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Susie Q by SiriuslyNot
Chapter 41 : All I Want For Christmas Is You
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Chapter 41:
All I Want For Christmas Is You

I won't ask for much this Christmas
I don't even wish for snow
I'm just gonna keep on waiting
Underneath the mistletoe...
- Mariah Carey

Don't you just hate Christmas?

I know I do.

"DAD!" I roared, dashing down the stairs. "Tell mama and Sienna that NO way in HELL am I wearing this... this... this..." I fumed, gesturing at myself and my poor-excuse-of-clothing.

"It's a freaking sari, Susie, now shut your gob!" Sienna snapped, walking down after me.

"You could do with some manners, Susan," mama joined in, and I sent the two of them a death glare.

"I think it looks lovely," dad said, eyeing me carefully. "Although, does it have to be so... so..."

"Revealing? Oh, yeah!" I said sarcastically. "It's practically wrapped around me - there's no zipper, no buttons, no--"

"If it falls off, you don't need to worry about exposing anything - you've got nothing to expose," Sienna said in a sweet voice.

"Oh, you've got to stop being so damn funny, Sienna," I hissed, and narrowed my eyes.

You could tell things were back to normal between us - just throw in the dress code for the wedding, and the entire bonding thing we had going on just vanished.


"Morticia, is this really necessary--" dad started, but cleared his throat awkwardly as he met mama's gaze. "Erm, Susie, sweetheart - we have to respect traditions, don't you agree?"

"Well, in my culture, it's a tradition to COVER YOURSELF UP!" I hollered back, not caring how much of a drama queen I was. "I'm not attending the bloody wedding dressed in this thing!"

There was a loud gasp from both mama and Sienna.

"Susie, please--" dad started, but I silenced him by raising my finger dangerously, and swiveled around on my heel - before stomping up the stairs.

"Did she... did she just silence me with her finger, love?" I heard dad ask in awe.

"Richard, please!"

~ (=^ . ^=) ~


They gave me two hours.

Two hours of peace and quiet after the sari incident.

And that's it.

"Ugh..." I huffed, stomping downstairs. "What, mama, WHAT?"

Mama stood beaming at the bottom of the stairs, practically bouncing of excitement, while dad stood grumpily beside her, his arms crossed over his chest. I froze at once, my gaze jumping from mama to dad, and then back to mama - it looked like they had argued about something, disagreed, and dad refused to play nice this time.

Huh. There's a first.

"What?" I said again, more nervous now. "What did you do, mama?"

"I have your surprise," she whispered loudly, as Sienna appeared from the kitchen with Ali - they were holding hands.

"Surprise?" I asked with a frown, and as soon as I'd got the words out, it hit me; that surprise. "Oh, no, no, no, no, no, mama! Please, please, please! You cannot be serious! Mama, no - no surprise!"

She ignored me, as she reached towards me, and pulled me along. She led the way to towards the living room, but stopped suddenly. "Oh, look at your hair, mon cherie! It is horrid!"

I let her try to flat my hair down a bit, staring helplessly at her. I had no idea what the surprise was - that's why she kept calling it 'surprise' - but if mama was involved, it couldn't be good.

"Dad?" I said in a small voice, trying to use my infamous puppy-eye look on him, and I could literally hear his heart melt.

"Morticia, this is hardly--"

"Richard," mama said, cutting him off with a simple look at him. "Mind your own business."

I snorted shortly, considering that dad was, well, my dad, and I was kind of his business, as most daughters are, right?

"Now, try to behave, this is important, Susan," mama whispered importantly, and I pursed my lips. "And don't frown, or sneer, or grimace, or... well, it's probably better if you try not to talk at all."

With that, she pushed me into the living room, following after with dad. I blinked rapidly, trying to take in the entire room, that was shockingly... Christmas-y. The gigantic Christmas tree in the corner kind of stole the entire attention, not to mention the rest of the decorations around the room, the stockings above the fireplace... yes, it was hard to zoom out the surprise mama wanted me to see with all those other things distracting me.

But there he sat, looking more awkward than ever.

