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Secrets of A Slytherin Princess by alias093001
Chapter 8 : Invisible Bond
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Amid the resolve to speak Dumbledore about what her father wanted done, Apollonia prepared herself to speak with the Headmaster regarding Harry’s role in her life. She had not decided on a specific time, but it was shortly after Halloween. She noticed Draco acting outlandish; exhaustion plagued him, and he snapped at everyone. Apollonia knew she could wait no longer to speak with Dumbledore. To save Draco from destroying himself, this had to be done.

On the bright side, Harry was beginning to warm up to her. In the past week and a half, her father’s attitude changed towards Harry and his friends, something he was exceedingly grateful for. Apollonia smiled when Harry mentioned this in Dark Arts. “See, Harry, I told you I could get Snape to back off. And, if I have anything to say about it, things will remain that way. Snape won’t go back on something so long as he knows it’s a request from me.”

Harry rolled his emerald green eyes. “How is it even possible that a student could keep Snape in line? At times, Dumbledore can’t even do that. No way could a student do it."

Not yet wishing to disclose the true reason behind her ability to manipulate her father in such a way, Apollonia fabricated a believable lie. “I’m just close to Snape is all. The times I spent with the man allowed me to stay close to him. He respects my opinion in certain things.” This was as much of the truth as she was allowed to provide him with. Until she got the okay from her father, Harry couldn’t know what really brought about the change; she was his daughter, and the only person in the world who could do what was needed. She glanced over at her father. Can he keep it up, or will he resume his old ways? There were times that Apollonia had her doubts about her father’s ability to keep this going; she just couldn’t be sure that Severus Snape could keep this going, not willingly at least.

Rather than going to the Great Hall for lunch, Apollonia opted to speak with Dumbledore. Seeing Draco was not something she wished, not when he was acting so weird. Having gotten the password from Harry—which took some convincing on her part—Apollonia went to the gargoyle statue. Giving the password, Apollonia entered the passage to the man’s office and rapped softly on the door. “Enter, Ms. Snape,” he called. Apollonia chuckled, both at the fact that he knew she was coming and what she was referred to as; Albus Dumbledore was the only person to ever call her such. Students and teachers—Draco and her father aside—knew her using another name: the name used during the Sorting.

Apollonia entered the room. “How did you know?”

Dumbledore waved it off. “As you yourself have noticed, I seem to know everything. Just as I know you have begun to wonder your connection to Mr. Potter. In time, you shall come to understand just how strongly this connection is, for it is as blood. You and Mr. Potter are among the more gifted students to pass through these halls, given who you are. But, there is more to it than just that. I cannot tell you what you wish to know, for it is something that it best learned on your own; however, I can tell you this: lilies and unicorns hold the answers you seek. Look to them for answers, and that is what you shall receive, young Snape." He smiled bright, his blue eyes twinkling just as they always did. “Anything else, dear?”

Confusion was all Apollonia felt right now. Unicorns and lilies? What kind of riddle is that? Can’t he just outright tell me what I wish to know? She sighed. “My father told me of something Harry might have that could help me. He said that you and Harry are the only ones that could tell me what that was. Sir, I need to know; to save a friend from himself, I must know.”

Dumbledore smiled. “Severus knows of the invisibility cloak. Well, I might have guessed.” He chuckled. “It seems as if both Potter men enjoy tormenting him. Ms. Snape, since your father undoubtedly knows, you should know yourself; if you wish to help Mr. Malfoy,” Apollonia gasped at his knowledge of what she wanted this for, but shook it off remembering the wizard’s earlier comment, “Mr. Potter’s cloak is a necessity. Perhaps you can save him from the fate his current path is taking him on. But, you will need Mr. Potter’s cloak.”

“Thank you,” Apollonia said.

“You’re welcome,” Dumbledore replied with a knowing smile.

Having finished what she came here to do, Apollonia left the Headmaster’s office with a smile. An invisibility cloak, she realized. Dad was right. Getting close to Harry is the only way I can get the cloak. Surely, Ron, Hermione, and Ginny know its existence. And, why wouldn’t they? They are whom he’s closest to; no other Gryffindor might know. Outside of them, I’m the only one to know. If anyone else knew, they surely would have reported Harry to Dumbledore, not realizing that he was already aware of the cloak, and okay with it. She groaned. But, how am I supposed to convince Harry to let me use it, to determine what Draco’s been up to. Apollonia wanted nothing more than to help Draco, to understand why he seemed so intent on pushing her—and everyone else that cared for him—away.

Cautiously venturing into the Great Hall, Apollonia settled herself down in her corner of the table. Now that she uncovered what her father never could, there was no need to avoid the Great Hall as she had. And, when she looked over at Draco, he sneered at her and averted his gaze to something far more interesting. Having caught a glimpse of that sight, Apollonia hung her head. She needed that invisibility cloak from Harry; Draco Malfoy needed to be protected. “I hope this works,” she muttered softly to herself. “The cloak is my only shot to find out what Draco’s up to. I need to ask Harry about it so I can find out.”

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