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Vanilla Spice by EffyFoSho
Chapter 16 : Avoiding
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It’s the Christmas Holiday, thank God. And it’s not because I’m absolutely thrilled to see my family or because I’m excited to open my Christmas presents, it’s because I need some time away from James Sirius Potter. I can hardly bear to look at him now after what happened on Fred’s birthday – on my boyfriend’s birthday. And when we do have to our words are short and to the point before one of us hastily retreats.

What’s worse is that everybody seems to have picked up on mine and James’s coldness towards each other, especially Dom, who takes it upon herself every minute to point it out to me and demanding what happened.

Freddie seems to ignore the emanating hostility between us and can manage his time between the both of us surprisingly well. I just hope he doesn’t put two and two together.

I stand with Dom against a wall, looking around the crowd for a familiar face. Of course, I wouldn’t find one seeing as my family are Muggles and can’t get onto the platform. Dom pulls me into a hug when she notices her family out of the corner of her eye – her painstakingly beautiful and blonde sister smiling from ear to ear at her. Hally and Katie disappeared a while ago with their families and Dom even managed to give Katie a small hug – things between Dom and Connor are going surprisingly well. While even Geoff managed to ruffle my hair, James walked off without a glance in my direction. With a sigh, I turn to the gateway between both platforms, ready to go through it.

A hand grips my arm when I move and I look up to find Freddie grinning down at me. I smile back sincerely at wrap my arms around his waist. “Hi.”

“Hey,” he says and pulls back from me. There’s a mischievous glint in his eyes and I’m not sure if that’s a good or bad thing. “Let’s go.”

Fred’s hand finds mine and he suddenly pulls us to the barrier. I pull back and look at him in alarm. “Where?” I ask carefully, hoping he says something that doesn’t confirm my suspicions.

“To meet your family.”

Oh, God. It’s even worse hearing it out loud.

“No!” I say forcefully, shaking my head as hard as I can.

He makes a sound between a laugh and a groan and, with his hand still clasped with mine, drags me through the barrier. I blink, trying to adjust to the change in scenery and the sudden screeching of my name.

I groan audibly and see Freddie grin at me out of the corner of my eye as every single one of my family jump on me in a massive hug. This turns out to be a little difficult seeing as I’m still holding Fred’s hand and my mum is squeezing the life out of me.

“Oh, look!” A raspy voice exclaims and I peer over my mum’s shoulder to see my Gran staring at me with an amused expression. I beam at her. Honestly, I love my Gran, I love her one-liners and the quirky presents she gives me for Christmas. “Mollie has a fancy fellow attached to her hand!”

 Cue all of my family to look down at my hand, noticing for the first time somebody is, indeed, attached to it. I glance up at Freddie, pleased to see that beneath his tan skin is rather crimson blush.

He hides his embarrassment well as he sticks out his hand for my dad to shake. “Hi, I’m Freddie.”

My father nods dumbly while he shakes and, after they are done, Mum shoves him out the way and beams at Fred, looking as if Christmas had come early. “Are you Mollie’s boyfriend?” She says, actually squealing the last bit like a giddy teenager.

“Oh, er…” Fred seems a bit lost for words at the craziness of my family so I decide to intervene, though I am very much enjoying his embarrassment.

“Yes,” I say loudly and I see my sister wink at me over Mum’s head.

“Nice work, Mollie,” Rebecca says, adding a suggestive eyebrow raise to her wink.

Gran shuffles closer to Fred and fixes him with a beady eye. “Have you been doing naughty things to my Granddaughter?”

Oh, God. That’s too much embarrassment. There’s a silence as Mum looks at Freddie expectantly and Rebecca starts to snigger. I cast a quick look at Fred and see that he’s blushing as darkly as me. I drop his hand as he opens and closes his mouth, thinking of something to say but apparently thinking better of it.

“Gran!” I squeal. She turns to me and shrugs.

Her mouth opens to retort when somebody crashes into me, nearly knocking me to the floor. I spin around to find Dom laughing at my shocked expression. “Woops,” she says, shrugging her shoulders in an apology.

Dom’s family follows behind her, both her siblings and mother blindingly blonde, and nod in acknowledgment to my parents. My mum, of course, bounds up to Dom’s parents, introducing herself with a hearty smile, while Dom takes my arm and leads me away, out of earshot of everyone.

Her eyes dart quickly from side to side and her voice lowers, “I just thought I’d warn you that James is co-”

Dom’s warning is interrupted by a rather high, girlish whine of “Shut up, James!” and, when I see what the fuss is all about, my hear sinks.

