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Your Wish Is My Command by xquisitely_sirius
Chapter 2 : Obey
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Disclaimer: I own nothing Harry Potter related. 

Jennifer's POV



*September 1st 1971*

Walking onto Platform 9 ¾, I was immediately overwhelmed by the new sounds, smells and surroundings. It was spectacular. I wanted to run and jump and scream!!

But I didn’t.

Instead I was lead to the front of the platform by my parents with my brother following closely behind. He always had been a suck up. During my eleven years of growing up, I have been taught how to act like a lady, to always keep my thoughts to myself and to act in the proper manner whist around any one and every one. My parents wouldn’t have me behaving improper in public – it just wouldn’t do!! I guess that’s the reason I’ve always kept to myself. That way I couldn’t make a mistake that would ruin the family name for ever.

Something you should know about me, I absolutely with no exceptions follow all the rules. Not by choice of course. That’s the way I’ve been brought up.

“Jenifer, do not drag your feet. It’s extremely sloppy. Act like a lady and remember this is your first year. You have to make a good impression.” My mother as always corrected my actions. It seemed that acting like a pureblood should was an impossible task. However, being unable to do as I wanted I picked up my pace, gliding gracefully through the platform alongside my mother.

“Yes mother.”

“Good girl,” my mother said. No really!! Okay, she didn’t. Instead she kept her head held high, ignoring me even more than before. Not that I wasn’t used to it.

“Okay children, it’s nearly time to board the train.” My mother turned to Kai first. My brother was only a year older making him a second year at Hogwarts. I still remember the letter that my parents received informing them of Kai’s sorting into Slytherin. Never before had I seen them so happy. “Kai, straighten your uniform. Remember, you are a Slytherin. Your image is everything. Jenifer, straighten your curls. Your father and I can’t wait to receive your letter after being sorted into Slytherin.”

I’m sure she would have carried on if it wasn’t for the bell ringing to signal eleven o’clock. Accepting a small kiss from my father, I followed my brother who had my trunk as we boarded the Hogwarts Express.

Soon the train set off on its journey. “Kai, where shall we start looking for a place to sit?”

Kai, my wonderful, loving, caring brother turned right around, looked me in the eye and muttered, “Well . . . er sorry Jenifer but I already have a compartment to sit in and it’s already full with all of my friends. Sorry. I’ll see you at the feast though, okay?”

“Yeah, sure.”

Having absolutely no idea where to start, I gracefully walked down the corridor searching for an empty compartment.


So far I was having no luck. I mean really, how many people are there on this train? There must be at least one empty compartment.


Automatically my head snapped around. I could pick that voice out anywhere from a large crowd.

Sirius Black.

“Sorry, do I know you?” Do I know him? Of course I do! His voice reminded me of home. I could already smell his familiar sent that I had become so accustomed to. But I couldn’t let him in on it. Mother would have many ways to deal with me when I returned home for the holidays. She specifically said at home that Sirius had gone bad. He was off limits. And I always follow the rules – remember?

Hurt momentarily flashed across his grey eyes and that hurt me more than I can put into words. Yes he was hurting right now, but not as much as I was, pretending that I didn’t know who he was. I wanted to run into his arms, comfort him and tell him of course I knew who he was. He was my best friend. But of course I couldn’t. It wasn’t allowed.

“Yeah, we . . .” his voice broke off and his soft liquid eyes froze over. “No, I must have made a mistake. Sorry to bother you!”

His head dropped down as he carried on past me, slightly brushing his shoulder against mine. An electric current passed through me at his touch. I fought the urge to reach out and stroke him before he got too far.

As a distraction, I turned to check out his company. Recognising the tallest – a pureblood named James Potter with raven black hair that stuck up in all places especially at the back – I turned to a boy who looked sick and wore shabby clothing. His hair appeared to be light brown but shone blond under the train’s lights. Our eyes met as we passed.

“Hello, I’m Remus John Lupin.” He paused. Was he waiting for me to speak? Stumbling over my words, I fought to reply quickly.

“J . . . Jenifer Cole.”

“Wait, you just said you didn’t know him. How did he know your name?”

“I don’t know him. I-er-lucky guess!” I blurted. Okay so I panicked but what was I meant to do?

I gazed into his eyes, willing him to believe me. He seemed like such a quiet boy, but, looking into his eyes now, I noticed a mischievous glint.

“Of course it was!” A small chuckle escaped his lips as I released a sigh of relief. “Looks like you can’t find an empty compartment to sit in. Would you like to join us in ours?”

I’d only just met Remus, but I could already see that we weren’t going to get on if he carried on acting like this. “Erm . . . no, thank you. But I’ll keep your offer in mind if I can’t find one on my second search.” I tried to keep a straight face but failed as a small smile appeared on my face.


My second round of searching for a compartment was as much of a waste as the first. I’d spotted my brother but it seemed that he had been telling me the truth about there being no space left in his compartment. Maybe I’ll take Lupin up on his offer.

“. . . can you believe the arrogance and pig-headedness of some people. Come on, Sev, we’ll go and find another compartment.” A girl with brilliant green and almond-shaped eyes and red, long, thick hair stepped out of the compartment Lupin seemed to be sharing with Sirius and James. Following at a scarily close distance behind was a scrawny boy with a head covered in thick, greasy locks. I’m sure she wouldn’t have a problem finding better company than that! Dodging the couple, I made to enter the compartment through the still open door.

“Oh, I wouldn’t go in there if I were you. The level of arrogance in there is enough to choke the best of people.” I looked up to find the red headed girl with a disgusted look on her face. It didn’t suit her. Her face was meant to be filled with happiness not anger. However, my first impressions of her told me she was not a girl to mess with.

“But, there aren’t any other compartments free!”

“Oh, I’m sure we’ll find one somewhere. My name’s Lily and this is Sev. Come on, then.”

“Jenifer.” I smiled to show my willingness to leave with them. Anything would be better than being stuck in a compartment with Sirius Black and Lupin.

Turning to leave my eyes locked with Sirius’. Making as much effort as possible, I kept my face expressionless and turned to follow Lily with my trunk.



Thank you to Draco_Luva @ TDA for the amazing chapter image above ^^^


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Your Wish Is My Command: Obey


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