Actually, I didn't think the word 'awkward' existed in his world - until this very moment.

"Finn?" I gaped, feeling both relieved and worried. Why would mama drag Finn here? Certainly not because he was charming, because he wasn't - he was as charming as Chuck, and Chuck... well, Chuck was Chuck.

'Nuff said.

"Hey, Susie," Finn said, fidgeting in his seat.

My eyes moved to the couple next to Finn; a thin, elegant woman, a woman who made mama look warm and loving, with platinum blonde hair, and thinner lips than Snivellus'. She was sucking on a cigarette, reminding me of Cruella de Vil, and her cold eyes were just that - cold. My eyes drifted to the fur over her shoulders, and I shuddered; I could picture that woman hunting squirrels with a gun and make her own furs.

Wouldn't put it past her.

The man next to her was... well, he looked like he had been a supermodel when he was younger. He had a smile plastered on his face, a smile that creeped me out. His hair was grey, even if he couldn't be much older than dad, and dad still had dark and nice hair. With the quick examination I did, I could tell these were Finn's parents, but only because the man's nose was the same Finn had, and the woman prompt cheekbones the Cruella de Vil-clone had were Finn's.

Finn's parents were otherwise nothing like Finn himself.

"This is her, then?" the woman said, and stood up in a swift movement, towering over me. "Susan, it is nice to finally meet you. I have heard a lot about you."

Posh English. Go figure.

"Nice to meet you, too," I said stiffly, nodding at her.

"This is my mum, Clarice, and my dad, Finley," Finn said, gesturing at them as he stood up.

"I figured that out, Finn," I told him, giving him an accusing glare.

Why was he here? Why had he agreed to this? Why--


Maybe Finn was as much of an victim as I was. That seemed... fairly possible, considering what our mothers were like.

"Susan," mama said from behind me, and I could tell her teeth were clenched at my remark. "Be nice."

I sighed, and let mama steer me to the sofa. I stumbled over something, only to realize it was mama who had very obviously tripped me, and pushed me down next to Finn - very, very close to him.

And his parents weren't helping, as they took half of the sofa, keeping much, much space between each other.

Finn gave me an apologetic look, and I glared him down. He cleared his throat, as mama and dad sat down on the other side of the coffee table, where the tea was served.

Tea? Tea with the freak family? Right. Ha ha.

I raised my eyebrows at Finn, who shrugged once, glancing at his mom. I looked at her too, and found her gazing at me with a calculating look. I shifted uncomfortably in my seat, causing Finn to wince as I nudged him painfully in the ribs with my elbow.

"She looks a lot like you, Morticia dear," Clarice finally said, and I could see the flicker of shock on mama's face.

"Thank you, Clarice," she said politely, and smiled.

"Same eyes, I see... very beautiful eyes, indeed..."

"Yes, our Sienna, our older daughter, is the one who got my eyes," dad put in, trying to ease the tension. "She's also getting married."

Great, dad. Way to go, dad.

"So..." I said after a moment of silence. "What's going on?"


Hold on.


Did dad just say 'also'? As in, 'She's ALSO getting married.' As in, SOMEONE ELSE IS GETTING MARRIED, TOO!?

Mama perked up next to dad, and dad looked grumpy again, hiding it with a frown. Finn's parents looked excited by my question, and Clarice showed genuine pride, and actual facial expressions.

I thought that would've been next to impossible.

"Well, dear," mama said, and looked at me pointedly. "We've decided that it's your turn to walk the aisle like Sienna, and, well, I'm sure you already know Finn from before, so your marriage will be the most suitable one, don't you agree?"

I stared at her in open disbelief. "Are you fucking kid--"


"I'll get it," I said, as the doorbell drowned my earlier comment completely. I rushed up on my feet, jumping over everyone's legs, bolting towards the front door. I passed Sienna and Ali, who were both busy snogging each other in the kitchen, but pulled away as they realized they weren't alone anymore. I ignored them, as they stared after me with curiousity, watching me wrench the door open, my face probably paler than ever.

The person behind the door shocked me even more than mama's little 'surprise'.

