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Real Thing by jessicanicole
Chapter 6 : Compromise
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Disclaimer I don't own any of the characters save for Jamie and her family, they belong to the lovely JK Rowling. I do own the plot!

Chapter six
Gorgeous chapter image by avra @ TDA!

The cool, crisp air nipped at Jamie’s cheeks as she pushed open the door leading out of the Leaky Cauldron and stepped out into Diagon Alley. Winter was slowly settling upon London. The few trees scattered along the cobblestone road had lost its yellow leaves, the bare branches swaying in the calm breeze.

Autumn and winter had always been Jamie’s favorite seasons. It meant piles and piles of colorful leaves, changing wardrobes to match the weather, and most of all, returning to Hogwarts. However, her years at Hogwarts had ended a while ago. Autumn only left Jamie with faded memories of laying in bed with Fred, snuggled closely with a blanket wrapped loosely around the two or eager anticipation of the first snow, again bundled up with Fred as he murmured cheesy jokes in her ear. Winter was even worse, reminding her of intimate Christmases and cups of hot cocoa with marshmallows. Eventually she was going to have to face it, but practically everything reminded her of Fred.

Jamie pushed open the door and slipped inside Weasley’s Wizard Wheezes, pulling off her gloves and unwrapping her scarf. She was only making a brief stop at the store before heading up to her apartment to take a warm bath. She had avoided George for a week. Thought about him more often than not, but there was no contact whatsoever.

The soft ding was barely audible over the loud laughter of children, all running about with wide eyes and full hands. A little boy nearly knocked Jamie over as he rushed to his mother, waving a Skiving Snackbox in her face and pleading incessantly. She laughed softly as she made her way up the first stair case, heading towards the front counter in search of George. It was time to stop avoiding him.

Jamie stopped short of the counter after spotting three little boys huddled around George. He eagerly watched as a frail blonde boy with piercing green eyes nibbled at a Ton-Tongue Toffee. Giggles erupted and the boys darted off eagerly to search for more tricks.

“You two created some of the most interesting gags,” Jamie commented as she lifted a box of Patented Daydream Charms, inspecting it curiously.

George looked over, caught off guard by Jamie’s voice and more so her presence in his shop. A goofy grin spread over his lips and he moved around the counter.

“We were quite a pair,” George commented. His gaze seemed intent on her and she felt as if he had just seen a ghost.


“Just surprised to see you here,” he grinned, leaning against the counter as Jamie set the box back on the counter.

“Busy at St. Mungo’s,” she answered quickly, her cheeks growing warm as she looked away from George’s focus.

“Should’ve known,” the redhead chuckled, swiping his bangs away from his forehead as he straightened up his tall, lean figure.

“You look quite happy,” she cut in, wanting nothing more than the conversation to shift away from her.

For months on end George had been a ghost of a person as he stood behind the counter, selling the gifts and gags with as little enthusiasm as humanly possible. He had often talked about giving up and closing the shop, claiming it wasn’t the same without Fred. In the end, he saw the shop as a way to keep Fred’s memory alive, but his attitude had yet to reach such a peak of enthusiasm as Jamie was seeing now.

“You don’t look to glum, yourself.”

“Can’t say things have been exactly terrific, but right awful wouldn’t exactly describe life either. The job at St. Mungo’s is really turning out to be a great one,” she admitted with a smile curling at her lips.

“That’s good to hear. How’s your mum? I know you all went out to tea a while ago but my Mum was quite hush-hush about the whole ordeal. Something about girl time and privacy. Whatever that is,” George teased with a quick wink.

“She’s great.”

George looked at her expectantly, waiting for more but nothing came. Jamie stood there silent, lips pursed together tightly as she toyed with the hem of her cardigan. He cleared his throat, causing her to look up quickly, blushing slightly as she feigned a small grin.

“So Gin’s created some nasty lies about you and Cormac,” he started casually as he placed his hands deep into the pockets of his pinstriped trousers.

“Ginny’s the queen of gossip. Doesn’t that say enough?”

“I suppose. You didn’t even ask what she said though!” he pointed out, crestfallen that he didn’t get a rise out of her.

“Well, we did run into him a while ago. That day we all went out for tea, Cormac and that slimy fellow were in London. Something about Gringotts and the Ministry,” Jamie explained with a casual shrug.

“So nothing involving dinner plans?”

“He might’ve said something about it,” Jamie mumbled, looking away quickly. “How’re you and Angelina?” she blurted out.

