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The World According to Triple Chocolate Ice-Cream by writergirl8
Chapter 11 : To the Cinnamon!
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Hermione Granger, age 20, had found herself in a impossible position: she was sitting in a sushi restaurant criss-cross apple sauce. Wearing a dress. On camera. Curse Ginny and all her fashionable choices. The dress admittedly was cute, and when Hermione liked something that Ginny put her in, it was a merlin sent situation. Usually when Ginny dressed her they had a slight... conflict of interest, you could say. But Hermione quite liked this gown. It was red and black, had a beautiful satin ribbon, thick straps on her shoulders and hugged her every curve, ending just above her knees. It wasn't flowy, but instead hugged her body just the way she liked it to when she was showing off her body type. The stilettos were a definite let down after the beautiful dress, but Hermione had decided to frown and bear it. Merlin. She had given up the shoe fight for a measly dress? What was the world coming to?

Hermione glanced across the table at Ron. He looked extremely uncomfortable. Hermione grinned at that, despite herself. She'd had the pleasure of having sushi with her parents one time when they'd went to Japan for dentist's convention. She'd liked it a lot, and had since had it a few times on vacations. Once the house elves had made California Rolls, and Hermione had been in pure heaven. She'd eaten nothing else all night. The avocado just made her so happy. How many times a year did she had avocado, after all?


Still, Hermione remembered what Ron had said when he heard they had sushi for dinner at Hogwarts. It had involved a lot of profanities, a lot of hand gestures, and a lot of shouting.


Honestly, Ronald, what do you care if they serve sushi? You don't have to eat it!” Hermione had said snobbishly.


Bloody hell, they're cooking my food with dead fish, Hermione!”


Honestly.” Hermione had said, marching into the great hall with her nose held high, taking great care to pile the sushi miles high on her golden plate and wave her fork-turned-chopsticks (a nifty spell she'd learned in transfiguration, although she couldn't yet turn the fork back) at Ron's nose. They'd been such idiots then. Then she thought of their petty fight, the fact that she wouldn't say Ron's name for a week after she broke up with him. She looked over at Ron, who was trying all different methods of learning to use chopsticks, one of them including sticking them up his nose. Bar that. They still were idiots.


She suddenly felt the inexplicable desire to go home and soak in the bathtub while eating triple chocolate ice cream and listening to ABBA. Yes, that sounded nice. Hermione got up to leave in a slight trance, but Ron's voice shook her awake.

“Hermione, where are you going?” he said. The look on his face told her he'd seen her underwear after all, and she'd not been careful enough while getting up.


“Ladies'.” Hermione lied hurriedly. She hurried over to the bathroom and burst in through the door, resting her head on the mirror. What the hell was she doing, anyway? She was 20 years old, and on a game show, trying to fall back in love with her ex, or rather, trying to get back together with him. She was still in love with him, she'd never been out of love with him. She'd never be out of love with him. Uhg. It was all just so confusing.


She turned around and leaned on the wall. Her stomach contracted as she remembered their last real night together. It was the night she'd found out that she had gotten the Robinson case. They'd come so close to sleeping together, but she'd stopped it.


I GOT IT! I GOT IT!” Hermione screeched, running into the flat.


Ron let out a loud whoop and scooped her up into his arms, twirled her around, kissed her and set her down.


You got the Robinson case, then?” Ron teased, his eyes shining.

“YES!” Hermione yelled. “YES!” she didn't know if she'd ever been so excited. If she could crack this case, then the Pure blood laws could be demolished all together. “I have no idea how to crack this, but hey, I've got time, right?” she grinned.


Ron nodded and conjured some champaign.

“To you, for being the best lawyer in the whole wide world.”

“The whole wide world, huh?” Hermione said, taking a sip of her drink.


And the prettiest.” Ron told her in a lower voice. And then Hermione was kissing him harder then she ever had before. She'd backed him against the wall and was kissing him with so much passion he wondered who was kissing him for a moment. Hermione usually gave sweet, lingering kisses but this one was anything but sweet, although it most certainly was lingering. Her hands were running up and down his chest, and both of their hearts were beating a thousand times faster then normal.


Hermione...” Ron said. “If you don't stop now, I don't think I can handle this much longer.”

“Oh.” Hermione pulled back and bit her lip. “Sorry. It was a bit of a in the moment thing.”


