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Betting on the Heart by MiaMarauder
Chapter 6 : Never Felt Like Home
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Disclaimer: I don't own anything this is all J.k Rowlings's magic!

Thanks to cérise@TDA for a lovely lovely chapter image!

ci1-3.png #6 Betting on the Heart picture by mambo25

I looked up to no other then Mr. Sirius Black dark grey eyes.

"May I have a word?" Sirius asked keeping his fist clenched.

"Yeah, sure Sirius. Uh here?" I asked feeling confused since, I've been avoiding him all week. I've only seen him during testing, since my last name was Aleverz and his was Black, we were pretty close.

"No, I was more thinking like upstairs... or something." Sirius said leading the way. I followed with my sketch book in hand, closing it shut. He led me into the boys dormitory. He gave Peter a pointedly look to scram and it was just me and him. Alone. Agian. Yes I know I'm very dramatic. Get over it.

Sirius sat on his bed, while I stood there awkwardly. "Uh... I just wanted to say, I'm sorry." Sirius said scratching the back of his head looking uncomfortable.

"You don't have to say your sorry." I responded, looking down at my feet.

"I know I just didn't want things to be left, at how it was. Before vacation and stuff." He added, kicking the bed post.

"Well, thanks..for apologizing." I answered turning for the door, when I heard Sirius jump from the bed.

"You don't want to say sorry back?" He asked in this little boy voice. What a childish thing to say. I spun on my heel to face him.

"What do I have to be sorry for?" I sneered.

"Well you bloody well know for!" he yelled at me. Again with the raised voices.

"Sirius Black! I did nothing wrong! So I kissed a boy, SUE ME!" I yelled back clutching on to my sketch book.

"That's not what I was talking about! How about you ignoring for the past week!"

"I didn't see you making a effort either, Black!"

"Well, why should I, when I knew you weren't even gunna give me the time of day!" Sirius and I were so close now, that our noses were barley touching.

"Well maybe if you came up to me!"

"Why should I even try you SLA-" He never even got to finish because I slapped him. I really did not mean to at all, but I had enough. I was so not taking this lying down anymore. He think he can almost call me a slag!

"I...Uh....Sor-" I said trying to talk, trying to say anything. Sirius just closed his eyes, probably in shock. He opened his eyes and didn't even look mad, just upset.

"Get. Out. Now" He said bluntly. I quickly made my way to the door. I was about to open the door, when my sketch book fell and my all sketches flew to the floor. And since I usually rip the pages, must of them flew out of the book, where Sirius was standing. And the most recent one, I've been working on stood on top. It was a drawing of the Marauders, standing by the beech tree. I quickly dived for all of the drawings when I noticed Sirius, looking down at him self on the drawing. I quickly snatched it and made my way out the door.

I made my way to the girls dormitory where everyone was probably still packing. As I entered it looked like a bomb went off.

"Lily, have you seen my blue dress?"

"I cant find my brush! Which one of you slags stole my brush?"

"AHH IS THAT A SPIDER! Oh no, wait its just my hair."

Was the few things I heard as I made my way to my bed and quickly put my sketch pad in my trunk.

"I can't believe you guys, didn't pack before," I said to all three of them. They all scowled at me. "I''ll help though. God you guys are so touche" I sat on Johanna bed, well what was left of it and started to fold some of her clothes.

"So since you're coming this summer again, we'll do it like last, yeah?" Johanna asked me, I nodded my head. Last year I came through flew powder, to her house.

"Will your parents be home or on vacation again?" Alice asked putting a spell on her trunk, to make it bigger.

"I'm not really sure," Johanna shrugged. "Probably on vacation agian." Johanna didn't really talk to her parents. They usually leave her alone and give her cash. She says she doesn't really mind it, but I know it seems to really bother her. Johanna's parents are both pure blood, work for Ministry of Magic and very wealthy.

"Anyway, Sirius talked to me just now," I said shrugging my shoulders. Everyone in the room stopped what they were doing and looked at me. "He said he was sorry. But we got into a fight and it ended with me, slapping him," I shrugged. They all gasped.

"You actually slapped him?" Lily asked with her mouth hanging wide open.

"He was going to call me a slag! Anyway I kind of said 'I was sorry'." I shrugged "Moving on... are the boys going to stay with us?"

