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Crossing the Line by LadySoftball
Chapter 25 : The Wedding Part 2: Search and Rescue
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Sitting alone in the parlor, Emily began to think things over. Bellatrix had left her there, deciding that Emily needed ‘a moment to reflect’ as she delicately put it.

And reflecting Emily was.

On what she said, on what she was told, and what she agreed to.

I’m going to be a Death Eater.

Standing up in a daze, Emily opened the door and moved to leave the room. Not looking where she was going she was surprised to trip over something, a resulting sound of breaking glass following.

Emily blinked, righting herself, and looked down in surprise. She had run into a house-elf holding a tray. The house-elf wore a plain white uniform with the Black family crest on the front and Emily could only assume that it was the house-elf Regulus had mentioned once, Kreacher. He looked up at her, his snout-like nose and forehead scrunched and eyes narrowed, but when he caught sight of her his eyes widened and he bowed.

“Kreacher is sorry Miss, he did not see you coming.”

Emily smiled and shook her head. “No, it was my fault. I wasn’t looking where I was going. Here let me help.” She bent down and tried to pick the broken glass of the glasses that had been on the tray Kreacher was holding.

The house-elf protested. “No, no, this is Kreacher’s job. I could not let Miss Emily dirty her hands.”

“How…How do you know my name?” Emily asked, suddenly confused.

“From your picture, miss.”

Emily grew more confused. “Picture?”

“The one on Master Regulus’s desk.” Kreacher said simply.

“H-He has a picture of me…now?” She asked shocked.

Kreacher nodded, his large ears flopping. “Yes, he brought it home with him from Hogwarts and it hasn’t left his desk since.”

“Kreacher,” Emily said slowly. “Does my picture have my name on it?”

Please say yes, please say yes, please don’t say-



“Kreacher has had the honor of Master Regulus confiding in Kreacher and telling Kreacher about Miss Emily. It’s an honor to meet you.”

Emily nodded absently. “So he hasn’t said anything…bad? About me that is?”

Kreacher shook his head, but suddenly looked less happy. “Never, Miss, but master is always so sad when he speaks of you. He must have missed you greatly.”

Emily’s heart clenched, but she shook it off. She looked down the hallway that led to the grand hall and bit her lip. She nodded absently to the house-elf as she headed back towards the party. “Thank you Kreacher.”

Kreacher bowed. “Have a nice night Miss Emily.”

“You too Kreacher.”

Emily entered the party in a daze, the noise reaching deaf ears as she looked around the room for Regulus. She saw Narcissa who smiled at her, Lucius, who smirked, and Bellatrix, who leered, but no Regulus. She finally noticed a flash of familiar black hair and turned swiftly. That’s when she caught sight of him. He was standing across the room, talking to a group of boys she recognized from school.

Emily took a deep breath and made her way across the room, determination making its way to the surface. She was almost through the dancers when a hand grabbed her wrist and spun her around, her body crashing against a hard chest. She looked up as she felt arms wrapping around her waist and frowned.

“Avery, what do you think you’re doing?”

Avery smirked, his eyes twinkling mischievously. “Isn’t it obvious? I’m dancing with the prettiest girl here.”

Emily narrowed her eyes and tried to pull away. “What are you pulling?”

He held her tighter, bringing her closer. “Nothing.”

Emily stared up at Avery, wondering what was wrong with was usually cold towards her, and never showed any interest of any kind. So what was wrong with him now?

He smiled and his eyes caught hers.

His smile was strange too. Him smiling all together was strange. Avery, or all Slytherins for that matter, didn’t smile; they smirked, grinned, scowled, or sneered. And his eyes too, they had a look in them that was too… familiar for it to match Avery’s.

15 minutes prior

Sirius tried to catch his breath. It took a lot out of him getting past all the defenses his father put around the house, but he was finally able to and now found himself crouching in the bushes facing the back door to his old house.

A house that he never wanted to see again in his entire life.

Sirius sighed and stood, James’s invisibility cloak securely covering him. Sirius stepped out of the bushes and slipped into the house. He looked around as he walked through the hallways, bad memories rising up, but he quickly brushed them off and continued forward.

