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The Properties of a Rose by RupertsPheonix
Chapter 16 : Part Sixteen
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Part Sixteen



The weather was blustery.  There was no other word for it.  The wind was ferocious; my hair whipped me in my face, the ends smacking me sharply.  I wished I had brought a hair bow.


Professor McLaggen, the flying instructor that Mum and Dad went to school with (and that Dad hated because he says McLaggen had a thing for Mum), flew onto the field.  I watched as he tapped his wand to his throat, magnifying his voice one-hundred fold.


“Great day for a friendly match,” he said genially.  “We’re going to play a good, fair game today.  We’d also like to thank the sponsors for each team’s uniforms… Fordham’s Broom Company has not only supplied Hufflepuff with their new robes, but also with their protective gear and brand new broomsticks!  The captain of Slytherin’s team, Scorpius Malfoy, would like to thank his father, Draco Malfoy, for donating the brand new robes that the entire team will be wearing this term.  Mr. Malfoy also contributed to the new seating in the spectator stands.  Thank you to all contributors of today’s game.”


Lily jutted me in the side with her elbow.


“What?” I asked, rubbing my now aching ribs.


She nodded her head toward the Professor and Visitor stands.  Mr. Malfoy sat with his family.  Dralia didn’t seem quite interested in her surroundings, but looked rather content on her mother’s lap.  Mrs. Malfoy was dressed in black fur robes, and she had her arm wrapped firmly around her daughter’s tiny body.


Mr. Malfoy must have felt my gaze, for he turned toward the Gryffindor stands.


“You think they’re here to meet you or to watch Scorpius play?” Lily asked, leaning toward me, her voice barely above a whisper.  I shrugged.


“I don’t know.  It makes me nervous either way.”


Polly Matthews, a fifth year Ravenclaw who did the announcing, interrupted any further conversation.  “Without further ado, I’d like to welcome out our first team—the Hufflepuffs!”


Several wolf-whistles could be heard amongst the screams that were emitted from the large yellow and black throng of Hufflepuffs beside the Gryffindor stands.


Polly introduced all of the Hufflepuff players by last name before saying, “And finally we get to all of the Slytherin players!  Playing the position of chasers are Ada and Arvin Zabini and Warren Flint.  Playing Beaters for Slytherin are Barney Nott and Orion Davies, while Giselle Garnet plays Keeper.  Slytherin’s seeker and captain this season is Scorpius Malfoy!”


The team flew three times around the pitch, during their third round Scorpius came within two inches of me, dropping a Slytherin scarf around my neck.


I swooned.      


I heard Roxanne sigh beside me, though I’m not sure how I heard her through the shouts that came from the massive crowd of Slytherins.  I looked at her, nodding my head, and saw that she, too, was swooning.


“And we’ve all witnessed a rather sweet moment between the Slytherin captain Malfoy and his new girlfriend, Rose Weasley—sorry, Professor, I’ll stick to the game…” Polly’s voice drifted off, but I felt the heat rise in my cheeks.  Scorpius turned his blond head my way.


The match started as Professor McLaggen released the Quaffle by tossing it into the air.  I watched as a Hufflepuff player snatched the large red ball.  I looked toward Scorpius’ broom and watched him yell something to Ada Zabini.  He gestured wildly; Roxie leaned toward me and muttered, “He’s telling her to go around the left side of Wilder and toss it into the right hoop… Good tactic, huh?”


“Sure,” I replied, having no idea how she could figure that out from a few measly gestures.  She jotted some diagrams down into a notebook.


I watched as Ada argued back with Scorpius.  He flew away from her, calling a time out request to McLaggen.  The flying instructor looked surprised but declared it anyway.


“Scorpius Malfoy, captain and seeker for Slytherin, has called a time-out.  Rarely has Slytherin been known to call time-outs, especially so early in the match.  It looks like an argument has broken out amongst the Slytherin team!”


My eyes swivelled to see Ada throwing her hands violently in the air while floating on her broomstick near the ground.  Scorpius was shouting, Barney standing beside him, arms crossed against his large chest.


Suddenly, Scorpius’ voice was loud in the pitch.  “I don’t care what the bloody hell you think is right to do, Zabini!  I told you to go left and swerve right, dammit, and that’s what you’re bloody going to do, or you can get off of this pitch!”


Ada’s voice, shrill like usual, echoed around the pitch as well.  “I’m not doing it, you filthy half-blood lover!”


A gasp was heard around the pitch, and tears stung at the corners of my eyes.  I felt Lily whip out her wand beside me.  I reached over and pushed her hand down with my own.


“Not now, Lils,” I whispered, waiting for Scorpius’ response.


His voice was quieter—everyone in the pitch could still hear him, but he was no longer yelling.  His voice was dangerous.  “You get the hell out of here right now, Zabini.  Don’t bother coming to practice, either.”  He turned his broom around and flew to Arvin Zabini.  “Tell your mother to wash out her daughter’s indecent mouth, you hear me?”


Arvin turned his head toward his sister’s retreating form and then back to Scorpius, who said heatedly, “You can keep playing, or you can follow her.  It’s your decision, but if you follow her, you don’t come back to this team—ever.”


Arvin, after only a moment’s hesitation, flew his broom next to Scorpius’.


“I think everyone’s heard quite enough, Polly,” Scorpius said to our student announcer, his voice still echoing.


“Quite right,” Polly answered, waving her wand about.


Scorpius flew toward Barney, spoke to him for a moment (without the stands being able to hear him, that is), and then flew toward the Gryffindor stands.  He dropped down in front of me, putting his broom at my waist level, the two of us eye to eye.


“Don’t listen to her, Rose,” he muttered, and I knew I was the only one who could hear him this time.  “She’s being stupid, okay?”


