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Baby, look up when you're down by ClearCutDiamonds
Chapter 4 : IV.
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IV. Baby, look up when you're down — Chapter 4

“Nothing looks so like innocence as an indiscretion."
— Oscar Wilde

    Teddy sighed in frustration and ran a hand through his indigo-coloured hair. He pushed aside his bed hangings and launched himself onto his four-poster bed, burying his face in his pillows. His mind wandered to Victoire at the party that night. How she had looked in that short, tight turquoise dress, how her eyes had sparkled and how she had touched her neck when they had made eye contact…

    Teddy groaned and rolled over on his bed, covering his face with his hands in attempt to erase any thoughts of Victoire from his mind, because Victoire was the
last person he should be thinking about in that way. Teddy liking Victoire was really bad.

    For one, the attraction was obviously unrequited. Sure, Teddy was good-looking; he had those high-cheekbones and that gorgeous smile that girls swooned over. His indigo-coloured hair was always perfectly disheveled and his sparkling golden eyes only enhanced his obvious good looks. But, Victoire wasn’t like most girls. She didn’t necessarily just like boys based on their looks. She wasn’t shallow, but she was also hard to be equals with.

    Victoire was… gorgeous. And the word gorgeous didn’t even fully describe her. Victoire had shiny, long, golden hair and the most kaleidoscopic sapphire eyes Teddy had ever looked into. And the rare times she actually genuinely smiled made Teddy’s heart ache. Victoire was much too pretty — for her own good and for Teddy’s. It could be blamed on her Veela ancestry, but, it wasn’t just her looks, it was the person Teddy knew she was. Victoire was kind, gentle, easily persuaded and always thought of others first.

    She was of course flawed; she was stubborn and her temper sometimes caused her to be impolite, but Teddy didn’t care about any of that.

    Teddy remembered how Victoire would always watch over Dominique and Louis when they used to play together, how she was the first to help her mother with everything, how she secretly preferred reading to playing, how she was genuinely curious, how she was always had compassion for everyone, how she was secretly very insecure…

    Teddy groaned again, thinking about Victoire was not helping his situation. He reached into his bedside drawer and pulled out a bar of Muggle chocolate. He bit into the chocolate and sighed. Cameron said everyone had comfort food, Teddy had decided his comfort food was chocolate because it just made everything seem a little bit better.

    Teddy’s current predicament was hopeless. Victoire hadn’t actually spoken to Teddy in… a really long time. Sure, they were polite to each other at family gatherings, but at school it was as if they were perfect strangers. Even though they had known each other their entire lives. And at one point, been best friends.

    But, things were different now. Victoire was different. Teddy was different. Victoire had become the exact type of person he loved to hate. Rude with a superiority complex and completely fake. Perhaps it was because she’d always been easily persuaded and Aurelie and Savannah weren’t exactly the nicest of girls. Or perhaps it was because Teddy had become the exact type of person Victoire hated: a womanizer.

    Teddy shook his head and eased himself up. The door to the dormitory burst open and in stumbled none other than Victoire Weasley. Teddy frowned at the blonde before him, he couldn’t decide if she was drunk or not. She looked sober besides her stumble which could have been blamed on the strappy heels she was wearing.

    Teddy ran a hand through his hair awkwardly. ‘Uh, hey, Vic. What are you doing here?’ he asked, breaking the silence.

    Victoire’s ice blue eyes shifted to Teddy. She ignored the question and walked towards Teddy and without hesitation, wrapped her arms around Teddy’s shoulders and kissed him. Teddy received the kiss but was too taken aback to respond to it. He took Victoire’s shoulders and pushed her away.

    ‘Vic, what the hell is up with you?’ asked Teddy, incredulously.

    ‘Nothing,’ replied Victoire hoarsely, ‘I’m just… I wanted you to know how I feel.’

    Teddy was too shocked to speak. He didn’t understand Victoire, one minute she was ice cold and the next she was all over him.

    ‘Fuck, Vic, stop messing with my head. This isn’t some game and I’m not some random bloke that you can walk all over,’ said Teddy heatedly, he tried to calm himself but he felt himself breathing heavily in anger.

    ‘I never said you were, Teddy. I have these feelings and maybe they’re just to do with lust, but they’re not going away,’ said Victoire, looking up to meet her eyes with Teddy’s.

    Teddy’s heart felt like it was going to burst. Victoire hadn’t exactly said how he’d felt, but just the notion that she lusted after him was enough to make Teddy lose control.

