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I Never Asked to be Rose Weasley by MiaMarauder
Chapter 1 : B-U-S-T-E-D
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Thanks so much to Elisa at TDA

"Rose Emily Weasley!" STOP RIGHT THEIR!!!

If it was up to me, I wouldn't be a Weasley. It's not like I'm anti-social or anything. I just would rather not be in the center of attention all the time. Yes, my name is Rose Weasley. Thanks to my uncle Harry, for saving the whole wizard world and don't get me wrong I am very grateful, but if your last name is Weasley or Potter, well let's just say people expect you to want to be in the certain of attention. And it's not like I hate my family because I don't, I really do love them. Its just everybody else in the family loves the attention. Let's go down the list, shall we.

(Dad) Ron and (Mom) Hermonie Weasley-
Me, Rose Emily Weasley, Gryffindor 6th year Perfect.
Hugo Weasley, Gryffindor 4th year.

Unlce Harry and Aunt Ginny Potter(Favorite Aunt)-
James Sirius Potter, Gryffindor 7th year Quidditch Captain.
Albus Severus Potter, Slytherin 6th year(Favorite Cousin).
Lily Luna Potter, Gryfindor 4th year.
Teddy Lupin who is like family, Out of Hogwarts

Uncle George(Favorite Uncle) and Aunt Angelina Weasley-
Fred Alaster Weasley, Gryffindor 7th year.
Roxanne Mary Weasley, Gryffindor 5th year.

Uncle Percy and Aunt Audrey Weasley-
Molly Alice Weasley, Revenclaw 7th year Head Girl.
Lucy Isbelle Weasley, Hufflepuff 5th year.

Unlce Bill and Aunt Fleur-
Victoire Ann Weasly, Out of Hogwarts.
Dominique Gabriella Weasley, Gryffindor 6th year (Best Friend out of the whole family).
Louis Arthur Weasley, Hufflepuff 2nd year.

I was the only one in the family who had gotten the Weasley hair. Lucky me. Most of the family had all different kind of hair but not the Weasley famous orange. And since that the family is in so many houses. Their's no such thing as 'House rivalry' accept during Quidditch.

All right lets continue, with mom screaming at me.

"If you are not down here in FIVE MINUTES, I will keep you home this year! And HOMESCHOOL you, myself!" Mom screamed up the stairs.

I rolled my eyes, she always said this when I didn't come down to dinner right away. "MOM, I'LL BE DOWN IN A MINUTE!"

I walked out of my room and walked down the stairs down to the kitchen. It was nice when it was just the 'family' and not the WHOLE family. It was nice and quiet. I walked into the dinning room Dad was sitting at the head of the table and laughing like mad at something Hugo probably said.

Hugo is the kinda kid that makes every awkward silence well, not awkward. He is the funniest kid I know. And he's not like mean funny like James, he is sweet and nice and I love him as a little brother.

Mom was at the other end of the top of the table. I sat down across from Hugo.

"Nice of you to join us," mom said with a sip of her tea.

"I said I would be down in a minute," I said pouring some juice into my cup "mother." I said with a smirk on my face. Mom did not like when I called her 'mother' she said it was just to proper. I saw Hugo hold back a laugh.

"Anyway, CAN anyone believe I'M going to be in FOURTH year," Hugo said making the tense feelings goes away.

"Nope, we just cannot believe it Hu," Dad said to him.

"Who would have thought that you actually didn't fail. Did you copy off Lily?" I asked with a smirk to Hugo.

"Ha. Ha. Rose made a funny," Hugo scowled me. We finish the rest of dinner in silence.

As dinner was over and I was helping mom with putting away the dishes. She was telling me what our plans for tomorrow.

"We'll be out of the house by eleven and probably leave at twelve at night. But I want you to go to bed once we get home cause we have to leave for the train early," We did this every year, right before us kids leave for Hogwarts. We have big family get together, at the Potter's. And when I say big family get together I mean everyone! Like even family friends like the Longbottoms and the Scamanders. And it's the same every year the kids usually stay upstairs, when our parents get drunk downstairs.

I went into the living room to see what dad was up to. He was sitting by the radio listening to a Quidditch game with Hugo. You'd think they would be higher tec by now. My grandparents, on mom's side; has a television you can watch muggle games on.

