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What is Truth? by HermioneJadeZabini
Chapter 8 : Chapter 7: A Day Of Girly Pursuits
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AN: Hey guys! Sorry this took so long. First I caught swine flu, that backed me up a week and a half, then my school musical started which backed me up a month, then cheer competetion has started, so i only get to the computer for about 3 hours about twice a week! Anyway, even tho it took forever, I hope you like this next chapter!

Disclaimer: Nothing recognizable is mine!!! The songs and bands (except the Golden 6) do not belong to me in anyway.  This chapter begins on October 16th, 2007 and ends on the 17th.

Chapter 7, A Day of Girly Pursuits:

It seemed as though time was moving sometimes fast, sometimes slow. On the days when there was nothing to do but sit around, time slowed down to a point that made me want to yank my own hair out. They days when there was too much to do, time moved faster than anyone would have wished. Draco and I decided on my idea for the ball. The final theme being a Victorian/renaissance masquerade, the decision on the band being The Golden 6 because they were cheaper and played a more variety of songs. We had already assigned which prefects would set up what, with Draco and myself overseeing at intervals. All that was left was to nail down the menu, which wasn’t due for another four days. I sighed as I realized tomorrow was Saturday. I looked around the transfiguration classroom, my eyes settling on the person next to me. Transfiguration was the only class Ginny and I didn’t have together. She had advanced healing instead. So, sitting where she normally would, was Draco. I smiled and turned back to my work. Him and I had, so far, completely ignored the fact that we would be dancing the opening dance together, which was fine with me. I giggled silently when I remembered tomorrow was the Hogsmeade day. Everyone would be all over the village, scrounging up outfits and accessories to wear for the big event. I reflected back over the last two weeks as I sat scratching out my essay.

Sunday evening the theme had been finalized, so Monday we had started to advertise the dance around the school, putting up posters with the information, including the shop date which was tomorrow, Saturday, October 17th. I smiled to myself as I thought of Tuesday evening, when Ginny came running through the portrait into the dorms room, practically screaming my name in excitement. She whispered in my ear her big announcement. At first I was shocked, then I grinned and yelled with her, the two of us dancing around the room like fools. Draco came from the kitchen, demanding to know ‘what the bloody hell’ was so amazing. I grinned and shook my head, telling him he wasn’t allowed to know. I giggled as I remembered the next bit. Draco got a gleam in his eye and tackled me onto the couch, tickling me until I finally started begging Ginny to tell him. So she did. Blaise asked to escort her to the dance. I grinned and hugged her once Draco let me up and we hurried to my room to make plans, Draco calling after us not to get lost in daydreams, as dinner was soon. I giggled again, Draco looked up from his paper.

“What are you laughing about?” He whispered.

“Last Tuesday.” He grinned and poked me gently with his elbow. I turned back to my paper, remembering the news that followed. All that week and continuing into this week I heard the many excited girls telling their friends and me who asked who. In the end, it seemed all my friends were going with someone. Brandon was taking Jocelyn Capazalas, Blaise taking Ginny, Vince got turned down by Alexa because Aiden already asked her, so he chose Victoria Claydel instead. She said yes and her sister Katrina said yes to Greg. I giggled at the thought, because Greg and Vince were practically brothers anyway. Jacob did get enough courage and asked Runa, who said yes and hugged him, running off to tell Felicity, who in turn told her that she and Samuel were going together. Adina was feeling left out because so far no one had asked her, so Vic said he’d take her because she was as good as family and deserved to go. Neville and Luna were of course going together, as were Dean and Pavarti and Seamus and Lavender. I personally felt Seamus deserves better, but it doesn’t matter to me. I wondered why Lavender wasn’t going with Ronald, but I found out this morning. I frowned as I remembered the scene in the hall during breakfast.

<Flashback to that Morning>

I was sitting at the Slytherin table, Ginny, Draco and I all chatting amiably about the dance. Blaise was eating, one arm wrapped around Ginny’s waist. I had been thinking ‘I wonder if Draco would ever do that to me’ when Astoria came sauntering over with Ronald. This surprised me immensely. Ron looked pompously smug and Astoria looked like she was on a mission.

“I just thought I’d let you know that you won’t be able to take me to the dance Draco. Ronald is taking me. Isn’t he sweet?” She had simpered falsely. I almost wanted to puke. Draco shrugged and murmured,

“I really don’t care, I am taking Hermione, she’s prettier than weasel and a hell of a lot smarter too.” He had then turned back to his breakfast, and I wondered if he had seen the outraged look on Astoria’s face. I had to resist the urge to laugh in her face and stick out my tongue like a two-year-old.

