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Twenty-Six Stories by fluffball
Chapter 1 : A is for Andromeda
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A is for Andromeda

I had suffered years in the confines of my parents’ household, held back by my parents’ beliefs.  I was perhaps wiser than my cousin who shared similar views on the world to what I did.  Even when he reached an older age, he was foolishly outspoken about what he believed in, but still asked as if it wasn’t obvious why his parents favoured his brother over him.  His brother was the perfect son to my aunt and uncle.  Well, really, he would have been the perfect son to anyone in my family.  Kind of like my older sister would be the perfect daughter to anyone in my family.  But the cousin I mentioned earlier, Sirius, and I, we were a different breed from the rest of our family, and I don’t mean that as a pun regarding Sirius’ ability to turn into a dog.

Though I never mentioned it to my parents—I had thought ahead and knew that they would not stand by having a blood traitor living under their roof—by the end of my sixth year at Hogwarts, I had fallen hopelessly in love with a Muggleborn.  He was a Hufflepuff by the name of Ted Tonks.  By the time I left Hogwarts, we were engaged.

The following September, Sirius headed to Hogwarts.  He was sorted into Gryffindor.  I am almost positive that he was quite literally the only person in our bloodline to have ever been sorted into any house other than Slytherin.  I wondered how he was going to manage his parents when he went home for Christmas but, to my great relief, he sent me a letter not long before saying he was staying over at the house of a boy named James Potter for the holidays.  I was so shocked to hear this that I almost went to the Black family Christmas party just to ask why his parents had allowed it when they were almost certainly angry with him for being placed in Gryffindor, of all houses.  Instead, I decided to ask him.  As it transpired, James Potter was part of the Potter family, a well-known, rich family of purebloods who almost certainly had the respect of Sirius’ and my relatives.  What he did not mention to his parents was that Peter Pettigrew, also pureblood but part of a family of known “blood traitors” and Remus Lupin, a halfblood, would also be there.  And, as it turned out, even James, whose family kept their beliefs quiet enough that no one suspected anything, could almost always be found trailing a Muggleborn girl.  I couldn’t help but feel proud—both of the precautions he took to ensure that he did not get in more trouble with his parents and of his boldness in making such friends.

I was also very delighted to hear that he wouldn’t be at home for the holidays because that was when Ted and I were going to be married.  The chance of him coming if it was left up to his parents was absolutely zero, but the Potters would likely be a different case.  I owled them explaining the situation and asking whether or not Sirius could come.  The response was that, yes, he could and the wedding truly did turn out to be the happiest day of my life up to that point.

Not only was I marrying the man I loved, but I had the chance to see that my favourite cousin, no, favourite relative was doing quite well.

A year later, I found out I was pregnant.  By the eighth month of pregnancy, I decided it was time to visit Hogwarts, as I wanted to tell Sirius the news in person.  Sirius had just begun his third year there, but when I went to see him, he had not changed a bit.

He was still smirking about something I didn’t and probably didn’t want to know about, still had that mischievous glint in his eyes that I’d come to know so well, and was still hanging around the same three friends.  He startled me with his politeness when he introduced his friends to Ted and I.  James was rather small and thin with black hair that stuck out all over the place.  I would never have imagined what would one day happen to him or that I would one day be, rather unfortunately, connected with his prat of a son (though I’m still fond of his prat of a son, he reminds me a lot of Sirius sometimes).  Peter was short, pale, and rat-like with a permanently confused expression on his face.  If only I’d known then…Sirius would have murdered me on the spot, but at least I would have prevented that horrible future.  Remus was tall, though not as tall as Sirius, and had light brown hair, copper eyes that looked much older than his thirteen years, and rather pale complexion.  I really can’t sum my feelings about Remus up into anything short enough to explain here, but every time I think of him, the image of my daughter bursting in the door talking about how her new boyfriend gave her chocolate and that meant that he wanted to marry her pops into my mind.  She was eternally convinced that any boy who gave her chocolate wanted to marry her.  In Remus’ case, it was true.

Sirius was seriously excited to find out that I was pregnant (I’m serious…) and loudly congratulated me on behalf of the Marauders.  I made the terrible mistake of asking what the Marauders were.

Remus instantly gave me what I swear must have been the dictionary definition of “marauder” and then started going on about plundering the seven seas in his faithful ship and didn’t stop until James pulled out some chocolate to bribe him with.  I swear to you, Remus and chocolate…

Then, James started going on about a super secret organisation that no one could know about unless they became a member, with Peter nodding furiously in the background.  He presented it in a way that begged for me to ask questions, despite the fact that he assured me he would answer no questions about it.  He seemed disappointed when I didn’t press the matter.

Finally, Sirius asked what I was planning on naming the baby and Ted told him that we hadn’t decided yet.  James suggested Elvendork.  Sirius added excitedly that it was unisex.  Remus laughed and agreed that it was a good name, seeming much more sure than I was that Sirius and James were joking.  Peter looked more confused than usual.

I foolishly responded, “Elvendork?  I’d rather name my daughter Nymphadora than Elvendork!”

Apparently Ted took that to mean I wanted a daughter called Nymphadora.

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Twenty-Six Stories: A is for Andromeda


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