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The Covenant by lifyndra
Chapter 28 : Complete
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J.K. Rowling's characters are my playthings!  MUAHAHA!!!

A/N:  I sincerely hope this makes it out before the Validators' vacation...  This one's a gift to my beautiful reviewers, heehee.  Merry Christmas, Darlings!  *wink*  

“…for every woman alive in the world, there’s some poor man who’s just falling all over himself to change whatever he can for her…” 

Draco’s simple, heartfelt statement hung in the air like lingering music. He’d never been less sarcastic, and for that, Ron hardly knew what to do with himself. 

“Draco…” Ginny began, her mouth barely working around her awe. 

“On that note,” Draco said, slipping an arm around Hermione’s waist and pulling her stunned and blushing form close, “it’s time for you lot to shove off. My wife and I have some much needed relaxing to do.” 

“Nice work, Malfoy,” Harry said with a smirk. He gripped the other man’s hand in a shake before turning to wink at his red-haired wife. He knew Draco’s words to be all too true, and so did Ginny. She nodded her approval to Hermione, her eyebrows raised in friendly appreciation. 

Ron seemed somewhat out of sorts for a moment. Shaking his head a bit, he, too stuck a hand out to shake. Malfoy took it, surprising Ron even though he’d been the one to initiate contact. Draco gazed sideways at Hermione; he could feel her heart nearly bursting with happiness. Yes, he thought to her, you’re more than worth making a few changes for. She blinked at his words, unable to form a reply through her haze of joyous relief. 

In a flash of disapparition, their friends had gone and Draco and Hermione were alone once more. She sighed and leaned into him, relishing how comfortably she fit against him. “You know,” she murmured, wrapping her arms around his waist and closing her eyes, “I’m the one with new senses due to our ‘blood exchange’ of a wedding ceremony. Who’s to say I haven’t changed more for you than the other way around?” 

“What?” he questioned, detecting the sneaky note of humor in her tone. She lifted her head and tilted it cutely, feigning uncertainty. She opened her mouth to reply, but he quickly cupped a hand over it. 

“Ah, ah, ah,” he tched, shaking his head at her. With one arm still around her shoulders, he briskly swept the other behind her knees, effectively lifting her clean off her feet. Any sounds of protest she could’ve made were cut off by his lips quickly settled upon hers. When he broke away, Draco captured her gaze with his smoky eyes. “You’ve changed, Mi, that’s part of deciding to be with someone forever,” he said. “I, however, had decided to be with you long before you decided to be with me. Therefore, seeing as I’ve been changed for a longer period of time, my changes are more meaningful.” 

“You!” she pursed her lips, her eyes alight with the excitement that was always triggered by their bantering, “Draco you are so full of-” 

Hermione didn’t get to finish telling him what, precisely, he was ‘full of,’ as Draco chose that moment to ravish her lips once more. He carried her to the bedroom and kicked the door shut behind him, breaking the kiss only so he could toss her onto the bed. 

“Still tired?” he asked her devilishly, his silvery eyes alight. He leaned against the closed bedroom door, his arms folded over his chest and his hair obscuring her view of his face. 

Hermione had giggled when she’d landed on the squashy, blanket-strewn bed. Now, her voice stopped in her throat at his meaningful expression. She didn’t think she could’ve spoken aloud if it were to save her life. Thank Merlin for the telepathy granted to soul mates. 

No, Hemione thought, unable to blink or look away from him. 


His single thought echoed around her mind, and he was at the bedside in three strides. She reached up for him as he reached down for her, their bodies acting of their own accord in their exquisite need for each other. Draco pulled her to her feet, wrapping his arms around her as he did so. She breathed deeply against his chest and felt his heartbeat increase in speed. 

“Mi,” he whispered. She raised her head to look at him and he brought his hands to her face, smoothing her wavy hair past her cheeks. 

“Yes, Draco?” her voice was just as soft. 

“Is this perfect?” 

They held each other’s gaze as she contemplated what he’d said, her mind going back to a time when they’d been in his bedroom. They’d rolled and sprawled across the black comforter, happy just to be together and unified in their love. Then, Hermione’s memories jumped to the two of them in his room at a different time, right before he’d left her to meet fatefully with Agilolf. He’d wanted her then, even going so far as to push her away in his inability to keep himself in control. She smiled faintly to remember his words to her, his promise: “whenever it’ll be, it’ll be perfect.” 