<End flashback>

I frowned as I remembered. Later I would find out that Harry was going with Taylor Wetheral. It did give me some pleasure, I’ll admit, to hear that Pansy was going alone while her brother took Janey. So far Pansy and Sven had been nothing but pure venom towards me, Draco and Ginny.

<Flashback, three weeks previous, September 26th.>

The day they arrived, bursting into potions like they owned the whole castle, Ginny was in the infirmary from being knocked off her broom during quidditch practice (she was made captain) by one of her beaters. I was therefore sitting next to Draco. Sven came in, grabbed my arm and my stuff and threw me out of the way as Pansy plopped her smug ass down in my seat. Draco stood, looking angrier than I have ever seen him. Sven simple smirked at him in a ‘what you going to do about it?’ sort of way. Sven pushed me to the ground and stepped on my stomach, preventing me from getting up. By this time I was in pain and tears were falling from my eyes. I sorely was wishing that Snape hadn’t had to escort one of the younger students to the infirmary for blowing up his potion all over himself. Draco drew his wand, but Pansy grabbed his wrist, standing up herself. The entire class was watching now.

“Now Draydray, do you really want to start something in the middle of the class?” She had fluttered her eyes at him and cozied up to him. I grit my teeth and tried to stand up, but Sven pushed harder on my stomach.

“Shut up bitch. Only Mione and Gin can call me Dray. So shut up and move your slutty ass out of my way before I hex your pug-face right off.” He had hissed at her. She scowled and picked up her stuff, dropping it a few tables away. Sven, however, did not move.

“You have no right to talk to my sister that way Malfoy.” He muttered, drawing his own wand.

“Parkinson, I’ll give you to the count of three to get off My Mione before I hex your manhood right off.” He muttered it so low, I wasn’t sure I had heard it at all. Sven growled and lowered his wand, taking his foot off my stomach, I curled up and scooted out of the way, not knowing what would happen next.

“That’s a lot of talk Malfoy, like you’d really do anything. You’re a coward.” That was the final straw. No one called my Dray a coward. I stood and pulled out my wand, muttering a nonverbal spell before Pansy had even had time to call out,

“Sven! The bitch behind you!” Sven turned just in time to get my ‘Gelgalpos’ curse right in the face. I smirked as his face started melting like hot wax. I walked right past him as he clawed around the ground for his dropped wand and sat back down with my stuff next to Draco. Pansy came hurrying over and tried to help her brother. When she couldn’t she turned to me. “Who are you anyway you whore?” I turned and slapped her before casting the glamour charm nonverbally.

“Your worst nightmare bitch,” I smirked at her shocked face.

Mudblood??!?! What the….Drakey! Baby! Look! She deceived you! She isn’t even a real person! Just a know-it-all Gryffindor Princess!! A mudblood!” Draco came around to my side and used the silencing charm to shut her up. The entire class was gathered now, watching the scene.

“You pug-faced bitch! Don’t ever call Mione that again! She is more than you’ll ever be! And she is not a mudblood! She is Hermione Jade Zabini! And she lived through hell when she was Granger, mostly because of you and me! I have already apologized, now it is your turn you filthy cow!” He removed the silencing charm with a flick of his wand. Pansy looked close to tears.

“Drakey, what has she done to you? What did she do to make you turn against me and fall for a mudblood like her?” Dray slapped her.

“I said don’t call her that! Now apologize!!” Pansy turned to me, her eyes shooting venom. For a few moments it was a silent stand-off, then Snape came bursting back into the room. When he saw the three of us standing in the circle of students, Sven rolling on the ground in agony, his face melting, he thundered,

“WHAT THE BLOODY HELL HAS BEEN GOING ON HERE?! I was gone for all of five minutes!!! Mr. Malfoy! Ms. Parkinson! Explain!”

“But Professor, sir, it’s Granger! In disguise!” I had already took the glamour charm back off, so I stood there as a Zabini once more. Snape turned to me.

“My goddaughter? Yes, I know she used to be Hermione Granger, before the glamour charm broke on her birthday. But now she is Hermione Zabini, a pureblood witch and my goddaughter. Now, what does she have to do with this?” He turned to me. Together Draco and I told him what happened, certain Slytherins butting in and adding things, Pansy trying to stop us from telling it the right way.

<End of Flashback.>

In the end the real story got out and Sven and Pansy were given two months of detention and Sven was sent to the infirmary. I smiled as I remember the furious glances Pansy kept shooting me and Dray throughout the rest of class. I giggled and tried to concentrate on my essay for McGonagall, but I just couldn’t. I sighed and packed up. The bell was going to ring fairly soon anyway. Draco noticed me packing up and did the same.