James and his family have just gone through the barrier and, by the looks of it, are not the least bit surprised to see a small crowd gathered around them. Mum leaps up again, so thrilled that my friends have huge families, and begins jabbering away to James’s mum.

And, to my utmost horror, my creep of a brother has sidled up to Lily Potter and smirking while my older sister’s eyes are glued to James. I resist the temptation to punch her in the face for ogling a boy three years younger than her, the perv.

So, just to flaunt it in Rebecca’s face, I strut over to James with a wide grin on my face. I momentarily forget that we aren’t exactly on speaking terms until he glances down at me with a bored expression.

“Hi,” I murmur, fully well knowing my face must be the exact epitome of hurt.

He nods back and shoves his hands in his pockets awkwardly, shuffling from foot to foot for something to do. I turn my head to the right to look at Dom who’s obviously trying to mimic an action to me. I shake my head, not understanding, so she chooses to mime instead.

It’s true, it does take me a while to decipher what she’s trying to say but, when I do, I obey her completely and fling my arms around his body. He stiffens in surprise and I can feel more than two pairs of eyes watching us – I know one belongs to Fred and the other to Dom – and am extremely grateful when he hugs me back, slowly, reluctantly, even if it is for only a minute. His hand pats my back awkwardly and, already, I feel a rush of affection for James.

He could have left me hanging, looking like an idiot in front of my family, his family and bloody smirking Dom but he didn’t.

Oh God, I feel like I’m going to burst into tears.

I pull back and flash him my biggest smile which he returns with a bob of his head. Obviously, he’s not forgotten what happened the other night even if we’d both like nothing more than to pretend it ever happened.

“Er…” I begin, pushing my hand through my knotty hair, trying to bring up a conversation. The people around us automatically resume their conversation and I hear a loud guffaw from my right. “Have a nice Christmas.”

As always, originality is my strong point.

“Yeah,” James replies in a grumbling voice. He’s still refusing to look me in the eye, I notice sadly. “You too.”

I know I must look incredibly put out as the corners of my mouth are turned down and I can feel a small pout coming on.

James rubs the back of his neck, looking anywhere but me, and, finally, I turn away from him to see my sister staring at me agog, her eyes wide like saucers. I roll my eyes and head in Dom’s direction to say goodbye. As soon as my dad starts to look at his watch it means that he’s going to drag Mum away with an excuse like ‘I left the gas on!’

This is always stupid as it tends to make my Mum’s driving extremely dangerous and fast in an attempt to get home. Then, when she finds the house smelling like its usual woodiness, she hits Dad on the head before sulking for at least nineteen minutes.

So, with a final hug to both Dom and Fred, and a sly aversion to James I trudge after my family, trying with all my might not to fall flat on my face and ruin the perfectly good illusion of me being mad at James Potter. Not him at me. Obviously.



I know the Potion’s teacher is a bitch but I didn’t think even she was cruel enough to give us homework over the Christmas holidays.

Boy, was I wrong.

And not only have I got to write a foot long essay on something I’ve never heard of in my life but, as I sit at my desk in my bedroom, I can hear the beat of music vibrating through the wall. And, frankly, it’s pissing me off.

I stand up in annoyance, refusing not to take it out on the blank parchment in front of me, and march to the room next to mine. I pound on the door, not worrying that I might break my hand.

“Shut up, Tim!” I scream, raising my voice so it’s heard above the music.

He murmurs something back, but I can’t hear him.

So, in true older sister fashion, I fling the door open. It crashes against the wall and Tim sits up sharply, his eyes widening in surprise.

“Turn that music off,” I growl, my eyes locking with his. “I’m trying to do homework.”

He leans back down on his bed, but not before I see him roll his eyes. “It’s my room. I can do what I like.”

“Not if it shakes the whole house!”

Tim lets out a huffy sigh but does not reply. I can see he’s more concentrating on the music than on what I’m saying.

I place my hands on my hips. “What are you even listening to? This song sucks.”

 “Yeah, like your face.”

I frown at him. “That’s not even funny.”

“Yeah, like your face.”

“Argh!” I scream in frustration and take another step into his room. He looks at me a little warily but doesn’t move from his position in the bed. “You are so annoying! Just turn the music down!”

Tim starts to chuckle and, once again, I find myself reaching for the nearest throwable object.

That’s when I hurl a book at his head and run out the room.


Mollie!” My mother’s voice screeches, carrying itself all the way upstairs from the kitchen. “Get down here now!”