I guess I'll just go upstairs and write to Rain. Rainette Crawford is my best friend and like her name she is, well you could say very unique, and always says what's on her mind. If I wasn't such a good friend with her, I would probably be very frighten of her. She's also is a Metamorphmagus, just like Teddy. So her hair color that she always wore was blue and she had orange eyes. So you can see that's shes very unique. She was mean to the people she didn't like but very odd to the people she did. And will stand up for any of her friends. I would never get in a battle with her, she knows way to much hexes.

"Goodnight mom and dad," I said running upstairs.

I walked into my blue wall room. It was a typical room desk, bed, wardrobe, some clothes on the floor and an owl in a cadge by the window. Ziggy unlike her name is very mature and did not like Hugo's owl Pigwidgeon(II). I fed her some food and sat down to write a letter.

Dear Rain,

So I got your last letter and I can't believe you blew up your room! Again! I told you should stop experimenting. But that's good you fixed it, lucky you are a witch and all. And thanks for the chocolate from Egypt I loved it! I'll probably see you in two days but I just wanted an excuse to do something. Not really much to say. I miss you and can't wait to finally see you!

- Your best friend Who I Know You love and miss!

Rose Emily

I let Ziggy come out of her cadge and put the letter on her leg. I opened the window to let her go.

"If you don't get to Rain's house and back before, I go to Hogwarts I'll see you there," I said before she was out the window.

I got ready for bed since 11 is early time for me to wake up. I thought of how noisy and loud it will be tomorrow but at least I get to see Al and Dominique my two favorite cousins out of the whole family. I slowly drifted to sleep wondering if this party will be any different.


"Rose, come on get up," I heard Hugo said pushing me lightly.

"No leave me alone," I groaned to him, trying to kick him away.

"Mom said if you're not up in one minute, she's coming up and getting you out her self," Whenever mom comes upstairs it was not good. That means she's really pissed and will pull you out.

"Alright, alright I'm up." I said getting up ready to get ready.


"Dad! We're going to be late, AGIAN!" I said calling from the living room to mom and dad's room.

"But why stop the tradition now?" Hugo said lounging on the couch.

"Were coming! Go wait by the fire place!" Mom yelled. The fire place was in the next room, I don't even know how this makes a difference. We waited another five minutes before mom and dad came out ready.

"All right, you go first Ronald. Then Rose, then Hugo, and then me." Mom said handing us all Floo Powder.

"All right see you all there," Dad Said stepping into the fire place. "Potter's Manor!" Dad yelled, and he was gone.

"You go now Rose and hurry up. We are going to be more late," Mom said pushing me in.

I rolled my eyes, "Potter's Manor!" I yelled and dropped the Floo Powder. And I was of spinning around for a few seconds and I got ready to land. Once I hit the ground, I heard loud cheers and I was pulled into big hugs.

"Oh, you look lovely," I'm wearing jeans and a tee-shirt.

"Oh you got so big," I probably saw you last week

"You get prettier every time I see you," You say this all the time.

"Rose you're turning into such a Rose," that saying never gets old.

As I was pulled into more hugs, and passed around like a piece of meat. Hugo came next and all the attention was off me, while they fussed about him. I saw James standing by the stairs.

"James," I said with a head nod and standing next to him.

"Rose, nice of you to show up," He said with a smirk. "Finally."

"We are last again, aren't we?" I whined, wiping the dirt off my clothes.

"Like always, but you didn't come that late, before your dad came, Louis came," Louis is the cutest second year ever! He was also very tall for a second year. "And the 'family friends' have yet to come." He finished.

"So, Dom's upstairs?" I said starting to go up.

James chuckled to him self, "Yeah she's in my room. She said something about sweat pants. I would be careful if I were you," He was still laughing, I just eyed him suspiciously but still went up.

James was the first room on the right. Past his room was Albus's; I'll see him next. I walked into to James's room with a shirt hitting me in the face.

"Oh it's you, help me find sweatpants," I heard her say from inside the room "sorry about hitting you" she muttered.

I finally got the shirt off my face. I automatically gasped what I saw what she was wearing.

"Shut up," She said searching through the draws.

