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Chasing Red by Veela_is_me
Chapter 1 : Who's that girl?
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Who’s that girl? 

Who's that girl?
In the white dress
With the deep blue eyes
And the magic smile 

Who’s that girl; tell me what’s her name? 


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“Hurry, dad we are going to be late” moaned Albus

Harry Potter looked over his shoulder at his son who was bouncing up and down on his seat.

“Calm down Al, it is not even 10:30 yet, we have loads of time”

“Al just wants to see his girlfriend!” James laughed dodging out of his brother’s fist range.

“Jaaames!” moaned Albus

“Albus has a girlfriend? Ooh is she pretty? I bet she is pretty” said lily leaning over to get a better look at her brother

“I don’t have a girlfriend” whined Albus

“YES you do!” yelled James pointing at him

“Albus you didn’t tell us you had a girlfriend” said his mother Ginny potter as she leaned over the front seat to get a better look at her son who was turning bright shade of red.

“I don’t have a girlfriend” Albus muttered

“Her name is Oriella; she has hair like you mum!”

“Does she now! Seems like all potters have a thing for red heads, don’t they hunny” Ginny said smiling as she looked at her husband with soft eyes.

Harry Potter smiled sappily at his wife “they sure do, and I wouldn’t have it any other way”

The Potter children all made faces as their parents kissed.

“Ewwwwww! Mum! Dad!” whined Albus

“Please! Get a room!” James complained looking out the window to avoid seeing his parents exchange saliva.

“Dad! You can’t kiss mum while driving!” Lily yelled

Harry Potter Chuckled and broke away from his wife “calm down kids, look we’re here!”

“About time” muttered James

Albus started to bounce up and down on his seat again.

“Calm down Albus, your girlfriends not going anywhere” James smirked

But as soon as the car slowed down to a stop Albus threw open the door and ran on to the plat form without a backwards glance.

“ALBUS! COME BA- oh forget it, James grab your brothers trunk” Ginny Said watching her son as he ran towards the barrier of platform nine and three quarters.

“Oh so he gets to run off and see his girlfriend and I get stuck with his trunk, that is a load of merlins dirty underwear and you know it!” James argued

Harry suppressed a laugh while Ginny raised her eyebrows “well get a girlfriend then you can run off with your brother”

James grabbed the two trunks and stalked off grumbling all the way down the platform

The remaining potters laughed “he is exactly like you Ginny” laughed harry
“He is not!”Ginny said incredulously putting her hands on her hips.

Harry laughed “you know I have this defined memory of you stomping up the stairs and banging things just because you weren’t old enough to hear information about the order of the phoenix, back in Grimmald place, remember” Harry said, his eyes twinkling.

Ginny screwed up her nose and poked out her tongue like a child stuck in a woman’s body.

Harry laughed and pulled her towards him. “You’re cute when you’re annoyed about something”

“Oh just shut up and kiss me Potter!” Ginny grumbled

Harry chuckled before bringing his mouth to hers.

Little lily potter smiled at her parents then ran on to the platform after her brothers.


A load of BULLSHIT I tell you.

I DID have a girlfriend, only my parents didn’t know about it.

There are three very important reasons why I would never tell my parents I had a girlfriend. Number one, for starters Albus would get his revenge on me out for paying him out and trust me, you do not want to be on the recieving end of his bat bogey hex. Not what i would call a pleasent experience.

Number two, whenever mum finds out that one of us has a girlfriend she always insists that we bring them home during the holidays.Then they get scared away especially when they see my family, I mean who bloody wouldn’t, there is only about a million of them. It doesn't exactly help when mum is forcing us to eat all the time and when dad starts to watch t.v it's best just to leave the room. Let’s just say dad watches a muggle sport called football. On a muggle box called a television. This might be okay if he didn’t shout. But he does. At a box.

Well the said girlfriend might still be okay by then, if Uncle Ron didn’t come over. And when he and my dad get drunk, well let’s just say he stands on the table and starts pulling bunches of flowers out his-


You get the idea.

A blond bombshell ran into my arms. Now when I say blond bombshell I mean blond bombshell. And this was the third reason why I would never admit that I had a girlfriend. My girlfriend was in fact blond, not a fiery red head like my mum, or my sister lily, or Albus’ Oriella OR EVEN my grandma Molly. She was blond. And lets be honest here, has there ever been such a thing as a blond potter?