“Wait, what? No dodging the subject.”

“There’s nothing to talk about. Now out with it, Weasley.”

George shifted from one foot to the other. The corners of his lips twitched, a clear indication that they were doing absolutely fantastic. A large, goofy grin soon spilled onto his lips, leaving Jamie feeling miserable.

“Been seein’ one another officially for ‘bout two weeks now, I’d reckon. Great gal, she is,” he beamed.

The more he said, the worse Jamie felt. She stood there, forcing a believable smile onto her lips as she tried her best to send positive vibes with her body language.

“That’s great, George. I’m happy you’re happy,” she replied. It was somewhat the truth. She was happy that he was happy, but obviously due to personal reasons she wanted him to be happy with her, not with Angelina.

“How ‘bout you come over for dinner and we’ll hang out like old times? I mean, I’ve kinda been neglecting everyone, especially you. Sorry,” George trailed off.

“Don’t use those puppy dog eyes on me, George Weasley. They won’t work,” Jamie grinned, a youthful giggle bubbling from her lips as he continued to bat his eyes at her. “I’d love to come to dinner, say about seven?”

“Seven it is. Shop closes up around then. Wouldn’t hurt the sales if I closed a bit early. The children will understand,” George assured her.

“Merlin forbid the children not understand,” she teased, enjoying the playful banter that had been absent in her life for the past two years. She had to hand it to Angelina, that girl certainly made George happy.

“Mister Weasley, Mister Weasley,” a boy called, tugging on the hem of George’s coat and waving about a brightly colored box. “What do these do?”

“Catch you later. I see duty calls,” Jamie smirked.

“Well, you see these right here? Fainting Fancies. Knock you right out, perfect to take right before an exam. They’ll send you right to the hospital wing in no time.”

Jamie turned and headed back down the stairs and to the front door, faintly catching the boy’s excitement as George further explained another brilliant product of his. There were dizzy butterflies fluttering about her stomach as she stepped cool air and headed toward the front doors of Elder’s Place. Alone time with George? She wasn’t sure it was necessarily a good thing, but it didn’t seem like a bad thing either. Was she supposed to look cute or was she supposed to look sexy? Did she want to try to impress him or did she want to just be herself and hope her natural charm drew him to her? There were so many irrational questions spinning around in her head. Jamie almost felt ashamed for thinking such things. He was a taken man. This was completely mad.

Jamie jogged up the stairs quickly and made her way to her apartment door. She fumbled with the keys for a few moments before finally getting the door open. Once inside, Jamie began pacing to and fro, muttering to herself and glancing at the clock hanging on the wall every few seconds. It was only one in the afternoon and she had another five hours to kill before she even needed to think about getting ready. Sighing, she turned on a heel and headed toward her bedroom.

After several moments of rummaging through a pile of papers on her desk she located her feeble attempt at an essay on the counter-effects of Alihotsy and Glumbumble. Jamie eyed the essay hesitantly, brushing her thumb over the measly paragraph on the parchment. Taking classes and working as a Healer at St. Mungo’s was slowly consuming all free time she had these days.

Jamie located a quill and got to work, books sprawled across her bed. Occasionally she would thumb through the pages, copying down certain passages here and there. It was impossible to keep her gaze away from the clock. Time seemed to tick by slowly, each second passing by like a drop of molasses dripping from a spoon. Thoughts of the evening’s plans would creep into her mind. Distracted, Jamie would slip into daydreams about all the possibilities--very slim possibilities but possibilities nonetheless.

Two hours and a migraine later, Jamie dropped the quill with an exaggerated sigh. Books were tossed haphazardly around her, pages of research scattered about the floor. Her hazel gaze quickly skimmed the cursive scrawl and within moments she was smiling proudly to herself. It was a brilliant essay in her opinion. She glanced at the clock and sighed in frustration.

“You’ve got to be bloody kidding me,” she groaned, leaning back and sinking into her bed.

Her neck bent awkwardly as she stared at the still hands of the clock. The larger hand ticked down. Once, twice, three times it moved and she closed her eyes and focused on the dull throb of her head. The seemingly soft ticking noise echoed like a bell, causing her head to pound harder and her muscles of her jaw to tighten in annoyance.

Jamie sat up hastily and threw her legs over the edge of the bed, stepping around leather-bound books and tattered papers. She snatched her scarf off the wooden rocking chair in the living room and wrapped it around her neck, slamming the door on her way out. Being in that ruddy apartment was going to drive her crazy before the night was over.

