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Mission Malfoy by dramionefan_Rilla
Chapter 3 : Chapter 3
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A/N - Hey Everyone! Sorry it took awhile to update, the queue just opened up Yay!
Thankyou to everyone who reviewed, it meant a lot to me.
Also Special Thanks to MissyPadfoot@TDA for the stunning banner and Thanks to
purplesparklymoose@Youtube for being the first person to comment on my Channel!

Enjoy and Happy New Years! (2010)


Wonderfully Amazing Chapter Image by veneficus@TDA

I don’t believe this, thought Hermione, as she walked home from the Ministry; not only am I going to marry Malfoy my number one hated enemy. I’m going to be taking care of his child.

Hermione smiled to herself. She was a sucker for little children especially toddlers. Remus and Tonks jokingly commented more than once about, how she spoiled her 4-year old godson Teddy, more than Harry does at times. Therefore, that Teddy couldn’t wait to go to “Aunt ‘Mione’s house” (as he and all the kids of the family called her).

She could already imagine Adrian; no doubt he would look like Malfoy, as it was known that the Malfoys had powerful genes. Adrian would probably have the same soft blonde hair and the same sliver- grey eyes. However, Maybe instead of Malfoy’s smirk, he would have Astoria’s soft smile. Yes, Hermione knew Astoria, but they were not exactly close but she remembered the first time they met. It was a couple of months after the war and Hermione was looking for a dress for the ball at the ministry. As they were celebrating Voldemort’s downfall…

“Arg I give up Ginny I can’t find a gown forget it, I just won’t go to the Ministry Ball.” Hermione said frustrated.

She and Ginny had been shopping for hours; looking for gowns to wear to the ball, Ginny had already found one and she hadn’t, and it was upsetting her mood, not to mention that Ron had not been answering her calls for about two weeks now. Harry had said he was busy. She didn't believe him but decided not to press the matter further as he didn't seem to want to talk about it.

“Oh come on Hermione you can’t give up now; know what I’ll go check the 2nd floor again. You keep looking don’t worry we’ll find you a gown even if it means spending another 5 hours here.” Ginny said her face determined as she went off to go look for a gown for her friend.

Hermione sighed Ginny was such a great friend but she just didn’t get it. She would never find a dress now. She shook her head and kept on walking across the aisle. Then she saw it; it was the most gorgeous dress she’d ever seen. It was a light colour of sliver-white, and it was floor length with a slit up by the waist down and shimmering.

She slowly reached out to feel its soft silk fabric, when, “Oh! Excuse me were you going to buy this dress,” questioned a soft voice.

Hermione turned around to see a young shy woman (preassembly around her age) with long blonde hair and large hazel eyes, smiling at her. Before Hermione could respond, the women spoke, “The dress would compliment your features very nicely, and you should buy this dress.” Hermione could only stare at her in shock.

The women realizing how direct she was being blushed “I’m so sorry, where are my manners! I am AstoriaM… Greengrass she said quickly looking nervous, but composed herself.”

Hermione looked at her for a moment concerned, trying to figure why she hesitated to say her last name. However, dismissed the thought quickly. Instead, she smiled somewhat timidly, knowing that as soon as she uttered her name, Astoria would drop the cheerfulness and curse her or call her mudblood or create a scene, which would end up making Hermione look stupid.

“My name is Hermione Granger, Miss. Greengrass.” Hermione said in what she hoped was a strong voice, bracing for the name calling. However, surprisingly nothing of the sort happened. Instead, Astoria’s smile grew even bigger and she beamed at Hermione.

“Hermione Granger! Oh what an honour, I really didn’t recognize you, it has been a while since I have seen you. You look Stunning! So beautiful.”

Hermione blushed scarlet, “Um… Thank- you, you are very beautiful yourself. Moreover, I agree it has been a long time since I’ve seen you. You left Hogwarts towards the end of 4th year. Am I right?” she asked trying not to sound to nosy. However, even if she did sound nosy, Astoria didn’t comment she just smiled and answered Hermione questions,

“Yes I and my older Sister Daphine left Hogworts at the end of my 2nd year, and her 4th year. We moved to France where my mother grew up, and for the remaining years, my sister and I attended Bauxbatons. Then a couple of months ago, I moved back to England with my parents to get married. And my sister stayed in France since she married a wealthy French businessman and currently she is expecting as I am.” Astoria finished softly patting her stomach and for the first time since there meeting Hermione noticed the small bulge.

Astoria followed her eyes and chuckled lightly as she saw that they were staring at her budge. “It’s noticeable then, yes”

Hermione looked at her half-ashamed and sheepish, “Sorry I didn’t mean to stare. How many months are you?”