“Almost,” she answered, biting her bottom lip against a smirk. As a frown began to crease Draco’s brow, Hermione slid her fingertips under the hem of his tee-shirt. Raising it slowly, her eyes told him all he needed to know as he lifted his arms, the better for her to tug the shirt over his head. Her gaze trailed over him in the morning sunlight that streamed through her sheer bedroom curtains. “Now,” Hermione murmured, “now, it’s perfect.” 

Draco’s smirk grew into a full-blown smile of amazed appreciation for his saucy little wife. “Mi,” he began, shaking his head at her. He began to lose his ability to concentrate on things like speaking however, as she ran her hands over the now-bare skin of his chest. She gazed at him curiously, analyzing his reactions to her actions as she unknowingly blushed at the nearness of him. 

“Woman; you’re studying me, aren’t you?” Draco’s grin was perfect wickedness as he caught her in a purely ‘Hermione’ moment. 

“I- wha-? No, I’m n-” 

He cut off her embarrassed stammer by taking her by the hips and pushing her back onto the bed. He leaned over her, effectively causing her to scoot back. Draco moved onto the bed beside her, their eyes glued together the whole while. “Don’t worry,” he smiled, the silver of his eyes increasing, “I won’t quiz you later.” He took her by the chin and kissed her deeply, then pulled back to rest his forehead against hers. “Then again,” Draco breathed, his voice coming out in a barely contained rush, “maybe I will.” 

Hermione’s heart pounded in her ears; she’d never heard anything so loud before. Draco kneeled beside her, cupping her face in his hands. She closed her eyes as he kissed her lovingly on the forehead. He then kissed her gently on the lids of her eyes, his lips barely grazing her skin and setting her nerves on fire. When he finally brought his lips to hers, she felt like she’d been waiting for that single kiss her entire life. 

She leaned against him, wrapping her arms around him as he moved his hands from along her jaw, down her neck, shoulders, and sides. Everywhere his hands touched felt like it’d been thrummed through with electricity. Draco held her close, hardly able to breathe as he fought to keep himself in one piece through the tumult of desire raging through his body. He’d wanted her for so long… so very long. Here she was, the gorgeous Gryffindor princess who’d somehow acquiesced to spending the rest of her life with him. 

Hermione sighed against his lips, her blood flowing hot and happily through her veins. She could feel him, with her body and her mind. He was as ecstatic as she, but still… He’s holding himself back, she realized with sudden interest. 

“Draco?” her voice came out in an involuntary purr, surprising her a bit. 

He swallowed with difficulty. “Yes, love?” he asked, obviously affected by her sultry tone. 

I’ll have to remember that for the “quiz” later, she thought with an inward smile. “Why are you keeping yourself in check?” she questioned. 

Draco peered at her curiously. “What do you mean?” he asked in return. 

“You know what I mean,” she replied, leaning forward on her hands to nip at his bottom lip with her teeth. He closed his eyes and she felt another wave of stress wash through his aura. “That,” she said, nodding her head in response to his reaction. 

“Oh,” Draco said, smiling in a combination of pleasure and pain, “that. Well, that would be me trying not to overwhelm you with my… eagerness.” 

“But… what if I want to be… overwhelmed?” Hermione asked, her eyes studying his intriguing expression. 

“Those are dangerous words, Mi,” he informed her gravely. “You should know, you’d be effectively relinquishing all control in this situation. I know how much you like giving up your control to another,” he smirked, but his tone was completely serious. 

“Well, I suppose I could just… push you over the edge,” she declared nonchalantly, “I’m sure I could find a way to do so, even if I can’t convince you to just let go.” 

Oh, thank you Merlin for matching me with a woman who’s sexy beyond all reason, Draco thought earnestly, closing his eyes momentarily and lifting his head to the sky. Without even trying, too- 

Draco’s thoughts crashed into white noise. Hermione’d seen his exposed neck and chose it as a target for her soft mouth. She darted in before he noticed, capturing his skin in a melee of kisses that shot his blood pressure through the roof. “All right, woman,” he growled, “have it your way; consider me convinced. Just remember, I warned you.” 

