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Blood Runs Thicker Than Water... Wanna Bet? by luvinpadfoot
Chapter 11 : Onward, to sixth year!
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Disclaimer: Yep, own it all. Every single word. :p You totally believed me, didn’t you?

A/N: *hinthint* sixth year


I walked into the Great Hall, grinning widely. I am finally on top of the school! Well, practically. One more year for that, but the ickle little firsties can’t tell the difference. To them I’m just a huge scary person and that is perfectly fine with me. The less they talk to me, the better. “They’re tiny,” Rion comments, glancing at the first years huddled near the front of the room. “Were we ever that tiny?”


No. Never. “Rose still is that tiny.” I am not! I would like you to know that over the summer I reached a startling new height of five feet and one quarter inches! I won’t be playing that muggle basketball game where everyone has to be giants, but I’m no longer a midget.


“I grew!”


Sophie surveys me and raises her eyebrow elegantly. At five six and a half, Sophie’s taller than me by half a foot. She’s not exactly setting any records herself. The one thing Sophie does have on her side are her looks. She’s absolutely stunning, and I’m not just saying that because she’d my friend. I’d never tell her that to her face, no need for her to become arrogant.


With her long black hair, bright blue eyes, and stunning figure, Sophie could have any boy at Hogwarts. Well, almost any. She’d have to stop hanging out with us first, and I doubt Zabini would date her, being as she’s practically a muggleborn and all. She hardly dates at all, though. If I looked at her I’d be going out with boys left and right. Instead, Sophie decides to settle down with Rion and leave me feeling like a third wheel ninety percent of the time. Thanks, Soph. Thanks a lot.


“Yoohoo, crazy girl?”


Sophie’s waving her hand in my face. “Jeez, what?” It’s not against the rules to daydream a bit. Classes haven’t even started yet.


“Just wanted to say goodbye to my friend who is off to marry Filch soon.” She’s such a freak. I love her for it.


“Sophie was merely expressing her thoughts that she was going to leave us and go sit down.” Oh. Well that would make sense. They can’t start the sorting until we do. “See you tomorrow Soph.” Oh god, please tell me they’re not going to start be cute! I don’t think I could take the agony.


“If the remaining students would please sit down, we could being the Sorting.” That wasn’t directed at us. Entirely. There are still a few other people standing too. Rion guides me over to the table and we sit on the end. We’re still a bit like social pariahs, even after six years.


“So, any cousins to look for in the Sorting this year?” Well, James is a seventh year, there’s Albus with us, Lily and Roxanne and Hugo below us, Louis and Lucy in third… I think that’s it.


“Nope.” Oh, the twins. Forgot about them. “Well, there’s a family friend whose kids are coming this year. Twins. Lorcan and Lysander.” Cool kids. A little weird, but cool all the same.


“Lorcan and Lysander?” Not weird names at all. It’s only looking at them that I really appreciate by name not being something weird. Teddy’s mother’s was Nymphadora. Can you imagine walking around and everyone calling you Nymphadora?


“Yeah. They’re the kids of Luna Scamander. Really loony woman.” Rion laughs and we watch several kids Sorted into various Houses. The only one in Slytherin so far is a tiny little boy who doesn’t look very pleasant. I think he’ll fit in quite well here. “Here comes one.”


Lysander is sorted into Ravenclaw instantly. I think that’s where his mum was, so it makes sense. “Guess they’re clever little buggers, then,” Rion comments. I really don’t know. They were only nine when I saw them last and nine year olds never look particularly clever.


“Slytherin!” And another Weasley type person gets sorted into Slytherin. The world must be coming to an end.


“Tell him to come sit with us. He looks like he could use a friend or two.”


I disagree. Strongly. Lorcan is a loner at heart. Kind of. Well, ok, he just doesn’t seem to care when he’s alone. That still counts for something, though. “Lorcan, over here!” He sits next to Rion and the Sorting continues. I can almost hear the other members of my clan glaring at me from across the Great Hall. They probably think I’m corrupting Lorcan, convincing him the evil ways of the world are right. Maybe I would, if I could figure out what the evil ways of the world are.


