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Your Wish Is My Command by xquisitely_sirius
Chapter 11 : Forgotten
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Disclaimer: I only own my OCs 

“Morning everyone. Hey, Sirius, did you have a good sleep?” Jennifer descended the stairs in a friendly mood with surprised Sirius and only confused him more that he already was. After waking all he could think about was the kiss he had shared with Jen. It was as if Jen didn’t care about anything that had happened last night from the way he saw her acting.

“Yeah, like a baby. Jen, do you think I could have a word with you about last night please?” He walked over to her trying to do it without attracting more notice so that he could whisper it in her ear. This was definitely something he didn’t want the Potters to overhear and get the wrong impression.

“Sure, what do you want to know about? I only sat by the fountain a bit before going to bed.”

“Are you sure? I spoke to you for, like, half an hour at half eleven.”

“I’m sorry but I can’t remember you being there. Was there anything important about it you wanted to talk about specifically?”

“N-no, not at all. Forget I even mentioned it.”

“I really am sorry. It was probably because I was sleepy. If there’s anything else you want to talk about come and find me. Mrs Potter, is it okay if I eat breakfast outside today? Your garden is absolutely gorgeous.”

“Of course, dear. And I told you, please call me Amanda.”

“Sorry Amanda.” Jennifer grabbed her plate and danced through the French doors to sit by the fountain which had become her favourite spot in the garden.

“Pads, what was all that about with Jenny?”

Sirius knew better than to speak about it in front of everyone else. James was the only person he felt comfortable telling and there was no way he wanted Jen overhearing if she was having a hard time remembering at the moment. He had a feeling she wouldn’t be being this friendly with him if she suddenly became more clued in.

Instead Sirius dragged James up to the huge Ballroom which looked out onto the garden which made Sirius think that there was a possibility that he would glimpse Jen eating her breakfast.

Mate, what-”

His sentence was cut short. Sirius wanted James, someone, anyone, to know as soon as possible. He needed to get it off his chest before he exploded. “Last night I went to talk to Jen in the garden. The specifics are hazy but I remember we talked a lot and then she kissed me! But she doesn’t remember any of it.”

“Wow, Sirius. That’s just . . . wow!”

“You cannot tell anyone else, not even the guys. Imagine how she would react is she overheard one of us.” Sirius instinctively glanced over at where Jen had been sitting to check she was still there. “She would feel so guilty. I mean, she only started seeing Warren two days ago and-”

“Isn’t that what you want – for them to split up?”

“Sure, if the events of last night suddenly rushed back to her and she was up for it. But she’s not. That’s my point – it’s like she has to figure everything out about us again.” What Sirius didn’t know was that he was spot on.


The full moon yet again made its appearance close to Christmas. Though, Remus already being at the Potter manner, which was next to a forest, had the safest haven possible for him in the holidays. “Hey . . . how you feeling?” Jen softly walked into Remus’ room keeping her voice quiet and soft. The day before and of the full moon took its toll on Remus. He really doesn’t deserve this, Jennifer thought to herself as she laid his breakfast on the table. Mrs Potter had made it especially for him as she did every full moon he stayed, though he never had the stomach to eat any of it. Remus would always be thankful for everyone’s kindness; his kindness in return was the only thing to give back; his family had always been low on money.

“Uhhh, as good as I can expect. At least we know that Sirius’ potion works to make tonight less painful for us all.” Remus tried to sit, planning to make an effort with his breakfast for Jen’s benefit; she’d never been with him the day of the full moon before. However, Jen was having none of it, she carefully but with authority laid Remus back down.

“You don’t need to wear yourself out on my account. Amanda already told me that you won’t be able to eat it; it’s just there if you start to feel any improvement. Now, you rest – James and Sirius are coming to fetch you at half four. It’s really awful that you have to go through this longer because it gets dark earlier.” Jen turned to leave and added: “Sleep,” before shutting the door behind her.

Remus didn’t need to be told twice. Already feeling drowsy he took one look at the breakfast in front of him, turned on his other side and quickly fell asleep.

Hours later – though Remus was unaware of how many – he woke in darkness. His keen sense of smell and eyesight told him he was already in the forest.

“Moony . . . good you’re awake. Dad helped bring you out so you could have a bit more rest. It’s going to be a long night.”

The boys set up, allowing Mr Potter put safety spells and a silencing charm around the boundary. Remus’ howls were not a pleasant thing to be heard on any night.

“Right you two say your goodbyes and back to the house.” Mr Potter headed out the forest to permit them some privacy.