“5 months” came the reply

Wow so um… do you know what the gender is then?”

“Um yes it’s a boy”

Aww did you and your husband think have a name?”

“Um… no he didn’t yet but I did, I really like the sound of Adrian.”

“It’s a nice name; it has a kind of ring to it.”

"Thank you that’s what I thought too. So are you married?”

“Um... no not yet. I didn’t find Mr. Right yet, but I’m dating Ron Weasley”

“Oh I see, don’t worry you’ll find your Mr. Right Soon. Don’t be Discouraged”

“Thank you Astoria"

“No problem um... I was wondering would you like to meet up for lunch sometime? My husband will not mind.”

Hermione smiled, “Ok sure, when? By the way, who is your husband?”

“Oh he’s…”

“Hermione where are you!” Ginny’s voice echoed through the aisles.

“I will see you later Hermione,” Astoria said hurriedly.

“Ok bye it was nice talking to you.” She responded.

“Same here, I wish you well and hope your life is blessed with laughter and happiness that you deserve and not sorrow and hurt. It was so lovely to talk to you. I hope I can see you again.”

And with those words Astoria hurried away leaving Hermione as confused as ever…

Hermione sighed sadly, it was truly sad that Astoria died, because after her meeting with Astoria. Hermione had come to realize that, People do change for the better. Astoria was an example of that; she hoped Malfoy changed as well.

Anyways Hermione did buy that dress and she did wear it to the ministry ball, she still had the dress it was in her closet she hadn’t worn it since the ball, because it brought back the memory of Ron breaking up with her.

Astoria in a way had helped Hermione cope with the breakup with Ron. Whenever she felt sad about it, she remembered what Astoria had told her, ”Don’t worry you’ll find your Mr. Right Soon. Don’t be Discouraged” For some odd reason those words calmed her, and it helped so much that Hermione could talk about the breakup without feeling too upset.

Hermione smiled as she walked up the pathway leading to her flat. She softly unlocked the door and entered her dark and cold flat. Hermione grumbled under her breath, as switched on the light, blinking as the whole flat became illuminated with light and the fireplace crackled and hissed as the fire started. Slowly Hermione began to feel warm. She headed for the bedroom and changed into something more comfortable. Then she went to the kitchen to make herself some dinner since it was 6:30 now.

She pulled out some frozen pizza and preheated it in the oven. As she waited for the pizza to warm, she looked around her cozy small flat realizing that she would miss it very much when she went to Malfoy Manner. True her flat was bare with only a couch and TV and a lamp. Then her gaze found her window seat, where on rainy Saturdays she would sit and read the day away. Moreover, her small bed only occupied her bedroom.

Sighing heavily Hermione went to pack her clothes into two suitcases, she didn’t have a lot of clothes a couple of shirts and jeans and two dresses; one black one she wore once to a funeral and the one she bought for the ball. After half an hour, she was done packing. And looking around when the timer buzzed signaling that the pizza was done. As she took out the pizza, her Wiz-cell phone rang

She ran over to the window and unhooked the phone from the charger.


"Hey Mione! Harry’s voice rang through the phone

“Hey Harry what’s up” she replied cheerily

“Oh I was just calling to let you know that there has been a slight change of plans.”

"Oh What now" she huffed clearly annoyed.

“Um well Kingsly told Malfoy about you. Not your name though and Malfoy will be coming to the ministry at 11:30 to pick you up and he will be bringing Adrian along.” He said sounding apologetic.

“Oh! Ok it’s a good thing I already packed” she remarked

“Hermione always one step ahead, well I’ll be there tomorrow too ok,” he said chuckling.

“Ok Thanks Harry see you tomorrow. She said softly.

"See you, Mione love you. He said lightly."

“Yah I love you too,” she murmured

Hermione groaned she was dreading tomorrow; she had also lost her appetite she threw away the pizza and went to bed. After all tomorrow was a new day.

The next morning, Hermione woke up with red eyes and a stuffy nose obviously showing that she had cried herself to sleep. She got up from the bed and looked around her empty room, without her furniture her room looked odd; naked somehow, it didn’t look like her room anymore. She sighed and literally dragged herself to the bathroom to brush her teeth and take a shower.

After half an hour in the shower, Hermione steeped out of the tub wearing a white fluffy bathrobe, she lightly wiped steam off the mirror with her sleeve, and began to dry her hair with her towel, usually when she did that it promoted the extra frizzness in her hair but over the years Hermione’s hair had somehow naturally became straight so it didn’t matter. She then put on some light pink eye shadow and pinched her checks to give herself a healthy look and put on her vanilla flavored lip-gloss.