"Well, probably I was talking to Remus about it and he said the boys would probably come and Sirius would just have to get over it," Johanna said sitting on her trunk, and closing it. "They can come over, when my brother goes camping. It's some muggle thing that him and his friends find fascinating." Johanna scoffed. Johanna didn't take Muggle Studies like me. She barley knows what a telephone is.

"Yeah, I guess you're right. Sirius and I will try not to kill each other. I guess," When they finally got done with packing, we all got dressed in our pajamas. And we were all ready about to head to bed.

"Layla do you think you can come with me to the kitchens, I'm starved. I missed dinner to pack," I thought of the chocolate frogs Lily got from James last week. She probably already finished them that day.

"Yeah, of course Lils," I got up and pulled a sweatshirt on and walked to the common room down with Lily. She stopped on the stairs and put you finger on her lip mouthing 'Shh'

"Listen I didn't mean to, it kinda just came out!" Someone yelled I looked over Lily to see James and Sirius head to head.

"You almost called her a slag! If you wanted her mad at you, why didn't you just tell her to sod off!?" James yelled back.

"I didn't want her mad! I fancy her, for the love of merlins breed! Or I did! I don't know anymore.... I can't help it if she has her knickers in a twist!" I totally resent that! 'Has her knickers in a twist' maybe if he didn't call me a slag.

James pulled off his glasses and held the bridge of his noise. "Sirius this conversation is over. Tomorrow before you go on the train you apologize. You hear me?" James said in a calm, demanding voice.

It seemed like James is the only one that could tell Sirius what to do, without Sirius retaliating. You know when James is serious, when he stops using those stupid nicknames.

"Okay," was all Sirius said as he made his up to the boys dormitory. Lily held out her hand motioning for me to stay put. And walked out of the stair cases, to James on the couch.

"James do you mind?" She said standing over him. He motioned his hand next to him, for her to take a seat.

"I'm sorry if you heard any of that Lily," James said looking up.

"It's no problem, boys will be boys. I just wanted to see what the fuse was about," Lily said sitting down. "James I'm really impressed how you handled Sirius," Lily said looking into James eyes. For some reason I feel wrong watching this, and this a very special moment between James and Lily.

"Eh, it was really nothing," James said putting his hand through his hair. With a blush on his cheeks. Typical James to start getting nervous when Lily gives him a complement.

"No, really James it was," Lily said getting closer to James on the couch. I was on my tipy-toes seeing if the were going to kiss, but I slipped on the stair and fell down, making a loud thud. James and Lily quickly spun around to see what happened. James scowl me as Lily came to my rescue.

"You all right Layla?" Lily said helping me up.

"Yeah, I'm alright. Sorry to interrupt, I'll...just be...going," I said turning around to walk back up the stairs.

"I'll come with. It is getting really late," Lily said following after me. "Goodnight Potter," Lily said from behind me. NO she's back to using his last name!

"Night Lily flower," James muttered sounding very disappointed. We went upstairs quickly and made our way to our beds.

"Night Lily flower," I mocked James voice. Lily threw a pillow but missed.

"Night Layla," She climbed into bed with her checks red. Alice and Johanna were already sleeping. I turned over and closed my eyes and slowly dirfted to sleep.


"I don't care Black! You're not coming in!" Was the screeched I woke up to.

"I just want a word with her!" Sirius yelled back. I knew it was Sirius by the way his voice gets all manly high pitched when he screams. I was still in my bed with the curtains around me.

"I don't care! Lily is in the shower, and Alice is still getting changed! And Alverez is sleeping!" Johanna yell was strained, sounding like she was holding something or pushing something.

"Fine, but you better tell her I stopped by!" Sirius yelled back and then the door shut closed, with a bang.

"Oi! Johanna what was that about?" I said behind my curtains.

"Oh just stupid Sirius he came to say sorry," Johanna said.

"Why didn't you wake me up?" I asked started to get out of bed.

"I didn't want to wake you," Johanna said, with innocent eyes. "And you were apparently awake. You could have said something," She does have a point there.

"When are we leaving anyway?" I asked to change the subject.

"In 10 minutes," Lily causally said, coming out of the bathroom.

"And you guys didn't think to wake me up!" Why must they not wake me up, I really just don't get it.

"Sorry, we just thought you really didn't need much to do," Lily said while brushing her hair.

"What does that mean?" I asked rushing to change into my favorite grey sweatpants and regular black top. Luckily I left my clothes out, for the morning.

