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A Perfect Mess by Ronsgirl29
Chapter 2 : A Late Night
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EDIT 3/11/10- Superfantistical chapter image from lollipop. @TDA! 



Ahh life cannot get better than this, I think to myself as I walk down the hall to the common room hand and hand with Mitch. I’m sure he’s probably talking to me right now, but my mind is still thinking about the amazing snog we just had in the room of requirement. Maybe if I just keep nodding and smiling he won’t notice.

“Rose? Rose? Earth to Rose?” Oh dammit I guess he did notice. 

“Hmm umm yeah sorry, as you were saying” I say.

He asks, “So like I said, I don’t agree with the decision they made, do you?” 

Not having the faintest idea what he’s talking about, I wing it. “Oh yeah defiantly, those gits are crazy for saying that!”

Mitch smiles and says to me, “You weren’t paying attention to I thing I said Weasley, were you?” I can’t help but smile back,.

“Nope, not a word.” I shake my head. “I was too busy thinking about this.” Then I proceed to plant one on him.
“Well now I guess I don’t mind you not listening then.” He says with a smirk.

We continue kissing like this, man is this boy a great snogger, until the fat lady starts making coughing noises. I hadn’t even realized we’d made it to the common room. 

“Oh sorry sorry, umm what’s the password, what’s the password?” I splutter out, embarrassed by the fact I just made out with Mitch for about 10 minutes will being watched by an old lady in a painting.

“Gillyweed.” Mitch says, and the portrait hole opens allowing us to enter the common room. 

The common room is pretty full, and I can spot five of my relatives right when I walk in the room. Wonderful. 

James and Albus seem to be shouting at a very unfortunate boy, Lily is crying, and Arianna is trying to stop the boys while simultaneously comforting Lily. And Fred is, well I’m not sure what Fred is doing but its probably not good. From the looks of things I’d say Lily’s found herself a boyfriend.

“ROSE, COME HELP ME FIX THIS!” Arianna shouts as I walk into the common room. 

“Sorry Mitch, family calls.” I sigh, this should be fun. 

“It’s alright love, I have some potions homework to do anyway, see you later aye?” Did I mention he has the most adorable accent in the world? 

“If I can survive this then of course!” 

He laughs as he leaves to his dorm while I turn to face my family. 

“JAMES SIRIUS POTTER, WHAT ARE YOU DOING TO THAT POOR BOY!?” I shout, hoping my angry voice will get him to stop. James turns to look at me, just noticing I was there. 

“RED, I CAUGHT THIS BOY SNOGGING MY LITTLE SISTER! WHAT ELSE AM I SUPPOSED TO DO?” This makes Lily cry even harder and Arianna gives me a you aren’t helping anything look. 

“Excuse me James, but I don’t think you had a problem with snogging when you snuck out last week to meet up with that skanky Hufflepuff.” Don’t get me wrong, I love James, but he can be a bloody hypocrite.  

“Well, umm, umm…WE’RE NOT TALKING ABOUT ME HERE, THIS IS ABOUT HER!” He points at Lily, attempting to move the conversation back to her, but I won’t let him get off that easy.

“If you have such a problem with her dating, then I guess you don’t need to date either. I mean its only fair, and I know how you Potters love your fairness.” I smirk, he knows he can’t win this one. 

“Yes, but but, she’s only 11! And I’m 17! I can do what ever the fuck I want, but she can’t!” Hmm really James, swearing and mixing up the facts in one sentence. Tsk tsk. 

“IM 15 NOT 11 YOU WANKER.” Lily shouts at James inbetween sobs. See? Like I said, he doesn’t know what he’s talking about.

“Yeah James, she’s 15. Don’t  you dare use the ‘she is too young’ excuse when I happen to know you had a girlfriend when you were 12.  A certain miss Jamie Thomas I believe?” His face falls, and he knows I’ve got him beat.  

“Well. Yeah, but! Hmm…Fine whatever. You can date my little sister you small boy, but if you hurt her in any way, shape, or form I swear the Daily Prophet will be reporting about a missing Hogwarts student. The last boy that broke Lily’s heart was never seen again.” He says, his eyes narrowing with a look of pure evil. Wow James can be really intimating when he wants to.

“Yes sir, of course sir. I like her a lot, I wouldn’t want to hurt her.” That boy poor sounds like a little puppy that’s been kicked a few times. 

