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Alone by DemetersChild
Chapter 1 : Traitor
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Chapter One: Traitor


Remus pounded his fists against the walls, cracks darting across plaster. His entire body trembled, a fierce anger pulsing through his veins. A growl rumbled deep in his throat, hot tears spilling down his cheeks, salt stinging in the fresh cuts lining his face.

“How could—what—“ Remus struggled against the thoughts colliding in his mind, fighting for words and strength. The walls seemed to close in on him, suffocating him. It was too much for him to handle. Too much for his battered mind to take.

“James,” he sobbed, sinking to the cluttered floor of his flat's sitting room. “Oh James—“

Dust and dirt stuck to his wet cheeks as he pressed his face against the floor.

“If I had known—I never would have—James,” Remus choked, sobs catching in his throat. He'd seen James just a few hours before! Talking jovially with a laughing Harry bouncing on his knee. It was Harry's first Halloween, orange paint smeared on his round face. Lily had made him to look like a pumpkin. Mothers just couldn't resist dressing their children up when the opportunity presented itself, not even Lily Potter.

She'd laughed when Harry'd yanked James's glasses from his father's face and placed them crookedly on his own. The first laugh Remus had heard from her since they'd found out Voldemort was after them. Of course, she could laugh now. Sirius Black was their Secret Keeper. They were safe. He would die before telling Voldemort where the Potter's were. He would rather die.

“HOW COULD YOU?” The anger surging through Remus's veins exploded. Pushing himself up, he grabbed the closest thing to him and threw it against the wall. Glass shattered, shards littering the floor.


Remus threw anything he could get his hands on. Books, a vase filled with dead flowers, candles, all flew across the room in an enraged torrent. The coffee table tumbled over.


A shimmer of gold among the rubbish caught his eye, the candelabra Remus had clutched in his fist slipping from his hand. Crouching down, he crawled toward the glint of gold, ignoring the jagged glass piercing his skin. Shaking fingers clasped the golden frame of shattered photograph.

In his bloodied hand, Remus held an old school photograph—four happy young boys grinned up at him, arms wrapped around each others shoulders, laughter shining in their eyes.

James Potter, jet-black hair tousled by the wind, round glasses perched before hazel eyes; Sirius Black, that signature lopsided grin splitting his face in half; Peter Pettigrew, admiration shining in his eyes as he laughed along with his friends; and himself, Remus Lupin, a contented smile parting his lips and a book clutched in his hand. His very best mates—the only ones to truly look past the cursed beast within him, and love him like a brother. Remus would have gladly died for anyone of them. He would have done anything, anything for his friends.


“Peter,” strangled whispers slipped between his clenched teeth, “oh, little Peter. I wish I had been as brave as you. To go after him like that. Peter...”

Now, two were dead, and one a traitor, locked safely behind cold, black bars where he would grow old and die, knowing he'd killed his best friend and feeling no remorse. No remorse at all.

[Author's Note: Thank you for reading! This is a bit of a collection of events based on Remus's reactions to the death of his friends and what goes on in the Harry Potter Series. I hope you enjoy it!

Please be sure to leave a review! I thrive off of your feedback. It really does help me to become a better writer.

Thanks again!


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