"She means that you're the kinda girl, that can just wake up and walk out the door," Johanna said brushing her teeth.

"Thanks... I guess," I said throwing my hair into a ponytail.

"Just take the compliment Lay," Alice said checking under her bed. I ran into the bathroom and grabbed my tooth brush and quickly brushed my teeth.

"Alright ready to go then," Lily said to everyone, trunk in hand, owl on her side. We all got our trunks and got ready to leave.

"Yeah," I said with sigh. "Lets go, if we must." I said with a whining in my voice. It's not that I don't like my Aunt. Its just, I'm always so lonely when I stay their. I grabbed my trunk and followed Lily downstairs. Lucky for me, I'm not an animal person. I didn't have to carry an owl cadge, or a cat cadge, with me.

"Aw, don't worry Lay we'll see you in a month. Well, expect for Alice," Johanna frowned.

"Sorry, my mother wants me to stay with her this summer. I'll miss you guys though," Alice grimaced.

"Hey look it's the boys," Lily said in a low voice.

"Do you think I should go over and talk to him?" I asked Lily, but it was to late Johanna was already marching over to where they were sitting. We all followed behind her.

"Hey James I should probably get your address. So we can owl each other for when you guys should stay over," Johanna said standing over James "Just give it to Lily for me, I have to go talk to my brother. Excuse me.." Johanna said walking over to Chris and his friends.

"Lily do you have paper?" James asked Lily.

"Yeah, hold on," Lily said taking a pad and pen out of her bag and giving it to James. I stood awkwardly with Alice. Peter was standing behind James. While Remus and Sirius looked like they were having a very secret conversation.

I turned my back to Remus and Sirius and looked at Alice "Shouldn't we be going to the carriages?" I asked Alice. Everyone started to move out after I said that down to the Great Hall. As we walked James, Lily, Peter and Johanna walked in front. I walked in back of Sirius and Remus, they were still talking in hush voices. We got out to the carriages. We all got into the invisible carriages. Peter, Lily, James and Johanna sat across from me. While Alice was next to me and Remus and Sirius was on her side. It doesn't seem that Sirius is going to talk to me before I leave. The carriage ride was quite as we made our way up to the train. I guess Chris isn't saying goodbye before I leave either. The carriage stopped and everyone was starting to get on the train, expect my friends.

"We'll miss you!" The three girls yelled over the train and gave me a big bear hug. James joined into the hug too.

"I'll owl you, with the date you're coming, I promise!" Johanna yelled giving me a kiss on the cheek and running on to the train going to get seats for everyone.

"I'll see you when I get back," Alice said hugging me again and running after Johanna.

"Owl me or even phone me, if you need anything!" Lily said hugging me tight and running off to join the girls. Since I wasn't muggle challenged, I knew how to use a telephone.

"Same here, expect the phone thing, I have no clue what that is," James said hugging me and then running after Lily.

"I'll see you this summer, Layla," Remus said hugging me, and it wasn't awkward as I thought it would be. He ran to get on the train but before he did, I saw him give Sirius a nudge. Peter gave me a wave and followed Remus. I looked up to a Mr. Sirius Black standing there uncomfortably.

"Uh.. well, I just want to say sorry, about yesterday," Sirius said putting his hands through his hair.

"Thanks Sirius, I'm sorry too," I said not really meaning it. I did nothing wrong to be sorry for. "I'll see you in a month then." I said with a grin and a wave. He stood there kicking his feet, wanting to say something more.

"Yeah, bye Lay." He muttered and got on the train. I was about to turn around, when Chris came out of no where and picked me up into a hug.

"I'll see you in a month, Ay. I'll miss you." Chris put me down and ran after the train as it got ready to leave. I stood there smiling, until I couldn't see the train anymore.

I turned and started to walk up to my Aunt's cafe, with my trunk in hand. Her house was above the cafe, and it's not small since she used a spell to make it bigger but it's no big fancy house like Johanna's. As I made my way to the high streets of Hogsmeade. There wasn't alot of people that lived in Hogsmeade, except for the shop owners.

As I was coming close to the Three Broom Sticks, maybe I should just pop in for a quick drink. I left my trunk by the door and made my way to the bar and sat down. Rosmerta was busy carrying stuff to the back to notice me right away. She was a very young witch probably got out of Hogwarts three years ago. She was still in training, of being a bar keeper. Mr. Jones the bar owner says he'll probably give her the bar one day.