“That’s what I want to hear. But don’t be liking her too much, I don’t ever want to see you two snogging in public again.” The boy nods,  running over to Lily’s side.
I later find out the blokes name is Michael, and that he and Lily have been dating since the second day back. Mike seems like a good guy, but if he hurts her, James won’t be the only one whose mad. Though, obviously, I’m not going to threaten the kid the way James did, that was just embarrassing for everyone. 


Personally, I think I did I wonderful job saving the day. I succesfully got everyone to shut up and I didn't even have to use violence. That's a rare occurence in this family.
Now that things have settled down, Lily and Mike both leave to go to their respective dorms. Probably in fear of James deciding  to get yell at them again. James and Albus don’t have anything to yell about, so they go and join Fred to do whatever the hell he’s doing. I sit down in a nice comfy chair by the fire and Arianna takes the chair to my left.

“Thanks for that. I tried to stop them from being gits, but I just wasn‘t able to comfort Lily and kill James at the same time, so I decided to stick to the one that wouldn‘t get me in Azkaban.” Arianna says as she warms her hands by the crackling fire. 

“Oh don’t mention it,  just call me the peacemaker.” I say with a smile. 

There's a comfortable silence, both of us just relaxing until Arianna speaks. I was really enjoying the quiet. Darn that woman.

“Soooo, I saw you and Mitchy coming through the portrait hole together. Maybe Lily wasn’t the only one out snogging tonight?” She’s got that gleam in her eyes that says she’s expecting a juicy story. 

“I don’t kiss and tell, and I don’t make out for over an hour in the room of requirement and tell either.”

I try to say this with a straight face, but when Arianna smacks me on the arm and yells “SHUT UP! No way!” 

I can’t stop myself from smiling and squealing like a little girl, and then Arianna joins in with the squealing.

Normally the idea of squealing about kissing boys sounds absolutely moronic and weird, but when you have a boyfriend as great as Mitch you should be allowed a few squeals, right?

“You’re so lucky Rose, I spent my whole night doing my potions essay while you got to be snogging a yummy boy!” Arianna says with a pout. 

“You could have gone and snogged Jeff!” I begin to say with a laugh, thinking about paste, when something hits me. Essay. 

“SHIT! Arianna, I didn’t even START my Ancient Runes essay! What the hell am I going to do!?” I start to panic, I can’t fail this essay, it’s only the second week of school!

“Calm down, it will be okay!” Says Arianna, I guess that's her attempt at being helpful.

I don't even dignify that with a response. Instead I shoot her a dirty look, doesn't she know that saying calm down doesn't do me any good?

Since 'being calm' isn't really an opition, my mind starts racing with questions on what I'm going to do. I mean, how am I supposed to get this done? We have to fill up 2 and a half parchments, and I need about 20 books from the library to even start writing.

“I have an idea, use James’s invisibility cloak and go down to the library and write it now. You’ll be tired tomorrow but hey, at least you’ll have your essay.” Sometimes my cousin is a genius. 

“Arianna, did I ever tell you that I love you? Because right now I love you so much I might explode.” Using the cloak is such an obvious solution that I don't know how I didn't think of it in the first place.

“Oh you know, all in a days work. You’re the peacemaker, I’m the genius. We make a great team.” she says with a smile.

"Alrighty Einstein. I’ll see you in the dorm later, time to go work.” Arianna nods and I get going. 


Having no time to waste, I run up to the 7th year boy’s dorm room and dig through James trunk. Jeez, he has so much stuff in here I’m surprised he can ever find anything. I keep digging till I finally find the cloak. I see some of the boys are already asleep in their beds, and It’s a shock that none of them have woken up from all the noise I made. But then again, James once slept through a game of exploding snaps, so I guess it’s a guy thing.

I then run back down into the common room. There’s not too many people left, mostly 6th and 7th years. It’s what, 11 o’clock already? Damn, this is going to be a late night.

I go out the portrait hole and walk down the hallway. Some of the pictures look cute when they sleep. Like awww, there’s one of a group of puppies sleeping in a basket. Adorable.

The old man painting who is drooling while he sleeps; not so cute. 

Cute dog pictures aside, these corridors are kind of creepy at night. I mean it’s not like I’ve never snuck out at night, but I’ve always been with at least one other person. 