Stupid little brothers. It’s all his fault, actually. And, okay, he may have a rather big blue-ish lump on his head but Mum didn’t even notice it until Granny started giggling to herself as she stared at him.

I feel myself automatically shrink into the guilty position – eyes down, foot fidgeting and arm rubbing hand. I know I’m in trouble now. But, honestly, what’s the worst she can do? Grounding me till I’m at Hogwarts? That really doesn’t affect me in the slightest. I’m going to be holed up in my room anyway, avoiding the freak show I call my family.

“Mollie,” Mum says in a stern voice. I look up to realise she’s not angry. In fact, she looks rather embarrassed.

I shuffle into the kitchen, eyeing her suspiciously. “Hi.”

Mum nods. “Hi. How’s school?”

My eyes narrow even further. “Good. How’s work?”

“Good, thank you. How are your friends?”

“Good,” I say, wondering what all this forced politeness is building up to. “And yours?”

She sighs and rubs her temples. “Mollie,” she says, sounding weary almost immediately. “Just sit down.”

I pull up a chair and sit. I finally notice the plate of croissants on the table and grab one happily. “’Kay.”

“I think you know what this is about,” Mum then fixes me with a sharp eye and I swallow a piece of croissant, feeling it travel down my throat like a giant rock.

“Okay, I know it looks bad but, honestly, we could just push it down back into his abnormally large head.”

Mum looks confused. “Huh?”

“Huh?” I blink back at her, feigning ignorance.

I know something’s wrong when she doesn’t grill me about what I’ve done to the wonder boy.

It’s a little unsettling. I fidget in my seat while Mum stares at me and takes a deep breath.

“Well, honey, how close are you and Fred?”

“Oh, well… um…” This I wasn’t expecting. I’m left confused. But in a nice way. In a ‘Oh-thank-Merlin-she’s-not-going-to-kill-me’ way.

“Mollie, I think it’s time you and I had that talk.”

It takes me a minute to clock what she’s really talking about. But when I do I am immediately horrified and cringe away from her in embarrassment.

“No! No, no, no!” I wail and clap my hands over my ears. “You are not talking to me about sex!” My voice rises and then cracks on the last bit.

“Honey, I really think-”


“Mollie, I’m only saying that-”

“Mum, I don’t want to hear it!”

“For God’s sake, just listen!”

My wailing stops and I reluctantly let my hands slip from my ears. It’s probably best not to anger her right now. It can’t me that much easier for her than it is for me.

“Well,” Mum says, fixing me with a stern eye. “Be safe, not sorry.”

“Mum!” I protest, my hands itching to cover my ears again. It’s like ear porn. “You’re meant to say that for crossing the road!”

“Mollie, I only want what’s best for you,” she continues, acting oblivious, as I stare at her in horror, my eyes practically bulging out of my head. “And a baby at fifteen is not the best for you.”

Oh, God! My Mum thinks I’m having sex! Which means my gran has obviously already jumped to that conclusion, thus planting it in Mum’s head, and probably telling Dad along the way.

Mum!” I screech, distressed, my hands gripping the table. “Before I storm away in embarrassment, I think I should point out; I’m not having sex with Freddie!” And with that, I push myself away from the table, knocking over my chair in the process, and flee from the room. As I leave, Tim is leant against the wall behind the arch, laughing hysterically with tears coming down his face.

I note the rather large lump on his head and whack it angrily as I walk past, letting the sound of his pain fill my ears.



Party at Hally’s for New Years. You don’t go and I will cry. I’m serious.
See you at 9.
Dom xxx

A/N: I know this took a whole freaking month to get out and I'm so sorry! It turned out I got a C on my Maths which I thought was pretty darn good but my teacher didn't agree; 'You have so much potential blah blah blah' and dragged my parents in to discuss how 'Im doing in school.' God. So of course I told him that I got an A* in my last English report and that Math's is pretty much lost on me. 
Yeah, that was stupid. I ended up having to go to this 'After-School Maths help' every Tuesday to scrape my C up to an A. Then my parents did the whole nagging me because I spend too much time on the computer and not on my Maths which is ridiculous. I mean, like I'm going to spend every night revising Maths. Anyway, I have been trying to lay low which means no writing. I will kill my teacher if I end up failing English.

Anyway, sorry for that super long rant
. I just needed a little venting :)
But thankyou for all your lovely reviews and I'm sorry if this chapter is completely awful! Hopefully, the next chapter will be major drama filled and better.

What do you guys think will happen? ;]
Effy xx

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