With that, Draco took Hermione by the arms and pushed her back, bringing himself forward into a sitting postion in the same movement. Her eyes widened at his speed; the deep brown glow of her irises speared into him like lightning. The sensation lanced down his spine, and Draco closed his eyes, focusing on the amazing feelings seeping through his body as he allowed the mental shackles on his control to shatter and be kicked away. When he opened his eyes, Hermione couldn’t hold back a quiet gasp. They were bright silver; she’d seen them that way before, but never with so much raucous power dancing just beyond what she could physically see. 

He ran his hands down her sides, stopping when he reached the hem of her shirt. With a barely restrained flutter of her eyelids, Hermione raised her arms. An evil smile played around his delectable lips as he languidly pulled the insignificant garment above and over her head. Her hair tumbled down across her shoulders, falling around her neck and framing the delcateness of her bra. Draco toyed with the ends of her brunette tresses, twirling them between his fingers and letting them go. He watched them slip from his grasp, not missing the sight of her chest rising and falling as well as the speed of her breathing increased. 

His radiant eyes flicked back up to hers, the corner of his mouth tilted up in the barest of ardent smirks. Hermione stretched out a hand, her fingertips meeting with the softness of those smiling lips. Draco took her hand in his, separating her fingers and placing a kiss upon each one. She exhaled in wonder, curious as to how she’d ever really lived before this moment. 

“Are you cold?” he asked quietly, seemingly out of nowhere. 

“No…” she replied, looking at him quizzically. 

“Good,” Draco retorted as he promptly shoved the massive comforter off of the bed and out of the way. Hermione began to laugh, but under his gaze she stilled. She suddenly remembered the conversation she’d had with Ginny months before. Intense, she thought, mesmerized by his unfathomable expression. 

He reached forward and took her by the wrists, pulling her down onto her back. A blush flared across her cheeks as, without preamble he simply and swiftly removed her pants. A bubbled laugh of nervousness escaped from Hermione’s throat. “Draco-” she began. 

He placed a finger over her rosy lips, not allowing her to finish. He knew she was feeling anxious, truthfully, so was he. She meant everything to him; I can’t mess this up, he thought wryly. Shaking his head at her, Draco asked, “Hermione, do you trust me?” 

She remained silent until he took his finger from her mouth. Wetting her lips briefly with her tongue and feeling consumed entirely by her rapid heartbeat, she answered, “yes.” 

Draco already knew that, of course. All the same, it was the only thing he needed to hear. He nodded once and lowered his head, too full of emotion to meet her eyes. She lay before him in her lovely, simple undergarments. Once again he was swamped with affection for her: her honor, integrity, and unpretentiousness. She was brilliant, in every definition of the word. 

Slowly he placed a hand on her leg, pausing to memorize the feel of her skin on this part of her body he’d never touched before. He moved his palm up the side of her knee and thigh, sending shivers down both their spines and meeting finally with the curvature of her waist. Hermione closed her eyes, memorizing the feeling, too. He moved to lean over her, straddling her with his knees and placing his hands on the mattress on either side of her head, being careful not to pull on her hair. 

“I can see into your head, you know,” she said dreamily, opening her twinkling eyes and smiling at him. 

“Is that so?” Draco asked, raising an eyebrow as he gazed at her beautiful figure beneath him. 

“Yes, it is,” Hermione replied, “and I’m wondering…” 

“Wondering what?” 

“Why I’m laying her in my skivvies while you’ve still got too many clothes on,” she pertly retorted. With a swiftness of her own, she undid his belt and began to do away with his pants. 

“Hm,” Draco said with mock surprise, chuckling under his breath at her darling desire for him. “Has anyone ever told you that your ‘know-it-all’ status is one hundred percent well-deserved?” he asked, kicking his black pants off his feet and across the room. He heard them land somewhere on the floor, but he had only attention to spend on her. Their faces were close and getting closer, though neither really knew who was moving. 

“Just you, Draco,” Hermione replied. Her words came out in a small breath; her lips brushed against his as she spoke. 

Suddenly, just like that, they were kissing. She had her hands in his hair, lost in the feel of the soft strands against her fingers, his lips desperate for her own, their bodies pressed closely together. Draco rolled over, taking her by the shoulders and pulling her with him. Hermione found herself kneeling above her husband and struggling not to drown in his eyes. The meaning there was, indeed, overwhelming. 