To distract myself from being freaked out, I count the number of stiches on the cloak. I know, I'm a freak. But it works, and I finally reach the library, no longer scared. 

Walking in, I almost expected to see the librarian still there. She practically worships her books. Luckily, she's gone, so I can work on the essay in peace. 


After about an hour and a half of work I’m only about 1/4 of way done. 

"Ancient Runes NEWT’s is going to be impossible."I think aloud, sighing as I turn my atteintion to a new book.

This book has all sorts of runes we've never seen before in class, so I'm trying really hard to focus when suddenly I hear a noise.  I quickly throw the invisibility cloak back on. 

What if it’s a teacher? Being a prefect, I’d definitely get that ‘I expected more from you Weasley’ speech. I become silent, expecting a teacher to appear any second. I wait, and wait, and wait... Hmm this is weird. The noise is getting closer but I don’t see anyone. Maybe it’s a ghost, Peeves stirring up trouble perhaps?

“AHHHHHHHHHH!” Two screams, mine and whatever just tried to sit on me in my chair. I whip of my cloak and the person in front of me also appears, Scorpius Malfoy.

“Oi, Weasely, what are you doing there!?” Oh god, he knows my name. 

“I could ask you the same thing Malfoy.” Would he think it's weird that I know his name? No, of course not. 

“It appears I have an Ancient Runes essay due tomorrow that I haven’t started.” he says with a smirk, “Now why are you here?” Scorpius asks.

“Well, it so happens that I’m in here for that exact same reason. It’s hard to remember to do an essay for a class that practically nobody else takes.” I say with a sigh, my mind going back to the fact that I still have tons of work. 

“I know exactly what you mean. If there’s a potions essay then everyone’s doing it too, but not many 7th years take NEWT Ancient Runes. It kind of sucks, I don’t want to fail the second week of class.” Malfoy says with a slight frown.

Whoa, are me and him actually having the same problem, and thinking pretty much the same thing? “Don’t flip out too much yet mate, I already found almost all the books needed, so you can share them with me if you’d like?” Oh my gosh, did I really just say that?

He’s probably wondering why this little weird ginger girl is offering up her books. But he’s just so damn gorgeous! I can’t think straight around him. Scorpious breaks out into a smile after I say this, “Thanks, I’d love to.” 

I know he was probably smiling so big because he gets to skip the hour of work that I already did, but part of me hopes its because he’s glad to spend time with me. 

Impossible, but hey, a girl can dream.

He takes a seat in the chair next to me and We get down to work. There is silence for awhile until Scorpius decides to make conversation. I couldn’t decide on whether or not I should talk to him, so I’m so relived he talked first. 

“So Weasley, I’m surprised you snuck out. Being the prefect that you are I figured you’d never ever break a rule.” He says with a smirk, damn his smirk is hot.

“You’re a prefect too Malfoy, so don’t be taking the mickey out of me. And I have a first name you know, I’m not Cher.” Scorpius gets a confused look on his face. 

“Who is Cher?” Oh right, he wouldn’t know any famous muggles. 

“Oh sorry, she’s a muggle celebrity that only went by one name. I was attempting a joke but obviously that didn’t work out as a planned.” Wow Rose. Wow.

Wait, is he laughing? He IS laughing! 

“Okay Rose it is then.” He says before laughing once more. 

“Enough with the pity laughter Malfoy, my joke wasn’t that funny. 

“Haha, oh Weas- I mean Rose, I was laughing more at the face you made after you said it, your facial expressions are quite hilarious. And for the record. I have a first name also. Scorpius, incase you didn’t know.” 

Bloody hell, how could I not know?

“Fair enough. From now on I’ll call you Scorpius and you call me Rose alright?” I say, my smirk matching his previous one. 

“I think we have a deal then." He sticks his hand out and we shake on it.

"Shall we get back to work now?” Scopius asks, after we shake hands for longer than necassary. I nod my head realizing I still have so much more work, and by the looks of it he does too. And blimey its already 2 am, we better get wroking.  


Things remain silent except for the scribbling of quills and shuffling of paper for the next hour. I see that I’ve gotten all the information I was going to get from the book I had, so I reached for a different book. The same book Scorpius was reaching for.
Our hands touched, like in those muggle movies when the boy and girl’s hand touch in the popcorn at the movies. Our hands linger there for a moment or two and then I pull my hand away, as does he. Touching him sent electric waves through my body, I wonder why that doesn’t happen with Mitch? Well, he doesn’t acknowledge our hands touching so I don’t either. 


