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Good Girl by NATAliEisBAx14
Chapter 1 : Casey on Cloud Nine
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Getting up in the morning was never something I relished, never something I really enjoyed. Getting up was something I disliked, quite a lot. But there was something about today that made me swing my legs over the side of my bed and down onto the hard wood flooring which, with all the magic going around in the air here at Hogwarts, still could not retain heat.
I was in a particularly good mood today, for whatever reason I didn't know. But who judges their good moods? I know enough to just say thank you Merlin, or God, or Allah which ever fills you up, floats your boat. You know the expression. I know enough that good moods are scarce and far between, but that doesn't mean I could put someone else in a good mood even if I wasn't in one myself. 

I shivered when I looked out the window, there was frost covering the windows on the outer rim of the window, I saw my breath accumulate on the frozen glass, and I looked down to see snow on the ground. So that's the reason I'm in a good mood. It's the first snow. I smiled as the sun began to rise over the trees of the Forbidden Forest, and I listened contentedly for a few moments of the eased breathing from my dorm mates while I counted all the left over stars from the night before. 

I checked the watch I never took off, simple enough to take something off really, especially when the magic makes anything like this stop working. I wear a watch that doesn't tick, and for a moment I smiled at the silliness of it, before I let the smile go, it had been my mother's and I realized that was the reason I never took of the small dainty silver watch. I also never took off my diamond cross, and next to that on the same silver linked chain, a heart and a peace sign. I know the sixties are long gone, but it's never too much to hope for is it? Love, faith and peace? Somehow in light of recent events I am beginning to think it is too much to hope for. 

I pulled on my skirt, and my shirt, I tied my blue tie and pulled the sweater over it, I grabbed my robes and my stockings and my shoes and went into the bathroom. On the mirror in lipstick, my house mates had written the names of all the boys they wanted. Celia Brunkswick, had multiple lipstick kisses next to all of them, indicating that she had done things with all of them. She always used purple lipstick, that's how I knew, bright neon purple, and some would say it's a disgusting color. But on her it was the same as wearing a nice red, but it still looked pretty for some reason. A reason I'll never understand.
Jennifer Bones used a dark red, Cindy Jannsen used a cinnamon brown color and Amelia Ronson used a light pink. There were a few other girls whose names I knew but colors I did not. I think I was supposed to be another shade of red, as that's the color I used everyday on my own face, but I'd never participated. I'd never had to, I'd never dated before. 

Some time later after I was ready I walked out, I quickly put the finishing touches on my one plait and grabbed red and green ribbons from my bag that held all my quills together and tied them around the end. I was quite in the Christmas mood. Slipping into a pair of Mary Janes I walked from my room as quietly as I could. People were still sleeping.
I walked out from my dorm room and into the common room, the entire west wall was lined with books upon books upon books upon more books.
Mostly I think they were the ones that had been read by students who were much too serious about learning. Knowledge is power, but there's more to life than power. 

The walk to the kitchens was quiet, it was still early in the morning, six thirty, most students weren't up before seven as breakfast started at quarter to eight. 

I waved to a few early riser portraits who sat within their frame simply watching until they saw me, when they waved back. Well most waved back.
The kitchens were devoid of humans, small elves busy with preparing all the food, plates levitating and spoons stirring all by themselves. Sometimes I forget I'm a witch, then I come across something like this and I'm reminded all over again how excited I was when I was eleven to find out that I really was special. 

An elf on the smaller side of elves came over with a crack, and I jumped. 

"I'm sorry miss! Don't be upset!" She squeaked and I replied that it was nothing to beat herself up over, and especially when you're dealing with an elf, that's the phrase you need to use. Trust me.
"Would you happen to have Candy Canes like the ones from Honeydukes today?" I asked kindly and three elves came forward with an array of chocolates shapped like canes, and peppermint, and vibrantly colored ones that tasted like tart sugar candies, and sour ones and ones that weren't for anybody under the age of seventeen. I took a few handfuls of everyone but the last.
I proceeded to sit down on a stool and tie small ribbons around each one. Checking my watch once more out of habit, I smiled ruefully at my continued foolishness for having looked twice in one morning at a watch that doesn't work. 

"Excuse me, could you please tell me the time?" A larger elf stopped quickly and turned.
"Seven thirty miss." Before running quickly with his feet never touching the ground over to where the large fire place was to put a kettle in it next to the others in there. 

Somethings are best done the muggle way I suppose, morning tea is one of those things. It was a good ten minute stroll to breakfast from the kitchens for me, I liked to walk slowly, it allowed more time to smell the roses if you will. 