The petite brunette weaved through the crowded streets. People were lined up outside Weasley’s Wizard Wheezes trying to get through the doors. Kids were darting about wielding rubber wands and casting made-up spells at one another while worried mothers scolded them from afar. Every noise was heightened, the throbbing of her head growing worse with each shout or laugh.

“Woah there, Jamie,” came a familiar voice as she accidently brushed shoulders roughly with the person. “In a rush?”

Jamie stopped and looked back, her shoulders sinking and the sounds fading in the background into a muffled rumble. Her lips curled at the corners, revealing a relieved, white smile.

“You could say that. All this noise is killing me slowly,” she chuckled as she fidgeted with her scarf.

“Don’t you live just up the street?”

“Ticking of the clock was driving me insane.”

“Take it you have plans later on?” Cormac chuckled as he took a few steps closer to her.

“That obvious?” Jamie asked bashfully, her cheeks flushing in embarrassment.

“Come on, let me buy you a drink to calm those nerves. No use staring at a ruddy clock. It’ll pass the time?” Cormac offered with a charming smile.

He really was extremely attractive and he had his own sort of charm, at least with her that is. Jamie understood why the Weasley’s weren’t on good terms with the boy, but it didn’t mean she was supposed to exile him as well.

Did it?

“All right. One drink couldn’t hurt,” she agreed. “I need a good distraction.”

Smiling, Jamie walked alongside Cormac towards the Leaky Cauldron. She offered him a smile as he opened the door for her, slipping into the dark bar and heading towards a table. It was surprisingly empty. A few wizards were huddled around a table, their low whispers wafting from the corner of room. A lonely looking witch with dark circles under her eyes and tattered robes sat talking to herself at the bar, her milky eyes staring off blindly. Jamie sat down on the rickety, wooden chair as Cormac retrieved two mugs of butterbeer from the bar, setting them down as he slid into the chair opposite her.

“Cooky little place, isn’t it?” he commented as he sipped at the frothy beer.

“It’s homely and quaint all at the same time. It has that Diagon Alley charm,” Jamie replied with a grin.

She raised the mug to her lips and took a sip, the froth splashing against her upper lip. Cormac chuckled lightly and pointed to his own lip. Jamie blushed and carefully wiped the foam from her mouth. She looked down, timidly glancing up after he started to chuckle.

“Sorry I haven’t gotten that owl your way. Uncle Tiberius got Gerry the job at Gringotts last week and I’ve been setting up an internship with the Department of Mysteries.”

“Oh, it’s quite all right. St. Mungo’s has been keeping me busy as a bee. I barely get a wink of time to relax.”

“Not just a beautiful girl but a beautiful mind as well. Always knew there was more to you,” he complimented, causing Jamie’s cheeks to flush again.

“Quite the charmer, aren’t you?” she replied in attempt to not seem completely embarrassed by his comment.

Beautiful girl and beautiful mind? Was he really talking about her or was he simply trying to be the Cormac McLaggen who felt the need to try to charm every girl who gave him the opportunity? It was a very pessimistic idea, something Ginny would say even.

“I tell my fair share of fibs, but I assure you that was nothing but the truth,” he smiled.

“Well, thank you.”

Silence settled over the two, enhancing the soft murmurs of the men hidden by the shadows and the incessant muttering of the blind woman at the bar. Jamie lifted her chin and met eyes with Cormac. His lips curled into a smirk as her lips curved into a small smile.


“Cheers,” she repeated, lifting her mug and hitting it lightly against Cormac’s mug.

The two sat talking casually. Time passed them by quickly as they discussed the latest gossip in the Daily Prophet, her success at St. Mungo’s, his excitement about his Ministry potential, and various trivial things like her favorite flavor of ice cream at Florean Fortescue’s Ice Cream Parlour--which happened to be pumpkin pasty delight. The conversation of ice cream led to the two leaving their table at The Leaky Cauldron and heading down the street to the parlour.

“Pumpkin pasty delight is far better than fire whiskey whizz,” Jamie defended as she grinned up at Cormac.

“I’ll take my whiskey any day over pumpkin pasties,” he commented with a teasing roll of his eyes as he held open the door. She knew it probably wasn’t the best idea to fill up on butterbeer and ice cream, but she was enjoying herself.