I nodded.  “I could kill her.”


“I know.  But she’s not worth it,” he said, his voice calm and soothing.  “I’ve got to get back before we run out of time in our time-out, okay?”


I nodded once more, and he leaned down, pressing his lips to my forehead quickly.


He flew off, faster than the speed of sound, and I could hear Polly in the background, saying, “And it looks like Nott was sent by Malfoy to get Slytherin’s replacement player, his third year brother, Steffen Nott.  And Professor McLaggen declares the time-out over!  The game is back in session!”


Polly continued to narrate the match as Steffen made three scores in mere minutes.  Hufflepuff had quickly retrieved the Quaffle, making two scores to keep the game interesting.


Two hours later and the game was still going—Slytherin in the lead by forty points.  And then Scorpius was rushing by the stands in a streak of green and silver, closely followed by Hufflepuff’s seeker.  He swerved as he came close to the pole of the left goal on Hufflepuff’s end—their seeker, Robert Boils, didn’t see this swerve and flew right into the goal post with a loud crunch of bones—and Scorpius caught the snitch in his hand.  He flew toward the sea of Slytherins in green and silver and waved the snitch around triumphantly.


I looked down at the base of the left goal post; Robert Boils was lying on the grass, his team surrounding him.  I stood quickly.  Louis had gotten up as well.


“Are you going to the Hufflepuff team?” I asked, walking toward the stairs of the stands beside him.


“No, what would I want with those twits?  I’m going to get my T-shirt from Hugo!”


I rolled my eyes.  “Lou, Robert Boils is lying on the ground, hurt from his crash.”




“Ugh—go get your T-shirt, you toad-kisser!”  I shoved him out of my way and ran the rest of the way to the goal post.


“Is he okay?” I asked, crouching beside him.  Blood was trickling from his mouth, and his breathing was heavy.  “Has he said anything?”


A girl with pigtails was sitting next to him, tears streaming down her face.  “No, he’s just been mumbling without making sense!”


I nodded, resting my ear on his chest.  His heartbeat was still steady.  I lifted my wand, and the girl shrieked.


“I’m going to save him, back off!” I snapped, brandishing my wand.  His mouth ceased bleeding immediately.  I tapped his ribcage with the tip of my wand and his breathing calmed to normal.


“D-Did I h-hit something?” he asked, sitting up.


A cheer erupted around me.  I turned around and saw half of the school standing behind Robert Boils and me.  The elderly Madam Pomfrey was beaming.


“Such a talented young witch!  That’s extraordinary magic, m’dear!” she cried happily.


Scorpius stepped through the crowd, little Dralia in his arms, her arms slung around his neck.  Mr. and Mrs. Malfoy followed, Mrs. Malfoy reaching for her daughter.


“I’ve got her, Mum,” Scorpius said, hanging on tighter to his sister.  He stepped beside me.  “Did you just heal him?”


“Robert?  Yeah, no big deal.  He just had a broken jaw and some fractured ribs.  Plus he had the wind knocked out of him.”


Robert was standing by now and stepped toward me.  “Thanks, Rose.  How’d you know those spells?”


“Just some light reading I did a few weeks back…  Feeling better?”  He nodded, and I continued, “Go to bed early tonight and get some rest.  Drink a lot of water and take it easy for the rest of the weekend, okay?”


He nodded and clutched the pigtailed girl’s hand.  Together they walked back toward the castle.


I turned back to Scorpius.  “He’ll be okay in a day or so.”  I felt a tug at my hair and looked down to see Dralia twirling it in her fingers.


“This is my sister,” Scorpius said, laughing as she continued to tug lightly on my curls.  “And this is Mum and Dad.”  He jerked his head back in his parents’ direction.  I extended my hand.


“Hi, I’m Rose Weasley,” I said, trying my best to smile politely.  Mrs. Malfoy took my hand, her handshake was delicate.


“Sorry about Dralia.  She just loves to play with people’s hair.”


“She’s fine, Mrs. Malfoy.  I have about a million cousins, two of them just a few years older than Dralia, so I understand,” I smiled again and turned to Mr. Malfoy.  “Nice to meet you, Mr. Malfoy.”


He shook my hand, his handshake much firmer than his wife’s.  “Same,” he said, though his eyes said otherwise.


Scorpius handed Dralia to his mother and took my hand in his.


“Rose is going to be a healer, Mum,” he said, changing the subject.  He looked at me.  “Mum trained to be a healer, too, but then she had me and decided to stay home.”


Mrs. Malfoy nodded.  “I was with Madam Pomfrey for my apprenticeship.”


“Really?  She’s writing my letter of recommendation for St. Mungo’s program,” I told her.  Dralia reached over and tugged another curl, a giggle escaping her small lips.  Scorpius’ dropped my hand to go to his father.


“She’s one of the best,” Mrs. Malfoy responded.  She was much friendlier than her husband, who was muttering something under his breath to Scorpius.  Scorpius’ eyebrows were furrowed in concentration.  Mrs. Malfoy noticed my attention turned to them and rolled her eyes exasperatedly.  “Forgive him, my husband always has something to tell Scorpius.”


I shook my head.  “No worries.  So how old is Dralia, did you say?”

A/N:  Updates are taking a long time, I know.  Everyone told me college would be hard but I guess I wrote that off.  Note to self: college is hard and time-consuming.  BUT on the plus side, I WILL post the next part over Christmas break.  It's written and just has to be edited.  =)

This chapter is dedicated to hpff_to_the_end for their awesome review!  Thanks so much for the inspiration and creative ideas--I might just have to pull Luna in for you at some time.  =)

Reviewer question:  What did you think about the match?  Would you like another match later?

Thanks so much for sticking with the story even though I'm not very good about updating regularly.  I hope everyone enjoys the chapter!


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