"Sirius!" I cried out, my eyes growing wide. "What--"

"I'm sorry," Sirius said quickly, his hands deep in his pockets. I noticed the goosebumps on his arms - what kind of idiot went out in the middle of winter with only a t-shirt and jeans!? Okay, so he also had a Gryffindor scarf, BUT STILL! "I'm sorry, Susie! I don't always say the right things, or do the right things, but two things I'm sure of; I'm an idiot, and I really care about you. I never meant to upset you, and I--"

"Sirius, you dolt," I cut him off, shaking my head at him. "What are you doing here? And why aren't you wearing a jacket? It's freaking winter, Sirius!" I fumed, as Sienna appeared behind me.

"Who is this?" Sienna asked, eyeing Sirius with mild interest.

I sighed. "Sienna, this is Sirius from school, Sirius, this is my sister, Sienna," I said in a bored voice, waving my hand between them. "Now sod off, Sienna!" I told my sister, and watched her walk back to Ali. "And you've got a lot of nerve to show up here with... with..." I stammered, glaring at him. "With nothing!"

"Huh?" Sirius said, just before I slammed the door in his face.

How the hell did Sirius appear behind my door out of nowhere!?


"Who was it?" mama asked, appearing into the hall with everyone else following right behind.

"It was the postman," I said and laughed nervously. "He got the wrong house, he--"


I had already wandered away from the door, so I couldn't prevent the following from happening. Mama, who now stood closer to the door, reached for the door, as I opened my mouth to stop her - but it was too late.

As mama opened the door, and plastered a warm smile on her face, my hands flew to my hair, as I saw Sirius Black stand behind the door - as I expected - with flowers.

Flowers from mama's garden.

"Susie, forgive me my idiocy!" he declared dramatically, until he realized it wasn't me who had opened the door, but a very shocked looking mama. Sirius' eyes shifted from mama to me, and a grin slowly appeared on his face. "Hi, Susie Q!"

I groaned quietly, nearly pulling my hair out, as mama very slowly turned to me, her eyes bulging from their sockets.

"Susan?" she said with a shaky voice, smiling slightly; a smile that covered the fury inside. "Care to explain?"


"Is she having an affair with the postman?" I heard Finn's dad murmur suspciously. "Quite the scandal!"


~ (=^ . ^=) ~

I stood behind my door, preparing myself to face Sirius. I had just been yelled at for nearly thirty minutes, listening to mama tell me how irresponsible it was to have an 'affair' and not let her know about it. The Dunleys had left swiftly after Sirius had presented himself, and announced that he was my boyfriend - which he most certainly wasn't! - and Finn had patted Sirius' shoulder with a thankful smile, before rushing after his fuming parents, while Clarice Dunley hissed about cursed families.

Dad didn't take it well, either. He eyed Sirius, his long hair, and his fang necklace, and the crooked smile, all the way to the Quidditch t-shirt and worn out jeans. Dad's frown only got darker, as he tried to picture his little Soozer with a guy like that. He gave me a look of utter disappointment, and I felt for the first time that I had betrayed him. Dad stayed for most of the yelling, which Sirius was spared from. Sienna offered to show Sirius around, leaving the room with Ali and Sirius, as soon as she saw the yelling coming. As soon as they were gone, mama gave me an earful of her thoughts.

Yes, life was gooooooood.

I opened the door to my room, closing it quickly behind me. Sirius lay sprawled on my bed, patting a very content looking Felix, who was on his stomach, looking happier than ever. Sirius looked up as he heard the door close, and sat up abruptly, sending Felix on the floor.

"Your sister told me to wait he--"

"I know," I cut him off shortly. "I ran into her in the stairs."

Awkward silence.

"So," Sirius said, looking around my room. "This is your room, eh?"

"Clearly," I muttered, slowly walking to the chair at my desk, and sat down on it. I tried not to think about the fit dad would get if he knew Sirius Black lay on my bed. "Sirius, what are you doing here?" I asked with a tired voice, rubbing my forehead.

"I had to see you," he said, looking at me like I was an idiot. "I missed you."