"Oi Layla! When you get in? I haven't seen you in here for a while. Just get off the carriages?" Rosmerta beamed.

"Yupp. Can I have the usual Rose?" I really could have said a butter beer but I wanted to sound cooler.

"Sure, sure. Seen your Aunt yet?" She said taking a glass from under the bar and filling it up.

"Nope not yet. Just got in, I wanted to catch up with you first," I said while she handed me the drink.

"Aw how sweet," She cooed "Everything went okay this year then?" She asked while she cleaned glasses, with a rag.

"Yeah, I probably did okay on my exams. But I don't know about other things the went down this year," I said with a sigh "How things here?"

"Boring like usually. Anything exciting happen his year?" She asked

"Well ya know Lily?" I asked. She nodded her head.

"I think she is finally warming up to James."

"Really! I knew she would!" Rose smirked. "Speaking of James. He was in here with Sirius a week ago," Great lets just bring up that topic "And he did not look happy at all. Usually he tries to flirt me up. Ya know what that was about?" I tensed up a little.

"Well, the day before we got into a little fight. I'll go into details on a later note. But I better be going, my Aunt is probably expecting me. I just wanted to say hi." I said getting off the stole.

"Yes, yes of course. Tell Ronda I say hi." Rosmerta said then going into the back again. I didn't realize how tired I was, when I finally made it to my Aunt's shop. I walked into the coffee shop, no one in here as expected. It was a usual cute couple place, with the two people table. Flowers every where. It looked like it was Valentine's Day everyday. Of course if I ever had a boyfriend I would die first, before dragging him in here. I think Sebastion my ex tried to pull me in here one time. But I told him I'd rather got to Zonko's and avoid my Aunt at all cost.

"Hello!" I yelled hoping where every my Aunt was could hear me. I heard a bang from upstairs, then running footsteps on the stairs, in the back. My aunt came through the curtain that lead to the back, beaming at me.

"Oi Lalya!" She yelled coming close to give me a big hug. Her black hair was in her usual bun.

"How are you aunt Ronda?" I said in the hug.

"Oh, just great," She said taking my trunk to the back "How was Hogwarts this year m'dear?" she asked pulling my trunk up the stairs.

"Oh, bloody brilliant," I said in a fake exciting voice. Of course I had to lie through my teeth.

"Good, good m'dear." We finally got up the stairs. I sniffed in the smell, I never thought I missed. The smell was coffee beans and a vanilla scent. My dear old aunt likes pink so much that most of her rooms in her house was pink. Except for my room, of course. Gryffindor colors my room is. She put my trunk by my door and took me to the kitchen.

"You hungry deary?" She said in her cheery voice.

"No, not really" Again another lie. I never really liked her cooking. Yeah she owned a coffee shop. But if it wasn't a dessert type thing, it wasn't good. She can never make food like Rosmerta can. I usally eat dinner their during the time I'm here.

"Well you look beat. I didn't feel like opening the shop today. You can go take a nap when I get lunch ready," she said taking out mushrooms from the cupboard. I hated mushrooms and if that had to do with anything with the dinner...

"Oh Rosmerta wanted me to stop by for lunch or dinner. I was think of just getting unpacked and drawing for a little if you don't mind," I said cheerfully making sure it didn't sound I was flaking out.

"Oh," she looked a little disappointed. "Well, thats okay next night then. I'll clean your clothes then, go get me the dirty ones," Turning on the sink. I obliged and went to get my clothes. I didn't really have any dirty ones but I'll just say I wore them.

I opened my door to my Gryffindor pride room. My room was all gold with one red strip going all around. My bed was white and so was the nightstand. I put my bag and dropped my trunk on the floor. I started to pull out random clothes to call "dirty".

I threw them in the hamper and gave it to my Aunt. I went into the living room, by the window. Her owl Zelda was there. I always use Zelda to contact Lily and Johanna during the summer. I did have a pet, a cat. But it bite me and ran away second year. I think it got together with Filches cat.

I gave her some treats and went back into my room. I closed the door and I went to go take a nap. I really wish this month would go by already. This place never felt like home to me.

A/n Hey! Sorry this took forever to get up. But it's up now so what do ya think? But yeah this will probably be last chapter since the queue is like soon. I'll promise to post right after though. HAPPY HOLIDAYS!

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Betting on the Heart: Never Felt Like Home


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