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Rebel in love by RegulusSiriusGirl
Chapter 10 : He's Back from Non-Exisistence
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We got home just around midday and I had already become one of those boyfriend obsessive girls who miss their boyfriends and count the seconds.

Five-Hundred and ninety six, not that I'm counting or anything or rounding up.

Anyway, whilst on the drive home I couldn't help but notice how nervous Uncle Ricky seemed, he wouldn't stop making silly jokes to which Tia and I only smiled at (they were the same ones he wrote on Christmas Cards) but he would not stop with them.

"Uncle Ricky, whats up with Mum?" I asked "I mean, Hermione said she sounded worried?". Okay, now I know for definite that he is nervous, that little old lady on Bridge Street nearly lost her pet Chihuahua due to his sudden swerve.

"Nothing, nothing why would anything be wrong?" he gave me a complete fake smile, "hey lets listen to the radio and remain quiet till we get home then I can go to the pub". 

He clicked it on and the most annoying song (well in my book at least) came on: Peter Kay - Over and Over

Oh Merlin above, please please please kill the radio with your mighty Reducto! curse ? "I preferred the silence" I said, and turned it off. We drove in silence till we appeared at my house. 

In my opinion my house was cool, it was big, but not too big, had a big garden up the back with a river and a fairytale bridge and best of all I was born in it just like my mum. It was a manor with victorian styling and gorgeous windows that had carvings on them.

"Alix, I need to run a few errands" Uncle Ricky said awkwardly, "I'll be home soon with Grandpa". I nodded and smiled "Okay, give the big lug a hug", Uncle Ricky nodded and kissed my forehead, "See yah kiddo".

I watched him drive away and I couldn't help but feel slightly scared, my uncle could out chat Ludo Bagman (and that guy could talk) I have never known him to be so quiet in all my life.

Something was up ...

"Alix, is it just me or is there shouting coming from your house?" Tia asked doubtfully, I turned and sure enough I could hear muffled shouts, one was definetly my mum and the others was a man I just couldn't tell who.

"Thats definetly shouting" I murmured, grabbing Tia's arm we ran up the stairs and into the house, the living room was empty. But a sudden loud smash of something like a plate breaking made us hurry to the kitchen.

Inside was my mum, red-faced and angry while looking guilty and this other guy who ....

Who looked like me.

"Alix, honey your back!" Mum sniffed loudly and came over to embrace me, "and you brought Tia, lovely" while she hugged Tia and commented on how much she changed since she last saw her, blah de blah, I took a closer look at the guest, but I already knew who he was.

He had the same facial features as me, same colour of hair but different eyes, I had my Mums eyes, but you could see a resembelance, my breath got caught in my throat and I found it very hard to breathe at that moment.

The guy stood up and cleared his throat, "Ellen, mabye I should .." he trailed off with a glance to me, my Mum looked upset but shook her head "Whatever" and she went over to start cleaning the broken dish up by hand, and thats when I got angry.

"Okay, I wanna know who exactly this guy is!" I shouted, "I come home to find this guy who looks like me, who might I add" I said glaring at my mum, "has your lipstick on his lips! And no one is going to explain to me what is going on!".

My Mum stayed on the ground, shoulders shaking, the guy (or FATHER) went over to help her up but she shrugged him off. "Alix, I wanted to tell you this later but" she took a deep breath and stood up to face me, "this is Wyatt Tiernan" a tear ran down her cheek "your father".

Father. Your father. My Father.


Memories just came screaming back to me :


I was five years old in the park down the road, watching other kids getting pushed on the swing by their dads while trying to push myself.

I was seven years old, writing a letter asking Santa to bring my daddy home, posting it then crying when my daddy didn't come back.

I was ten years old, crying under my bed on Fathers Day, because according to the girls at school, I didn't have a dad. And they were right.

*Flashback Ends*

"Alix?" Tia said, she had a hand on my shoulder, bringing me back to the real world, or what was left of it, "are you okay?". Wyatt licked his lips nervously, " I think its time for me to-"

"Go?" I spat, "just like you did when I was younger?". All those nights I spent in the house missing him before finally squashing him into the back of my mind and trying to forget him and he just shows up, and thinks he should just leave again, "After all these years, you just come back and when your face to face with me without even sayong sorry, thats when you decide to leave AGAIN!?".