The Sorting ends, McG makes a quick speech about what not to do and achieving success (I didn’t actually listen, just heard ‘forbidden forest’ ‘successful years’ and ‘achievment’). “Thank god, food! So how are you, Lorcan? Oh, this is Rion.”


“Scorpius,” Rion corrects him. I’m the only person he lets call him Rion. Even Sophie calls him Scorpius and they’re dating. In third year I told him to stop being an arse when this Hufflepuff girl tried to call him Rion. I quickly corrected myself when I realized I was defending a Hufflepuff. They’re just a bunch of sniveling little whiners.


“Hi.” I think Lorcan was actually the less annoying twin. They still finished each other’s sentences quite a bit, though. That kind of thing just doesn’t seem right to me. There must be some psychological imbalance in twins that makes them do that. “Dad will be pleased I’m a Slytherin. Said that there were only two things on the earth that he wanted, me to be in Slytherin and Lysander to be in Ravenclaw.”


Well, lucky him. “Good for you.”


“Isn’t it?” He stares dreamily at his food and a load of memories come flashing back. That’s the only expression the twins ever had, dreamy. They would just float around. They clearly got that from their mother because I’ve met Rolf a few times and he didn’t seem that bad. A little strange, but nothing remarkable.


And now I have to spend two years with the annoying little midget yammering in my ear. Hopefully he’ll grow out of his dreaminess and annoyingness and and other ness that bothers me. Rion opens his mouth, then looks at Lorcan and changes his mind, which is exactly why I didn’t want to invite the kid over here. Meal times are the only time I can get Rion all to myself and even then he eats quickly to go back to the library to ‘study’ with Sophie. Not that I’m jealous. He deserves to have a nice girlfriend like Sophie. I just wish that they weren’t my only friends. Everyone else at Hogwarts is too scared to be seen with me for very long.


But I’m not bitter about this at all. Nope, not me. “So Rose, when do you think they’ll retaliate?” James and Albus, he means. Our pranks war since first year is still going on. Come next year, it’ll just be the three of us verses Albus and his sister and my brother. James is still the instigator, though.


“Oh, I forgot to tell you they already retaliated.” Yep, against me over the summer since clearly Rion wasn’t there. “Yeah, he dumped tar in my hair and locked me in my room and mildly poisoned a sandwich I was eating. He’s been reveling in the fact that he can use magic and I can’t. Two more months, baby.” Then I can get my revenge over the summer. And winter break if I decide to leave.


“Jeez, so it’s our turn?” Unless he wants James to get us twice, yeah, it is. “Does Sophie know?” Seeing as she sent me back a letter telling me I lost my mind for letting my guard down over the summer, yeah, I think she does. I nod.


“She told me I was a moron because I didn’t think to check the sandwich for poison. I puked for an hour straight and the rest of the week and now my mum thinks I have morning sickness.” Rion sniggers and I glare at him as hard as possible. “It’s not funny! She sat me down and gave me this huge lecture about safe sex! It may have scarred me for life.”


“I cannot imagine your mother believing you were pregnant.” Yeah, well she already thinks I’m a bitch and a disgrace as a daughter. It’s not that hard for her to believe I’m also a slut, despite the fact that I’m still a virgin. Of course, I do kind of lead her to believe I’m a slut, so that’s not entirely her fault, but still. She should have more faith in me.


“Yeah, well she did. I told her to stop being a stupid cow and that I was way too careful to ever get pregnant.” Another reason she thinks I’m a slut.


Rion snorts into his glass. “You’re just trying to get their attention, aren’t you?”


Yeah, and I’m also the President of the United States of America. Sorry I forgot to tell you. “What are you, my therapist? I just wanted to piss her off. I’m not some neglected underfed kid or something that strives for their parents attention by failing and beating kids up or whatever else it is that they do.” I’m just myself, for better or for worse.


“Yes, but apparently they like Hugo more than you.” True, all true, but Hugo’s a little twerp. I don’t even want their attention. The more they leave me alone, the better. Then I don’t have to deal with them and I can go off and do whatever the hell I want to do. Rion is hallucinating.


“But I don’t care.”


“I think you do.” Well I don’t.


