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Just Another Bird. by ItsUnconditional
Chapter 1 : Ain't No Walk In The Park.
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DISCLAIMER: I don't own anything Harry Potter related. I only own Nissa Hart and any extra characters that aren't character's made by J K Rowling :D

Ain't No Walk In The Park.
Dedicated to Rosie Posie and dyqw1700 for their reviews.

I waved my arms above my head in a nervous panic as i rushed past a group of second year Slytherins like a woman running away from her mission.

I ignored the cheap remarks they yelled at me as i swivelled 'round a corner, almost bumping into Professor Longbottom, but coming to an abrupt halt just inches from his stomach.

So maybe i'm not that tall, but I still have a pretty good left-hook.

'Ms Hart, Why in merlins-bad-christmas-wrapping are you running through the schoo-'

I was in too much of a hurry to listen to what he was about to tell me off for, 'Sense.. Potter.. Gotta.. RUN!'
Potter being hot on my trail, i screached the last word as i made another attempt at running for my life, Professor Longbottom's loud protests being cut short by the speed i was travelling.

'Oi, Hart!' I had no time to look around for who was calling to me, it probably wouldn't make much difference to me if i acknowledged them or not, well, other than cutting my time to live even shorter than it already was.

And i was not in the mood to die sooner than absolutly nessesary today.

Dang, we're cutting it far too close today Danger Sensor!

I skidded, rather skillfully if i do say so myself, into a secret passageway that Albus (Potter's younger brother) had shown me when Potter first started showing an interest in me.

Leaning my head against the cold stone wall i poorly attempted to silence my heavy breathing.

We cannot cut it that close next time.

'Far too close' I sighed to myself.

'Hello Nissa' The all-too familiar voice of James Potter drew me to glance sideways towards the entrance of the passageway.


I let out an annoyed moan as i turned my whole body to face him, crossing my arms over my chest.

Just the person i want to see!

'Potter' i growled harshly as i glared at him with unusual silver eyes that many had said looked "evil" when i was angry.

I smirked at the thought. Potter obviously got the wrong idea as his own hazel eyes seemed to light up at the thought of me finally giving in and "giving him a chance"

Only in hell Potter, only in Hell.

'Make sure to meet me outside Honeyduke's this coming Saturday for the Hogsmeade trip'

I guess you'll be getting to hell first then.

I frowned at him, 'I am not, and i'll repeat this for your benefit, NOT going to bloody Hogsmeade with you! You didn't even ask me, you Jerk!'

'That's because i just knew you'd say yes'

He's getting on the one-way train to Piss me off - Face my wrath.

My eyes narrowed even more than they were already, if that's possible, into slits that i could barely see through, which didn't even matter as i could only see red right now anyway.

Lots and lots of red..

..And Potter dead at my feet and me laughing as i towered over him, impressed by my successful killing spree.

But my mother told me to keep those types of thoughts to myself.

Especially after that Thomas Brezark catastrophe back when i was in playschool..

I got a little carried away with a ketchup bottle and a halloween mask.

And that's all you'll ever know.

'Well, If yes is the answer' I retaliated, a smug look ruling over my previous angry expression, 'Can you rephrase the question?'

He looked dumbstruck.

Me- 1 Potter- Zilch.

Eat my amazing ass-dust Potter!
'But i.. I never asked a question?'

I rolled my eyes, 'That was sort of a question, and that was good enough for me' With that i stormed past him and camoflaged myself behind a ghost as i descretly made my way back down the corridor, getting a couple of looks from the odd first year.

You know, only the first years ever looked at me like i was off my rocker, you'd think they never saw a mentally deranged person hiding behind a transparent ghost before. 

I sauntered up the staircase to the Gryffindor girls dorm after a very long and uneventful stakeout in the library.

'I see you survived then' I slump onto my bed as my bestfriend, Emma Ruth looks up from her magazine. Her dark red hair falling past her shoulders and hazel eyes blazing.

Sighing, i prop myself up using my elbows, 'Another day, Emma! When will he give up?'

'If he's anything like what i've heard the man he was named after was like, then.. never'

'ARGGG!' I scream as i roll over and bury my face into my pillow, 'Mi vant mand dis many onger'

'What did she say?' Olivia (Olly) Josephs, a pretty girl with short blonde ringlets and mysteriously misty blue eyes, asks Evie.

