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Living a Lie. by Miss Haggan
Chapter 7 : Chapter 6: The Aftermath
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In the weeks that followed the ground breaking news, the Potters were forced to go into hiding. Half of the population was crowded around their house in hopes to catch a glimpse of James, Lily or Isobella. The other half of the population is gunning for their blood. In the three days that followed, the Potters experienced ten breaches of their wards and fifty death threats. The worst ones by far for the Potters were the death threats against Izzy, Little James and the unborn twins. Harry had got Dumbledore to strengthen the wards seven fold, after that they were no breaches. Isobella, James and Hermione were obviously housebound, which meant Isobella couldn't start Hogwarts, so Remus, McGonagall and Dumbledore all took it in turns to teach her. Dumbledore obviously tried to convince Harry and Lily that Isobella would be fine at Hogwarts, but Harry was adamant that Isobella will finish her school year at home.

"What kind of Christmas are we going to have stuck inside, having to get Dumbledore to do our Christmas shopping for us?" Harry grumbled. They were all gathered together decorating the huge tree.

"A good one, we've got our family, and friends. What more do you want?" Hermione replied. She stopped for a break and rubbed her ever expanding stomach, she was only four months gone, but she felt more like seven.

"I know I'm sorry" Harry apologised, sitting Hermione down and rubbing her feet. James and Lily watched the tender exchange between their son and daughter-in-law.

"Dada, Santa" James said holding up a toy Santa.

"That's right my wee brain box" Harry said lifting up his son. "But you have to be a good boy, in order to get your pressies don't you"

"I wana, Broom" He cooed.

"If you’re a good boy, no go and help Izzy paint the windows with snow" Hermione said.

"Yay, snow" James cheered and ran after Izzy.

The rest of the day was spent decorating the house and baking Christmas treats. It was discovered that all the Potter family loved Christmas, so they decided to throw a pre-Christmas party for their friends. It was two weeks to Christmas, but for safety reasons, they had to see their friends before Christmas.

"Is everything ready?" Hermione asked Lily when she came into the kitchen.

"Yea it is, are you ok Hun, you look a bit peaky" Lily asked concerned.

"Yes, I'm just tired, we all worked hard today"

"Ok, I'm going to see to the boys" Lily said and exited to the living room. James and Harry were each hanging decorations on the ceiling, the muggle way.

"James can you pass me the pins" Harry asked.

"Sure thing son" James said and stepped off the ladder to get them. Then he saw Lily.

"Hey babe, is everything done?"

"Yes" she replied looking shifty.

"Is everything alright darling?" James asked. Lily looked at Harry, and then shut the living room door.
"Lily what’s wrong?" Harry asked.

"It's Hermione" Lily said nervously.

"What, what's wrong with her?" Harry asked panicked, he jumped off the ladder and landed beside James.

"Look, I don't want to cause panic, but she's looking unwell. I think she over done it today" Lily said concerned.

"Ok, I was hoping this mightn't happen" He said.

"Hoping what wouldn't happen?" James asked.

"When Hermione was pregnant with James, she suffered from bad anema. She had to rest most of the pregnancy. It started from the second trimester." he explained

"But she's pregnant with twins this time, it could be worse" Lily said.

"I know, I'll get her to the doctors tomorrow, thanks for telling me" Harry said walking to the kitchen.

Ten minutes later Harry brought a slightly waddling Hermione into the living room, he set her down on the rocking chair and put her feet up. She smiled at him and closed her eyes, falling asleep within seconds.

"How did you do that?" James whispered to Harry.

"Just some gentle encouragement, I made her realise that over doing it will only bring harm to the babies." Harry explained in a whisper.

They all worked quietly around Hermione for the next hour, James and Izzy soon joined them, James climbed up on his mothers lap and fell asleep, that left them to finnish the decorations, Lily had a good idea of using a touch of magic, to give the livingroom a Christmassy glow.

At around ten that night when Harry had put James to bed, the rest had gone of their own accord, Harry had tidied up and then deicded to wake his beautiful wife.

"Aww, Harry it's beautiful" Hermione said when she woke up.

"It was Lily's idea to use the magic" Harry supplied.

"Well I love it. I would also love a nice cup of hot chocolate before bed"

"Right away, my love"

Christmas came and went for the Potter family, Harry made huge effort to put on a united front for their friends, and it paid of, not many people knew how Harry really felt about his parents, but everyone knew he doted on Isobella. Christmas proved a happy time for the family, with many of them getting, jewellery, clothes, toys, perfume and gift sets. Even the babies got some cream outfits. New Year came to bring a cold and frosty month, along with a party. The Potters house was packed with party goers, everyone bringing their own fun to the party. It took them two weeks after that to get the house back to normal. It had now been three months since James, Lily and Isobella went public, and since the Potters had two parties over the Christmas period, they were clean out of food. So now it was up to James, Harry and Little James to do the food shopping.