“And how is dear old Draco Malfoy?”


“The conversing part of this evening has now ended, apparently.” Knew that would shut him up. Rion hates talking about his father. I tried prying for a few months, but then I stopped. It’s a good tidbit to stop any awkward or unnecessary conversation, like that one.


“Your father is Draco Malfoy?” I forgot about the little bugger sitting across from us.


Rion’s pissed at me, I can tell. He really doesn’t like it when people ask questions about his father and that’s doubled when those people aren’t his close friends, like me and Sophie. “The food here is really good. Feel free to shove it in your mouth before I do it for you.”


“Mean, Rion. Much too mean.” He shoots me another glare and stares sullenly at the wall until McG gets up and announces that we should follow our prefects back to our common rooms. “Are you coming or are you going to continue acting like a five year old and sit here until morning?”




Maturity is apparently overrated here. Lorcan already left and it’s not like I meant to bring up the topic of his father. He’s just so sensitive about it. “Hey you two. Feel like getting detention on the first night?”


“No, you two can go find a broom cupboard and snog. I’m going to bed.” Sophie smirks at me and grabs Rion’s hand, presumably to drag him off to go snog in a broom cupboard. Leaving me going to back to the dungeons with all the ickle firsties. Aren’t I just the luckiest person in the world? My two friends ditch me to go snog in a broom cupboard. I really need to get a boyfriend so I can snog someone in a broom cupboard.




I walk, it’s actually more of a stagger, into the common room and dump my giant pile of books on the table. I hate my mother. I would have ditched Arithmancy and Ancient Runes, but she insisted I continue. “I thought you were dropping Arithmancy,” Rion comments as he glances through my books.


“And Ancient Runes. It’s hard to decline when Hermione Weasley insists upon something. And by hard, I mean no chance in hell.” There’s something wrong about Rion’s pile of books. “I thought you were taking more classes than that. How come you only have half my workload?”


“Because my teachers love me. And Muggle Studies is about the most pointless class on this planet. I think I’d drop it except…” His father hates that he takes Muggle Studies. One of the few things he’s actually said about his father.


“At least you don’t have to take Arithmancy. I can’t believe my mother actually liked this crap. It’s the worst stuff I’ve ever seen. I should’ve just purposely failed it last year so I couldn’t continue. It would have made more sense.” And I wouldn’t be stuck with all this crap to do.


“Is there a point to Ancient Runes?” If you want to decode stuff for a living there is a very slight possibility that you may come across them. Otherwise…


“No. None whatsoever. I should have taken Care of Magical Creatures with you. At least they’re slightly dangerous and cool.” At this, Rion rolls his eyes. Hagrid, the big oaf who teaches it, really hates him. It’s awful. That’s most of the reason I didn’t take it, because I didn’t want to be in a class that had such a prejudiced teacher. Well, prejudiced against me. I have no problems with teachers giving me extra points and no detentions.


“Sophie says you have to meet her in the potions room later this afternoon so she can explain the prank to you.” And he already knows about it. Whenever Rion blushes like that, it means he’s keeping something from me.


“When did she tell you?”


He rolls his eyes and the blush goes away. “This morning in the library, where you are are not allowed, I might add.” Madame Pince retired (or died) and got a replacement, but apparently she left a list of all the people who weren’t allowed in. I saw the parchment and it must have been four feet long. Her replacement, Madame Orweil, is even worse than she was. It was quite shocking. “I think Sophie’s trying to make a potion that’ll make Potters one and two dance and possibly sing.”


Awesome. Amazingly, thrillingly awesome. “When am I supposed to get there?”


“Ten minutes ago.” And he says this so nonchalantly. I smack him on the arm and head down to the potions room which is thankfully not too far away.


Sophie is waiting there, stirring some weird purple substance in her cauldron. “Hullo.”


“Good, you’re here. Stir this.” I stir the potion slowly counterclockwise, the way Sophie was stirring it, while she cuts up some, er, things. “I found this potion in a book over the summer. It makes people feel the strong urge to dance and occasionally break into song. The Weird Sisters were known to use it once everyone realized they sucked.”


“So we’re going to drug James and Albus and make them break into song in the middle of the Great Hall?” Like I said before, awesome.