Two hours later and I’m finally finished, and hey, its only 4 o’clock. I might even get an hour or two of sleep in. 

“I’m done Scorpius, have you finished? Because I can put away these books unless you need them?” Jeez, why am I acting so nice? 

“Actually, I just finished. We can put them back together.”  I guess he's feeling nice too.
I'm relieved to hear this, working toghether takes alot less time than doing things by youself. Between the two of us, it only takes about 5 minutes to get all the books back in place and we exit the library. 

I say goodnight and turn down the hall when I hear him say “Wait, Rose!” He has a torn look on his face, but I have no idea why. 

“Yes Scorpius?” I say apprehensively, seeing as I’m quite confused by his expression. 

“Umm, well, would you like me to walk you to your common room?”

Wow. I did not expect that. Slightly blown away it takes me a second to reply, which makes him look even more anxious. “Yeah, I’d like that.” I say with a smile.

We walk down the corridors making small talk, who knew a Malfoy could be this funny? Or this sweet? Or this charming? Or this hot? Okay Rose don’t get carried away, you’ve only started talking to him today, and you’ve got a boyfriend. A perfect boyfriend that you adore. Remember that.

Talking with him is alot easier than I expected, everything going peachy until we get to the topic of Quidditch. 

“Slytherin is getting the House Cup this year for sure, with a captain like me I don’t see how it can be any other way.” He winks and smirks. 

“Oh, I wouldn’t be so sure. James has some really good ideas for our team this year, Mitch and Albus are some of the best chasers Gryffindor has ever had, and I’d like to say I do a pretty damn good job at keeper!” I say jokingly, but the disgusted look that comes across his face as I say the names James and Mitch leads me to believe he is not amused. 

“Oi, what’s with the face?” I say, annoyed by his reaction.

I wait for an answer but he remains silent. “What’s wrong with James and Mitch?” I question him. 

“Nothing. Absolutely nothing is wrong with precious Potter or Collins.” He practically spits out their names.

This starts to really tick me off. “Excuse me? It sure sounds like you have a problem with them. And if you have a problem with them, well then you have a problem with me!” I say that with my famous Rose attitude and he see’s he has hit a nerve.

“What, wait, no. I don’t-t have a problem with-th you.” He stutters out. Damn, I must sound angrier than I thought. 

“James is my cousin as well as best friend and Mitch is my boyfriend, so I feel the need to stick up for them. What did they ever do to you?” I say, trying to sound less angry. My question is sort of dumb, because I already knew James and Scorpius hate each other, but why in the world would he hate Mitch?

“If you’d like to know, James has done nothing but treat me horribly since first year. Just because our fathers hate each other doesn’t mean we have to, but your cousin obviously doesn’t agree.” I see his point, but he ain’t no saint either.

“I recall you being just as mean to him as he is to you.” I say. 

“Yes but I tried to be nice, he wouldn’t have it. So when someone treats you awfully, your not going to go off and buy them a butterbeer are you?” He says slightly bitterly, but his voice changes to a kinder tone, “I am sorry if I offended you, but I can’t pretend I like your cousin.”

Now I kind of feel bad for overreacting. 

“It’s alright, I know better than anyone that James can be a stubborn git, but he’s really not a bad person. And I’m sorry I went a bit overboard. I have a tiny bit of a temper, in case you didn’t notice.”

“Oh, I noticed.” He says with a smile, “But don’t worry about it. I think we both got a little overdramatic. Water under the bridge?” Scorpius says, holding out his hand. 

I take his hand and shake it. He’s got a nice, strong, manly grip if I say so myself. “Yes, water under the bridge. But you never said why you hate Mitch?” I still am confused by that whole thing.

His face goes rigid, “Forget I said that, it was nothing. Just a Slytherin reaction to a Gryffindor I guess.” He says it in an end of discussion type of voice so I decide not to push the issue. 

“Okay fair, enough. So how about those Cannons?” 

The conversation remains light all the way up to the portrait hole as we joke about how the Chuddly Cannons may never have a good season.

“So, it looks like this is your stop Ms. Weasley.” Does his voice have to be so attractive? Remember Rosie, Mitch Mitch Mitch. 