As he reached the grand hall he looked around at all the snotty purebloods that filled the room, dancing, talking, laughing, and looking so arrogant in their expensive jewelry and dress robes. They made him sick the way they thought they were better than everyone else.

Suddenly he noticed her. She was standing alone by the window with a drink in her hand, not making contact with anyone. Sirius smiled and felt warmth fill his chest.

Sirius made himself look away before he got distracted and shook his head, breaking out of his thoughts, and got back on task. He looked around the room for his prey.

Why does everyone always have to stand in groups? He wondered annoyed.

He smirked, however, when he saw someone break off from the groups and walk down the hall leading to the bathroom. Sirius moved forward and made his way around the guests, making sure he didn’t knock into anyone and give himself away. Adrenaline pumped through his system as his walked around everyone unnoticed and undetected, and most of all, invisible.

Sirius followed his prey closely, liking the way their shoulders tensed and how they looked over their shoulder cautiously. Sirius inwardly snickered and made his footsteps a little louder, loving how the figure in front of him jumped, spinning around to face their unknown assailant.

“Who’s there?”

Sirius remained quiet and slowly pulled his wand from his pocket. He quieted his footsteps and walked past the paranoid boy and stood behind him.

“Goodnight Avery.”

Avery’s eyes widened as a streak of red light hit him and he fell back, unconscious.

Sirius smirked and dragged Avery’s body into the bathroom. He roughly shoved him in, following after and closing the door behind them. Sirius locked the door to the spacious lavatory and threw off the cloak, appearing out of thin air. Sirius frowned and pulled out the vial he was carrying. He opened the vial and bent down next to Avery. He reached out and plucked a strand of hair from his unconscious head and dropped it in the potion.

The Polyjuice Potion turned a dark green and Sirius grimaced.

“This is going to taste nasty.”

Holding his nose Sirius downed the potion and gagged, holding his throat. He refused to throw up, but just as the nausea subsided he began to feel a familiar sensation of his limbs changing and himself growing taller as his hair receded into his head and his face morphing. Once it finished Sirius’s robes were baggy but too short for his new body. Looking into the mirror he didn’t see himself,but Avery.

Sirius grinned, but he quickly frowned as he set off on his next task, switching his clothes so he looked like the Avery that had left for the bathroom. Sirius winced as he proceeded to do so, but made quick work about it, knowing that he didn’t have much time before the potion wore off.

He shrunk his clothes and pocketed them along with the cloak and exited the bathroom, locking it with his wand so no one would find Avery’s unconscious body until after his mission was complete.

The only thing left to do was to get Emily.

Which… was probably going to be the most difficult task.

Him looking like Avery only adding to the difficulty level.

Sirius entered the grand hall and looked around. He spotted Emily as she made her way across the dance floor. He looked in the direction she was headed and gritted his teeth.

She was headed straight for Regulus.

Sirius moved quickly, maneuvering around the other dancers until he was directly behind her. Before she could break from the cover of the dancers and Regulus noticed her Sirius grabbed her wrist and spun her around to face him.

He may have pulled a little too hard, he realized, as she collided with his –well Avery’s- chest. But he ignored it and fluidly wrapped his arms around her small waist, pulling her closer.

“Avery, what do you think you’re doing?” She asked, narrowing her eyes.

Sirius smiled charmingly. “Isn’t it obvious? I’m dancing with the prettiest girl here.”

Emily tried to pull away from him. “What are you pulling?”

He held her tighter, bringing himself closer. “Nothing.” He smiled again and swept her into the middle of the dance floor.

Emily continued to try and pull away, but Sirius wouldn’t let her.

Letting out a frustrated sigh Emily glared at him. “What is wrong with you? Since when do you ever want to associate with me?”

“Can’t a bloke just want a dance?”

“No, not when that bloke is you. Now let me go, I have something more important to do.”

“And what’s that Emily?” Sirius asked curiously, his eyes flickering around him as he tried to think of a way he could safely escape with her.

“I need to get to Regulus so I can talk to him. It’s very important that I do.” Emily hissed.

She assumed Avery, who had just graduated along with Bellatrix, would know about Regulus’s marking and what was so important and would let her go after that, but he didn’t.

In fact, he stiffened instead and looked down at her blankly, his grip on her waist tightening possessively.

“I can’t let you do that Emily.”

