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Falling Through Thin Ice by JR Nite Dragon
Chapter 5 : Head's Quarters
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A/N: Hey everyone! I hope this wasn't too long of a wait... There's a lot of description in this chapter... sorry if you think it's too much, but I feel it's perfectly fine the way it is. Enjoy! ;)



The Head's Quarters


As the three of us looked over the empty room, we noticed that not even the normally full portraits had people missing.

“What is going on here?” Zabini asked to no one in particular.

“Do you think if anyone knew we would be sitting here looking like idiots? Why would you even ask a question like that out loud? You're such a-” Draco was yelling at poor Zabini who had just asked a simple question. But before he could start calling his friend names, I cut him off.

“Uh... Malfoy? Did you even check the desk?” there on the desk sat a wooden half lion half snake creature. Probably trying to show unity. ~That's the theme of the year. Hence the train rule~ Next to the figurine was a note that I read aloud:

Hermione, Draco & Blaise,

the statue is a port key, to

the portrait entrance of the

head's quarters. We should

be there for the end of the

tour telling who is where

for the rounds. We will

meet you there.

Oh, and Blaise you're with

Susan Bones in the moving

stairs for your rounds. And

Draco and Hermione are

together in the dungeons.

“NO! Ohhohoho no... I'm not doing rounds with the know-it-all!!” Malfoy boomed with horror, “Blaise! Switch with me. Please!” he begged. My eyes opened wide at hearing him beg. I turned my attention to the note, acting like I wasn't listening.

“Alright, but I have to warn you that Bones like to talk.... A lot..... about nothing... just a warning. I'll switch back if you want to at anytime... cause I have a feeling that you will want to after just one night with her. At least Granger knows how to be quiet.” Zabini agreed with concern for his friend.

“I'll try it out.” Malfoy said, relieved and slightly agitated about Susan.

“Let's get going boys...” I said after a long silence, reaching for the figurine.

“Oi! Wait for us!” Zabini said as he ran up to the desk. He reached me at the same time Malfoy did, but he reached for the statue at the same time I did and ended up grabbing my hand. The result: we both held onto the head while Malfoy grabbed the body.

The swirling of the port key turned my stomach, and my grip probably would have slipped if it wasn't for Zabini's grip.

We all showed up in front of a portrait of the same creature as the figurine, but this one as alive. It hissed/roared when we showed up. As soon as my stomach settled I noticed something was tugging at my hand. I looked down to see Zabini's hand still entwined in mine. He looked down when I tried to wiggle out of his grip and he let go. We both glanced at Malfoy to see if he noticed the little incident, but he seemed preoccupied.

“I thought the note said that they would be here...” Zabini complained.

“Maybe they're just running a little behind. I mean, we could have been faster than she expected.” I said as I walked toward the portrait. It looked at me with wise eyes. Four of them! I hadn't really looked at the small figurine long enough to realize it had two heads.
One was a lion's head, but it didn't have a mane and it was smooth with deep green scales. The other head was a snake's with the golden brown fur of a lion's and it had a mane. The body was that of a furry lion's but the paws were scaly. The tail was a scaly snake's with the little fur puff at the end like that of a lion's tail.

Basically this would be an ugly and terrifying creature if it were to be real. Just as I got don't examining the portrait, I turned to see the group of prefects(minus Zabini) and the Headmistress turn the corner at the end of the long corridor.

When she got to the three of us she stopped and turned to the crowd, “Everyone, that is the end of the tour. All Prefects are excused except Mister Zabini and Miss Bones,” at that everyone left and Susan walked up to Headmistress McGonagall, “As for you... you shall show Mister Zabini the route in the stairs where the two of you will be for rounds.”

Right then Zabini lowered his head to Malfoy's ear, whispered something in his ear, and left with Malfoy nodding in response to whatever Zabini had said.

“As for the two of you,” she started, “this is the entrance to your head quarters. The password is 'Unity'. As for your rooms, opposite of the regular quarters – girls on right boys on left. So, Hermione, you're on the left, and Draco, you're on the right. I hope you find your living quarters to your liking. I have to go now. Have a nice night. Rounds will start tomorrow night, so you don't have to worry about that.” She then turned to leave, but turned around quickly to say, “Oh, I almost forgot, Head's now get Friday's off. Also, you are in charge of uniting the houses. Any ideas will be greatly appreciated,” at that last bit, she bustled down the corridor.

“Unity,” Malfoy said, already going through the portrait.