My heels clipped on the floors and I couldn't help but begin humming, my good mood not having worn off yet. I almost brought my wrist to my face once more, but I stopped remembering it was broken and feeling quite proud of myself for having remembered this when the breakfast crowds began piling into the Great Hall, it was a Friday, and students were eager for classes to be over, talking about their weekend plans, what they were going to do, which homework they wanted to neglect. 

"Coming through, LOOK OUT WILL YOU! BLIMEY OUT OF MY WAY!" A shorter boy who I knew to be Peter Pettigrew pushed through, and in the process pushed me over. 

"Well that hurt." I muttered feeling my good mood evaporating slowly now that I was laying on the ground. Six legs, three pairs of nice shoes stopped in front of me. 

"OI PETER YOU PRAT, YOU KNOCKED SOMEONE OVER!" Sirius called but I heard James mutter, "Forget it, he's not eaten since three days ago, before that potions essay we had." 

I huffed and looked up momentarily, feeling my bangs fall from my meticulously plaited hair I got slightly angry, it had taken me twenty full minutes to get those to stay in place. 

Calm down Casey, he hasn't eaten in a few days. It's an accident I'm sure. A hand flew in front of my face I grabbed it with my small hand he pulled me up. 

"Well hello there Lovely." Sirius Black said to me leaning up against the door. They were blocking my way into the Great Hall, but they did help me up so I suppose it was all good. 

But I did notice they looked rather beaten, and worn. Remus Lupin looking the worst of them, with a few healed scrapes under one eye and tired looking bags. 

I reached into my bag, there were three chocolate candy canes with red ribbons on them. I smiled at them. 

"Thank you for helping me." I said kindly holding out a candy cane for each of them. 

James smiled, Remus looked quite pleased that something was going his way today and Sirius looked suspicious, it was just a candy cane. It wasn't poisoned, and frankly I'm a little upset that someone would think so, not that I know what he's thinking. Remus took his eagerly. and popped open the plastic wrapping. 

"What's this?" Sirius asked. 

"A chocolate candy cane. They're good, try one. They're not poisoned I promise, it wouldn't be in the spirit of Christmas to poison your holiday Candy Canes." I smiled still, but I felt it becoming tight.
"Thanks.." Remus began chocolate nearly making a ring around his mouth. His was already gone and he looked considerably brighter. He looked questioning at me, almost ready to inquire about my name.

"Casey, Casey McGuire," I smiled and handed him two more. "One for Peter too, yeah?" 

"But he's the one that knocked you over in the first place!" Sirius said nearly outraged. Someone doesn't like giving. Tsk, Tsk. 

"Like I said, it's the Christmas season, and I'm sure he didn't mean to. Everyone gets a candy cane." I nodded to them thanked them once more and walked around James into the Great Hall. 

A boy in front of me looked a little down, I pulled one out from my bag and said "Happy Christmas." He smiled for a bit and I continued walking until I came to my two friends. 

"Rowina. You can't seriously be upset, today of all days! It's the first snow of the year." I smiled at her and she simply pointed to the front page of the Daily Prophet. 

100 Dead in Death Eater Attacks
The front page had a moving picture of the Dark Mark in the sky, the snake kept coming out of the opening and reopening mouth of the skull. I dropped my bag unceremoniously, I heard a few candy canes break and reached inside, drawing two out I gave her a tired, saddened Happy Christmas. She nodded and we poked at our food. 

What can we say? We're on Cloud Nine. 


My Defense teacher walked in briskly, he was never on time, always ten minutes late on the dot, never eleven, never nine. Ten, simply ten minutes late. 

Rowina tapped the clean edge of her brand new quill against a spare bit of parchments for notes. Her parents had been Ravenclaws, their parents had been Ravenclaws, at least five generations of Rowina's family had been in this house, she was rightly named. I once heard that old monarch would name their children according to what they hoped they would aspire to be. 

It leaves me some room for guessing. Was Sirius supposed to be a black dog, and Remus a wolf? It was an interesting thought, they did have odd names. I scoffed at the thought and the teacher turned to me with a look of confusion on his face, which passed into anger. 

"Something funny about me girl?" He asked harshly. I tried to remember what had made me happy today when I woke up. It was simply not working. 

"N-no. Nothing." I stuttered. He eyed me and seemed to be deciding whether or not to continue yelling further at me or to start class. It was a few moments before someone said from the back of the room. 

"GET ON WITH IT THEN!" I turned and an agitated Sirius Black was leaning back quite far in his chair, he noticed me looking and gave me a smirk and a wink. As soon as the teacher turned his back he mouthed "You're welcome." 