“What?! Dad doesn’t know?”

“Sirius, be serious. Do you seriously think they would understand?”

“Wow, you used a lot of Sirius’ then!”

James merely through Sirius a ‘this isn’t a time for jokes’ face and continued. “They may be fine with all this so far but they’re still aurors after all. We’ve done something illegal! They may not be able to sit back and watch if they find out any more.” James placed a hand on Remus’ shoulder for reassurance. “We’ll have dinner, make sure my parents believe we’ve gone to bed and come back. You won’t be alone long. Took your potion?”

Remus nodded slowly as if in severe pain; it would soon be time for his transformation. He then walked deeper into the forest as James and Sirius exited it.

When entering the house, they found Mrs Potter in the kitchen with the dinner nearly ready to be served. “Set the table please boys. Then sit down, dinner should be prepared when you’ve finished with that.”

Once ready the family of five sat around the table. Remus’ empty chair screamed out to Jen as she thought of how wrong it was that he wasn’t here with them all to enjoy their meal. She watched Sirius and James readily tucked into to the dishes of various foods, seemingly without a thought to their friend who would have transformed already and chasing around who knows what with no idea of his actions. “Thank you, Amanda, for the lovely food but I don’t think I can eat any more. I don’t feel very well.”

“Okay dear, maybe you should go up to bed for a lie down. Remus will be fine, you know. He goes through this every month.”

“Thank you, Amanda.” Jennifer quickly got up from her seat and ascended the stairs without another look at the other occupants of the table.

“I think I should go and keep her company. She has turned a very worrying shade of green.”

“Yeah, I’ll join you Pads. She’s hardly ever ill.” The boys seemed to have sensed their way of escape earlier than expected and went to climb the stairs. “Mom, I don’t think you should check on her for a while. She normally just likes to lie with us when she’s feeling unwell. We’ll all see you in the morning.”

The following hour, James found himself galloping through the forest in his animagi form. He hadn’t seem Remus or Sirius for about half an hour but he wasn’t worried; they’d been together when James had got separated and James knew Sirius would make sure nothing happened which Remus would regret. At this moment that his thoughts steered more away from Remus he started to take in the different trees that made the forest. They all were possible entries for their Christmas tree this year but was yet to find the perfect one. James was not one to settle for second best.

When he was about to give up his search to go and find the other two Marauders, a tree caught his eye. That’s it! I am so bringing the boys and Jenny back here tomorrow to get this tree, James thought as he took in his surroundings so to make sure he could remember where to find it.

The following day James told his friends of what he’d seen when out looking for Remus. “I found the perfect tree last night. We really need to go find it when Moony feels better before I forget where I’d seen it.” When Remus had recovered enough to venture out into the forest, the four teenagers set out to retrace James’ steps.

“I swear it was round here somewhere.”

JAMES!! Where the hell is this apparently amazing tree that you keep going on about?” Jennifer, Remus and Sirius chanted in unison. They had already spent two hours searching and they still needed to allow time to get back to the manor.

“Errr, I don’t know!”

Luckily for James the tree was soon found and – with difficulty as they couldn’t use magic just James and Sirius in their animagi forms – managed to drag it back to the manner in one piece. They were so excited that they decided to get the decorations out and cover the tree then and there before they would allow anything else to be done that day.

This of course got them in the decorating mood, meaning that by nightfall the whole manner was decorated with tinsel, baubles and fairy lights. At one point Jen even decided that the living room didn’t look festive enough so decided to decorate it lavishly so that anyone who sat within the room would think they were sitting in the middle of a paper-chain explosion.


The Christmas holiday rushed by as the snow started to fall around the manor. Most of their days were spent having snowball fights were having a two on two Quidditch match (Sirius and Jen making one team and James and Remus making the other). Occasionally the rain would mean a day in and finding a different way to entertain themselves but that was very rare.

“Ohmigod, ohmigod!” This was what could be heard three days away from Christmas as a figure ran throughout the floors of the manor. “It’s officially Christmas in three days! Can you believe it? I mean three days until presents. Oh, I’m soo excited!” Though there were many who wouldn’t have guessed correctly who it was jumping with excitement around the manner it wasn’t a hard guess for the Potters and theirs Christmas guests.

“Sirius, is it really necessary to run around the manner shouting that? I’m sure we’re all aware of the date.”

“Oh, Jen, what would you know about Christmas? You’ve never fully experienced it! I’m going to make this your bestest Christmas ever. We’ll have turkey, and flashing lights, and mistletoe, and Christmas pudding, and . . .”