“Why, yes it is! Thank you for walking me all the way to my common room. You’re such a gentleman.” I say with heavy sarcasm.

“All in a days work m’am.” He says, tipping his imaginary hat. “Next time I forget an essay I know who to call.” Says Scorpius. 

“Defiantly, but next time lets start before three in the morning, kay? I say, hopefully my voice sounds half as alluring as his. 

“You’ve got yourself a deal.” The huge smile that breaks across his face nearly makes me faint. I love his smile.

I whisper the password and the picture swings open. I step through the door, “Goodnight Scorpius. I really had fun tonight, even though we had to write essays.” Do I sound too mushy, like a total creep? I hope not.

“Same here, we should hangout soon alright?” He says in a voice that almost sounds hopeful to me, but I could be imagining things. 

“Yes, the next time the Cannons win a game,you and I will go out on the town and celebrate.” I say that with a wink, and before he can respond the Fat lady swings the painting closed.

I smile at my clever goodbye, and I think I can hear him laughing as I turn to go upstairs. There’s a huge smile on my face that won’t go away, and I think I know why.

                                                                     * * * *  


Wow. Did that really just happen? 

I’ve always kind of had a crush on Rose Weasley, but I thought I’d never even get a chance to talk to her. It had been 7 years and I still hadn’t plucked up the courage. But I just spent the whole night with her. Sure, it isn’t as kinky as it sounds, we were writing essays after all, but at least it was something.

When she offered to have me work with her, my smile was so ridiculous she probably thinks I’m a little loony. Oh man, now that I think about it, I messed up a lot. First I snap at her when I first see her, “Oi, Weasley!” were not the words I imagined to be saying the first time I really talked to her.

Then I practically hold her hand when we both grab the same book. She probably thought I was a bloody wanker for doing that, I mean she has a boyfriend! Next, I insult her cousin and boyfriend in the same sentence. I have to learn to control myself around her a bit better.

She already knew her cousin and I hate each other, but I can’t believe I was dumb enough to let it slip I hate Collins. I couldn’t tell her the reason I hate him, because the reason I hate him is that he has her. And if I told her that, well then that would just be a disaster. We hardly know each other, how could I explain that I like her so much?

I’ve dated plenty of other girls that I‘ve liked a lot, but Rose seems so different. I’m not totally in love with her, like I said I don’t really know her, but I’ve felt something for her ever since first year when she sent a bat-boogey hex at Kyle Wood for calling her a ginger. I still don’t know how she could do that complicated of a spell as a 1st year, but I was impressed. Plus, she’s really hot.

My friends and I joke about the top 10 hottest Gryffindor, and Weasley is defiantly at the top. Most of them say her cousin is hotter, Arianna, but personally I prefer Rose.

Anyway, besides the few slip ups I don’t think tonight went too bad. I had her laughing and smiling. We talked and there weren’t any awkward silences. She even let me walk her to her common room, and practically agreed to seeing me again.

Though, I shouldn’t get my hopes up too high, she’s still dating Mitch after all. Even if she wasn’t and I actually had a chance with her, our families hate each other. So it would never work out. 

This whole family rivalry thing sounds familar, I think I read it in a book once... Romiet and Julio? I don't remember, but I think it had a happy ending. Maybe Rose and I can have a happy ending too! 


My thoughts have remained on Rose for the past half an hour. I think about how sometimes when I try to sneak a peak at her in the classes we have together, she always has the funniest faces. I think she catches me staring sometimes, but then doesn’t that mean she was looking at me back?

Dammit! This is so not like me, I sound like a total girl the way I’m talking about her. She has this strange affect on me that turns me into a complete idiot. Normally, I can get any girl I want, but I don’t even have the balls to say hello to her when I pass her in the corridors.

But after talking today, I think I'll have courage. I’ve never gotten a chance to get to know her before tonight and I’m hoping that maybe now things between us will be different. 

After all, things went better than I would have expected, and if the Cannons can win a game then she and I will have a date! Aha, I can’t help but smile when I think that. I haven’t been able to stop smiling all night, and I think I know why. 

Authors note: So what do you think!? A lot more action than the first chapter aye? Well I hope you like it. Review and tell me what you think! Oh and Happy Holiday’s everyone! The queue is closing soon so I don’t think I’ll have a new chapter up until after it opens. And a happy new year too (:

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A Perfect Mess : A Late Night


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