione; I always end up ruining things because I’m so bloody hard headed.”


“Look, I know you love me, but only as a sister would a brother. And you can’t sit here and try to argue it because I know the truth. I saw the way you looked at Harry that night. You never looked at me that way.” said Ron.


Hermione looked at him, tears spilling out. She couldn’t deny it, she wasn’t one to lie, and she wouldn’t be able to do so with this.


“I also know that you and Harry didn’t do this out of spite towards me. What you have is real, and it’s not right put it aside for Ginny’s and my happiness. It shows how you’re a better person than I’ll ever be.”


“Ron don’t say that. But it’s true, the last thing I want is for you and Ginny to be hurt. If Harry and I were together your family would hate us forever. I can’t do that to you or Harry.” said Hermione.


“Do you not remember what I told you a little while ago? I’m stepping down. Not that I had any right to do so since I left, but you two need to know that I’m okay with it. So is Ginny” said Ron adding the last bit while looking at Harry.


Hermione couldn’t believe it; Ron had just said he was okay with her being with Harry. They were free to be together.



I would fall asleep
Only in hopes of dreaming
That everything would be like it was before
But nights like this it seems are slowly fleeting
They disappear as reality is crashing to the floor

“Can you now let bygones be bygones Hermione?” asked Harry smiling, as he walked away from the shadows.


Hermione lunged forward and hugged Ron.


“What’s this for?” he asked bemusedly.


“For everything Ron. You’re the best. But I’m so sorry you had to find out like this.” said Hermione.


“Hermione, forget about it. Honestly. In all honesty, I suspected it all along, but I really am happy for you. I know how happy he makes you, and that’s fine with me” said Ron disengaging himself from Hermione.


“I mean if it wasn’t me, better that it was Harry. I wouldn’t be so happy seeing you with some bloke we both didn’t approve of” said Ron jokingly.


They all laughed enthusiastically. It felt like a very huge weight had been lifted from their shoulders. It was such a relief that mostly everything was going to be back to normal. Hermione was ecstatic. She had gained her best friend again, and this time also gained a boyfriend.


The morning came upon them once again, only this time they were in much higher spirits than they had ever been. Ron had gone looking for food again as he conveniently left Harry and Hermione alone. He was really happy to see them both so happy, but he wasn’t ready to see them really be a couple.


Harry and Hermione were both alone for the first time since Ron had come back. It was the first time they could actually act out, on what used to be forbidden feelings.


After all this time
I never thought we'd be here
Never thought we'd be here
When my love for you was blind
But I couldn't make you see it
Couldn't make you see it
That I loved you more than you'll ever know
A part of me died when I let you go



“I still can’t believe it” said Hermione sitting down in the table in front of Harry.


“I know, Ron really surprised us didn’t he?”


“He really has grown while he was away. And I’m proud of him.” said Hermione smiling.


“You know its okay for us to touch now you know” said Harry jokingly.


“I know” replied Hermione.


“Then why are you all the way over there?”


Hermione flushed.


“I’m still not used to this” said Hermione.


Harry looked concern.


“Hermione, you don’t think what we have…it was just because of the thrill of it being forbidden or anything. I mean you do love me don’t you? Or is it gone now because we can be a couple out in the open?”


Hermione stared at him incredulously.


“You’re not seriously asking me this?”


“You not coming any closer isn’t really convincing me.”


Hermione stood up and walked towards Harry who had also stood up.


“Harry, if there’s one thing you can never doubt about me, it’s my love for you.” she said brushing a hand against his cheeks.


Harry closed his eyes at her touch again. She always seemed to have that power over him.


“I love you. And I’m so glad we can be together now. You have no idea how painful it was to think of life without you, in the way I want you to be. The way we are now”


Harry brought Hermione in closer burying his head in her messy tendrils.


“It was for me too. But here we are. We never thought we’d be here, yet here we are.”


Harry pulled away and looked at her deeply in the eyes, still embracing.


“I’m not the best person to know how love is supposed to feel like, but I’m pretty damn certain that that weird feeling I get in the pit of my stomach whenever I see you is it. Hermione, no one has come close to make me feel the way you do” he said looking in to her brown eyes.


He ducked down to kiss Hermione softly on the lips. Their kiss was much softer, tender than the one they had shared on that night. Nevertheless it took both their breaths away.


After all this, why?
Would you ever wanna leave it
Maybe you could not believe it
That my love for you was blind
But I couldn't make you see it
Couldn't make you see it
That I loved you more than you will ever know
A part of me died when I let you go
That I loved you more than you'll ever know
A part of me died when I let you go

And I loved you more than you’ll ever know

A part of me died, when I let you



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