Sirius walked off into another room, his voice slowly fading. He still seemed to be talking to himself; making arrangements for the special day. “Awww, he really enjoys Christmas doesn’t he?”

“This was the only holiday he hasn’t had to spend with his family. It’s come to have two meanings for him.” James went to see if Sirius wanted help, leaving Jen to ponder her thoughts. She went to settle in one of the large armchairs and soon fell into a deep sleep, leaving the boys to their individual activities.


“It’s Christmas Eve!” Two days had passed since Sirius’ excited announcement. The change in the days being the only difference to the happenings in the Potter Manner. “Jen, I promise you now that tomorrow will be the best day of your life. And don’t I always keep my promises?” Sirius was smiling hugely in Jennifer’s direction; an immediate reaction every time he saw her around the manor.

All Jen could do was return his smile. It was unavoidable; his smile was infectious. It seemed impossible, but Jen and Sirius had grown even closer during the past two weeks. Maybe it was to do with the ongoing time spent together. Or maybe even that some where hidden deep inside of Jen she knew that she felt for him like she could for no other.

In Jen was being honest with herself, since the mention of Christmas’ closeness, her excitement too was building. This was her first holiday in a secure family environment and Christmas was definitely a time that family spent together.

Sighing, Jen went to search for either Remus or James. Jen wished she could pride herself by saying she was quite patient but that would have been a lie. In all truth she’s probably the most inpatient person in England. Therefore, Sirius wasn’t a good person to be around when she was already excited enough. Sure James and Remus were excited too but Sirius was on a whole other level of excited compared to them. At least with the other two Marauders there would be other topics of conversation to take her mind off things.

It was for the best to leave Sirius to simmer for a couple of hours. He would hopefully wear himself out and sleep it off.

At least that’s what Jen told herself as she started to walk away from the manor garden, heading totally away from Sirius.

“Jenny?! Hey, where’s Sirius?” James caused Jen to momentarily stop breathing. Quickly recovering before James noticed – though failing miserably as James detected her flinch but chose not to say anything on the matter– she made sure to answer as soon as possible.

“He’s out in the garden. I couldn’t take anymore of his Christmas spirit. He’s driving me crazy and we still have over twelve hours until presents.”

“He’s been like this every Christmas for the past four years. You remind me of his first Christmas. He was exactly the same as you, trying not to get too excited in case it didn’t live up to his expectations. But look at him now. I guarantee you will be just like the rest of us next year – maybe even worst. And tomorrow isn’t as far away as you’re telling yourself.”

Opening her mouth to reply once again, a knock at the door cut her short making her head turn; an immediate response to the noises behind her.

“James, could I have a quick word?”

Knowing that was her cue to leave, Jen hastily walked towards the door with a whisper: “I’ll just leave you three to it.”

“Jen, where’ve you been? I’ve been searching all over!”

“Shhh, Amanda and Harold just asked to have a private word with James. I wonder what’s so important that they can’t talk in front of us.

“How opposed are to my inventions?” Sirius’ eyes held a spark of amusement that would be hard to recognise by most people. But not Jen, she had seen that look enough times to recognise it.

“Why? Sirius, what’re you planning?”

“Follow me.”

Jen knew better than to ask Sirius questions when she could see the slight spark of amusement in his features so she just followed until he stopped and started to talk. “I’ve been working on them for a while but I’m not a hundred percent sure they will work fully. I guess the muggles would call it a test drive. I called them floating ears for the moment – look like they float in mid-air when lowered down.” Sirius took two pairs of ears from his room and returned to a spot on the staircase directly above the room occupied by the three Potters. “Just put this by your ear and I’ll do the rest.”

Once lowered to the door’s height, the pair of ears closed in to the closest sound which happened to be the conversation between James and his parents. “It’s best that we stand up here in case mom or dad unexpectedly exits the room. Much easier to hide a pair of ears than two people who look as if they’ve been nosing. Got yours in?”

Jen nodded after pressing the ear close to hers.

“. . . Voldermort is gaining power, James. More and more people are joining him each day-”

“Ohh!” Jen had not expected that and ripped the ear out of hearing distance. Sirius stared, somewhat confused by her action. He pointed to the ear by his, suggesting that she should carry on listening.