She could tell, though, to her sudden surprise and delight, that she wasn’t the only one suffering from such a debilitating emotion. As Draco’s eyes raked over her exposed skin, Hermione saw them getting darker… and darker… and darker. His hands were on her hips; they moved upward slowly, fiercely. His fingers saught out every inch of her skin within his reach and she leaned forward, closer to him. 

Draco buried his hands into her hair as he pulled her face toward his for another fiery kiss. His lips just couldn’t stand to be away from hers. Hermione seemed to feel the same way, as she moaned softly against his mouth. He dragged his hands all the way down her back, making sure to grab a nice handful of her delightfully accessible bum before bringing his attention back up to something he’d quickly grown tired of. 

She’d squeeked out a laugh as his hands had clamped around her rear, but that was nothing compared to her look of surprise when she realized her bra had been successfully snapped off. “I thought guys had trouble with such things?” she murmured, feeling her cheeks burn in an instant reaction of modesty. 

“Don’t tell me you’d expect something like a piece of fabric to keep me from you?” Draco asked roguishly. He proceeded to flip her over once more and bury his face into her neck. Her resulting burst of laughter that turned almost immediately to subconscious gasps of enjoyment was all the answer he needed. His hands and lips left trails of fire wherever they went; Hermione never knew such intricate sensations were possible. She indulgently drew her fingernails lightly along his back, enjoying the feel of his muscles moving in response to her touch. Throughout this heavenly journey, she determinedly stored away mental notes, looking very forward to any and all ‘quizzes’ to come. 

Hermione opened her eyes and found herself directly face to face with her husband. Draco leaned above her, and the sight of him took her breath away. Sunbeams fought their way through the window and into the room, desperate to land their rays across his soft, deliciously exposed skin. His hair lit like starlight from behind and darkened to shady gold where it hung over his eyes. His eyes, she thought, his natural ability to hypnotize taking affect deep in her soul. 

“I can see into your mind, you know,” Draco whispered, mimicking her earlier statement as he kissed the tip of her nose. Hermione could only breathe in response, her words simply failing before they could be born inside her brain. He brushed a hand through her hair, studying every strand as though determined to know every millimeter of her existence. 

“I see that you find me captivating, just as I find you. You’re amazed and enthralled by the feelings that are stirring within you, as am I. You’re wondering,” Draco paused abruptly and chuckled, tucking a strand of hair behind her ear before kissing the tender skin at the base of her jaw line, “you’re wondering why we haven’t done this ages ago. You must know, I couldn’t agree more.” 

Hermione smiled shyly at him, allowing him access to her thoughts in an act of overpowering trust. “What am I thinking, now?” she asked, a seductive edge to her quiet voice. 

“You’re-” Draco stopped himself as a slow, wicked smile spread across his face, “well, Mi; why don’t you tell me?” 

“I’m thinking,” she raised her head kiss his lips, “that I’m tired,” another kiss, on his neck this time, “of waiting.” Hermione put her hands behind his neck and pulled his face a scant centimeter from her own. “Draco?” she asked, her lovely eyes staring levelly into his brilliant silver ones. 

“Yes, my love?” his gaze flickered down to her kiss-plumpened lips and back up to her midnight eyes. 

“To you, and you only,” she glanced away for a mere nanosecond as she gathered her courage, “I hand over my control.” 

Draco smiled against her lips, knowing how very hard it was for her to say such a thing. While their bodies were pressed tightly together, he managed to bring a hand to his forehead in a salute. Grinning wolfishly, he declared, “on my word, Ms. Granger… ahem… Mrs. Malfoy, I promise to never take such an important honor lightly.” 

Hermione raised her eyebrow in a smirk, and he winked lustily at her before tucking his hands behind her back and pulling her up into a sitting position. Keeping his hands and her fantastically bare back, Draco pressed his lips to hers in a kiss that put to shame all of their previous kisses. 

Hermione had to turn her head to get a breath, “Dra-” 

He was kissing her again, and more. Hermione’s skin tingled at the rush of feelings burning through her nerves. She felt Draco disregard the rest of their meager clothing, her blood boiling through every last capillary as he placed his talented mouth upon her neck. 

The recognition alone of their bodies together, with nothing else to separate them, was enough to drive Hermione to distraction. She and Draco seemed hardly able to do more than marvel at each other, their minds and bodies tied as one in total, blissful union. As their hands glided lovingly across the flesh of the other, Hermione, feeling ready to swoon, arched back to lay down on her side. 