“Trouble concentrating?” He murmured. I nodded. So we sat there, chatting softly till the end of class. We got up and headed for the dorm. We had nothing else to do until dinner so we lounged around the common room of our dorm for a bit, reading and talking. It only took all over 15 minutes before Ginny showed up and joined us in the reading and talking. Ginny and I were discussing the next day’s shopping trip when Draco all of a sudden looked up and murmured softly,

“Hermione? Can I talk to you a moment?” I nodded.

“Of course Dray.” He turned to Ginny.

“Gin? Could you leave us alone for a minute? I need to discuss something truly important with my fellow Head.” She nodded, a smile on her face I couldn’t explain. Once she was gone, Dray stood and walked over to my chair, offering a hand. “Dance with me?” I giggled.

“There is no music.” He waved his wand. The candles dimmed and soft romantic music was playing from somewhere. I sighed, rolling my eyes playfully, and stood, accepting his hand. He waved his wand once more before stuffing it back in his robes. The furniture flew back against the walls. He pulled me close, resting one of my hands on his shoulder, the other grasped in his. His other hand settled on my waist, holding me close to him. We swayed in beat to the music, after a few moments I let my head rest on his shoulder, hiding my face in the crook of his neck. I closed my eyes and just let myself relax. After a moment or so, I felt his warm breath on my neck.

“Hermione, I’ve been meaning to ask you something of great importance for a while now,”

“Mhm,” I murmured back, not fully aware.

“Hermione, I feel it would be unwise to keep from you the fact that I have grown to like you, perhaps more than I should, over the last few weeks. But the truth is Mimi,” The use of my childhood nicknamed alerted me something was up, but I was just too comfortable to care, “I have liked you since third year when you punched me. It just took me until now to realize it. Hermione, I think I am falling in love with you,” Shock rippled through me for a moment. I pulled back to look at him. His face showed how truly vulnerable and exposed he felt at the moment. I smiled and leaned in again, resting my head back where I had it.

“I like you too Dray. I may not feel that strongly right now, but I might, in time.”

“Does that mean you’ll go to the dance with me? Other than the reason that we have to open it, I mean.” I giggled and nodded. I felt him relax, heard his sigh of relief, but I guess I didn’t get how happy he was. Not until he pulled away, only to pull me closer and kiss me right on my lips.

I near about fainted.

He pulled back and then rested my head on his shoulder again. I was tense for a moment, but when I realized he wasn’t going to kiss me again, I relaxed.

“I’m sorry if you thought that was out of line, Hermione.” He whispered. I shook my head. Out of line? No. Surprising? Yes. We danced a bit longer, before a loud knocking on the portrait signaled to us Ginny was getting impatient. I laughed and used my wand to undo all the changes Dray had made. I went to go sit back in my chair, but Draco pulled my back against his chest, sitting down on the loveseat with me in his lap. He kissed my neck and murmured,

“Come in,” Before gently sliding me off his lap, so we were sitting side by side on the love seat.

“So, you finally asked her Dray?” I looked at her in shock.

“Wait, what?! You knew he liked me and was going to ask me to the dance?!”  She giggled.

“Oh Mione, everyone knew! Blaise, Brandon, Vince, Greg, Me, Samuel, Victor…Honey, everyone knew except you two,” She was still laughing, Draco looked just as surprised.

“Was it that obvious that I liked her?”

“Since fourth year yea,” Ginny laughed harder at the look of incredulity on his face. I couldn’t help but giggle as well, the look on his face was just so cute.

“What are you laughing at?” He muttered darkly, yet with a teasing edge.

“You’re so cute when you’re in shock.”

“Yea, well, you’re always cute,” I blushed so hard, I must have looked like a too ripe tomato.  They both laughed. I threw a pillow at Ginny. She shrieked and threw one back. Soon an all-out pillow war was under way. We chased each other all around the dorm, hitting and throwing and pushing.

We were still laughing loudly and hitting each other, feathers everywhere, when the portrait swung open. We all stopped dead at the sight of McGonagall standing in the doorway looking shocked.

“Well, having fun are we?” I thought she was going to yell, then she cracked a small smile. I giggled nervously. Draco came over, slung his arm over my shoulders, Ginny under his other arm, and grinned.

“Yes ma’am. Just relieving some stress from all this party planning, ya know?” She chuckled. Minerva McGonagall actually chuckled!