"But you're in-"

"Shut up!" She said searching faster

"A dress," I said dumb founded. And a nice white girly dress! It was something Vicky would wear. Dominique always strived to be nothing like Victorie, her perfect sister. Vicky is the kind of girl that was perfect at everything. That's why Dominique dyed her hair. Well her bangs she dyed a light blue. Her mom would go mental if it was her whole head. But Dominique never liked Vicky, and I'm not very fond of her myself. That's why we call her Vicky, Icky. How Teddy is getting married to her, I have no clue.

"Shut up, shut up, shut up. It was mother's idea and now all I want is James sweat pants," Dominique always wore sweatpants and a plain color shirt. Getting 'dress up' to her is her Hogwarts uniform and jeans.

"Dom why don't you just wear the dress. You look very pretty," She scolded at me and looked like she was about to attack.

"This is ICKYS dress!" she yelled.

"Ah! Get it off before you get all sicky!" I yelled trying to find her clothes.

"Go look in Albus's room! I messed everything up in this room. Oh and get me one of his old v-neck please." She said pushing me out the door. I walked down the hall to Albus's room. I knocked on the door.

"Come in," Albus said on the other side. I walked in to see Albus on his bed while Fred was on the floor with Scorpius Malfoy. Scorpius Malfoy was Albus's best friend, and always was at the family parties. I didn't really talk to him. I usually just saw him at perfect meetings and I was at the head of the class with him.

"Rose!" Albus said coming off his bed hugging me. Like I said Albus was my favorite cousin. And Slytherin didn't even make him mean. And Slytherin isn't even known for meanness anymore.

"Hi, Albus!" I said hugging him right back.

"Rosy," Fred said coming to hug me too. I huged him back.

"Hi Rose," Scorpius said from the floor.

"Hey," I said with a smile. "Um Albus, do you have sweatpants and an extra shirt for Dominique" I said turning to Alus, who went back on his bed.

"Yeah, probably. Why?" Albus said going over to his draw. "And when Dominique get here and you?"

"You were probably upstairs already. I came just after Louis. But yeah Dominique's wearing a dress-"

"What! No way I gotta see!" Albus yelled running out of his room with sweatpants and a shirt in his hand.

"Yeah me too!" Fred yelled following Albus out. I looked at Scorpius who was laughing. I smiled taking a seat on Albus's bed.

"Rose when you get here!" Roxanne came into the room.

"Roxy!" I yelled giving her a big hug. Roxanne was very tall for her age. It seems like everyone in this family is tall for there age. Roxanne and Fred got Angela's looks except they have the Weasley's eyes. They were both very attractive.

"Rosy," She chuckled "missed you too," She said patting me on back, I finally let go.

"I just haven't seen you! You've been on vacation. You grew since last time I saw you." I said sitting down on Albus's bed pulling her with me.

"How was your vacation anyway?" I asked Roxanne.

"It was horrible!" Fred said coming into the room. With Albus and Dominique changed in sweatpants and a white tee shirt. "Mom got stung by a jelly fish and we had to stay inside with her!" Fred yelled sitting down on the bean bag chair. Albus coming to sit next to me on the bed. And Dominique joining Fred on the floor.

"Oh it wasn't that bad," Roxanne said.

"Hey guys," Lily said coming into Albus's room. Louis came in following her "People," He said coming in. I guess that's his way of a greeting.

"Hey guys," we all said in sync to them.

"When are the family 'friends coming'" I asked Lily.

"Well, mom said that she told them, just a little later, then the family. So probably soon." Lily said shrugging sitting on the floor, with Louis. I looked around the room to who was here. Albus was next to me and on my other side was Roxanne. Scorpius, Fred, Dominique, Lily, and Louis was on the floor.

"Wheres Lucy, Hugo and James?" I asked

"Well, you know Hugo, he always stays downstairs for a little, entertaining the grown-ups," Lily said like it was obvious.

"And James always waits till the 'family friends' to get here. So he can show them up to the room," Fred said.

"And Lucy is probably trying to get away from Molly, nicely," Louis mocked, everyone laughed. Lucy didn't really like her sister. But she is to nice to say anything. She wouldn't be like Dom and say bugger off, if Molly was annoying her. Molly wasn't really mean. She just was really focused on school.

"We'll see them soon enough," Albus said.


By the time the 'family friends' came it was dinner time. Professor Longbottom brought his wife and his daughter Hillary Alice Longbottom. Hillary was in my dorm and the nicest girl I know and the laziest too. She is one of those people you can tell anything to. She also has the biggest crush on James. Rolf Scamanders also came, with his wife Luna and there two twin sons Lysander and Lorcan; they're both in Revenclaw.