"Be careful, won't you" Hermione said kissing her son and husband.

"Of course I will" Harry replied.

"Ok see you later"

"Bye, bye mummy" James said whilst waving his tiny hand.

"Bye, bye sweet pea"

James and Harry walked half a mile to the apparition point, Harry carried James in his arms. The atmosphere between Harry and James was silent and tense. James wanted to speak, but didn't know what to say.

"Dada, Hungry" James whined.

"Ok, mate. I'll get you something to eat shortly."

"Grandpa, too?"

"Yes buddy, I'll be coming to" James answered. They reached the apparition point, Harry turned on the spot without a word to James, who was left behind. He sighed a heavy sigh and turned; he steadied himself, and then looked around him. He was surrounded by Death eaters who had Harry and James.

"Nice of you to finally join us" A sly voice sounded from behind him. He turned to see someone who he recognised as the leader. He looked around once more and his eyes landed on the Death eater who had his Grandson, his eyes widened and burned with anger.

"Pettigrew" He growled. Harry, who had heard this, started struggling violently, the Death eater managed to maintain a tight grip on him. "If you harm a hair on that child’s head, I'll kill you" James growled. Peter whimpered and cowered.

"Aww, it Jamsie all protective of his family" The woman teased.

"If you hurt my son, I'll kill you" Harry growled

"Well, well. Is that a threat Harry?"

"No, it's a promise"

"Release him" she ordered, the man who had Harry did as he was told. Harry immediately lunged at Pettigrew, but he jumped out of the way, suddenly the leader clicked her fingers and they all disappeared.

"James" Harry screamed, but it was too late James was gone. Harry searched around him wildly, tears streaming down his face, but not a single Death eater was to be found.

"Harry, son we have to get back home" James said, shaking his son awake.

"No, no. They've got my son; I've got to get my son." He replied panicked.

"I know, but we don't know where they are, we need to get home and alert the order."

"I have to go and look for him, they've got my son. Do you know what it's like to have your child taken away from you" Harry screamed at him.

"Yes, Harry I do" James answered, Harry looked away guiltily” But, I was fortunate enough to get my son back, and you will to, but we need help" Harry gave up, and nodded.

"Promise me that we will find my son, dad" Harry said.

"I promise" James replied.

They apparated together and landed in the field half a mile from Harry's house. Both men ran to the house, they bolted through the door. James went to floo the order whilst Harry got Hermione.

"Hermione" he screamed. Hermione, Lily and Isobella ran out of the kitchen to see an out of breathe Harry standing in the hall way, with no shopping.

"Where's James" Both Hermione and Lily asked.

"Dad's in the living room, flooing the order. Someone told the Death eaters we were going out today. They've got our baby boy"

"No" Hermione screamed. She ran into Harry's arms, and sobbed. He held onto her tightly. They led Hermione into the living room and set her on the sofa, Isobella sat beside her and hugged into her. The others went into the kitchen.

"The order is on their way" James said to his son. Seconds later, Dumbledore had disabled their wards and the order was standing in their kitchen.

"What happened, Harry?" Sirius asked, seeing his grief stricken godson.

"They've got James, Sirius, they've got my son."

"Who has?" Dumbledore asked.

"Bellatrix Lestrange and her Death eaters"

"Bella" Sirius growled.

"How did they know you were going out?" Remus asked.

"Well Pettigrew, was the one who had James, so I assume he's been turning into a rat" James supplied. Sirius' eyes darkened, he shivered and transformed into his animagus, he sniffed around the kitchen and the hall. He came back seconds later and transformed again.

"Yep, Pettigrew was here" Sirius growled.

"I want him and Bellatrix found. I want them dead" Harry growled.

"We have had a run in with them, and they seem just as strong as last time” One of the members said.

"I don't care if it kills me, I want my son found and those two killed" Harry shouted.

"Calm down love, we all want James back, we will all do what we can" Lily soothed.

"I know, mum, it's just he was taken form me, and I could do nothing about it."

"Harry, we all swear, we will get your son back" Sirius said hugging him.

"Right men I believe that we have a lead to follow... it is believed that they are meeting at Malfoy manor"

"Malfoy" Harry growled. Dumbledore opened his mouth to speak but he was cut short but an ear piercing scream, followed but Isobella calling for Harry. They all rushed into the living room to find Hermione on the floor, clutching her stomach.

"Hermione" Harry panicked, bending down to his wife. "Hermione, what’s wrong?" Harry asked.

"Oh Harry, it's the babies, something's wrong with our babies.

Hi all, so sorry that it has taking me so long to post, and sorry it's short, but it's the build-up chapter. I hope you like, and I hope the chapter keeps you in suspense. Please review.

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Living a Lie.: Chapter 6: The Aftermath


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