“Hey there mister! Wait for m-” I stopped short after running into the room before the portrait closed. I gasped as I took in my surroundings. The front room was as tall at the Great Hall. The walls were a beige with thin swirls of the two house colours: ruby, gold, emerald, and silver. The star case was two, 1.4 meter (4.6 feet) wide stairways on either side of the room, curving up to meet at a platform with three doors. In between the two staircases was another door. Looking back up to the platform I noticed the door on the left said “HG” in ruby letters. The one on the right said “HB” in emerald green. The door in the middle didn't have anything written on it.

Must be the bathroom... if we share, there better be locks! I thought to myself.

I kept glancing around before I went to my room though. I turned to my left to see a cozy sitting area with leather, as black as the Forbidden Forest at night, on the two over stuffed arm chairs and one over stuffed love seat. The love seat was on of the larger love seats. Big enough to fit three teenage boys easily. They were accompanied by end tables in between the love seat and the two arm chairs.

Sitting in the wall was a beautiful onyx fire place. Like the ones at the ministry of magic for flooing. In between the seats and the fire place sat a deep cherry wood coffee table. The floor in this corner was carpeted in a maroon and forest green pattern, swirling and intertwining.

Be hind the living area was the left staircase. To the right sat the door in between the staircases. I opened it to see everything muggle. They're really going all out with the whole muggle thing! I mean look at the kitchenette! I though looking around. Sitting before me was the most muggle and fantastic kitchenette I had ever seen. There were deep gray marble counter tops with that beautiful deep wood cherry wood for drawers. There was also a onyx tile floor and all the appliances were stainless steel. The appliances included: Microwave, refrigerator/freezer, toaster, oven, stove, and sink. I backed up out of the kitchenette and turned to my right.

In front of the right staircase, was a study area, with four full bookshelves and a desk all made with the same type of wood as the coffee table and kitchenette drawers. The floor in this corner was a deep gray ash wood in panels that made the corner look bigger than it really was. Also, when I stepped on it I noticed (through my thin ballet flats) that there were heaters under neath. Sitting on the desk with a note attached to it was a very muggle device that I recognized right away. The note said:

Hermione Granger,

this laptop was brought

to you by an owl from

your parents while you

were on the train. They

said in a letter that they

left a note for you in a

program called “note-

book”. They also want-

ed to have me tell you

to be (and I quote)


Thank you,

the Headmistress

Wow! A laptop from my parents! I thought to myself as I picked it up and carried it to my room.

I stopped in front of my door to touch the lettering. Then I stepped into the most amazing room I had only ever dreamed of. The walls were the same colour as the letters on my door, but it had the same pattern as the walls in the main room, except the thin swirls were all gold. As I examined I noticed something. MY ROOM WAS ROUND!!

in the center of the room sat a four post kind sized bed. The posts held up a canopy. Draping down from the canopy was drapes wrapping around the four posts. The sheets, drapes, comforter, and canopy were the opposite of the walls: gold with thin ruby swirls. The floor was a ruby speckled sand like color. It even looked like there were rubies scattered in the sand. And when I slipped off my flats if felt like sand too!

On the left side was a door. Inside was the ultimate walk in closet. There were shelves, drawers, a hanging rack, even a shoe holder, all make of that beautiful wood from downstairs.

Everything I packed in my enchanted trunk (it's almost like a black hole in there) was already unpacked and exactly as I would have placed everything. The rack was in order of dresses, pants, shirts, and skirts. Then set by colour. The drawers were socks, undies, tanks, tees, shorts, PJ's, then belts.

The shoes were in order by size, then by sneakers, high heals, and flats, and then placed by colour. Last, some smaller drawers held all my jewelry. On the top was a grate, with all earrings. In the first three drawers were rings (they are all still in their respected boxes and take up a lot of space), then 5 drawers were bracelets (I have a lot of bangles). Next to the drawers was a tall box that was for hanging necklaces.

When I was done with the closet I walked to my fabulous round room. Straight across was another door... the shared bathroom.

Merlin! Let there be locks! I thought as I crossed the room. I raised my hand and knocked, making sure the coast was clear. When there wasn't an answer I slowly reached for the handle and opened the door. When I walked in my jaw almost touched the floor. It was my dream bathroom: onyx tile on the floor and walls, walk-in shower (you know, the ones with no doors but has a “hall way” like maze into it) in the same onyx tile as the floor in the kitchenette; a large overflow bath in the middle made with the same gray marble as the counter tops in the kitchenette with a thin cotton drape for privacy (opaque – lets light in but doesn't lets any sight out); and a toilet mounted on the wall, hovering and not attached to the ground. The sink was on the right side of a long counter that held all our toiletries (I had a lot more :]) above the counter was a mirror, the same length.

I was just headed back to my room when I noticed something glistening on the floor.