“Of course. We’ve got to get him back for getting you over the summer. Coward,” She mutters. Whenever Sophie starts muttering, the right thing to do is run in the other direction. Fast. “Getting at you when you had no wand. Especially the tar thing, that really gets me. We’ll get him good.”


“I still say we lock him in the Astronomy tower with Candice Buckworth.” I suggested this last year, but Rion and Sophie both vetoed it. Candice Buckworth is the Captain of the Slytherin Quidditch team and hates my cousins. She’s got muscles the size of quaffles and a brain the size of a pea. Well, she’s actually pretty smart, but it sounds better if I say she’s dumb. Anyway, she’d really beat James up good and he’d have to deal with the embarrassment of having a girl beat him up.


“I would prefer to not use brute strength against him, seeing as he could easily beat you up with one arm and me with the other.” She does have a point, although I really don’t think James would hit a girl. He’s a git, but he’s not that big of a git.


“If you say so.” Sophie completely runs to whole prank war. It came from her learning the more complicated spells in first year and James getting revenge on her and hexing her skin rainbow colored. He still does it at the beginning of every term, which means Sophie will be on her guard until he manages to get through. James is being really slow this year. “Why is your skin normal?”


Sophie glances at me as she slowly drops in three of whatever it was that she was cutting. “Because I put this impenetrable charm on myself. He’s not succeeding this year.” I highly doubt that. James always manages to succeed, even if he has to bribe some Ravenclaw to do it. He did that in our fourth year. “Pour this in slowly, Rose, and don’t screw it up. This is a very advanced potion.”


Like I would purposely destroy a prank! I pour the mixture in, very slowly, and continue taking my orders from Sophie.




I’m walking to dinner after the first week of classes when Rion pulls me off to the side. “Sophie’s on the warpath,” he warns.


“Sophie’s on the warpath? Why’s she-” Oh no. That can only mean one thing. James got her.


We sprint to the Great Hall and make it just as Sophie gets there. Her skin is as colorful as a rainbow and it shimmers in the light. James must have gotten better at it this year. “JAMES SIRIUS POTTER!” James stands with a smirk and heads over to us. He’s got to realize that Sophie is about to kill him in a very painful manner.


“Yes, m’dear?”


“My skin is colorful!” Sophie shrieks and James continues to smirk. Any minute now Sophie will wipe that smirk right off his face. He will regret this when he bursts into song next week.


“It looks quite lovely, too.” That boy is going to regret that. Give Sophie five minutes and she’ll hex him, but only if McG doesn’t stop her first. I actually think McG has grown bored of us.


“It’s not lovely, Potter! It’s colorful! Rainbow!”


“Mmhmm, suits you. Your sexuality too.” Oh, now he’s done it. Sophie pulls out her wand and just starts screaming curses at him. I don’t even know half of the ones she’s using and I know a fair number of curses. James is, of course, prepared for this and he has his wand out trying to shield himself and throw a few curses back.


I don’t know whether I should jump in and help or back away slowly, and by the look of Rion’s face he’s not sure either. “Mr. Potter! Miss Arron! This is highly inappropriate behavior!” Both Sophie and James freeze in the middle of screaming curses at each other when McG waves her wand. “Both of you, my office immediately. You can be assured that you will both be punished severely.”


All three of them leave and Rion looks at me. “Well, that was fascinating. How many points do you think she’s lost for Ravenclaw?” Hard to say, really. It depends on how McG is feeling toward James at the moment.


“I dunno, probably about twenty or thirty? They don’t have that many.” Ravenclaw won’t care. She’ll make up all the points in a week or two answering questions in class. “She’ll probably get a month’s worth of detentions, though.”


“So, food?”


“Sure, why not.” We’ll need our strength for later when Sophie decides we need to hurry along our prank on James. “Do you know how he got past her charm?”


“Er, did he bribe another Ravenclaw to do it?” How would I know? Why did he think I was asking him? I shrug and we head over to the Slytherin table to eat.



A/N: Sorry about the crappy ending. I wanted to post it quickly and couldn’t think of a better way to finish it. Review box is hungry   ;)

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