My girlfriend is easily one of the hottest girl sat Hogwarts; her main attraction was her large chest and to be honest with you her ass wasn't that bad either.


“Jamseeee!” I missed you!” she said as she clung to my neck, Her blond her hair in my face.

I cringed at her stupid nickname for me “jamsee!” I hated it.

“How was your summer?” I asked pulling back to see her face.

She smiled at me eagerly “well I spent most of it at my parents’ beach house down by the beach with amber and I bought this really nice-“

Okay I have to admit that Bonnie may be hot but she is incredibly boring and I sort of zoned out. I just kept nodding and smiling. She just kept babbling on.

I searched through the crowd for Freddie and Belle, The only cousins of mine who were in Sixth year like me. And let me tell you, I had a lot of cousins.

I spotted Uncle George, but no Freddie. Usually Weaslys are fairly easy to find in a crowd, Due to their flaming red hair.

I searched through the crowd again this time looking for bright red hair. I spotted three people in my pheorical vision with flaming red hair. One was my sister lily. She was with her little second year friends. The other one was Molly she was arguing with her father, Uncle Percy.

And then there was one other. She wasn’t part of my family and I’d never seen her around before. She must be a transfer. A hot transfer.

“Jamseee! Are you even listening to me?” Pouted Bonnie.

I turned to look at her she had her arms crossed and seemed to notice who occupied my attention. She tapped her foot and I realised she was waiting on an answer.


“Err yeah you went to your beach house and bought some...”

What do girls normally buy?


I watched her reaction. She smiled warmly and grabbed my hand.

Thankyou brain

“I knew you were listening!”

Complete fluke

“Err... yeah”

We walked slowly toward the train. Bonnie continued talking. Again I let my attention wonder and I spotted that girl again. Who was she? She was standing with her family next to a boy about the same age as her. A boyfriend? Maybe. He didn’t look part of the family. The rest of her family had fiery red hair like her. The boy had brown hair.

I watched as they all started laughing at something the boy said. She turned, the ghost of a smile still on her face. Her eyes searched the crowd until they landed on me. She blushed at being stared at.


I didn’t know what to do. She caught me looking at her, so I just smiled and then turned away. If Bonnie had seen that I would be injured before we even got to Hogwarts and then she would hunt down that girl and  we’d be buddies in the hospital wing.

Bonnie pulled me toward the train, still talking.

“And you know I react when I see bugs I mean eww! Why-“

“Bonnie” I interrupted her. “Why don’t you go and find a spare
compartment while I go and say goodbye to my parents”

“Alright, but don’t be too long, Jamseee” she pouted. Then she stood on her tippy toes and put her arms around my neck. “I might miss you”

She leaned in a kissed me on the lips. Then she walked off, her long blond her swinging behind her.

I have to say, she has THE BEST ass at Hogwarts. I smiled to myself.

“James, there you are, come give your grandma a hug before you go.”Grandma molly pulled me into a big hug. I always loved grandma molly’s hugs. They were always warm and just plain awesome. Then after a while or so she let go and pulled out a bag.

“Here you go” she said stuffing a wrapped up sandwich in my hand. “I made you a sandwich for the train. Now you like corn beef don’t you?”


“Of course, grandma” I lied. Albus is the one that’s crazy for the stuff.

She pinched my cheeks and smiled. “That’s my boy, now where has your brother got to?” She said peering over my shoulder to look for Albus. It is quite an achievement that she can actually see over my shoulder considering I’m taller than her.

“He is with his girlfriend”

HAH no stopping Grandma molly now, she will find this girl and want to know everything about her.

Grandma Molly looked at me. “MY Albus is with a GIRL?”

“He sure is, maybe you should go find him Grandma” I said seriously.

Although I had to keep from laughing at the look that would appear on Albus’ face once he is caught snogging his girlfriend in front of his Grandma.

“I think I will, give me another hug before you go” she said pulling me into another hug. “I’m going to miss my biggest eater”

“Don’t worry; I’m sure I still don’t eat as much as Uncle Ron!”

She pulled away and smiled “you have a point there”

“Well I guess I’ll see you at Christmas then”

“And I’ll have a big Christmas turkey waiting for you when you get back”

I love Grandma Molly

“Thanks Grandma”

“Now I think I’ll go find that brother of yours.” she said determinedly looking over my shoulder again.

