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I'm Norah by cacophony
Chapter 8 : Chapter 8
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Transparent, Porcelain and the Tramps

loveage by tda's Midnight_Witch

“Wake up!” not the most pleasant first two words to hear on a Saturday morning. Awesome socks. I groaned and rolled over, covering my head with a pillow, “I said get up!” my covers disappeared and I curled up in a ball to fight the cold of their absence.

“Why are you doing this to me?” I whined as I sat up and rubbed the side or my head. Mornings give me headaches.

“Because you need to get ready, silly,” Lily said, putting her hands on her hips.

“For what? It’s Saturday.”

“We’re going to Hogsmeade, now go take a shower and get ready.” she pointed to the bathroom and threw her chin up.

Twenty minute later I waltzed out the door wearing a towel as a dress, my hair dripping onto it. I quickly slipped into some old jeans and a plain black T-shirt one size to big. I threw my towel in the hamper and quickly dried my hair with my wand. I smiled at the girls.

“Shall we go?” they shook their heads.

“You, my dear, are getting a make-over.” Tris informed me.

“Oh, sweet juice. Is there any getting out of this?” I hoped. They shook their heads again and sat me at Tris’s vanity, “I’ll teach you how to do all this so you can do it on your own every day,” she said. She took a few steps back and looked at me, taking the classic thinking position. I looked at Lily, who was sitting at the edge of her bed, reading a magazine.

“Aren’t you going to do anything?”

“Nope,” she said as she flipped a page, “I’m more comfortable in the clothes area.”

I looked back at Tris just as she nodded to herself and came back to the vanity. She got on her knees in front of me and opened a drawer, taking out some eyeliner. She put some on the bottom and top of my eye, as well as my waterline. Then she smudged it around a bit and took some black eye shadow to go along with it. After she was done with that, she put some deep red lipstick on my lips.

“I think this tone of red really looks good on you, Norah,” when she was done she told Lily it was her turn. I walked over to where the closets were, guided by Lily. She opened hers and Tris’s and rummaged through them. After putting some pants and shirts in front of me to compare, she decided what I was wearing: a thin, red long-sleeved shirt with a black leather jacket (the jacket was mine, haha!), black skinny jeans and red All Stars (mine as well!).

I looked in the mirror and couldn’t recognize the girl looking back at me. Hmm, I didn’t know I could actually look pretty.

“Shake your head, I think your hair could look good messy,” said Lily. I did so and indeed liked the effect.

After Lily and Tris were ready, we were on our way to Hogsmeade. Our trip was soon interrupted when we got to the common room. James, Sirius and Remus had been waiting for us. They all let out a low whistle and I rolled my eyes as  we ignored them and went on our way. They followed us, but we continued to ignore them.

“So,” said Lily, “I think today’s trip to Hogsmeade should be completely devoted to buying Norah new clothes,” Tris nodded enthusiastically.

“Man,” I heard one of the boys say a few feet behind us, “We waited two hours for shopping?”

I put on a guilty face.

“I’m sorry, guys, I don’t have the money,” this was true, but it wasn’t like I wanted a bunch of new rags.

“It’s okay, my family’s loaded with money we don’t use,” smiled Tris, “I can get you anything you want.”

This was somewhat tempting…

“Nah, I don’t want to waste my first trip to Hogsmeade on shopping. I can just borrow yours? I think we should have the same sizes.”

They pouted but agreed, and I heard the guys cheer. I felt an arm link with mine and looked up to see none other than Sirius [insert last name here].

“Since this is your first trip to Hogsmeade I believe a tour is in order!”

Tris quickly came to my side and whispered, “He’s just looking for a snog!”

I decided the best way to escape was being myself. Out of the corner of my eye I saw the driest, crunchiest looking-

“Leaf!” I pounced on it, loving the cracking sound it caused. A few feet away I saw another one and did the same. I could hear everyone laughing at me and enjoyed it, thank you very much. This continued all the way until one of them grabbed me and pulled me into a pub.

It was an ordinary looking place, and it smelled of oak and honey. I took in the scent and smiled. We all sat in a booth, Tris having to take a chair at the side of the table for us to fit (Sirius was very comfortable occupying two seats). I saw the small menu called the place The Three Broomsticks.

“Six Butterbeers on me,” said James. He seemed very happy to be sitting beside Lily (she was between Remus and him). As you can deduce, I was next to Sirius. He must have been very desperate that day for a snog to come to me for one.

Little did I know, more interesting events awaited my approval (not like they’d disappear if I disapproved, but that sounded cool).

a/n: SO. There’s part one of her trip to Hogsmeade. And a bit of a makeover. At first I was going to make her completely ignorant to the art of makeup (as in, she didn’t know what things were called or for), but decided against it.


I write this story in this nifty little Ed Hardy journal I have. You may have noticed the chapters gradually getting longer. Chapter 1 was one pages (in my journal. I count my pages like in books, one page is the front and another is the back of the paper), Chapter 4 was seven, Chapter 7 was eight. The other day, I wrote Chapter 10. It was 16 pages. THAT’S RIGHT, IT WAS SIXTEEN PAGES! I don’t know if this length will keep up, but I sure as well will try. Tomorrow is Thanksgiving, so happy Thanksgiving!


Reviews are nice.

Not quite as nice as sour-y Mike n’ Ikes.

But still, nice.

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