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Happy Endings by loopyluna
Chapter 6 : Scorpius; It's a Boy Thing
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An; It all goes to JK Rowling, just a little disclaimer there for you.

Beautiful Chapter Image by Marit @ tda.

Scorpius Malfoy

I blew my hair from my eyes and desperately considered a hair cut – Al has been telling me for a while to get one; this coming from Mr messy hair 2023.
I bobbed my head, my eyes gently closing.

“Scorp!” Al stage whispered. “Scorpius Malfoy! Your hair is in your butter beer.”

I jerked awake, placing my drink on to the table. Albus took it instantly. “That’s what you get when you hold it to close to your face.”

Exhaling fiercely I put my feet on to the chair adjacent to me. “What are they doing?” I hissed. “They’ve been here for almost 3 hours!” I licked my lips.

Al shrugged. “They’re on a date? I guess they’re doing things that people do when dating.”

“How would you know?” I asked, drawing closer and taking back my beer. “You’ve never been on a date.”

His mouth flew open as he winked at a waitress. “That is not true!”

“The fake date with Willa in third year does not count.” I said in a bored tone, drumming my fingers along the table.

He huffed. “Well then no, I haven’t. But with my looks, I don’t need to date – I just skip straight to the after party activities.” He said with a wink. “If you know what I’m talking about.”

“Yes Albus.” I groaned. “I do know what you’re talking about. I introduced you to the concept of those after party activities.”

Albus slammed his fist on to the table before waving it half heartedly. “I can’t believe that you talked me in to doing this!”

“It didn’t take much effort if I do say so.”

“No. No you don’t get to say so.” He hissed. “This is stupid and immature and I’m going to go and get Princess on you.”

“No. Please no, don’t go and get Will’s, she’ll tell me off. I don’t want her to tell me off!”

Albus has recently taken to calling Willa Princess, something to do with her high demands or something. I don’t know.

He clutched the Zonko’s shopping bag to his chest. “Fine. But if you go all obsessed on me I’ll kick your arse! I can’t believe I’m stalking my own cousin!”

“We’re not stalking.” I said slowly. “We’re following and protecting.”

“Then why aren’t we ‘following’ Willa. The one who’s dating the guy with the psychotic brother instead of my tempered cousin who dating a hero?”

I scoffed. “Hero’s a bit much isn’t it?” He raised a brow. “Or not.”

After fixing Willa’s shower early this morning, and the window, and the sink, and the floor tiles, and the – well you get the idea – I realized that if people think that I am a scary person, then I shall live up to my name.
Thus is why I am sat in The Three Broomsticks in a booth at the back with a pile of empty beer glasses and waiting for Rose and Tadd to actually do something.

Albus froze in his tracks. “Merlin’s granny pants. They’re holding hands! They’re holding hands!”

“Oh Christ, call the Aurors’!”

His eyes opened wide before glaring back out to the window seat, where his dearly beloved cousin was sat. “Could you be anymore sarcastic?”

“It’s a gift.”

He grinned a little. “A bloody annoying gift.”

I glanced quickly behind me, peeking over the top of the seat. My shoulders fell down in defeat. I felt myself smile a little as her skin flushed scarlet. She laughed and Tadd’s lips moved briefly – Git.
The gleam in her eye glistened when he spoke. I used to have that effect on her; I used to have that effect on everybody.

Her hand ran along his collarbone suggestively while he brushed a hair from her face. Albus pulled me back in to my seat brutally while our glass smashed to the floor. He crossed his legs and re-scanned the pub innocently.

I dived on to the chair from Rose’s possibly view. “Duck!”


“Bloody Hell!” I yelled, only managing to attract more attention form people around us.

“Bloody hell what?” Albus asked tapping his foot on the table leg. “Scorpius where’s this duck?”

More people from around the pub began to stop their actions and watch Albus and his hypothetical bloody duck. A group of third years began to snigger.

“Al, there is no duck.”

His mouth flew open and his brows furrowed. “Then why would you say it?” He shook his head. “You know you surprise me sometimes Scorp.”

“Oh I surprise you?” I sat up a little straighter.

“Yeah.” He admitted, kicking the little pieces of glass around with his foot. “I mean, you’re so random – and you can be really dim sometimes. I mean this ‘following’ thing is really shitty.”

I bit my tongue, attempting everything to stop myself from lunging across the table and strangling my friend.

He put down his bag. “I mean Rose and Tadd are just sitting there listening to everything that we’re saying.”

I drew and deep breath and counted to three in my head. “Uh, you know that’s real good there Albus, you considering a career in espionage there?”

“You think I could make it?”

I sighed. “No.”

“I don’t think you could either.” Rose said reluctantly, stood at the opening of our booth. A rigid expression on her face.

“Hiya Rose?” I greeted nervously, straightening myself up. “What ‘cha doing?”

“Setting you two straight!” She screeched through clenched teeth, Albus kicked me from under the table. Her body was rigid, her jaw was one narrow line and her arms were shaking with anger. She actually resembled McGonogall.

And I surprisingly loved it.

“…And if you think th – Scorpius Malfoy! Do not make faces at me. You’re childish and immature, just like Albus thinks your entire idea is. It’s true by the way.” She drew a deep breath. “I have known that you have been following me since school. Albus stomped down the stairs; you two really are a noisy pair.” I made a face, attempting throwing her off her rant once more.