“Suit yourself,” Jamie shrugged. The two glided over to the counter and looked into the cold cases. She looked over at Cormac out of the corner of her eye only to find him looking at her with an amused expression. “What?”

“You really like your ice cream, don’t you? You have a bit of a sparkle in your eyes,” Cormac chuckled.

“Miriam Fortescue, at your service. How may I help you two youngins’ on this fine day?”

The woman was in her mid-forties, at least, with long grey hair pulled back into a loose bun. Her muddy brown eyes held wisdom of untold hardships and the soft wrinkles in her face made her look kind and understanding. She was Mr. Fortescue’s younger sister, having taken up the shop after he had been murdered by the Death Eaters shortly before the Second Wizarding War.

“A scoop of fire whiskey whizz and another of pumpkin pasty delight,” he said before she had a chance to interject.

“Comin’ right up. Take a seat and I’ll have it right out to you in a jiffy.”

Jamie shot Cormac a playful glance as the two headed toward an open table, each sliding into a chair before. Miriam brought the ice cream out with a few minutes and the two fell into an intense discussion about Ginny and the Holyhead Harpies.

“You’re just defending her because you’re close with her family. If you ask me, she’ll be eaten up by Gwenoth!”

“She’s got pure talent, Cormac. You’re just being stubborn because of Ron. Admit it,” she grinned smugly, toying with the mound of ice cream in front of her.

“The past is the past. I swear I missed that last quaffle because of some sort of black magic. My broom completely went mad on me. You can’t hold that against me. I’m a top notch player,” Cormac reasoned with Jamie.

“You’re so full of yourself when it comes to Quidditch,” she giggled, being able to brush off his ego with ease. It didn’t bother her that much.

“I’m tellin’ the truth. Wimbourne Wasps had an eye on me thanks to Uncle Tiberius. Decided to stick with the Ministry route though. Quidditch teams have right brutal schedules. Good ole Ludo Bagman gave a good word though.”

Jamie simply scooped up a heading spoonful of ice cream and stuck it in her mouth to keep herself from commenting. She was starting to see the negative, egotistical side of Cormac but she wasn’t going to turn into Ginny any time soon. She smiled at Cormac before taking in a deep breath and letting it out slowly. Her eyes averted to the clock quickly and she realized that she needed to head home to get ready.

“I didn’t realize what time it was. I should probably head back to get ready.”

“You never did tell me what you were doing,” Cormac pointed out as Jamie stood up from the table and started toward the dust bin.

“Uhm, dinner plans with a friend,” she answered.

“I’m still sending that owl your way,” Cormac reminded.

“I’ll be looking forward to it.”

He rose from his seat and moved around the table, following Jamie to the door and pushing it open for her. She stepped outside and turned to look up at him with a smile.

“I had a lovely afternoon and I can’t wait for whatever we do next.”

“I await, m’lady,” he smirked, taking her hand and placing a soft kiss on top of it.

“Ouch,” she whimpered after stubbing her toe on the door frame. Jamie pulled the scarf from around her neck and pulled the maroon long sleeve shirt over her head. She slipped the sweater over her head and began to unbutton her pants when a loud thud echoed from the room beside her.


“What on earth was that, George?” she chuckled as she kicked off the tight blue jeans and rummaged through her dresser drawers.

“Bloody shelf fell right off the wall,” he replied, his voice muffled through the wall.

“How’d you manage that?” Jamie inquired with a hint of curiosity in her voice. She pulled a pair of beige tights and moved to the bed, struggling to not fall over as she tugged them over her legs.

“A faulty whiz-bang exploded right into the ruddy thing.” Jamie muffled her giggles as she walked to the closet and grabbed her slouch boots, putting them on. “I can hear you laughing!” George called out. “Stop that. It’s not funny at all.”

“Hilarious to be honest,” Jamie replied, giggles still slipping from her lips.

The slender brunette shuffled down the hallway and stepped into the living room. She could still hear George moving about loudly next door. Quietly, Jamie slid out into the hallway and tiptoed her way to the door a few feet down from hers.

“Not very quiet,” George said as the door swung open.

“Oh, drat,” she muttered, smiling up at the redhead.

George was dressed casually, a long sleeved red shirt hugged his lean torso and a pair of blue jeans hugged his hip bones. His hair was messy, bangs falling into his eyes a bit. His blue eyes held that familiar twinkle that Jamie loved.

“Come in.”

“It smells fantastic in here.”

