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I'm Norah by cacophony
Chapter 7 : Chapter 7
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I’m not gonna write you a love song
‘Cause you ask for it, ‘cause you need one, you see
I’m not gonna write you a love song
‘Cause you tell me, it’s make or breaking this
Love Song, Sara Bareilles

loveage by tda's BitterSweetFlames

I decided I wasn’t going to do it. I wouldn’t be James’s little spy, it was stupid. I couldn’t see why he couldn’t just straight out talk to her. Ah, the difficulties of a social life. Ah, the difficulties of love. Because James truly loved Lily. And I couldn’t tell because of the corny classic things, like the way he looked at her, or because he’d been at it since he was eleven. I could tell by the way his eyes lit up every time she talked to him. No matter what Lily was saying, James was just glad he had her attention. One time Lily was scolding him for pulling a prank on some little second year, but he was smiling. I still think his love was obsessive. I mean, he was so ion love with her he couldn’t possibly be honest. That stupid fear of what she would think…

That’s why I didn’t want to fall in love. Too many problems, too much trouble. I think I could be a wonderful cat lady.

Just as I was thinking this, James sat beside me on the couch in the common room (that’s where I was located this whole time, for you slow ones).

I could tell he was excited.

“So, what’s she said?” he asked.

“I changed my mind, I’m not doing it.”

“Why?” He looked absolutely devastated.

“If you want to know how she feels, go up and ask her. It’s much better than a spy, she’ll think she has a stalker instead of an admirer.

“But what if…” he struggled to think of a bad outcome, “Fine, I’ll do it,” he decided.

Later that night that night, I sat in a far corner, buried by shadows, while James, not knowing I was there, sat on the couch. He was waiting for Lily to show up -she was studying at the library. Just then she came through the portrait hole, humming. Funny how I always pick up right before the good stuff happens, huh? Courtesy of the very original me, thank you very much!

“Evans? Can I talk to you?” James was using up all his courage. She pondered for a moment before chirping, “Sure, not even you can ruin my day, Potter!” she sat on the couch beside him and waited.

“Erm…what… What do you think of me?” he mustered out.

“I’m sorry, what?”

“What’s your opinion of me?”

Ha. Lily knows the same trick I do for getting people to explain.

“Oh, well…” she thought for a bit, “I’ll say the bad things first.”

“There’s good things?” James beamed, but Lily went on.

“For one, I think you’re awfully conceited. You think everyone adores you and that you have girls swooning all over you. Don’t mistake yourself for Black! I also think that you can be very cruel with your pranks. The worst one was when you charmed that boy’s  pants to fall of every time he said ‘the’. You can be really annoying, too. I think the best example of that is the fact you’ve been stalking me since the day we met.”

She was out of breath and James looked rather angry with himself.

“I’m a failure…” he muttered. I couldn’t believe it when I saw his eyes tearing up.

“Now for the good things,” Lily smiled, “I think that you’re a charming young man, James. I really do. You’re very polite. And you’re really sweet, too. Even though you prank people, you look out for them, too. You’re great Quidditch player, you’re a good friend; you’re funny and charismatic, and I’m glad I met you.”

James was beaming, “Do you want to know what I think of you?” She nodded, “First the bad thing. I think you are incredibly stubborn,” as he said this he flashed her his biggest smile, “The rest are good things. You’re optimistic, kind, sweet, intelligent, beautiful and precise. You’re great with problems and you always know what to say and do. You’re really honest and everyone adores you. You’re organized and humble -oh, and I love it when you twirl your ahir and scrunch up your face when you’re thinking of something.”

Lily smiled, “That was really sweet, James,” then she yawned, “but I’m off to bed. Goodnight.” She gave him one last smile and went up to our dorm for the night. James leaned over the back of the couch to make sure she was gone and started dancing.

“She thinks I’m sweet. She thinks I’m charming. She thinks I’m a great friend…” he chanted. I chuckled as I went to the dorm, as well, expecting her to be asleep. Why is it that what I expect never happens? It’s not like what I expect is unreasonable…

Lily was sitting on the edge of her bed, biting her nails, “Where have you been?” she asked accusingly when she saw me.

“Erm… I fell asleep reading…?” I hoped she wouldn’t realized I didn’t have a book. She didn’t, but just continued with the eating of her fingers with a small “Oh.”

“Do you happen to know why James was dancing?” I smirked.

No, I don’t know what smirking means. I just thought it would fit.

Lily blushed, “Oh, I have to tell you!” she gasped, pulling me down beside her.”


“I don’t know what’s wrong with me! I was just nice to Ja- Potter! Gar!”

“Lily, there’s nothing wrong with you -”

“Don’t say I’m falling for him, because I’m not!” she acted like a small child with her hands in the cookie jar claiming they were looking for broccoli.

“I wasn’t going to say that. Listen, Lily. You don’t have to hate him. Just because he’s in love with you -”

“He’s not in love with me.”

“Lily, I know nothing about love, and I can tell. And stop interrupting me!” I complained, “Haven’t you ever read a novel where a character fell for their friend?” Lily nodded, “I think that’s how James wishes your relationship was -at the very least, of course. There’s no doubt in my mind that the boy wants to marry you. But I think he wishes you’d give him the time of day. Do you know how painful it is to love someone that completely loathes you and puts you down every chance they get? I personally think I’d five up and move on. He’s so strong! When you turn him down, he picks himself up and tries again with all the hope in the world, like you never turned him down in the first place. He’s like a small girl asking for a pony; neither will give up. I just wish you were nicer to him, just give him a break. He’s not that bad, hon, I promise.”

Since when had I gotten so good at speeches? I mean, look at that big-ass (donkey, my friend. A very big donkey) paragraph up there! I said all that! And I though I’d told James I wouldn’t get into this.


Mission accomplished?

“Norah,” Lily said, “I’m really glad you opened up to us. You’re the kind of person I need in my life,” she gave me a hug and made me go to bed when she realized it was one in the morning.

I just love Fridays, don’t you?

a/n: So here’s Chapter7. It took me a while to type it up, and the queue is being really slow, so I apologize for the wait! I’m very sorry, m’dears! Right now I’m in a bitter-ish mood, and I’m writing Chapter 10, so expect something bad-ish to happen around then. I’m sorry, don’t kill me! My stories just go along with my moods, and I’ve been having a bad couple of days. (At least I’m warning you!). Oh, and I have a question for you guys. What do you think about Norah cussing, should she or should she just use weird substitutes? I’m a cusser myself, so it may be a bit hard not to make her cuss… I made up for it up there by saying it was a donkey, because I didn’t know how you’d react to it. I might need her to cuss in some situations though, I just wanted your opinions, dearies J

Reviews are nice,

Not quite as nice as Milk Duds, but still nice.

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