“Told you we should have been quieter.” I muttered, flicking Al on his hand.

“Oh for the love of Merlin!” she exclaimed loudly, the undivided and not-so-discreet attention of the pub member still on us. “Will you two ever listen?”

Albus blinked. “Scorp look at that waitresses ars-“

“Bloody Hell!” She screamed, slamming her hand on to the table. I flinched; Albus on the other hand was used to this. “That’s it. I’m done. I’m done with you both; you’re stupid tricks and pranks. Your ideas and, and your plans. You and your flippy hair!” She muttered, glaring at me. “I’m done.”

She shuddered and stormed away from the table, grabbing Tadd by his arm and dragging him from the pub.

“So.” Albus tried clicking his tongue. “You wanna wait a second and then see where she goes next?”


“Just let me go and get this girls postcode first.”

“Do you think Rose is mad at us?” I asked Albus when we had finished running. We had lost Rose and Tadd in a manipulative crowd outside Honeydukes.

Albus scoffed. “She’s a Weasley. She’ll be fine.” The blonde first year grinned at me, reminding myself of me in my early years of Hogwarts. “Besides, you know she can’t stay angry forever.”

“Right, and I’m actually Merlin.” I rolled my eyes as we passed the stone fountain.

“Really?” he smiled, catching his breath a little – for a Quidditch captain, he’s rather unfit.

I blinked. “No.”

His mouth dropped to the floor. “Christ Scorpius! First the duck and now this? When will you stop lying to me?”

I scoffed and shoved him side ways. From that small push – the outcome – a rather loud splash. He had fallen in to the fountain.

“Al!” I shouted. “Al, are you alright?” I stared for a moment as he appeared from beneath the water and spat out a mouthful. “I’m sorry; I didn’t mean to push you that hard!”

I prepared myself for a bashing; placing my arms infront of my face but all I heard was laughter. “Al you are strange.”

I leant on to the wall of the fountain and leant in to take his hand and pull him out. “Oh look there’s Willa!” He exclaimed with a smile.

He lifted up the hand I was holding and waved both of his arms simultaneously, falling back in to the water. I bit the inside of my cheeks, refraining myself from laughter. “Don’t embarrass her.” I muttered with a small wave.

Scamander was still with her, holding her tightly around the waist. His fingers entwined. I’ve seen the way he looks’s at her, I may hate his brother – but Willa’s right. He’s not Lorcan. She laughed at the two of us and turned back to Xander.
It can’t go unsaid; that bloody dress! If I didn’t know Willa I would turn all-Albus-like on her arse. Lysander has got some work to do if he wants to keep her. I know for a fact she doesn’t calm easily.

I’m curious about that jumper of his though. I know that she wears the scarf around school. But I’m pretty sure that she uses the jumper as part of her pajamas. It was carelessly thrown on to her bed when I was in her bathroom yesterday, next to her pajama shorts, i.e. my boxers.

I pulled Albus from the fountain and turned back to Will’s, who was now flirtatiously and delicately kissing Scamander.

“It’s sick.” Albus admitted, flinging water from his fingertips and ringing out his cloak. “Look at them – that amount of affection out on public display. Just sick.”

I raised my eyebrows in disbelief. “Sure.”

“God, how many times have we been over this?” He asked, flinging his soggy arm around my shoulders; water squelching in his shoes. “I take my women away from the public before snogging them senseless.”

I glared at my roommate, furrowing my brows and pushing his arm off of me. “There’s no wonder you were voted Gentlemen of the year.” I admitted. “Where’s your tiara?”

He laughed gracefully. “In your mum’s bed.”

“Do you want me to put you back in to that fountain?”

He shrugged. “Be my guest. Do and loose sight of Rose, over look the comment – and the many more I will be slipping in over the next few hours - and we can resume indiscreetly stalking my cousin.”

“She went that way.” I said hastily, grabbing his arm and ignoring his tried to dry himself off with his wand.

“This is completely unorthodox.” Albus grumbled as we sat behind a rock. “Why are we sitting behind a rock when we could just sit on that bench over there?”

“Because Rose and Shit-brain are standing right behind the bench – they’ll see us.” I countered, refusing to look Albus in the eye.

“Yes, because this rock is much better – look at all the coverage we get, it’s so sheltered and rock-like.”

My shoulder fell down in defeat.
Years ago it my mine and Albus’s job, as prefects and family, to protect Rose and Willa, make sure that no boy’s ever approached either of them and to keep the male population in line. But that was years ago.
They never made it easy, dressing like they do or actually turning in to women. But they’re 17 now, they can do what they like – I can’t be there to stop them.
“I can’t wait to tell all my friends about this rock!” Albus said. “I bet they don’t have a rock this big.”

“Let’s just go.” I said solemnly, picking up a pile of leaves and throwing them on to the floor.

Albus beamed at me before his expression turned to confusion. “Why?”

“Cause I don’t own her.” I said, grabbing his arm and pulling him up. “She’s a grown woman, she can do what she wants-“ I stood up from behind the rock and brushed off my robes. “-Except that!”

I jumped over the rock and launched myself at Finnegan – interrupting the heated snog session that he was having with my Rosie! 

An; … What does everyone think about this chapter. I don't think it's my best, but it was definitely fun to write. I have had people tell me that Albus seems incredibly stupid in this chapter compared to others, which he does - but it's all part of his charm :)

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