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Carol of the Bells by leapoffaith24
Chapter 1 : Harry Comes Home
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    HEY!!! What's up, everyone! This is a Christmas story, and yes, I know it's kind of late for that, but WHO CARES! I've really been wanting to write a story about when Harry proposes to Ginny, and Christmas seemed like a cute time to do so :) ANYWAY. Hope you like it! Chapter 2 is validating at the moment, so stick with me! :)

Thanks to J.K. for letting me borrow HER story, which is completely hers and not mine :)

Thanks also to the HPFF staff for putting up with my many resubmissions of chapters xD

And finally, thanks to Jack's Mannequin for inspiring me to no end :)

Enjoy, Harry/Ginny shippers!!! Merry Christmas!

                                                    Chapter 1- Harry Comes Home



This was totally ridiculous. Why wasn't he just Apparating? No...he has to do his absolute best to annoy the crap out of me. Because that's how Harry is... always the drama. Always having to make an entrance, that boy. It was hard to believe that the only reason he wasn't Apparatting was because it was "uncomfortable" after "all his work". Why did he have to do this to me?

I was standing at the train station; ten minutes until Harry's train was due to arrive. A hundred miles away from the Burrow, The Madrician train station was one of the only Wizarding train stations...most wizards [cough, Harry, cough] would just Apparate to where they needed to go. But some wizards liked to torture their girlfriends and make them wait thirty-six extra hours to see them after they'd been away for six months. But like I said, he liked to make entrances.

"Ginny? Ginny? Still conscious, darling sister?"

I heard the sound of by brother Fred's voice calling at me from what seemed like a far distance. I composed my face and turned slowly to look at him. His face was lit up by the setting sun, and his features showed a mocking smile. What? Was I not allowed to be anxious for Harry's return?

"Dear Freddie, you wouldn't want me to through you into the train tracks, would you?" I said, trying to mock him as much as he was me.

He laughed out loud, tilting his head back to add to the effect. He gave me a sly smile and went back to George, who was sitting about 50 meters away and immersed in a stack of papers.
"Oh, don't mind him, Ginny," Hermione said, approaching her, holding two steaming cups of hot chocolate and handing one to me. "He's just teasing you. Don't worry, Harry will destroy him when he gets home. He's halfway to being an Auror now, anyway."

Harry had been away for six months of Auror training and was coming home for another eight months. Hermione's words did little to comfort my nerves. I shivered, but it wasn't from the freezing December weather. Images of Death Eaters attacking the train or the train itself slipping on ice... I shuddered; Hermione noticed.

"Ginny, you do know that Harry isn't the only one on that train, right? There's at least sixty people on board. The conductor isn't going to... wreck or anything. Harry's going to be here," she said, looking me straight in the face with understanding in her smile.

I sighed, my forehead creasing again. I walked to a nearby bench and sat down. Normally I loved winter, but something had me irritable and touchy. I needed Harry back. Now.

Hermione sat down next to me as we sat and drank our hot chocolate, watching the other witches and wizards hurry along to catch their train or stand around waiting for relatives. It was amazing how many wizards even bothered with trains when we had Apparition. It was something I would just never understand.

My heart seemed to thump harder and faster as the minutes passed... four minutes... three minutes... two minutes... one minute... late... late... late.... My heart seemed ready to burst out of my chest when I heard a screech of tracks and the sound of a train pulling in.

I leapt to my feet; Hermione followed. I ran to where Harry would soon be stepping out... nearly tripping and giving myself a concussion in the process. There where many aggravated grunts and "heys" from wizards who where waiting, but I didn't care. Not now. I checked the name on the side of the train... The Madrician Elite. This was totally Harry's train. So I could not have cared less what that wizard was grunting to me about, because my heart was threatening to explode. Harry was here... finally here. My perfect Christmas present... Harry next to me as we listened to cheesy Christmas songs...sipping too-hot hot chocolate... standing under the mistletoe under falling snow... perfect. He would be home for another eight months before he was deported again, and then he'd be sent home after only two more months of training.

I stopped for a moment and examined my thoughts. I knew it wasn't normal. It was probably unhealthy. But I was completely in love with him. Every time I imagined myself in the future, it was always next to him, with him. I didn't want to think about  when the relationship would end, because I didn't think I could bear it if he left me. I loved him, and I'd never felt that way before. I was the fearless Ginny Weasley, and everyone knew that I didn't put up with any crap. No one would've ever imagined me as being in love. But, truth was, there would never be anyone else. And I was expected to wait six months for him to come home. It still amazed me that I made it that far without going insane, but I'd made it all six months, and now he was almost here.

My heart was annoyingly loud; I was sure everyone around me could hear it. I tried to compose myself as I scanned the wizards exiting the train. It was after  three minutes of pure agony, my heart beating so hard that it almost hurt, that Harry finally stepped off of the platform carrying a single bag and wearing a jacket and tie. How stunning he was... and he was only nineteen. His eyes scanned the crowed, and at last his eyes rested on mine. A huge smile spread across his face and lit up his beautiful eyes. He shoved a few people out of the way, ignoring their mundane complaints, and walked briskly toward me. I couldn't bear the wait, and I ran after him. I slammed into him, and he dropped his bag in surprise, staggering back with a chuckle. He laughed and put his arms around me in a tight embrace.

"Merry Christmas, love," he said, his sweet honey voice melting me to pieces. I placed my arms around him and held him tighter than I ever have before.

"I missed you," I whispered, still not quite fully believing he was here. I breathed in his beautiful scent... he smelled like peppermint and freshly baking bread and... winter. He smelled like winter. No one smelled like Harry.

"I missed you, too, love. I nearly went bloody mad without seeing you," he breathed into my ear. I knew I should be mad, but I just couldn't bring myself to be mad at him. He was here... finally here. I thought of how I felt two years ago... never sure if Harry was alive... always wondering if he was okay, wherever he was. Wondering how long I was going to be trapped in that bloody castle. Wondering when Harry would hold me again... if he would hold me again. And after his little stunt at the Battle of Hogwarts, after I'd experienced my world crashing around me and my blood stop dead cold... when my body went into a sort of trance, only the pain did not subside... when I heard a horrific, disgusting, terrible noise escape from my lips, a scream the world had never heard, a horror that man had never experienced. Harry was dead. That was the only thing my brain could process in that instant. And all at once, it hit me with terrible impact, and I saw flashes of every moment me and Harry shared, every kiss, every hug, every smile... all up to when I kissed him on his seventeenth birthday... it felt like a large metal pole was punched into my stomach, opening a huge gaping hole as I gasped for breath and the pain nearly destroyed me. I screamed again.

To feel Harry in my arms again was always more than I could believe after what he'd done at the Battle. I don't hold it against him, but he certainly did.

I pulled away to look at Harry's face... I saw he was just as happy as I was. Maybe happier... I couldn't tell. Oh... and... what was this? Did I sense that he was nervous? What could possibly make Harry nervous at a time like this? I didn't care for very long. I really didn't care.

I threw my arms around his neck and kissed him fiercely, and he kissed back. His hands traced my face as my fingers knotted in his beautiful hair, and my lips parted as I breathed in his wintry scent. All too soon, he released me. He pulled back so that our faces where just inches apart, and he gave me a stunning smile.

And then it began to snow for the first time that winter.

P.S. People, I got a few reviews asking about Fred... I'm mostly sticking to the cannon, but I can't stand to not have Fred in this story :) Fred is currently alive in this story, people :D

Hey everyone! Check out the bottom of Chapter 2 for an UPDATE on chapter 3!

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