“No, Ron. I want our first time to be special.”

“This is special.” Ron told her.

Hermione sat down on the couch.

“Maybe I'm just not ready, did you ever think of that?” she said.

Oh.” Ron said, frowning. “I'm sorry. Are you okay?”

“Yeah. Fine.” Hermione said, drawing in a deep breath. “Are you okay?”

“Been better.” Ron joked. “I'm gonna go take a shower.”


And then he left the room, causing Hermione to wonder whether she'd done the right thing. But they'd have time. They had forever, didn't they?


Now, looking back, she felt both disappointed and relieved that they hadn't... done it. After all, she'd thought that they'd have all the time in the world. Now, she felt as though if she wanted her first time to be with someone she loved more then anything, she'd be a virgin all her life. The only thing she loved more then life was Ron. She loved Ginny, she loved Harry, but not in the same way that she loved Ron. Bloody hell, she loved Ron more then she loved triple chocolate ice cream! She felt the sudden desire to stomp back out there and kiss Ron smack on the lips. Merlin knew she needed it. Maybe she'd find someone to snog at Ginny's hen party. Suddenly, she needed Ginny. She apparated back to Ginny's house and rushed into Harry and Ginny's living room. Harry and Ginny were on the couch, snogging. Hermione let out a small shriek of disgust as Harry's shirt flew off of him and onto Hermione's head. Harry and Ginny broke apart.


“Bloody... Hermione, what the hell are you doing here?” Harry yelped as Ginny, shooting Hermione a deathly look, scrambled up and put her shirt back on.

“I need to talk to Ginny really quick... by I'm guessing now isn't the best time.”

“Be right there!” Ginny said, righting herself.


“Here.” Hermione said, tossing Harry his shirt.


“Thanks.” he mumbled.


“Hermione, what are you doing here?” Ginny hissed, stumbling out of the living room.


“Why did you pick now to do that?” Hermione groaned, discarding the question.


“Well, we thought that neither you or Ron would be able to bother us, and with him living with us it's really our only time to...”

“Shag?” Hermione said blandly.

“Well, yes.” Ginny whispered.


“Yes, it seems to be on everybody's mind these days. So that's why you're marrying him! You have to make a honest woman of yourself.”

Ginny snorted.

“Oh, you're right, it couldn't be because I love him, that's too simple for a 19 year old.”

“Ginny, are you pregnant?” Hermione asked.

“No!” Ginny cried. “Merlin, Hermione. Why are you HERE?”

“Oh. Because I was thinking about Ron and shagging and snogging and then I sort of needed to talk to you so you could tell me what to do and also teach me how to get up and down without Ron seeing my underwear.”


“You are wearing a nice pair, aren't you?” Ginny asked urgently.


“Ginny!” Hermione said in warning.


“Fine. Hermione, let him see your underwear, it's a turn on, and don't shag my brother. You happy?”



But Ginny was already pushing Hermione out of the house. Hermione grudgingly apparated back to the restaurant, fixed her hair and walked back out to Ron.

“Hi.” she said.

“'loo.” Ron said. He was staring at the menu now, looking as though he couldn't believe his eyes.

“'Mione, do they serve anything here that isn't raw fish?”

“No, Ron, that'd be the definition sushi and this is a sushi restaurant.” Hermione said as chills ran up and down her spine from Ron's use of her nickname. Merlin, she loved that nickname.

“Hermione, I hate this place.” Ron groaned. Hermione rolled her eyes. Ah, the reason she'd broken up with Ron. It was whining and moaning in front of her.


“Well, Ron, I think we've finally found a food that you don't like.” Hermione said, trying not to laugh at Ron's babyish antics. When he continued to whine, however, Hermione stood up and grabbed his arm.


“Fine. I'll to you to the cinema and we can eat popcorn for dinner.”


It was amazing how the word popcorn could shut a food-loving person up.



30 minutes later, Hermione and Ron were sitting in the movie theater equipped with one large popcorn, two medium sized sodas, and cinnamon flavored pretzels for dessert that Hermione had gotten to shut Ron up.

“Hermione, look, Cinnamon at the Cinnamon!” he'd cried excitedly.


Cinema, Ron!” Hermione had hissed urgently.


CINNAMON!” Ron had bellowed gleefully.