    ‘So,’ she continued, breaking his thoughts, ‘Are you going to give me what I want?’

    ‘Vic,’ said Teddy, running a hand through his hair nervously again, ‘What is it exactly that you want me to give you?’

    ‘Teddy,’ she said, walking closer again, ‘you
know what I want… because you want it just as bad.’

    Teddy coughed and trying to control himself he looked away. ‘Vic, I don’t know…’

    ‘Yes, you do know,’ she said persuasively, continuing to walk towards him until their faces were inches apart. ‘Teddy,’ she said, pushing him so that the back of his knees hit his bed and he fell backwards onto it.

    Victoire climbed onto Teddy’s bed and wrapped her legs around his waist. Teddy swallowed hard and watched her silently. Everything in him was telling him not to, but there was the small part of him that was telling him yes. And he couldn’t hold back any longer, so he gave in. Victoire lowered her face so that her lips grazed Teddy’s cheek. Teddy’s heart was racing. Victoire’s scent was everywhere. She would never actually know what she did to Teddy. The affect she had on him was something he couldn’t explain.

    Victoire’s full lips slid to Teddy’s mouth and she kissed him. Teddy kissed her back fiercely as she ran her hands through his hair. Teddy broke the kiss and looked up at Victoire. Her cheeks were flushed, her sapphire eyes were shining and her ridiculously kissable lips were slightly parted. ‘Vic, I—’ began Teddy, but Victoire silenced him by kissing him again.

    ‘Teddy, Teddy.’

    Teddy’s gold eyes snapped open. He glanced around at his surroundings and sighed in frustration and annoyance. Cameron was standing at the foot of his bed, not Victoire. The dream had been reoccurring and it was enough to drive Teddy insane.

    ‘Mate, it’s ten-fifteen, do you wanna make the last half-hour of breakfast?’ asked Cameron, eyeing Teddy’s confused expression.

    ‘What?’ asked Teddy, still disoriented.

    Cameron rolled his eyes, ‘Breakfast. Do you want to make the last half-hour of breakfast. You know, “the most important meal of the day” or whatever?’

    ‘Uh, no, I’m okay. I think I wanna sleep a bit more,’ replied Teddy, rubbing his head.

    ‘Okay,’ said Cameron, turning to leave and then changing his mind, he turned back to Teddy. ‘Just… uh, stop moaning in your sleep, yeah? It’s kind of freaking me out.’

    Teddy flushed knowing that the dream was the reason for his apparent moaning. ‘Oh, sod off,’ said Teddy.

    ‘Whatever you say, mate,’ replied Cameron, smirking, heading towards the adjoining bathroom. Teddy rolled over on his side. He sighed heavily and got up from his bed. Grabbing the nearest shirt, he pulled it over his head and heard something fall to the floor.

    Teddy rubbed his eyes and bent down to pick up the glass vial. He frowned at the vial which had a little bit of molten gold liquid remaining. Turning it over in his hands, he racked his brains trying to think of how the potion vial had ended up his bed.

    Cameron walked into the room and Teddy turned around quickly. ‘Do you know what this is?’ asked Teddy.

    Cameron’s eyes went wide, ‘Where did you get that?’

    ‘I don’t know, it was in my stuff…’ replied Teddy, trailing off to look at Cameron, who looked panicked.

    ‘Bloody hell,’ whispered Cameron under his breath.

    ‘Do you know something I don’t?’ asked Teddy.

    ‘Uh…’ said Cameron, raking a hand through his blond hair, ‘No?’

    ‘Cameron,’ began Teddy, ‘you’re the most pathetic liar I know, just tell me what’s going on.’

    ‘Well,’ replied Cameron, licking his lips, ‘I may know what that is.’

    Teddy rolled his eyes in annoyance, ‘What is it, then?’

    Cameron exhaled heavily, ‘Uh, it’s uh… Felix Felicis.’

    Teddy frowned and looked at the vial. ‘Why is there a bottle of Felix Felicis in my bed?’ asked Teddy.

    ‘Well… you see,’ began Cameron, ‘I sort of used it for something.’

    ‘Used it for what?’ asked Teddy.

    Cameron sat down on his bed and sighed. ‘You promise you won’t be mad?’ asked Cameron.

    ‘Yes,’ said Teddy, his patience wearing thin.

    ‘Well, I was kind of annoyed what with Victoire giving you all these desperate stares and you being so oblivious. So, I decided to take it upon myself to get something to happen between you two. Except, things didn’t exactly go as planned…’ said Cameron, looking up fearfully at Teddy.