Evie Jenks, a quiet smart girl, with cropped dark brown hair and intelligent green eyes framed by thick black glasses replies in her usual mono-tone voice. 'I think she said "I can't stand this any longer"'

'What can't she stand any longer? I don't understand..'

'Potter' Emma states as if it's the most obvious thing in the world.

Which it is!

Seen as he's been after me since third fucking year.

'I don't think he's that bad. Quite good-looking, don't you agree Evie?'

'Handsome, yes. Intelligent too.'

'Yeah. Smart and Hot. They're a very rare species, you know? Not many blokes like him out there..'

'Let's put him in a museum then. That way we can all see him and know that they are still alive.' Emma mutters, i guess that she only meant for me to hear it. I laugh silently into my pillow.

'Nissa really is lucky to have someone like that after her.' I hear Olivia sigh dreamily, 'If i were her i'd be making the most of it, acting like the girl i am..'

Have they forgotten i'm here?

I mean, c'mon, i've heard of bitching about someone behind their backs. Hell, i do it often enough. But when they're on the bed next to you? That's a new low.

'She doesn't care about boys, Olly'

And that is why Emma is my bestfriend everyone!

'But have you seen him?'

'Obviously' Emma will be rolling her eyes right about now. Fact.
'I dont mean like that.. I mean like, haven't you noticed how hot he is?-'

I sit up, annoyed at how they seem to have forgotten my presence. 'Fucking well have him then Olly. I don't want him!'

Yet she continues as if she heard me say nothing..

'..And his younger brother too. Although, i'm not one to go after younger boys or anythi-'

'ARG!' I groan as i fling myself off my bed and storm out of the dorm room from hell.

'Bloody Olivia always going on about bloody boys..' I mutter as i stomp, very loudly, into the common room. I vaguely take note that the fire is still burning as i head towards the sofa, 'Bloody Potter for being a bloody boy..'

Noticing a sleeping form on the sofa, i sigh irritatedly.

This really isn't my night!

I jump on top of the boy, landing ass-first on his chest, waking him immediatly from his - up until now - very peaceful sleep.

He groans involuntarily as he rubs his hand across his face, blinking rapidly as he stares up at me.

And now i've just gone and jumped on Potter!
Making everything - i do a mental calculation in my head - a trillion and two times worse that it already was!

Kill me now!

He probably thinks i'm here to shag him or something.


'Yeah?' I act as if i'm not sitting on James Potter, the boy that i've ran from every day since the begginning of term.

'Why are you sitting on me?'


'Because isn't an answer' I glare down at him.



You know? Sometimes i hate silences more than i hate Olly rambling on about boys.

This is most definatly one of those times.


'So?' I repeat.

'How are you?'

Just perfect, now he wants to start a casual conversation.

Isn't it hard enough that i have to act as if this is a common occurance for me?

'Could be better'

The conversation should've stopped there.

'Im good' He replies as if i'd asked him and actually wanted to know.

Which i didn't.

How on earth does he always manage to find me anyway?

Like earlier when he found me in the passageway.

And right now.. Even though i sat on him. But same thing, right?
My Danger radar must be broken..

And that means that there's a problem with my brain..

Which actually explains an awful lot..

'I'm sorry' Huh, what? 'For.. Well, you know' I really don't.. 'Assuming that you would just go to Hogsmeade with me' Oh. Makes sense now.

'Yeah, you better bloody be! Who do you think you are?! Assuming that i would go on a date with you just like that!' I pause to think over my words, 'And DO NOT say that you are James Potter or that you are the son of the freaking Chosen One!'

He cringes at my anger.

That's right, Potter. Fear me.

'Maybe if you just gave me a chance then i could show you that i'm not that bad of a-'

'Nuh-uh, No way!' I yell desperatly as i jump off of him and begin to speed walk towards the stairs.

'Why not?' I ignore his question. The fact that he's stood up now. His deflated expression as i had got off of him, rejecting him so quickly.

It's not that i dislike Potter.


I barely even know the guy.

It's the fact that i don't believe in Love, only heartbreak. And i refuse to be hurt by some bloke who doesn't think with his brain, hence ignoring anything to do with them fullstop.

Alright. This is an just an edit. Sucky, I know.. but I have no idea what to write for a third chapter for this story PLUS I have a different story that i'm writing at the moment anyway. So yeah.. Updates for this one will be coming veeeery slowly :)

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