“. . . there have been reports of an increase in deaths and disappearances – all very random with no leads as to who is responsible. We received an owl this morning requesting every Auror attend work basically 24/7 while things are this bad. Christmas won’t be fun here, James, with me and your mother always away at work. I think its best you, Sirius, Jennifer and Remus return to Hogwarts for the remainder of the holiday. At least your mother and I know you are safe with Professor Dumbledore.”

Unexpectedly, the door was pulled open. Thanks to Sirius’ excellent Quidditch reflexes he managed to get the ears out of sight before anyone could notice.

“Sirius, could we have a word with you please?” He nodded and entered the room James had been in prior.

Jen couldn’t listen in this time as Sirius had taken the ears in with him. She didn’t know whether he had done this on purpose so that nobody could listen in to his conversation or so that James didn’t find out about them and be upset that they’d listened in.

Sirius shortly exited with his place in the room took by Remus. “They said they have always seen me as their son and I am welcome to stay when I please!” Sirius’ face said it all – his smile was genuine not the smirk that he had become famous for at Hogwarts for and his eyes bright. “I’ve never thought I’d have luck like this before going to Hogwarts.”

Remus’ talk, similarly to Sirius’ entered shortly after he’d entered.

“Jennifer?” She timidly entered the room which suddenly looked intimidating. The Potters were both wonderful people who had been caring to Sirius and Remus, treating them as their won but was Jen to receive the same treatment. After all, compared to the four years the Marauders had spent at the Potter’s, Jen’s stay seemed quite pathetic.

“Jenny, I know your stay here had been so short, giving us little time to get to know each other better. But, over the years I’ve heard so much about you from James and Sirius – in fact I’ve never had a conversation with them that hasn’t involved your name being mentioned – I already looked at you as a daughter before I had the pleasure of meeting you personally. I know it’s been a short time since your parent’s death but Harold and I want to propose the idea of adoption. You see, with you still underage the ministry would have no choice but to put you in care. By adopting you, you are able to stay here with-”

“Yes! I would like that very much. Thank you with all my heart; I don’t know what to say.”
“I think you said it all dear.”

As Jen exited the room in tears, she happily announced they were tears of joy and told the boys of the arrangement. All three couldn’t have been happier.

As it was Christmas Eve, all thought it best to pack and head to Hogwarts that day. Christmas day after all was a special one at the castle and the teenagers didn’t want to have to cut it short. When ready they bid the Potters farewell. “Bye, my babies. Merry Christmas. I’ve arranged for your presents to arrive for morning. Jenny, everything will be sorted by the next time we see each other though Dumbledore might send for you occasionally to sign some papers.”

“Morning students. Couldn’t keep away from Hogwarts for Christmas, hey?” Professor Dumbledore cheerfully announced from behind his desk as in turn, James, Jennifer, Remus and Sirius used the floo network to get to his office.


It seemed that James, Jennifer, Remus and Sirius were the only Gryffindor’s that would be occupants of the common room for the Christmas holidays. This would also mean that Jen was the only girl in the common room and girls’ dormitory. James, Remus and Sirius climbed to find their trunks by their beds like always when they arrived at Hogwarts. “Pads . . . why is Jenny’s trunk in here?”

Slam! “That’s it. Can I sleep in here please? It’s torture in there – I’m alone, it’s quiet and boring! Please let me stay with you guys?” Jen put on her best puppy dog eyes and pouted to her friends. They all looked away in unison; they knew that one look at Jen’s face and she could make them do anything. Each took a turn to look but her face was still the same. As if made of rock it hadn’t moved an inch.

“Awww, come one Jen. You know we don’t have a chance when you look like that.”

“Don’t you want me to stay, Sirius?” This time Jen made sure to put on her most miserable voice. She knew they were only teasing so it was only fair she put up a good fight. “Please?”

The boys turned, all had a wide smile on their face. “Oh, if you have to I’m sure we’ll manage to put up with you for a couple of weeks.”

“Jen, you can sleep in Peter’s bed.” This was Sirius’ bright idea. He knew there would be no chance she would say yes which would probably improve the chances of her sharing his bed!

“Ewww, no way. Any other bed please?”


“Are you being serious? No, don’t even think of answering that Sirius. Not only will Alice kill me – because you know, she’s totally in love with him – but he intimidates me a bit.”

“You’re best friends with the Marauders and Frank Longbottom intimidates you?” James was smirking. It didn’t suit him like it did with Sirius. He always looked most handsome and happy when Lily was around as he always wore a crooked smile that touched his eyes. It was the look of love.

“Yes, now moving on James – this is embarrassing enough – can I share your bed please?”