Wyatt sighed, "Alix, I'm sorry" his blue eyes looked sincere "I never meant to hurt you or your mother, but there were circumstances".

"Like what?"

"Like my wife".

Oh Merlin, oh no no no NO!

My eyes nearly bulged out of my head, my Mum with a married man?! Oh Merlin and me and the girls give Drina Parkinson a hard time for her mums choice in men. My Mum bit her lip in an attempt to stop herself from crying, "Alix, I'm so so sorry", she came over and I felt so sorry for her that I burrowed my head into her shoulder, "are you okay sweetie?".

I really didn't know how to answer her, how are you supposed to explain the unexpected return of your father who you've never met who knocked up your mum when he was married already?

"I ... don't know". Everything was so happy before I came home, I had finally got my hearts desire and his family accepted me and now everything was spoiled, by the man I wish was in my life, but now I wish he never bothered.

"Mr Tiernan?" Tia asked timidly, everyone looked in surprise to her, I had even forgotten she was here, Wyatt just blinked "Yes Miss -?"

"Williams, but just call me ... anyway" she took a deep breath "I am the closest Alix has to a sister, so I take this as my buisness. What are you doing here?".

I swelled with happiness, usually Tia would never speak her mind and stand up for herself, but now here she was confronting the man who never seen me grow up and who was meant too.

"Well, I had just found a letter that my wife or should I say" he added with a quick, hopeful glance at my mum "ex-wife had hid from me, explaining I was going to be a father" he sighed and looked at me "I'm sorry that I was never there Alix, but up till yesterday I didn't know you existed".

Okay, now the thought of him being a womanizer, getting my mum pregnant and then leaving her to return to his posh, fancy wife and smoking a large cigar laughing in that weird french way, is completely gone, the poor guy didn't have a clue he was a dad.

"Really?" I asked, if he answered correctly, I would have a dad.

"Really, Really" he replied with a weak smile. I was quiet for a minute, before bursting into tears and running towards him and engulfing him into a hug. I howled into his shoulder, MERLIN I HAD A DAD!

He squeezed me hard in that hug, but I didn't care I hugged back just as hard and in my opinion it showed he cared. I leaned back and smiled waterily "My dad" I whispered, he beamed "I've always wanted to hear that" he laughed and hugged me close.

"Merlin" my Mum sniffed, I turned to look at her, she was smiling and crying at the same time. "I've always wanted to see this" she whispered, Tia seeing that I was busy hugged my mum and she pulled her in for a tighter one. I can't remember when I had been so happy, not even getting together with James competed with this, being reunited with my dad had to beat being with James Si-

"Err, is this a bad time Ellen?".

We all stopped the family reunion/love fest and looked startled at the fireplace in which Rodger Davie's head was in, he was my Mum's boss as he was head of the Department of Magical Games and Sports

"Oh Rodger" my Mum sniffed and wiped her eyes with the back of her hand, "no, no whats up?". 

Rodger's fake concern was washed away and replaced with a smirk, "Well I missed your pretty face around the office, but also because of the" he coughed "international trouble and we need your help. So I was wondering if you could come in, it'll just take an hour".

Say no, say no, say no, say no, SAY NO!

"Erm, yeah but I can't stay that long", I felt my shoulders slump, I glanced up at Wyatt's -oops I mean Dad's - face and was confused at the jealousy and gutted look on his face. "Wyatt, is it okay if you stay with the girls, my brother and father will be home so-"

"I'd love too, I'll cook dinner too" he added with a winning smile, Mum smiled back "Thanks". 

They both stood in silence, they both looked as if they wanted to say more but they both did nothing. 

Mum gave me and Tia a quick kiss and hug before disapering into the green fire.

Now there was silence in the manor and I felt awkward, I had no idea what to say and by the looks of it neither did Tia. What were you supposed to say to the father you have just met?

Dad cleared his throat, "So"

I nodded "Yeah"

Tia smiled "Wow".






So do you like the sound of Alix's dad ? Were you expecting it? I hardly mentioned him did I ?

I ask a lot of questions don't I ? =P

Sooooooooooooooo, Yeah wow what a chapter lol

Did you like ? See the box at the bottom of the page, you can compliment or complain and either way I will be soo happy you took the time =)

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