"Oh, please," I huffed, and gave him an incredulous look.

"Honestly," Sirius said, and jumped up from the bed, walking towards me. He kneeled in front of me, and I froze at once. I pursed my lips together, as he raised his hand and brushed my cheek with his thumb. "I missed your blush..." he murmured, and gently cupped my face. "Your skin..." Sirius continued. His thumb brushed against my lips, and I inhaled sharply. "Your lips, and..."

"Don't," I warned him, as he leaned closer.

"Why not?" Sirius demanded, pulling away with an annoyed expression.

"I don't snog prats," I said.

"I'm the same prat now as I was when we fucked on that kitchen counter!" Sirius said.

I glared at him, and pushed him away. "You just want to get laid, is that it?"

"No!" Sirius said at once, and stood up. "Why can't you just wrap your mind around the fact that I might just really, really miss you - you as a person, not just as an easy fuck!?"

"Because!" I said childishly.

"Fine!" he said, walking towards the door. "Be stubborn, see if I care!"

"FINE!" I yelled after him.


I watched him slam the door behind him as he left the room, and stomp down the stair. I listened for some yelling coming from my parents, or Sirius, but it never came. The next thing I heard was the slam of the front door. I flung myself to the window, and watched Sirius storm from the house, throwing me a furious glance over his shoulder as he went. I sighed heavily, not even aware that someone had entered the room.

"Did he hurt you, Soozer?" dad's voice came from behind me, making me jump ten feet in the air.

"Dad!" I gasped, looking around at him. "What--" I started innocently, but fell quiet as I saw dad's troubled face, and the anger behind those familiar blue eyes. "No, dad, he didn't hurt me. I hurt him."

I turned back to the window, watching Sirius disappear into the forest. Dad walked behind me, and wrapped his arms around my shoulders, giving me a gentle squeeze.

"Atta girl," he murmured in my ear, and I smiled faintly. "He probably deserved it. You're too good for him."

For once, I seriously doubted dad's opinion.

~ (=^ . ^=) ~

That night I lay awake in my bed, listening to an owl hoot somewhere in the distance. I rolled around on my back, and sighed heavily, running my hand through my hair - it probably looked like hell, but quite frankly, I couldn't give a fuck. Christmas was practically ruined, and I hadn't even bothered to pretend to be excited over my presents, even if dad had gotten me a new broom, and mama had sacrificed her 'moral standards' and gone to a Quidditch supply shop to get me a cleaning kit for the blasted thing.

Not even Lily's Christmas present cheered me up; she'd gotten me a book - as a joke, I assumed - called How To Verbally Impress Your Peers.

Christmas was ruined.

A soft knock on my window startled me, and I sat up in my bed, narrowing my eyes. Grabbing the first thing I could - a pillow; impressive! - I tip-toed towards the window, holding the pillow tightly in my hands to knock out whoever it was behind my window, or just feed him some feathers. I pushed the window open quickly, and flung my pillow aimlessly, hitting something that groaned.


"Oww, God damn it, Susie!"

I blinked rapidly, my eyes slowly getting used to the dark, and I could make out the face of my midnight visitor.

"Sirius!?" I hissed, dropping the pillow in shock.

"Duhh!?" he grunted, and flung himself in through my window, dressed again in nothing else but a t-shirt and jeans.

Oh, and his scarf.

"What the fuck are you doing here!?" I demanded with a whisper.

"Where do you think you get off using lame comebacks on me?" Sirius whispered, walking towards me, as I backed away from him, my eyes wide.


"You better have some really good reason to be like this, treat me like crap, or I'll--"

"Sirius," I said, putting my hands on his slightly broad - and warm! - chest, making him stop before he would make me fall on my bed, and Merlin knew where that would lead. "I'm pregnant."

~ (=^ . ^=) ~

A/N: I'm prrrrrrrretty sure I'll update before Christmas atleast once... or twice. Depends on the amount of reviews, and, of course, the quality of 'em ...joking, I would never do that xD Judge reviews, I mean. All reviews are welcome :)
- Lily xxx

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