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renaissance by wishfulthinking97
Chapter 2 : The Heads Dormitory
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(A/N: Chapter Two is finally up! Please Rate and Review! Pretty please? With cherry on top? :) btw I know these last few chapters have kind of been a snoozer but it's to make a strong solid base to build the story up on. It will get much more interesting in the next one or two chapters because they will get assigned their....renaissance project and also a new eyecandy has been introduced ;-)!!  So please stay with me :) )
Disclaimer: I don't own any of these characters sadly,(oh, how I wish I owned draco) but the lucky owner is the one and ownly J.K.R! The plot on the other hand my lovely readers, is alllllll mine! :)

Chapter 2- The Heads Dormitory


After the usual ceremony and feast was over, the students were escorted back to their dormitories. Hermione and Draco stood outside the Great Hall waiting for Professor McGonagall, trying to keep as much distance as possible from each other. Draco was still bitter over his little striptease that was well beyond his control so he chose to just pretend Hermione wasn’t even there. The head girl however was very proud of herself for making Draco Malfoy embarrassed although no amount of accomplishment could make her happy enough to not mind sharing a dormitory with the ferret that was also known as head boy. She snuck a glance at him. His cheeks had a faint tint of red that replaced his usual paleness so Hermione guessed he was probably thinking of buying new undergarments soon. His white-blond hair had a surreal glow to it under the brightly lit hallway while his silver-grey eyes shone like a full moon reflected on water. His face structure was one you would expect to see on an airbrushed picture of a male model in a magazine while his slim body has just the right amount of muscles that were defined to perfection. As much as she hated to admit it, Draco Malfoy really did look like a sex god. It was no wonder many girls lusted over him. Hermione shook her head trying to stop herself from admiring the figure of her sworn enemy.

“Granger” Draco spoke up.

“What do you want, Malfoy” Hermione bitterly responded.

 “You’re staring at me again. I’m starting to wonder if you secretly fancy me.” He sneered.

“Dream on ferret, I was just thinking about those lovely knickers of yours. So very manly.”

“Shut your trap, Mudblood.”

“Actually, I wouldn’t mind taking another look…it would keep me laughing for quite a while…” she snickered enjoying herself, knowing how paranoid Malfoy was getting.

“NO.” He barked.


“Granger, don’t you DARE….” His voice broke at the very end showing that he was getting more and more nervous.

Hermione slowly took out her wand and pointed it once again at Draco’s belt.

“I’m warning you…” The head boy glared at Hermione while eyeing her wand like it was poisonous. 

Extri-“ Hermione started to say but she never finished.

Draco dove on top of her in his rush to grab her wand, crashing them both onto the hard granite floor.

“OWW!!!! YOU BLOODY IDIOT!!!! WHY IN MERLIN’S NAME DID YOU DO THAT FOR?!” Hermione screamed in his face.

“Because you were bloody stupid enough want to see my undies again!!”He shouted back.

“GET OFF ME YOU BASTARD!!!!” She kicked him in the family jewels. Hard.

Draco let out a roar of pain. “WHAT. IS. YOUR. PROBLEM. MUDBLOOD?!! OWWWW!” He winced from the pain in a certain area between his legs.

“I SAID GET OFF ME!!!!!!!!!!!!” Hermione screamed.

“Bloody hell woman!!! I will as soon as you stop yelling my ears out!” Draco quickly got off Hermione, and looked around to make sure that no one had seen what just happened, he did not want to risk his reputation by being caught on top of a mudblood Gryffindor.

“Where is my wand you git?” Hermione thickly asked.

“How the hell should I know where your bloody wand is?”

“You really are a prick, a horrible, ugly, disgraceful….” She started to say.

“Hold it right there. You say that as if it’s a bad thing.” He smirked transforming back to his old self again.

“You’re insufferable.” She spat.

Hermione looked around on the smooth, polished Hogwarts grounds trying to find her wand and not seeing it anywhere.

She whipped her head around, eyes flashing with anger. “Malfoy!! What am I supposed to do without-” Her eyes grew wide and a blush crept to her cheeks. “Oh hello Professor.”

Professor McGonagall stood next to Draco -who was smirking like there was no tomorrow at Hermione’s embarrassed appearance- looking very displeased.

“I believe this is your wand Ms. Granger.” The deputy headmistress said holding out her hand which indeed held a wand. “I found it on the floor over there. Next time, I advise you to keep ahold of things like this better.”

Flushing, Hermione muttered “Thank you Professor,” and took her wand from the outstretched hands of the deputy headmistress.

Professor McGonagall just stood there with an extremely strict expression.

““Mr. Malfoy, Ms. Granger, I managed to see quite a lot of the scenario that just happed a few moments ago and I must say, I am not pleased at all. You are the head boy and head girl at this school therefore you must be a positive influence to all the students and so far I am not impressed with the behavior from the both of you. I expect you to be civil to one another or at lease pretend to be, am I understood?” she said with a tone of authority.

Hermione nodded hesitantly still looking quite embarrassed while Draco frowned saying nothing.

“Mr. Malfoy, you and Ms.Granger will be civil to each other, am I understood?” She repeated this time focusing her attention on Draco.