She faced the window, trying to catch her breath, while Draco remained sitting with his back to it. He bit the inside of his cheek, afraid that, of all things, he might cry. No! Holy Merlin, no! He told himself, taking care to ensure she was unaware of his suddenly sensitive state. He was no longer ashamed of displaying emotions; Hermione had been the only one capable of helping him with that. However, crying, especially right then, would’ve been ridiculous! She’s just so… amazing, Draco thought; he couldn’t help feeling awestruck that she was his. Getting himself under control, he allowed his eyes to study the wondrous figure of the girl who lay right at his fingertips. 

Hermione still lay on her side, leaning on one elbow with her head in her hand. Her curly elflocks fell around her shoulders in a unbelievably sexy way. The curving silhouette of her hips was sublime, the subtle contours of her elegant, freely exposed breasts was even better. Scattered beams of sunlight arced across her pure, white skin, and Draco felt suddenly like he could’ve been looking at a figure carved from precious ivory. 

Precious, he thought. Yes, that’s what you are; you’re the precious, dazzling woman who holds the key to my heart. Once more he ran his hand along her leg, savoring the feel of her skin that was so available to his touch. Draco watched as gooseflesh rose across her arms, a reaction of mild modesty and expectation to his caress. When their eyes met, it was his undoing. She reached a hand out toward him, and he finally let himself stop resisting. 

Draco lay down beside her, pushing a pillow out of the way and leaning over to lace his fingers between her own. Bands of sunlight striped across the bed, making Hermione’s chestnut brown hair shine with glints of caramel. Draco breathed in deeply as he brought their bodies together; apples, he thought hazily, the scent whirling through his mind to join the rest of his incredible findings. For he, too, had never stopped studying her, in hopes of future ‘quizzes.’ 

Their eyes locked together; they had no desire to speak. Hermione sighed at the divine sensation of his bare flesh against her own as their bodies melted into each other. She ached for him in places she didn’t know she had and, when she felt him move suddenly within her body, her breath left her lungs in a small shudder. 


The connection between their minds overloaded as their bodies came together in the most essential and meaningful way two bodies ever could. Their eyes had involuntarily closed in happiness, but at these new surges within them, Draco and Hermione simultaneously found themselves looking at each other. 

Wha-? Draco thought, his eyes burning into hers. 

I feel… Hermione mused, pausing to gasp as a brief wave pain followed by a stronger wave of enjoyment hit her abdomen suddenly, I feel… your heart. It’s… as if it’s- 

Beating inside your own chest? He asked mentally, finishing her question. 

She slowly blinked after another amazing sensation perforated her awareness, gazing up in her desire to see his glowing eyes and whatever expression they held. “Yes,” she breathed, biting her lip against another sigh. 

Draco’s face inexplicably exploded in a darker flush than Hermione had ever seen before. She looked at him curiously, well, as curiously as a woman being ravished possibly could. What is it? She wondered silently. 

He turned his head to the side to try to gain back some fragment of his control.  How did she know to bite her lip that way?  Draco asked himself while his brain reeled.  Looking back at her, he mused, it’s just… you. Good Gods, Mi, I don’t ever want to stop- 

“Then don’t,” she whispered. She unlaced her fingers from his and put her hands upon his cheeks. “Don’t stop, Draco,” she murmured, pulling his lips to hers. 

“You sure know how to push a man over the edge, don’t you?” he gasped, grinning down at her as the silver of his eyes darkened to a smoldering mercury. 

“I… warned you,” she breathed. 

The feelings of bliss doubled and tripled within them, and not just because they were experiencing each others feelings alongside their own. If there’d ever been a moment when Draco had disliked sharing a mental space with his wife, it wasn’t this one. He felt everything that she felt, including when and how she felt it. This is a surprising and enjoyable development, he thought to himself with a wolfish smirk. 

Hermione was noticing some interesting things, as well. Such as, when she lifted her hips, a sense in Draco’s brain seemed to… pinch, somehow. As though he were trying not to roll his eyes back, she thought secretly. I’ll just… try that, then… 

Damned woman! Draco thought, trying not to shatter to pieces above her. Beneath, Hermione’s joyful, if labored laughter reached his ears. You’ll be the death of me, you know that, right? He asked her fiercely. The exquisite, glorious death that I’ve been dreaming of my whole bloody life. 