She sighed as she stepped into the cluttered apartment. Blueprints and ingredient lists were strewn about an old mahogany desk in the corner of a room. Clothes were tossed about as they were in her own room. The scent of pizza was wafting from kitchen. Jamie’s stomach grumbled loudly causing her to blush and George to laugh.

“It should be ready in a few. I got out early so I could get that started. Mum gave me some tips,” he admitted.

Jamie couldn’t help but chuckle as she flopped down on to the couch dramatically, one leg propped up on the coffee table as her small frame sunk into the crease between the cushion and the sturdy frame. George followed suit, propping his feet on the coffee table and leaning his head back against the cushion. Silence settled over the room, pushing down on Jamie as she allowed her head to fall to the side and her gaze to land on the lanky redhead.

“Good, I’m starving.” A little fib wouldn’t hurt. She was still recovering from the ice cream with Cormac, but he was a very touchy subject with the Weasley family.

“Don’t be surprised if it tastes like complete rubbish. Fred and I lived off of things Mum would bring.”

“And, things I’d bring,” Jamie reminded smugly. George returned the smile and shifted on the couch. “Uhm, so how’s the shop?” she asked.

“Great, actually. Sales are booming more than ever. Kids are stockin’ up for the year at Hogwarts.”

“Anything to make the professors’ lives a living hell,” she joked.

“Exactly. Many a student after my own heart. Speaking of career endeavors, how’s old St. Mungo’s treatin’ ya?”

“It’s treating me just fine. Taking classes and working the internship there is really starting to take a toll on me, but it’ll be well worth it when I’m working there full time as a healer.”

“You were always the best bloody healer in our year at Hogwarts. Remember that time that punching telescope went haywire?” George chuckled as memories flooded his head.

“You had the worst black eye I’d ever seen and your nose was a smidgen crooked if I recall,” Jamie joined in, soft giggles slipping from her lips as she recalled that horrid night.

“Your mum was so worried, too. Thought she was going to faint right there in the kitchen when we came downstairs to get a towel to stop the blood,” he added. “How is your mum, anyway?” he pressed, having not gotten a full answer that morning.

“The last I heard from her she was stressing out over Natalia’s return to Hogwarts.”

Jamie grimaced slightly, her expression less than amused. Her sister was the epitome of a drama queen. George playfully nudged her shoulder, the contact of his fingers brushing over the fabric of her sweater causing her to jerk her head up to look at him. A nervous chuckle left her lips. This was ridiculous. A simple touch had her more nervous than she had been in ages.

“She’s a brilliant girl,” George said, oblivious to her slip up.

“I know,” she mumbled. Jamie didn’t need a reminder of that. Her sister passed every test with flying colors. Ravenclaw was the perfect house for her, if there was such a thing. “Doesn’t change that she’s a no good brat ninety percent of the time.”

“Don’t get your knickers in a twist, I agree,” he assured her quickly.

“How’s your family doing? I feel like I haven’t seen them in ages. I really should go pay a visit. What if they feel like I’m too busy with them? What if--”

“Calm down, Jay,” the redhead chuckled as he further let himself relax. “They think nothing of the sort. They’re all doing quite well. Ginny’s settling in nicely with the Harpies. There’s an exhibition in a few weeks. The whole family’s going, you should come, too.”

“Wouldn’t miss it for the world,” Jamie smiled.

“Did you hear that Harry asked her to move in with him?” Jamie nearly choked on her own spit as she shifted uncomfortably on the couch. “Guess not. Mum about had the same reaction at first. Couldn’t grasp ahold of the fact that her little girl was growing up. Dad had a long talk with Harry,” George grinned. He was a lot more amused by the whole ordeal whereas Jamie was in disbelief, fighting to rid the jealous feeling bubbling inside of her.

“She said yes I take it?” Jamie managed to get out, her voice fluctuating at the end.

“Instantly said yes and went around tellin’ the whole house. That girl’s a little mad in the head, I think.”

“Oh, be nice to her. Harry and her had it a bit rough,” Jamie retorted defensively. “She deserves a break.”

George’s gaze landed on Jamie knowingly. She looked away quickly and crossed her arms. She was doing her best to keep her composure and put up a wall of defense against what was about to come. She knew exactly what was going through George’s head and she wanted it to stay put.

“Can I ask you a question, Jamie?”

“Ask away,” she snapped, releasing a deep breath and sinking into the couch.