She looked at herself in the mirror she had to admit she looked nice,“Mrs.Malfoy” material, and to tell the truth she didn’t look like she had put on any makeup on, infact it looked like she naturally looked like this. Hermione wasn’t ugly by any means, it was just that she had stopped trying to make herself look attractive, she was so quiet and sullen, and her checks looked gaunt and hallow. But now it was about to change, she thought smiling.

She then went to go change into the clothes she had spread out the night before. A pair of skinny black jeans with a green silky of the shoulder top. Then she slipped on some black stilettos that she and Ginny had brought in Paris after the breakup to cheer her up. Hermione checked her appearance in the mirror in the hall, so far so good; she had to admit she looked amazing! Wait until Ginny found out that she wore stilettos to meet Draco Malfoy!

She looked around her flat one last time. Then sent her suitcases to Harry’s office and then began walking to the Ministry. Unlike most of her friends Hermione had chosen to do things the muggle way, partly because if she did do anything by magic, she would have even more idle alone time and if she had anymore of that she would need move to St. Mungo’s permanently.

Hermione smiled, enjoying the October wind blowing in her hair, she watched as the bright orange, red, and yellow brown leaves danced in the wind. Oh how she wished she could be as carefree as these leaves. Hermione sighed sadly; there was a time when she was as carefree as these leaves, but not now. Better times she thought, as she walked into the ministry, she greeted her secretary Alice with “Morning!” and smiled at the look on Alice’s face as she looked at Hermione shocked at what she was wearing, and walked into her office.

She looked at her desk, which was stacked with files and important documents -unlike her flat which was bare- and yet her desk still looked neat and tidy. She looked around her office, which like her home had bare white walls. The only thing non-bare in her office was obviously her desk and in the middle of her desk you could see two pictures. One of them was Harry and Ginny on their wedding day with Teddy in Harry’s arms and the other was a group picture of the Order. She softly picked up the pictures and put them in her black purse. As soon as she had done that, a memo landed on her desk.

Hermione unfolded it, and read the note.
Mione –
When you arrive and get this, please come to my office. It’s important

- H. Potter

Hermione stood up and made straight to Harry’s office. As she reached Harry’s office, she could see Kingsly standing and talking with Harry,she moved closer and make out that they were arguing in soft voices.

“Um… Hey Guys am I interrupting?” she asked quietly. Harry and Kingsly had stopped arguing the minute she had walked up to them. Hermione had to suppress a giggle at the look on their faces.

“Is something the matter?”

“ … Hermione! Is that you?” Harry asked gaping at her. Kingsly just looked shocked.

Hermione instantly became worried; Maybe I shouldn’t have worn the stilettos she though biting her lip. “Of course it’s me, who else would it be, I’m the one you sent the memo to right?” she said a bit snappishly. Harry and Kingsly visibly relaxed.

“Hermione you look wonderful,” Kingsly said at last, smiling as he and Harry exchanged a knowing look.

Hermione blushed pink “Thanks Kingsly”

Kingsly smiled even broader, “Well I’ll see you in 20 minutes.”

“Wow Hermione! Stilettos huh, Malfoy’s gonna like that.” Harry said grinning after Kingsly had left.

“Oh! Shut up” she said blushing even harder.

Harry just laughed and ushered her inside his office. Hermione went over and sat in Harry’s chair with her arms crossed and a cheeky grin on her face. Harry just rolled his eyes and remained standing.

“Well Hermione, now that you’ve stolen my chair, I guess I’ll just sit on the floor then.”

“Stop being so dramatic and tell me what you needed to tell me.” She huffed.

“Fine, it was nothing.” Harry said with a huge grin on his face.

“NOTHING, NOTHING?! So you’re telling me that I dressed up and ran to your bloody office nearly trampling myself to death, for NOTHING!”

“Well I never told you to dress up and run to my “bloody” office nearly trampling yourself to death” Harry sniggered

“HARRY JAMES POTTER, I’M GOING TO KILL YOU!” Hermione screamed lunging for his neck.

Harry realizing how dangerous Hermione could be at times, stood there waiting for the blow, knowing it would be better to co-operate. Hermione stooped short when her arms reached Harry’s neck and then threw her arms around him.

Harry just looked at her for a moment looking completely bewildered, because just a second she had been charging at him ready to wring his neck. Then being the caring friend he was Harry gave her a hug, murmuring reassures.

After a minute or two, Harry cleared his throat and said, “We should go to Kingsley’s office now”. Hermione nodded and they walked to Kingsly’s office, arm, and arm.
I have to admit this was not that great of a chapter in my opinion, more like a filler, trust me the next chapter is way more exciting!... Hopefully!

Rilla :)

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