We can’t have that, now can we? She mused, focusing on the radiant glow that was starting in the depths of her soul. 

Just so we’re clear on this, Draco began chuckling wickedly under his breath, I plan on taking you with me… With a slight arch of his back to just the right degree, he moved further into her, right to where he knew she wouldn’t be able to stand it any longer. He was rewarded by the abrupt and somewhat frazzled tumult of feeling that emanated from every part of her mind. Her eyes squeezed shut, but somehow he imagined that he could still see them, gazing up at the sky alongside him in the heavens of their minds. Music played through her thoughts, the sounds of a string instrument of some sort. If Draco’d been able to think for himself through his own thrill of contentedness, he’d have wondered what that particular song was. 

During a stretch of moments of pure, thrilling euphoria (neither knew for how long, exactly), Hermione found herself biting down on her lip once again… hard. She realized that she was viciously desperate to hold him as closely to her heart as she possibly could. Wrapping her arms and legs around him in a fierce bear hug, Hermione felt herself being pulled into a sitting position as Draco leaned back onto his knees. She sat on his lap and stared into his night-dark eyes, both of them breathing hard and feeling like they’d had out-of-body experiences. She squeezed her rapturous husband in as tight a hug as she could manage, surprising a laugh out of him. Their chests heaved together. Hermione tilted her head to the side and saw that Draco was gazing at her questioningly, a decidedly satisfied smirk stamped across his alluring mouth. 

“…What?” she asked, intrigued by his expression. 

He smoothed a slightly damp curl from her forehead, smiling all the while. 

“What, Draco?” she asked again, pushing her bottom lip out insistently. 

Covering her mouth with his own in a passionate, heart-fluttering kiss, Draco set fire to her senses once again. She’d thought her senses had been shot to oblivion, but he managed to prove her wrong. “I love you,” he announced, looking as giddy as a little kid. “I love you, Hermione!” Cupping his hands around his mouth Draco shouted, “I LOVE MY WIFE!!” 

“Will you shush?!” she asked frantically, blushing scarlet. “I have neighbors, you know!” 

“Yes, and I want them to know,” he said impetuously, “I want everyone to know that I have the most amazing, enticing, and breathtakingly sexy wife on the face of the earth!” 

“I’m casting a muffliato, then!” she announced, leaning over the bed to reach for his wand. 

“I don’t think so!” Draco said. He snaked his arms around her waist, fully preventing her from going anywhere. “The only reason we’ll be casting any silencing spells around this place will be so that, next time, your neighbors won’t be hearing you scream.” 

What?!” Hermione gasped, right before pummeling him on his perfect chest. “How dare you?” Her attack was not very fearsome, however, as she broke into laughter halfway through it. 

“You heard me! I was in your delicious mind, my love,” Draco stated with mock menace, “I know precisely how hard you had to bite that bottom lip of yours to stay silent.” 

“Ooo!” she growled. 

“Shall I prove it to you?” he asked suggestively. 

“What? Draco-” 

He silenced her by placing a hand smoothly over her delectable mouth. While she was sufficiently unable to speak, he leaned forward to kiss her neck and all other areas of choice, accessible skin below. Behind the barrier of his palm, Hermione couldn’t resist a soft moan. 

“I’ve been wanting this- wanting you, for a very long time now,” Draco told her, his blazing eyes catching her own and holding them fast. “Give me less than a moment and I’ll be more than capable of ravishing you all over again.” 

Hermione’s eyes widened. She was a novice in the arts of lovemaking, but all the same, she found herself very surprised… and excited. Her heart began to quicken it’s pace; Draco noticed and smiled. He took her by the jaw and kissed her, taking great pleasure in the feel of her soft lips upon his own. 

“What do you think?” he whispered, his lips still touching hers and his eyes smoldering mischievously. 

Silently, Hermione slipped an arm out and snatched at his wand that lay on her nightstand. She had an undeniably wolfish grin on her face as she murmured, “muffliato.”

A/N:  Some of you may notice that I've switched the music in Hermione's mind from that of a piano to strings, instead.  This is because violin and other string instruments are the music of my own heart, and I just had to do it... I know; how selfish of me!  I should have just written it that way in the first place... sigh...

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