“What? Why not?”

Sirius ignored her question and grabbed her wrist, pulling her towards the glass doors leading to the patio and gardens.

“Come with me.”

Emily dragged her feet. “What? No, let me go Avery.”

“Emily, come on.” Sirius growled, pulling her harder.

Emily stumbled and found that Avery’s strength over powered hers as he continued to drag her.

Once outside he continued to pull her into the coverage of the bushes. Sirius was determined to get out of the boundary of the house and into an open apparation spot, but Emily was making it difficult with her kicking and screaming.

“Avery, unhand me! What the hell do you think you’re doing?”

“I’m trying to help you.”

“You’re trying to kidnap me!”

“Shut up Emily!”

“Don’t tell me to shut up!”

“Shut up!”

Emily had enough and leaned down, sinking her teeth into his wrist.

Sirius howled in pain and let her go in surprise.

Emily felt triumph fill her, but it diminished as she lost her balance and fell backwards. She gasped as her head knocked against the trunk of a tree and her vision began to blur.

“Emily!” Sirius cried worriedly when she didn’t get up. He moved forward, but a wand at the throat made him freeze.

“Do not go near her.”

Sirius turned and smirked. “Ah, Regulus, out for a stroll as well?”

Regulus narrowed his eyes. “What do you think you’re doing?”

“I was just having a nice walk with Em-Potter when the clumsy girl suddenly tripped and knocked her head. Now why don’t put that away and let me have a look at her?” Sirius lied.

Regulus pressed the tip of the wand harder against Sirius’s throat. “I don’t believe you.”

Sirius pushed the wand away with annoyance. “Would you put that away, we both know you can’t use it outside of school.”

Regulus bent down beside Emily’s fallen form, putting her head in his lap, his gaze and wand still locked on Sirius. “Doesn’t mean I won’t. I think it’s perfectly understandable to use magic on an intruder in my home who’s attacking my guests.”

“But I’m a guest too.” Sirius tried to protest, his mouth going dry as he felt his hair growing longer as it had been.

Regulus laughed. “No, we found Avery unconscious in the bathroom. Who are you and what do you want with Emily?”

Sirius scowled. “Who I am doesn’t matter. I just want to take Emily away from here before something bad happens to her.”

“You’ve already caused something bad to happen to her!” Regulus snapped, but suddenly his eyes widened as the boy disguised as Avery’s features began to change.

And suddenly, standing in front of him now was his brother, Sirius.

Sirius inwardly cursed and pulled out his wand while his brother was distracted, pointing it at the younger boy.

“Sirius.” Regulus whispered. He suddenly became angry. “You tried to take her again?! Only this time because she wouldn’t go with you, you had to knock her unconscious?”

“I wouldn’t purposely hurt Emily!” Sirius said just as angrily.

Regulus stood, setting Emily down gently, and pointed his wand at Sirius. “I won’t let you take her away from me. What you did is the most unforgivable thing you’ve ever done.”

“Because I’m trying to save her?!” Sirius yelled.

“Because you kissed her!”

Sirius stiffened. “She told you about that?”

Regulus gripped his wand tighter. “So it did happen. You saw that Potter’s little sister was in a relationship with your evil little brother so you decided to save her by seducing her.”

“No!” Sirius roared. “I would never do that! I would never do something that would hurt her. I’m not like you!”

“What are you talking about? I would never hurt her!”

“Then how could you just throw her away after she came back to you after refusing me!” Sirius asked bitterly.

Regulus’s eyes widened. “Refusing….you? She refused you?”

Sirius narrowed his eyes. “Didn’t she tell you?”

“She told me she accepted you after you kissed her. That she kissed you back.” Regulus said quietly, looking down at Emily. “She lied to me.”

Regulus then smiled. “She never wanted you. She just lied because she was guilty. She’s still mine.”

The next second Regulus found himself being hit with a stunner. He flew back and his back hit the trunk of a tree hard. He slid to the ground, his head bowed and his wand falling from his limp hand.

Sirius stood over his younger brother, Emily in his arms, and he stared down at Regulus coolly.

“I’m sorry Regulus, but she’s mine.”

He turned and walked deeper into the gardens until only a faint ‘crack’ could be heard, leaving Regulus alone and unconscious.

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