I was sitting at the kids table in the kitchen. Well it wasn't really kids table, since there wasn't any more room in the dinning room. Thankfully the table was big though and the Potters House was huge. There was a million conversations going on and I was really not paying attention. I was next to Hillary who was staring at James while he talked. James was at the head of the table and across from Hillary was Lorcan. Across from me was Lysander. Albus was next to me and across from Dominique. Dominique was next to Roxanne and who was across from Scorpius. Fred was next to Hugo and was across from Lucy. Lucy was next to Lily. Lily was across from Hugo who was sitting next to Louis. And Molly was to "old" for our table. Even though Fred and James are in the same year.

"Rose!" Dominique yelled across to me.

"W-what?" I said looking up.

"I said! Have you talked to Rain yet?" Dominique asked looking annoyed.

"Yeah, I've talked to Rain. She blew up her room again," I said taking a sip of my pumpkin juice.

"You know who liked Crawford last year?" Scorpius asked me. I looked next to me, where I thought Albus was sitting. When did Scorpius switch seats?


"I said, do you know who liked Rain last year?" He asked rolling his eyes.

"Who?!" Dominique yelled across the table.

"Alessio Zabini,"

"Ew! How Zabini even has a heart, is beyond me!" Dominique yelled in a disgusted voice. Alessio Zabini, is the kind of boy that gets on everyones nerves. He's the typical Slytherin except he's not very mean, just very inappropriate. Dominique and him really don't see eye to eye, and you could say there enemies. He is also one of Albus's dormitory mates. Also with Scorpius, and Tyler Nott who I've never actually heard speak. Albus once mentioned to me that he had a crush on Dominique, last year. How he got sorted into Slytherin is beyond me.

"He's not even that bad," I said rolling my eyes.

"Yes, he is! Last year he turned my hair green!" She challenged back. It was a simple mistake and only stayed green for a week.

"Well, not on purpose!" I yelled back.

"Whatever he's still the devils son," she said standing up and walking away. Dinner ended with all the kids going back upstairs, to hide from the adults.

"Okay! OKay! Settle down children." James yelled over our laughter. When we were coming into the room James tripped and toppled over Lucy and Hugo. We were all laughing for at least a 10 minutes. We all settled down and got into a big circle.

"All right who wants to start?" James asked looking around. We were playing truth or dare, like all the other years. And the same person always started ever year.

"I'll go," Dominique said standing up in the middle. She looked around the whole circle. She stopped in front of Hugo. "All right, truth or dare?"

Hugo scowled and said, "Dare."

Dominique smiled, her devilish smile "I dare you to go downstairs and go steal a fire whiskey bottle."

"Dom!" I yelled. "You will not get Hugo in trouble!" She can pick any other Weasley but not Hugo.

"Rosy," Dominique whined "it's only fun. Stop being a downer."

"I'll do it," Hugo said stand up and walking out. I rolled my eyes, typical Hugo. Dominique looked satisfied and sat down.

"So... when we wait.." James said looking around the room and looked straight at me! Oh god, his was the worst. "Lucy," he turned his head with a smirk. THANK MERLIN! "Truth or dare?"

"Uhh James, do I have to?" Lucy said uncomfortably.

"Yes, now truth or dare?" Roxanne asked.

"Truth," Lucy said simply.

"Do you wish you could tell Molly to bugger off?" Albus asked.

"Uhhh...sometimes," Lucy muttered.

"Good enough for me," Fred said. "Now, truth or dare...." He looked around the room. "Rose?"

OH WHY ME "Dare," I said calmly.

"I dare you to.." Fred thought.

"Kiss Scor-" Hillary, Dominique and Lily never did finish that sentence. Since the door was knocked open, with Aunt Ginny holding Hugo by the ear. In Hugo's right hand was a bottle of firewhisky.

"CAN YOU SPELL BUSTED!?" Aunt Ginny screamed at the top of her lungs. Can you spell perfect timing. Cause I know I can P-E-R-F-E-C-T T-I-M-I-N-G!

A/n- Okay so tell what you think. This is the first chapter in I Never Asked to Be Rose Weasley. This story will be funny and just one of those funny stories with some dramaa!

Should it be the last? Give up now? Please continue? Tell me in a review.

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