    ‘What the fuck did you do?’ asked Teddy.

    ‘Well,’ began Cameron, ‘I gave her a drink spiked with some Felix Felicis.’

    ‘You idiot!’ said Teddy.

    ‘The thing is,’ said Cameron nervously, ‘when taken in excess, Felix Felicis can have some side effects…’

    ‘Like?’ asked Teddy angrily.

    ‘Uh, well, recklessness and dangerous overconfidence,’ said Cameron timidly, ‘And, well, while I was pouring, I sort of tipped in the whole bottle…’

    Teddy’s jaw dropped.

    ‘You see,’ continued Cameron, ‘And I only found this out after… you’re not supposed to mix Felix Felicis with certain things… one being alcohol… and I gave her Firewhiskey. And taking a whole bottle is really excessive.’

    ‘Cameron?’ asked Teddy, trying to control his anger.

    ‘Yeah?’ replied Cameron nervously.

    ‘I may kill you,’ said Teddy, raking his hands through his hair, practically pulling it out in frustration.

    ‘Oh, I like it when you act all sexy.’

    Teddy and Cameron whipped their heads around too see who had spoken. Leaning against the doorframe was Chloe Davies. She had and eyebrow raised and a smirk playing at her lips. Cameron glanced between Chloe, Teddy and the door and stood up.

    ‘I’ll just leave you two, then,’ said Cameron, heading towards the door and slipping through it before Teddy could object.

    Chloe walked towards Teddy, her short skirt showing off a pair of very excellent legs. She tossed her wavy dirty blonde hair over her shoulder and her olive-green eyes met Teddy’s. ‘So,’ she said, settling herself on the end of Teddy’s bed, ‘what’s up?’

    ‘Nothing much,’ replied Teddy, glancing at Chloe, who was now stretching herself out on his bed.

    ‘Haven’t seen you in awhile. If I didn’t know any better, I’d say you were avoiding me,’ said Chloe.

    ‘No, I’ve just been thinking,’ said Teddy stiffly.

    Chloe got up and cornered Teddy. Her hand travelled up his neck and through his hair. ‘Good,’ she breathed, pushing him further to the wall, ‘Because I kind of missed you.’

    ‘Look, Chloe,’ began Teddy, taking her hand out of hair, ‘I don’t think we should see each other anymore.’

    Chloe’s olive-green eyes darkened. ‘What?’ she asked, ‘Are you seriously breaking up with me?’

    ‘Chloe, we weren’t together in the first place. It was just some… fun,’ said Teddy.

    Chloe breathed in heavily, ‘Just some fun?’ she asked icily.

    Teddy swallowed and Chloe continued, ‘I spoke to Cameron and apparently you like someone else. No one dumps me. Not even pretty boys like you. Who’s this girl that’s apparently better than me?’

    ‘Chloe, this has nothing to do with you,’ said Teddy.

    ‘Oh, yeah?’ replied Chloe, ‘Teddy Lupin, you think you can just sleep around with everyone and move on to girl after girl and have no one see past your pretty little lying face.’ Chloe shook her head angrily, ‘No one screws me over.’

    ‘Chloe,’ began Teddy, ‘I liked you, but I’m just… things change.’

    Chloe pushed Teddy against the wall again. ‘I always get what I want, Teddy. And I want you.’

    Chloe pulled Teddy’s head towards hers and kissed him. Teddy tried to pull away but Chloe just kissed him back more fiercely.

    The door opened and Teddy and Chloe broke apart to see Victoire standing there looking shocked. Tears threatened to pool from her blue eyes and Teddy felt a stab of despair.

    She turned around and ran out of the room before Teddy could move or say anything. ‘Well,’ said Chloe, ‘if that was the other girl, I guess things are pretty done with her.’


Author’s Note I’m so sorry for the long wait. Everytime I sat down to write this I’d erase everything or get nothing written. So, how’d you guys like this? Is the flashback what you expected? I didn’t want to get this rejected so I had to be careful with it. Now you guys know the truth, is it what you had guessed? I’d love to hear everyone’s input. The amount of reviews I get is always going down so I’m always worried nothing I write lives up to the first chapter.

Thankyou all for taking the time to read and for giving my story a shot. Check my author’s page for updates. By the way, I’ve made a ‘meet the author page,’ so if anyone wants to check that out, please do.

ps. If any of you guys like Regulus, I’ve put up my new story about him and I’d love it if you read it!


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