“I guess.” All eyes were on him. His sister just asked to share his bed and he replied ‘I guess’. “Ahaa, I’m just kidding. It would be my honour, my lady, to protect you throughout the night from boredom and quietness.”


The corridors were quiet; the sun had not yet risen and all students that had stayed were still tucked in their beds. In the Great Hall, the enchanted ceiling was all pinks and oranges with the coming dawn.

Maybe snow was on its way.

Jen had been awoken by a mixture of excitement and annoyance at James’ snoring. Though the boys ranted and raved about the joy of Christmas, it seemed this day was no different to the others where they enjoy their late lie-ins. Having decided to take a walk to pass the time, Jen thought it a nice idea to take her first look at Hogwarts on Christmas.

The Great all had been through a dramatic makeover with a ten foot Christmas tree set up in the corner. It seemed Dumbledore and some of the more festive members of staff had enjoyed decorating it as there were hardly any bits of tree left on show. Jen could picture Professor Flitwick being behind the charming of the fairy on top, making it appear real with lifelike traits. She had no doubt that he had also used his skill in charms to levitate the baubles and such to hang on the high branches where few could reach.

I wonder if Minnie helped, Jen thought to herself as she looked round the rest of the Great Hall.

Instead of four long tables and the staff table, there now sat one rectangle table in their place. Dumbledore’s thrown-like chair sat at the head of the table and no doubt the different houses would prefer to sit in groups also. Tinsel had been hung around the walls as well as holly.

Failing to find any further changes, Jen left the hall to discover more.

She felt an unusual movement in her pyjama pocket and pulled out the Marauder’s two-way mirror. Jen had known that if they woke and found her missing they would want – no need – her back as soon as to make the present opening process arrive sooner.

“Comeback – quick!”was all she got before James was gone. Thinking that she shouldn’t keep them waiting longer – and that she also wanted to open her own presents – Jen hurried back to the common room using a few of the secret passages that she’d been shown by or discovered with the Marauder’s.

“Good your here! There’s your pile of presents, now, sit. If you don’t mind I’ll open one first because . . . well, because I want to.” Of course, trust it to be Sirius to open a present first.

The presents were quickly opened in not much time at all. Sirius had planned it to last longer but the excitement had got to everyone and instead of one present being opened each time, the four fifth years opened a present each and then thanked one another if it was off of them.

Presents such as a beater bat and a leather coat were gotten for Sirius. “Wow . . . Jen, just wow! Thank you so much. I love it!”

James had received a new broom from his parents and a book of various Quidditch facts from Jen. He had also gotten a book from Remus, but that one he wasn’t as enthusiastic about.

Remus had nearly the whole Honeydukes shop laid out around him. There were chocolates and every flavour beans as well as other mouth-watering candy. There would definitely be an injury if someone other than Remus touched it without having any offered.

Jen had been given mostly clothes, jewellery and perfume from the Marauders. There had also been a present from her brother which surprised her a bit – though a very nice surprise indeed.

Though the present opening was over quickly, hours were spent examining each other’s presents and their own. Soon it would be time for Christmas dinner so a race up the stairs was needed for the bathroom. Jen, being the littlest, was the fastest to the dormitory so wasting no time took some of her new clothes to change into for the rest of the day. The boys easily shrugged it off and got changed in the dormitory before taking it in turns in the bathroom.

With everyone ready, James, Jen, Remus and Sirius excitedly descended the grand staircase to the Christmas feast. Dumbledore was sat at the head of the table like where Jen had imagined him to be that morning. A Santa hat replaced his usual head wear and he seemed to have a glass of sherry resting on the table in front of him.

Severus looked to be the only student that was in Slytherin to stay at the castle over Christmas. He sat on his own at the far end of the table well away from the other groups of students. Though maybe it wasn’t only Severus’ decision to keep away as the remaining Hufflepuffs and Ravenclaw were giving him disgusted looks occasionally, making sure that they were as far away from him as possible. If this was Dumbledore’s idea of inter-house bonding then he wasn’t making a very good effort.

James, Jen, Remus and Sirius were the last to arrive and took the remaining space near the teachers. As Dumbledore saw it fit to start the feast, a clap of his hands brought the serving dishes up for the students to dig into.


Jen had failed to hear from Warren since the day after the Ball. She had made sure to give him James’ address so that he could write but she’d not had one letter. She would not have hesitated in writing him one if she had been left his address but that was not the case so she was left to wait. Mrs Potter had promised that if any letter were to arrive for her, that she would forward it straight to Hogwarts.