I smiled slightly and turned back towards the front. I inked my quill and began taking notes on everything he said that may be of some importance. I felt glares on my back I tried to ignore them, but soon enough I looked up, a few girls I didn't know very well gave me a death stare, I nudged Rowina. 

"Why are those girls glaring at you?" I asked confused. They couldn't be glaring at me, I'd never done a thing to them! 

"They're not. They're glaring at you." She smiled to herself, sometimes my naivety annoyed her I could tell. 

"Why, I've not done a thing to them." I whispered as quietly as I could. The teacher glared at us and she stopped talking to me. I ripped a piece of parchment as quietly as I could and asked why again. 

She sighed and scribbled something down quickly. 

They're glaring at you because Sirius Black just defended you and while we're at it, when did you meet Sirius Black? 

I read and re-read it. I hadn't really met him, I just gave him a candy cane this morning. I decided to write that. 

I can't think of why.. I mean, this morning Peter knocked me over and I gave the three of them candy canes for helping me up. It's nothing really. He was actually kind of rude before, acting like they were poisonous before he took it. 
She read it and wrote back: 

It must have been some candy cane, the most popular bloke, from the most popular group just winked at you. Can you lend me one by any chance? 
I smiled at her humor.
I don't know why. I mean alright he's really good looking, but I'm not in love with him. The girls in this school need a serious dose of Christmas Cheer. It's not like we're dating. It's called being nice.

Do you mean, Sirius dose? Furthermore, darling, who cares how it happened it happened. Do something before that chance gets blown by some skank with a short skirt. 

I think I'm fine Rowina. I don't need a boyfriend. 

But you've never even had one! You're getting a little old for this kind of Virgin Mary act.Rowina, I really don't know what you're talking about. It's not an act. I just enjoy making people-The note was snatched from my hands and I looked up to see my Professor's livid face.

"Lets read it aloud shall we?" Boy he's got it in for me. He spent the next ten minutes reading the notes aloud to the laughter of the students. It seemed to egg him on. My face flushed redder and redder, Rowina seemed to grow more angry.

"You like to make people what Miss McGuire? What? Finish your conversation please. It's rude to leave your avid listeners hanging."

"She likes to make people happy, why don't you just lay off it?" Rowina exploded.

Oh no. This can't end well.


"Hey McGuire! HEY!" It was the end of Dinner, and most of the students were trying to head back to their respective dorm rooms, except Rowina who now had her very first detention, with Mr Filch no less.

I turned around, Sirius was walking slowly over to me, I resisted the urge to check my watch, it was getting late, I didn't need a watch that's only right twice a day to tell me.

He was flanked by his friends. I tried to think of a nice escape route, the debacle that was DADA class still fresh in my mind along with the ringing sound of laughter.

I rubbed my forehead and sucked a little harder on my sour cane, which in retrospect probably made me look a little more ridiculous that I already did, my haphazard appearance must have been slightly scary looking.

"Look, Casey, I'm sorry about today, that Professor was way out of line."

"Ugh thanks, it was really terrible. But I probably shouldn't have been passing notes anyway." He looked astonished that I said something responsible.

"Anyway, I was wondering since apparently you've never been on a date, you wouldn't mind going on one with me." Clearly he thought he was being smooth.

"Ugh...Actually I have been on a date before, I'm not completely socially inept, and no, I don't want to go on a date with you. I'm not some charity case you can 'fix'." For once in my life, I was just in a terrible mood. I could see James laughing, from behind him and Remus looked astonished that he'd just gotten turned down.

"Here's a candy cane, Happy Christmas, leave me alone." I shoved a sour one at him and stalked off.

"Well that was really quite a success Pads." Prongs yelled to me from across the common room. He came over and leapt over the back of the couch, he gave me a clap on the shoulder.

"She's not really your type is she Padfoot?" Moony asked from over a book.

"What do you mean by that? Girl is my type." I replied with a half hearted smile.

"Well, it's just that if you look at the other girls you've dated, they tend to be...looser. She seems really clean cut, and nice."

"Are you saying I date Prostitutes?" I asked him bluntly. He nodded.

"Yup pretty much."

"You've never been interested in a good girl before." Wormy said with a full mouth.

Maybe she really wasn't my type after all.

Hope you like it! Anyway updates may be a little slow for a while I've got my other fanfic to put up and the ques close soon, since I'm not a trusted author that poses a smidge of a problem. But whatever, it's okay! xoxox

Happy Holidays,

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