Draco scowled but nodded and said “Yes Professor”

“Good. Now follow me and I will show you to your dormitory.”

Professor McGonagall started walking up a few flights of stairs with the head boy and head girl following her look quite unhappy themselves.

“Mudblood, if you expect me to be civil to you, you must have some screws loose.” Draco whispered to Hermione careful not to be overheard but not succeeding.

Professor McGonagall came to an abrupt stop and whipped her head around.

“Mr. Malfoy. This is the last time I will say this, You two WILL be civil to each other and trust me I will find out if otherwise and there will be severe consequences.”

Malfoy flushed and nodded. Professor McGonagall continued walking ahead, leading the way.

After they went long past the dormitories for all the other houses they finally stopped in front of a painting of Adam and Eve in a lovely garden.

“Good evening Adam.” Professor McGonagall greeted.

“Why, good evening Minerva. Are these the new heads?” Adam said gesturing towards Draco and Hermione.

“Yes these are them. How is Eve?” McGonagall said looking over at Eve who was leaning against a tree, peaceful in sleep.

“She is well thank you.” Adam replied looking fondly over at his mate.

Professor McGonagall turned back to Draco and Hermione.

“This will be your new dormitory. The password is Ice Mice courtesy to the headmaster.”

Upon saying the password, the portrait swung open revealing a glorious dormitory. In the far center of the room was a set of stairs which ascended up then spilt into two sets in middle, one set continuing to the left and one going to the right. The common room was to the right once you entered the dormitory and it was stocked with comfortable looking couches that were arranged in an arc around a rectangular polished maple wood table. A few feet in front of the table was a warm lit and cozy fireplace. All over the walls were pictures of past head girls and boys. To the left after you entered was a small kitchen full of gourmet food already stocked on the countertops, a refrigerator, microwave, sink and a few chairs around a fine marble island in the middle.

“Wow” was all Hermione could say. She looked over at Draco who was drinking in the whole room in with an awestruck expression on his face.

“The kitchen is made for your convenience, you may skip meals in the Great Hall but I encourage you to eat at least one meal a day there. If you eat meals in here you must still meet in the Great Hall before students are dismissed. Ms. Granger your room is up the stairs to the left, while Mr. Malfoy yours is up on the right. There is private bathrooms in each of your rooms. This is all you need to know, and I will see you both tomorrow morning in the Great Hall to give you your timetables.” Professor McGonagall said.

Hermione and Draco nodded. “Good Night Professor.” They both said.

“Good Night.” The deputy headmistress said. “Remember to be civil.” With that, she walked out of the dormitory and the portrait swung shut behind her.

“Oh my gosh Malfoy do you believe this? This place is even better than the Gryffindor common room!” Hermione said with excitement. She was so amazed she forgot that she was mad at the head boy.

“It’s okay. I’ve seen better.” Malfoy replied in a cold monotone.

Hermione refused for him to kill her buzz so she decided to check out her room.

“I’m going to see what the rooms are like, you coming?” Hermione asked then skipped up the stairs.

“Whatever, Mudblood.” Malfoy answered but followed after anyways.

Hermione rushed into her bedroom and gasped at the sight. It was a very spacious room with rich gold colored walls. The queen sized bed was in the center of the room and it had a maroon theme going on. Hermione also noticed her suitcase was already at the end of her bed. Next to the bed was a dark burgundy maple dresser and a closet on the wall beside it. On the bedside table, there was a small reading lamp and an alarm clock. The floor was a pale sand colored carpet. There was also a door on the wall to the left of the bed. Hermione curiously opened it and was pleasantly surprised by the sparkling clean bathroom. It had a plain white sink and marble countertops. There was a shower place with glass doors around it and a very big bathtub next to that. Then there was also your average toilet. Towels had already been prepared in towel racks.

Hermione backed out to her bedroom and smiled so wide it stretched from one side of her face to the other. This place was absolutely sensational. She then wondered what Malfoy’s room looked like so she bounced down half of the stairs and up to the right to find Malfoy’s door open and the said boy lying on the bed with his eyes closed and a peaceful expression on his face. All bitter traces had left Draco’s face once when he was asleep and he looked like an innocent, vulnerable little boy. Hermione chuckled at the sight of the sleeping head boy then backed out after taking a look around the room. It had the same set up as Hermione’s except silver where the gold was and deep emerald in place of maroon.

After Hermione changed into her comfortable sleeping clothes, cleaned her face and brushed her teeth, she finally laid down on the soft bed. She closed her eyes and realized how tired she really was, and within seconds, Hermione Granger was fast asleep.


 (A/N: There we go ma cherie. Nice solid base builder is almost done. I hope you guys liked it. I want to start writing and reading the drama as much as you do!! So keep faith in me, I have a few tricks up my sleeve :) Please please please review *puppy dog face* and stay tuned for Chapter 3!! (I'm in the process of writing it and its about to get hella more interesting ;-) )

SECOND NOTE: i have been getting alot of reads (which btw i am really shocked and amazed and i thank all of you who took the time to read this.)
but the reviews have stayed the same :( please it would really make my day if you can just take a few seconds to add small review :) it wont take long i promise.

That would be all! :D stay tuned! and dont forget to R&R!

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