Feeling in no mood to sit through the rest of the feast, Jen stood from the table and walked towards the Great Hall’s door. “Aren’t you having desert?”

“I don’t think so Remus, I need to go for a walk. Don’t let James or Sirius follow me, okay?”

He agreed and allowed Jennifer to walk away. She decided to explore the grounds. The enchanted ceiling had shown that it was snowing so she saw it as an opportunity to have some time to herself to think.

“Jennifer . . . haven’t spoke in a while. How’s your boyfriend? Warren, his name is, isn’t it? Bronzed hair, blue eyes.”

“What’s it to you, Severus?”

“We used to be friends Jen-”

“Don’t call me that!”

“Bit touchy, aren’t we. Is it because a certain boyfriend hasn’t got in touch any way over the break?”

“How do you have any idea about that?”

“Let’s just say that I saw . . . Warren . . . in Hogsmeade last week with another girl. They seemed pretty cosy to me. Snuggled up to protect each other from the cold.”

“And what would he be doing in Hogsmeade when he’s at home with his parents?”

“I think that’s something you should ask Warren not me. Don’t you?”

“Just shut up. What do you know and what makes you think that it’s acceptable to come and tell me lies after everything you’ve put me and my friends through. I mean you called Mary McDonald a Mudblood from what I heard before the Ball. And the way you treat Lily is disgusting. You follow her around like a stalker, hardly giving her any room to breathe. What difference is Lily from any other muggle born, huh? What’s so different about her? It’s like you’re in love-”


Protego . . . Reducto!”


Remus’ figure appeared out of nowhere as he calmly said, “Stupefy.” Though his voice had been free of anger his expression was not. Snape was about to use an unforgivable curse on his best friend. It was not something that would be taken lightly. “Are you okay?”

“Yes, thank you Remus. For that . . . for not listening to my own request for James and Sirius. I don’t think I would have been able to do anything to stop him.”

“Wait until Pads and Prongs here about this. They’ll do a better job than me at teaching him a lesson.”

“NO! You can’t tell them. They would just about kill him. He may have done something wrong but he doesn’t deserve what he would get from them. He won’t bother me again. Please, just say that you came to see if I was okay because I seemed quiet earlier. You found me sitting by the Whomping Willow just thinking to myself. Please?”

“No . . . . but . . . . oh, fine.” Jen used her best puppy eyes to get her way. It always worked with the boys. When she was sure he wouldn’t say a word that headed to the common room where the other two boys had said they would be waiting.

Later that night.

“Sirius, would it be okay if I share your bed? Please?”

“I thought you were sharing with James.”

“Yeah, so did I!”

“Yeah, well I was . . . but he’s a right fidgeter in bed – worse than Pete. Oh, and don’t get me started on his snoring – you’re lucky he puts a silencing charm on his bed. If only it meant I couldn’t hear him too!”


“Er, sure Jen. I mean, if it means you’ll get a better night’s sleep.”

“When am I going to get to share my bed with you Jennifer?”

“Don’t worry Remus. You’re my next option if Sirius has annoying bed habits.”

“Which luckily for you, I have none. Sorry Moony, but looks like you won’t get your chance.”


Before long, the other students returned to the castle the day before lessons were to start again. “Lily, do you know where Jen is?”

“O . . . hello, Warren. I’d check the boys’ dorm, she can usually be found up there getting her own way with one of them.”

“Thank you.” Warren headed up the stairs, knocked once and entered. They were all still in bed, especially Sirius who still shared his bed with Jen. “Jen! Jen! Jennifer!”

“Huh? Warren?”

“What are you doing sharing a bed with him?! Him of all people!”

“What’s that supposed to mean?” Though Sirius was a hard person to wake normally, it would have been impossible to sleep through the volume of Warren’s shouting. “I’m a damn sight better than you mate!”

“Sirius? Sirius, please go down to the common room while I explain to Warren.” Sirius did as Jen told him. No matter what Sirius wanted there was very little chance that he would have denied Jen her wish.

“So – what were you doing in bed with him, Jen?”

[A/N] I know this wait has been especially long and this update is thanks to my best friend who helped me with ideas when I got writer’s block. I’m afraid without her help I would probably only be half way through this chapter by now.

On the upside, this is my longest chapter yet. I’m quite proud because I’d always thought of my other chapters as long until I read other author’s chapters that were over double the words of mine.

I will definitely try and update again before the queue closure. I already have the outline so this update should be ready sooner.

Hope you enjoyed :) x

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