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Finding the Future by marauder lady
Chapter 13 : Hogwarts Express
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It’s pretty much JKR’s


Chapter 13


“Bye Mum” Allegra said as she and Renee prepared to get on the Hogwarts Express.  Terese hugged her youngest daughter to her.  She then hugged Renee.


“You two look after each other” Terese told them.


“Yeah, mum” Allegra said, rolling her eyes.


“I mean it.”


“I know” Allegra grinned, hugging her mother again. 


“You.  You’re still a terror” Terese told Allegra, fondly.  “Now go on, or you’ll miss the train and I can’t drive you.” 


They got on the train and found a compartment. 


“Back to the grindstone” Allegra said after a while, having tried to read one of their text books.  She threw it on to the seat next to her.


“Yeah, it might be difficult.”  Renee agreed.  “It’s been a really good holiday.”


“It has, hasn’t it? I’m glad you weren’t scared away by my mad relatives.”  Allegra grinned.


“Nah, they were all lovely.”  Renee assured her.  “Especially your parents.  They were both so nice to me.”


“Why wouldn’t they be?”


“Not everyone would want someone intruding on their family Christmas.”


“You didn’t intrude, you were invited.  And they both like you.”


“I like them.  I was dreading Christmas before you invited me…”


“No problem.  It was nice to have a friend other than Teddy there.”


“You really should start talking to him, Al.  It’s obvious you miss him.”  Allegra shrugged, indicating that she didn’t want to talk about it.  They sat in silence reading until Allegra realised that Renee had fallen asleep.  Deciding she needed the bathroom, she quietly left the compartment and walked down the corridor. 


Before she could get there, an unwelcome figure stood in her way.


“You really upset Teddy at Christmas, Black” Victoire said, with false concern. 


“Whatever, Weasley.  It’s not really any of your business what goes on between Teddy and Me.”


“Funny. I was just going to say the same to you.” Victoire snapped.


“I’m just looking out for my best friend.”


“You’re jealous Black.  Just admit it. You’re not the centre of attention anymore and that’s what you can’t stand” Victoire mocked.  Allegra felt anger surge through her. 


“I just don’t want to see him get hurt when you get bored, Weasley.” She snapped.


“Oh please, You’re just throwing a tantrum, like you always do.”  Victoire took vicious delight on seeing Allegra’s temper fray.  “He’s getting really fed up with it you know.  He said you should grow up”  Allegra went pale.


“Teddy wouldn’t say that.  Especially not to you!”


“Really?” Victoire raised an eyebrow.  “Are you sure about that?”  The thought that Victoire was telling the truth hurt Allegra more than anything; that her oldest friend could say things like that about her to someone he knew she didn’t like. 


The anger and hurt got the better of her and she went to throw herself at Victoire with every intention of scratching her eyes out.  Suddenly someone pulled her back and the next thing she knew, she was on the seat in the compartment where Renee was still asleep.


“Dan? What the hell are you playing at?” Allegra demanded, furious at being manhandled, not least by someone she barely knew.


“Look, you don’t want to get detention on the first day back.  Teddy told me your parents would be furious if you got in trouble again.”


“Teddy seems to be saying an awful lot about me considering he’s fed up with me.” Allegra said sulkily. 


“And what else do you think he’ll say when she tells him you attacked her?”


“Why do you care anyway?”


 “Allegra” Dan said, sitting next to her.


“What?”   He leaned over and tipped her chin towards him and kissed her softly on the mouth.  He pulled back suddenly, reddening.


“I’m sorry” He moved back.  “Teddy would kill me.”


“I… He…” Allegra started, for once at a loss for words.  The train suddenly lurched. Renee sat bolt upright, her face a mask of surprise.


“Are we there?” She asked, not having a clue what had just transpired.


“Not quite.  We should get changed.” Allegra said.


“Ok. Hi Dan” Renee said.  He smiled at her.  He stood up and headed for the door, giving Allegra a brief look. “What’s going on?” 


“He stopped me from slapping the Weasley Bitch the length of the train” Allegra said, glowering.




“Why do you think? She was gloating about Teddy”


“Why did he stop you?”


“He said Teddy told him my parents would kill me if I got in to trouble again.” She grinned.  “Like I couldn’t get round my Dad.”


“I think he likes you, Al”


“He kissed me” Allegra couldn’t keep it in any longer.  Renee squealed.




“Just before you woke up.”


“Ohmygod!” Renee squealed again.  “Do you like him?”


“I don’t know.  I don’t know him.  He’s just Teddy’s spy.”


“There must be a reason why he would agree to that though”


“Do you think?” Allegra giggled.  “Can you imagine Teddy’s face?” 


They got changed and were ready just as the train arrived at Hogsmeade station.  They made their way to the carriages, and Allegra kept an eye out for Dan.  She saw him as they were both getting into separate carriages.  He looked over at her and they smiled at each other.  She suddenly felt a rush of excitement.  She had never had a serious boyfriend, possibly because she was always with Teddy in her free time.  But she realised she liked Dan.  She wasn’t sure how much exactly but she didn’t think she was adverse to finding out.






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