“In any case, I have come to let the heads know that the chosen band for the dance has been confirmed, they say they would love to perform.” Draco, Ginny and I high-fived, “On one condition.” Oh crap.

“What do they want Professor?”

“To meet the real golden six.” I blushed and looked down. When I looked up again, she was smiling sadly. “I realize you, Mr. Potter, and Mr. Weasley are no longer friends, but perhaps, in the interest of the other students, you can stand being in close proximity for a few moments?” I nodded and she placed a gentle hand on my shoulder. “You truly are the brightest and bravest witch of your year,” She smiled sadly at me again and left. I turned to Draco and Ginny, both of whom shrugged. It took all of three seconds for the pillow fight to resume. We took a small break for dinner, only to come back and start a water fight in the kitchen while attempting to make home-made ice cream.

Ginny ended up spending the night in the dorm again. We wanted to head out early the next morning. Around ten we cleaned up the pillow mess and the water fight, then Ginny and I headed to my room. It wasn’t long before we were both out cold.

I awoke the next morning around 7:30. I sat up, stretching, poking Ginny in the shoulder.

“Wake up Gin, it’s morning!  We have to get ready! The prefects and Heads have to be by the great doors by 8:30 so we can lead all the new students to Hogsmeade. I threw off my half the covers and bounded over to the stereo system. I turned it on low, Fergie humming through the room. As I ran to my closet to pick out an outfit for the day, I hummed along, Ginny smiling and murmuring the words as she rummaged through the overnight bag she had hastily packed after dinner. She got to the bathroom first, so I painted my nails and cleaned up the room a little while I waited. When she came out, she was in a pair of jean shorts and a small green tank. I grinned and headed for the bathroom, washing quickly and throwing on the flowing but short skirt I had picked out, the blue reflecting the sky outside, deep and beautiful. I smiled as I pulled the cream tee over my head, using my wand to dry my hair and put it up in a pony. I put on a little make-up, just eyeliner and mascara, before heading out to my room again. I slipped into my flip-flops and grabbed my bag, Ginny was already waiting by my door. “Ready?” I asked, she nodded, a grin on her face as well. We were both so excited. We got to the portrait door just as Draco came down his stairs.

“Ready ladies?” We grinned and nodded. He smiled and held the portrait open for us. We met McGonagall at the entrance to the school. The four of us sat there, waiting, as more and more prefects came, then 1st, 2nd, and 3rd years. McGonagall rattled off the rules just around 8:45, when we were sure there was no one else coming. Draco, Ginny and I listened, but only with half an ear. Finally it was time to bring them into the village. We trudged along the path, Draco and I walking sometimes at the front, sometimes at the back, making sure no one got lost, separated, and that everyone was behaving. Finally we reached the village.

“Remember to meet back here when you want to leave .A teacher will be here to escort you in groups every two hours.” It was true that a few teachers had volunteered to patrol the village and escort students back, one group every two hours until four, when everyone left was to go back with Draco and I. As soon as they dispersed, Draco, Ginny, and I headed off. Ginny and I kept ducking into shops, Draco following behind laughing at our girliness.  We were just stepping into a shop called “Grenevere Cloth; An Outfit For Every Occasion” when Blaise, Brandon, and Jocelyn came hurrying over. Jocelyn looked as excited as Ginny and I. We all giggled and rushed into the store, the boys following behind. Draco looked amused, Brandon, as well, Blaise looked a little bewildered. Jocelyn immediately took off, rummaging through the store.

“Dude, are they always like this?” I heard Blaise asking Draco, whose hearty chuckle could be heard all the way in the back of the store I’m sure.

“No, but they are rather excited about the masquerade. We’ll be asked to leave soon, I am sure,” I was just headed over to them to ask them to leave as they said this. I laughed.

“You hit the nail on the head Dray. Would you guys kindly meet us in Madam Rosmerta’s in an hour or two?” They nodded. Jocelyn left too, saying she’d stick with a from dress her favorite store down the road. We smiled and wished her happy hunting. Just as they were leaving, Felicity, Luna, and Lavender, and Pavarti all walked in. We all giggled and squealed in excitement before running through the store, throwing things in piles near the dressing room. We were all so excited. As we searched, “Girlfriend” by Avril came on. We squealed and sang along, dancing as we searched. It was like a scene from a movie. The other shoppers were all in good spirits too and took our behavior in stride. We began trying things on, two at a time, the rest watching and critiquing. We all booed and made disgusted faces, jokingly of course, when Ginny can out in a pink frock.

“Oh Gin! That’s horrid! Eww!!” Felicity squealed!

