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My Angel by keroberros
Chapter 1 : The Power The Dark Lord Knows Not
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A/N: Hey there! Ok, so this is my first songfic so I hope its ok :p Just so you know Dumbledore appears to be really O/C but he is trying to test Snape. I don't want to give anything away so I hope you enjoy and review :D
Kero x

The willow in the wind is gently weeping
No city lights tonight for she is sleeping
But in a little while she will wake and gently smile
My angel

Severus Snape looked down at the petite form on the bed in front of him, her pale skin in stark contrast to the bright red hair like flames that fanned out on the pillow her head was resting on. Severus glanced over at the clock before taking a seat on the chair near the woman’s head. It was nearly 3.37 am and he knew that she would wake at this time for one brief minute. Severus took her hand in his cradling it to his cheek as a solitary tear escaped his usually cold, black eyes.

The door to the room opened and a tall man in midnight blue robes entered. His half-moon spectacles twinkled in the moonlight filtering through the window as he turned towards the patient in the bed, not at all surprised to see Severus there.

“It’s nearly time.”

Without taking his eyes from the woman in front of him Severus spoke quietly to the man behind him, “I know. It gets harder each time it happens.”

“Severus, you cannot stay here forever.”

“I will stay here for as long as she needs me Albus,” he replied in a clipped voice.

“She will not survive, you know this. Are you really going to risk the lives of the Order for one minute?”

Severus shook his head still clinging on desperately to the woman’s hand. He could not let her go. She needed him, almost as much as he himself needed her.

“This was bound to happen eventually. Surely you’re not surprised?”

“This is no longer about what you want Albus. How can you ask me such questions? What is the need when you already know my answers?”

“The Order needs you Severus,” Dumbledore implored.

“So does she,” Severus simply replied.

Somewhere a siren sounds and she is turning
She moves my arm around 'cause she is burning
She has so much to give but so little time to live
My angel

Suddenly, the young woman on the bed turned slightly, before her emerald eyes opened and stared in to the onyx ones of Severus. Her pale lips parted and she breathed gently, “Sev.”

Severus looked at her with compassion, “Lily”, he whispered to her.

“It burns Sev, make it stop please.”

Severus felt his heart break again, as it had done the past three nights, at her pleas. There was nothing he could do to quell the burning that Lily felt. For one fateful minute at 3.37 she would be totally aware of what had happened to her. What Voldemort had done to her.

“It’s okay. The pain will be gone soon.” Severus kissed the hand he held softly.

At this, Lily smiled weakly, the pain that she was feeling in her soul still etched across her face. She gently brought Severus’ hand closer to herself, mirroring his earlier actions. “Your hand is so soft, Sev.”

“Shh, don’t tell anyone, I have a reputation to keep up,” he replied winking at her and smiling. However, the smile did not reach his eyes and they remained pools of anguish for the woman before him. She giggled softly at his antics before it turned in to a hacking cough that shook the entirety of her delicate frame. Severus jumped from the seat to steady her. Once the coughing had abated, Severus settled Lily gently back down. His time was almost up.

“You need to rest Lils. Why don’t you try and get some sleep?”

“Okay, Sev. And thanks”

She closed her eyes daintily and lay there awake until exactly 3.38 when she returned to her previous state.

“I can’t bring myself to leave her Albus.”

“You must my good man; otherwise others may well end up the same as Lily. She doesn’t have long left.”

Severus glanced around the room that he was standing in. There was no colour, just the plain white of the St. Mungos walls. He felt that it mirrored everything that he felt at that moment; barren, desolate, devoid of feeling and emotion, except one, that burned strongly within him.

“Please Albus; there must be a way to save her.”

“There may be a way.”

And soft warm hands behind that give no warning
Tell me, for just one hour have I been learning
I have so much to say but so little time to stay
With my angel

Albus placed a hand on the back of Severus’ shoulder. “There is a power that Voldemort cannot comprehend and has therefore overlooked in this curse. It may just be that this could be the key to saving Lily.”

Severus sighed in defeat, “The power that you speak of would be impossible to harness if the Dark Lord himself is not able to. Do you know what this power is?”

Dumbledore nodded. “Yes, I believe that it is relatively simple for beings such as you and I, but not for the tainted soul of one as steeped in evil as Voldemort. This power that the Dark Lord know not is Love.”

Severus felt a sudden rush of hope accompanied by a sinking feeling. It cannot be that simple. There is no way, surely the Dark Lord would have accounted for it in the curse?

“Despite this,” Dumbledore continued, “we still need you to perform your duties. You need to return to Voldemort before the clock strikes four. Until next we meet Severus.” Dumbledore carefully lifted his hand away from Severus before moving swiftly and purposefully toward the room’s only exit. He paused as his hand hovered over the handle. With one final glance at Lily he departed from the still room.

Could the old fool be right?

Severus looked closely at Lily lying motionless on the bed and felt the now familiar pang in the area of his chest. He knew that he loved her, had been in love with her for years.

Will it be enough?

He glanced at the clock, the sole decorative piece in the room. 3.49 am. He had little time to recommence his work for the Order. Turning back to Lily he whispered softly in her ear, “I love you, my angel.” Before then softly pressing his lips to hers. He stepped back from her before then exiting the room. He did not look back.

A/N: Hope you enjoyed that. Sorry to leave it on a cliffie but I wanted people to draw their own "happy ending" :) Anything to say then reviews are very appreciated. Thanks for reading :D
Kero x

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