“Try over there, I think I saw him” I said pointing over her shoulder where I had just seen my little brother pulling a red headed girl by the hand.

She walked off in the direction I was pointing. I looked at my watch; I still had fifteen minutes to get on the train. Now where had my mother got to?

“James! There you are!” came a voice to my right. I turned around. My cousin Isabelle was walking towards me with an excited expression on her face.

“Hey Bells”

“Uncle Harry told uncle Ron who told uncle George who told my dad who told me that you made captain of the quidditch team!” she beamed, her white teeth glistening in the sunlight.

“Whoa wait a minute let me get this straight, my dad told Uncle Ron who told Uncle George who then told uncle Bill who told you that I’m quidditch captain! I always knew I was a favourite in the family, everyone can’t stop talking about me!”

She grinned and punched me on the arm.

Let me tell you one thing, never be in the punching range of Isabelle Weasley because it bleedin hurts!

“Was that necessary?” I complained rubbing my arm

“Well that’s what you get for having such a big head, Oh! There’s scarlet I gotta go, I’ll see you later!” She waved then ran after scarlet Longbottom. She practically tackled her to the ground.

My cousin is a lunatic. The end


Bloody hell, what now?

“Think you were going to leave without saying good bye to your mother?”

I turned around; sure enough my mum was standing there with her hands on her hips. Not far behind her was my dad talking to Uncle Ron and doing weird hand gestures. Didn’t even want to know what that conversation was about. Aunt Hermione was walking towards us with her arm elbow deep in her small beaded bag.

“Of course not mum, goodbye, I love you, good bye.... did I say that already?”

She looked down at me with hard eyes, and then pulled me into a hug.
“mummmm!’ i whined.

She ignored me and said “make sure you write and look after Al and Lily and all your cousins”


She let go and looked at me sternly “you’re the oldest so make sure they don’t get into trouble and James?”


“Behave yourself! I don’t want to get another a letter saying you’ve blown up a toilet or-“

“That was one time!” I protested. 'And in all fairness uncle George dared me to do it!'

“I don’t care! Just behave, okay?”

“Fine whatever”

“James?”Said Aunt Hermione, she was still searching through her bag for something.


“Do you think you could give this to Hugo?” she asked and out her bag she pulled out a furry brown bear that looked like it had seen better days.

Hugo still has a bear!!

“He left it behind and he is already on the train, do you mind?” she asked again handing me the bear that by the looks of it was once white.

“Sure!” I grabbed it by the ear, grinning

“James!!” my mother said sternly

“What!” I said innocently as i pocketed the bear.

Don’t go making fun of Hugo now, we all know you still sleep with a bear too”

Damn it, how did she know about that!

Note to self: find a better hiding spot for Mr Ted, MUM KNOWS EVERYTHING!!

“I DO NOT!” I protested

“Don’t lie James” she said looking at her watch “Merlin! It’s 10:55, James you better get on that train!’

“Shit, okay bye mum” I said hugging her once again.

“James don’t swear!” She scolded

I rolled my eyes over her shoulder

“Bye James” aunt Hermione said giving me a hug

“Bye Dad, Bye Uncle Ron” I quickly shook Uncle Ron’s hand and gave my dad a fleeting hug before running after the train.

Steam was bellowing out from under the train and if I didn’t hurry, I was going to miss it and everyone would be going without me. Thank Merlin I’m a fast runner, or I’d have to do an Uncle Ron and fly to Hogwarts in the ford Angela.

I pushed open the door and hurled myself in. Landing James bond style on the floor, i had the hand gun and everything.

“No need to be so dramatic”

I picked myself up; Albus was watching me with his eyebrows raised and his arms crossed.

“I like to make an entrance”i said dusting off my clothes


We both turned and looked out the window. Half our family was there to see us off. Blimey we are a very “red” bunch. And then there is my dark haired dad, you can spot him easily waving.

Me and Al got his hair, but Al looks more like him then I do. Mum says I have more Weasly in me. Which is totally awesome considering my mum was apparently a rebel in her days and my uncle George and his twin Fred were the TOP pranksters of Hogwarts. Lily got the Weasley hair though.

I grinned and waved at all my red headed family plus my dad.

The train slowly started to move and as it did I glimpsed That other red headed family again. And it got me wondering...

Who’s that girl?


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