“Ugh, it clashes so bad with your hair!” Lavender exclaimed. We all giggled as she went back. Luna came out next, displaying the most gorgeous blue dress, but it just wasn’t her. Soon Ginny and Luna had theirs picked out. Luna found the most glorious white dress and feathered mask with silver heels to match. We set them aside gently in a garment bag along with Ginny’s Gold multi-layered gown and bejeweled mask, with matching heels. Lavender and Pavarti were next. We searched and searched for them, they were both rather picky. Eventually Lavender ended with a big poofed gold dress, very old fashioned, with matching mask and fan, cream heels to go with. Pavarti picked out a blue and black dress that was very flowy, it reminded me a lot of the medusa costume I had seen last year in a Halloween magazine. I grinned as I thought of this. Pavarti also found a very cute mask, with a gold, green-blue and black feather like structure. Next was Felicity and myself. I sighed nervously and picked up my pile. We went into the two changing stalls and started trying things on. The first one I picked out was a red evening gown, much like the one I had worn at my welcome back ball. I showed it to the others, but they thought it was cute and all, but too close to my normal style. I slipped into a small black one next, which they declared too short for this dance, and I agreed. Felicity’s first one had been had been a blue lace Peasant. To put it lightly, Lavender spit out part of her smoothie she had bought earlier when she saw. But it was the bright pink sequined one that made us all laugh till we cried. Felicity flipped us the bird and went back into her stall. We came out the exact same time. Everyone’s jaw dropped. I could see why. Felicity looked ravishing in the red dress she wore. It had a corset style top and was done completely in silk, except the black lace over cover for the skirt, which had little flowers sewn in as well. I threw her a thumbs up. She smiled at me, and then seemed to take a better look at me and her eyes grew wide. I looked at myself in the full-length mirror next to the stalls. Was something stuck in my hair or something? I smiled at the dress, it was one of my favorite ones I had picked out. It was different forest shades of green. It reminded me a lot of a muggle movie called “Shrek.” The princess in that movie had worn a similar dress. I turned back to them and twirled a moment.

“So, what do you think?” The dress hugged my body perfectly, a low cut neckline showed off my neck and bust line just enough. The mask I had chosen was directly split in half. One side was green, the other gold, it went very well with the dress in my opinion, but as I looked at the faces of my friends, I thought to myself that maybe I was wrong. Then Ginny stood and hugged me, the rest following suit. She whispered in my ear.

“Oh Mi! You look gorgeous!” I blushed.

“You really think so?” She nodded, pulling away. The others all smiled at me. I grinned and, along with the black sandal heels I had found earlier, put the dress and mask into a garment bag. We had all chosen thick, weather proof, jinx proof, and anti-peek proof bags so that we would be a complete surprise for the party. As we rung up our purchases, we talked make-up, hair, and jewelry. On our way to meet all the boys at Madam Rosmerta’s, we stopped for just a moment in a nice jewelry story because I saw a few hair flowers that would look great with the dress. I also purchased a nice hair band and necklace that worked well with the foresty theme of my outfit. Ginny picked out some gorgeous gold dangles, a gold fan, and some gold inlay hair flowers.  Felicity found the most perfect feathered red and gold mask to wear, and Lavender found some perfect white wrist gloves.  We checked out and hurried to the Three Broomsticks, we were running a bit late now. We rushed inside and looked around, finally spotting the guys in the back by the fireplace. Rosmerta waved cheerily at us and we waved back. We had already shrunk our stuff, setting it all very neatly into one bag so as not to lose or wrinkle anything. We sat down, each of us near our own guy and chatted cheerfully. The boys all were dying to know what we got, but we refused to tell them. Blaise tried pouting with Ginny, but it didn’t work of course. Dray was the only one who didn’t pester. When I asked him about it, all he had to say was,

“I know you want it to be a surprise,” He shrugged and I blushed a little. He seemed so aware of me and what would make me happy. We finished shopping around the village and returned in time to escort all the younger kids back to the school. All in all, it had been a very good day.



Wow, I hoped that turned out right. It seems slightly foolish as I look over it, but maybe it was meant to be that way. I know that when my girly friends and I get together, I am a completely different person than normal, lol. I hope I did the girls justice. Now the only question is, how will the dance turn out? Will the original Golden six be able to stand being in close proximity to meet the band named after them? How will this blooming relationship between the Lioness and the Dragon turn out? What will happen with Pansy and her twin brother? All this to be revealed in the next chapter, so hang tight, it’s on its way. :D Review, review, review!


~Kitty Kiss


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What is Truth?: Chapter 7: A Day Of Girly Pursuits


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