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The Book of Scorpius by MiaMarauder
Chapter 1 : Prologue.
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A/n- I got this idea from The Book Of Luke..GOOD BOOK CHECK IT OUT! But yeah soo the beginning is like the same but there really different.

Disclaimer- JayKay Rowling your own the Harry Potter sadly not me.

Thank you to laylacitababy@tda for a lovely banner!

The Guy's Tip #1
Forget everything you knew about girls.
You don't anything.

Louis and Victorie waited in the house by the fire place while Mathew and I stood outside on the back porch. It was lightly snowing in Paris and the memories where we made out, held hands, and snuck out all came back to me. But this will be a totally different memory.

"I'll miss you," I told Mathew. I was moving back to England. I was going into my filth year of Beauxbatons Academy. Wait no scratch that. I will be attending Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry this year. More like going back to Hogwarts. I moved with Victorie in my third year, with Louis. Mother thought it would be best if she got us away from our cousins. But now Vicki is getting married to Teddy and he wants to be closer to the family. It's not like I don't see them. During the summer they visit here or we visit them. Sometimes I even write to Rose, Lily, Hugo, Albus, maybe James, sometimes even Fred. But now I will be going back to Hogwarts.

"Me too," Matt said putting his hands in his pockets. He was wearing the hat I got him, a blue bennie. Which he wore all through the seasons. I couldn't decide to get black to make his dirty blonde hair stand out or blue to make his eyes pop. I went with the blue obviously. "But everything will be fine."

Fine? Everything will not be "Fine", it will tear us apart. Bad enough I'm moving half around the world. But I had to go back to my parents. Mom always telling me, I should be more like my sister and dad pushing me to be at the top of my class. Mother had once said "she just wanted me to live up to exceptions and make her proud like Victorie did." I was lived up to make other people happy. I was a nice girl, who was told what to do and I did it. Also were moving right after Christmas. So we didnt even get to go to the family partys cause we were packing. So I have to go into school in the middle of the year.

I glanced inside Louis on the couch looking bored and Victore doing last minute checks around the house. "I'd better be going soon. Victorie wants to meet Teddy."

"Sure," Mathew put his hands further in his pockets.

But still I didn't move. I saw a bulge in Matt's upper coat pocket, that probably was a going away present. I didn't need one but it was sweet how he thought he should get a reminder of him.

"We should probably just end this right now, Dominique."

Great idea. I stuck out my hands and waited for my present. The present that meant Matt will miss me, as much as I will miss him.

Matt pulled his hands out of his pocket. Only it wasn't a pretty blue box I was expecting but tissues!

"It's better this way- it'd just be too hard with you all the way in England, me in Paris." All I could think when he continued was. What is the hell is he talking about?

"So, you're okay with breaking up?" Mathew asked.

What. The. Buck. BREAKING UP? He was breaking up with me? In the back of my house? Where I got my first kiss? With my brother and sister just inside? With me leaving in less then 10 minutes?

"You want to break up?" But my words were droned out by a knock on the glass door. Victore reminding us we had 5 minutes.

"I think you'd better go." Mathew said handing me tissues. He stepped aside so I could pass to get inside. But I didn't move. I couldn't move. It felt like I was frozen to the ground. He was breaking up with me and had tissues just in case I cried? But there was no way I would let him see me like that. What did he think I would do grab on to his leg and beg for him to take me back? But there was no way I will give him the satisfaction to see frozen tears hanging from my lashes, like icicles.

I wanted to tell him he was making a mistake. I wanted to remind him he was my first real boyfriend. I wanted to tell him he was an ass for having tissues prepared. I wanted to put him in his place, and tell him I'd be better without him. I wanted to say he was the worst boyfriend ever.

But the words that escaped my lips, wasn't the best comeback ever.

"I love you," Bloody Merlin breed! This is the time I say 'I love you." I felt pathetic. I couldnt even stand up to a boy who was breaking up with me. I couldnt even be mean, just a pathetic nice girl. I brushed my blue bangs out of my face. And walked passed him, inside. Louis and Victore were waiting by the fire place.

"All set?" Victore asked smiling.

"All set," I answered and tried to smile. Not because I wasn't 'all set' but because I was a nice girl and that's what we do. I smiled and grabbed my stuff and some floo powder and walked into the fire place. "See ya there," I smiled once agian, dropping my floo powder. "Shell Cottage!" I yelled and vanished with a smile. A smile that was all wrong. A smile that belonged to the old Dominique Emily Weasley. A smile that belonged to a nice girl. A nice girl, that I no longer planed to be.

A/n- Hey! Thanks for reading and yeah this is going to be a Scorpius and Dominique. And most and prob all of my chapters wont be this short this is just the prologue. But don't just ew this story just because of this chapter. I'd wait to see the second chapter, then you can do whatever you like. Oh don't forget to write something in the box down there.

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The Book of Scorpius: Prologue.


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