“How you holdin’ up in the whole relationship department?” George asked slowly, more than likely afraid to unleash the wrath of the petite yet mouthy brunette beside him.

“Peachy keen, what do you think?”

“It’s a just an honest question, no need to bite my head off.”

“I could be ready to move on but the person I’m somewhat interested in is unattainable at the moment,” she replied, biting her lower lip.

“Who’s the lucky bloke?”

“Er,” she started, not expecting him to inquire an explanation. “No one you k-know,” she stuttered.

“That’s great though, Jamie. We were all worried to tell you the truth. I sure hope the chap gets his head outta his arse soon. Great catch, you are.”

“I doubt that’ll happen any time soon,” she smirked. If he had any idea he was talking about himself, this would’ve been a lot less entertaining but she was quite tickled by the irony.

“If he does, you two should come out with Angelina and I. It’d be a double date of sorts,” George suggested with a shrug. Jamie just grinned a bit wider. “What?”

“Nothing. So I take it you and Angelina are doing well?”

“Better than ever,” George replied. The alarm in the kitchen began to ring, filling the still air with a high-pitched sound. “Ah, pizza’s ready. Sit right there and I’ll bring everything out.”

George rose to his feet and sped off into the kitchen. A few loud bangs sounded off as Jamie sat there quietly. So Angelina and George were doing great, George wanted himself to get his head out of his arse, and Jamie was a lucky catch. The conversation was quite ironic and comical. Jamie sighed as it started to sink in and she realized that her chances with the redhead were nonexistent. Cormac came to mind and a feint smile formed on her pale lips. Perhaps she wouldn’t end up alone, but it was too early to tell.

“Need any help?” Jamie called out after a shatter erupted in the kitchen.

“No, I got it,” he hollered in return. A muffled ‘repairo’ spell was said and within a few more minutes George was returning with two plates filled with three slices of pizza each. “There’s more, don’t worry.”

“Holy hell, like I’ll be able to all of this to begin with,” she chuckled as she eyed the large slices hanging over the edge of the plate. She took it and nodded in thanks, lifting a slice and taking a bite. George’s eyes were intently focused on her reaction. “It’s good.”

“Phew, I was worried there for a second,” he admitted with a crooked grin in place. Laughter broke out between the two of them, both diving right into the food with enthusiasm. It was going to be an interesting evening.

“Merlin’s beard, it’s four in the bloody morning,” George yawned. Jamie twirled a strand of hair around her fingertip. She was snuggled into the crook of his arm, pressed to his side with her legs curled to the side. The girl wasn’t entirely certain how she ended up in such a comfortable and nerve-racking position but she had yet to make a move. “Time flies.”

“When you’re having fun,” she finished with a tired smile. Her eyelids were heavy as she sat there fighting off sleep. The warmth of George’s body wasn’t making it any easier to stay awake. “I don’t want to move,” she mumbled.

“I have to be at the shop in three hours,” he groaned as he moved his arm from around her shoulders and stretched both high above his head.

“Thankfully I don’t have class or work tomorrow so I’ll be sleeping-” she yawned,”In.”

“Don’t rub it in.”

Jamie’s eyes fluttered closed, her body relaxing and sleep washing over her almost instantly. Her breathing slowed and her muscles loosened as she curled into the boy’s side. George nudged her with a poke of his fingertip, stirring her from her miniscule nap.

“I’m leaving, I’m leaving. You let me fall asleep!” she accused jokingly, sitting up and carefully rising to her feet. The first few steps were shaky but she made it to the door, safe and sound. “Thanks for the lovely evening.”

“You’re welcome. Thanks for comin’ over and braving out my cooking,” he grinned, stepping forward and wrapping his arms around Jamie’s shoulders loosely. She moved her forearms around his waist and rested her head against his chest. “Whenever you wake up, you should come down and help out at the shop. Angelina might stop by, too.”

Jamie stiffened but was able to relax within a split second. She raised her gaze and nodded subtly with a smile. She was going to do her best to focus on Cormac and not George. Angelina wasn’t a bad person. She made George happy and Jamie was glad for that.

“I’ll stop by eventually. Don’t wait up though,” she teased, poking him in the stomach before giving him another quick hug. “Night, George,” Jamie whispered as she opened the door.

“Sweet dreams.”

Author's Note: Sorry it took forever to get this chapter up. I had a few ideas that were threatening to eat my muse if I didn't write them. Thanks to everyone who has read and reviewed. It means a lot. Feel free to leave a review!

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