Ron, if I buy you Cinnamon will you shut up?” Hermione had asked as Ron nodded fervently.


“What's this cinnamon about?” Ron asked.


“No idea.” Hermione stated. “All I know is that it's a romantic comedy called 'Thank Heaven'”


“Right.” Ron said, his hand colliding with Hermione's as they both reached for popcorn.


Halfway through the movie Hermione realized this was the worst choice that they possibly could have made. The storyline was absolutely... oh goodness. This was mortifying. And terrible. And, oh merlin, now Ron was snoring. Hermione shook him awake before anyone could hear him and he immediately made a dive for the popcorn, acting as if he'd never fallen asleep. It was revolting and adorable at the same time, sort of like Dobby.


Along with the fact that the movie was the worst choice Hermione could have made, she and Ron kept on bumping hands when reaching for popcorn, and even lips once when Ron accidentally reached for Hermione's soda instead of his. When the movie was over, Hermione tore out of the theater, ran to the nearest bathroom, grabbed her rose and poretkey'd back to the stage. Then she apparated home, cast a spell so Ginny couldn't come and hurled herself onto the bed with a whole bottle of champaign. Cheers to the worst date she'd ever been on in her whole life.



“She won't let me in! She's cast every single spell she can over that bloody flat!” Ginny cried.


“Nice.” Harry said grimly.

“Harry!” Ginny cried.


“Sorry. Right.”


“Ron won't talk either?” Ginny asked desperately.

“No, but he looked like he was floating on air.”

“Merlin! What happened?” Ginny wondered aloud. “Usually she doesn't block me out like this when she has good news, but if Ron is happy it can't be bad news, right?”


“Er...” said Harry.

“Oh, that's it!” Ginny said. She hurried up the stairs and blasted the door to Ron's room open.

“RON! Ron, what happened?” Ginny yelled in her most commanding voice.

“Her lips touched mine.” Ron said in a high pitched voice. Harry broke out laughing. Ginny elbowed him in the gut.

“What?” Ginny asked.

“Her lips... they touched mine.”

Ginny froze.

“You mean.. she kissed you?”

“No. Soda.”

“Soda? Did you share a soda, Ron?”


“No, my mistake.”

“Oh, thank merlin, the film footage is here!”


Ginny immediately took it out and watched the film. Hermione flashed the camera countless times (no wonder she was hiding), Ron acted like a 3 year old, Hermione led him to the cinema. The camera showed Ron and Hermione going for the same soda, their fingers brushing, and Hermione's hair growing steadily bushier, her face redder as the film carried on. Ginny and Harry exchanged mortified glances every now and then as they saw Ron and Hermione have countless embarrassing movie moments.


“Ron, what movie did you watch?”

“Thank Heaven.” Ron said dreamily.

“Uhlg.” Ginny rolled her eyes and headed downstairs and out the door.


“Where are you going?” Harry asked her.

“The muggle library.” Ginny called over her shoulder. Harry followed her until they reached the library and Ginny burst through the door. She shoved the muggle out of the way and collapsed into the chair, typing 'Thank Heaven' into the search engine.


“Nice. You're a natural, Gin.” Harry grinned.


“Shut up, Potter.” Ginny said, clicking on a website. A moment later, she'd pulled up the summery. She and Harry were exchanging shocked glances as they read through the explanation of Hermione's anger and mortification. The story was about a man and a woman who had broken up, but they still loved each other, though apparently neither would admit it. Along with that fact, they bickered like an old married couple, the man took care of a old man who turned out to be God and they were match made by him in thanks for the man taking care of him.


“Oh Merlin.” Ginny breathed when she was done.


“Can I have my computer back?” the muggle asked, annoyed.


“Yeah, sure.” Harry said, grabbing Ginny and leading her out of the library.


“It was going to bloody well!” Ginny was muttering under her breath.


“Wow. So, that was a bad movie choice.” Harry said on the way home. “If I were Hermione, I would never show my face in public again.”

“Neither would I, except luckily she has me to make myself miserable.” Ginny said, stomping up the street in the direction of Hermione's house leaving Harry behind, still trying to figure out what she had meant.

A/N: So, not exactly my best chapter, but it was still okay, I think. I have about 23 chapters of the story written right now, and I belive the next chapter has to do with wedding dresses... Reviews are greatly Appreciated

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