Water? Did Malfoy already take a shower!? I thought as I walked up to the liquid. Because the floor was black, I couldn't see color, so, I automatically reached out to touch it. I began to panic when I noticed my finger tips came back red.

Blood! I thought as I gasped. And right in front of Malfoy's door... I should check on him... and be nice about it... I spoke to myself in my head as I stood up and walked toward his door.

“Mal-Draco? Are you OK? There seems to be some blood in front of your door... did you already get hurt?” I tried to sound polite, but the word 'already' slipped out.

Suddenly the door swung open so quick I jumped and Malfoy stood, towering over me, with a pained expression. Next he held out his arm, it was really bloody, and said, “Make it stop!” through clenched teeth and in a strained voice, then less demanding and more urgent he asked, “Please.”

I took his hand in mine and led him over to the sink, I took a wash cloth from the counter and soaked it. Then I faced his wound and slowly began to clean it up. He flinched at the first touch, but after that he sat perfectly still and watched me work.

When I was done I noticed the cut wasn't ragged, that meant he did it with a sharp object. On purpose... then I cast a spell on the cut to make it clot faster, then I finally looked up into his face. It wasn't readable as he stared at the, now scab. Then I realized I still held his arm. I quickly dropped my hands and looked at my feet.

“Well, uh, you're healed now, so...” I said as I walked backwards towards my door. He just looked up at me, from the expression he looked like he was out of it. “Do you need help getting to your room?” I asked, still backing up slowly, then he slowly shook his head no. as soon as I felt the knob of the door touch my back, I turned quickly and left the bathroom, shutting the door even faster than opening it.

I walked to my bed, spun one-hundred eighty degrees, and flopped down. Soft. Just the way I like my mattresses. I thought, then something hard slid on my silk covers and landed on the top of my head.

“Ouch!” I yelled as I sat up, rubbing the spot where it hit. “What the... oh, right! My laptop,” I said turning around to find my Mac (yes, I'm a Mac) I opened it up and turned it on, then I walked into my closet to change into some PJ's. When I was comfy in a too big tee shirt and some really baggy sweat pants(tied tightly to stay on ha ha) I climbed into bed and opened the program Notebook to find my parent's letter.

When I found it, it pretty much said what the note from McGonagall said. This is what it said:

This is a brand new laptop

so it better come back home

unbroken and without any

viruses. We also got a special

wizard to put a spell on it

so it can get our internet

all the way out there. Good

luck sweet heart! Have a

fun year! Love,

Mum and Dad.

After reading it I couldn't stop from smiling. I also connected to the internet right away to check email.

Of course I thought she would email me right after I told her that I wouldn't be able to contact her without an owl. And she doesn't know how to use an owl.

Emma Lencephere [lence-fere] was my new best muggle friend. We met at a new coffee shop on the corner of my street. She was new to the neighbor hood, her and her family had just moved from the United States, and we just hit it off right away.

It all started at the coffee shop and all the tables were full but one. We just looked at each other, shrugged, and sat together. We started talking and talking. We had so much in common! After we were done with our coffee we started walking and talking, before we knew it we were sitting in my room enjoying cookies my mum had made for us.

That's when I told her I was a witch. She was shocked when I showed her some things I could do. But she relaxed a little as the night went on. Finally she just called her parents around midnight saying that she was spending the night. Through the whole summer we hung out. I told her about Hogwarts and all about not being able to talk but she went ahead and emailed me. She must have known about the laptop.

As I read the email my question was answered:


OMG! Hey guuuuurl! Isn't this so cool that we can stay in touch now?

WOOOOO! Your parents told me about this as soon as they got some

internet spell on it. So? Did you make head girl? How're your friends

(Harry and Ronald right?) have you fed Crookshanks? Oh, and if you

did make head girl, how's your room? Did one of your friends make

head boy? Has the school changed sense the war? TELL ME EVERY-






I couldn't help but laugh at my friend's many questions. I hit respond and copies all the questions. Then I hit enter after each one so it looked like a questionnaire:


Did you make head girl?

Yes, I did! :]


How're your friends(Harry and Ronald right?)

They're fine and yes Harry and Ron(please call him Ron)


Have you fed Crookshanks?

I don't feed him here, the elves do. Even though I don't like that.


Oh, and if you did make head girl, how's your room?

The room is beyond words! I'll take pictures for you(i brought my camera this year)


Did one of your friends make head boy?

No, Draco Malfoy did... :[


Has the school changed sense the war?

Yes, it has, and as head girl, I'm in charge of uniting the houses.


There you go Em, your questions have been answered





When done with the email, I sent it, set my laptop on the ground, and got up to turn off the lights.

As I got back in bed and got comfy in my beautiful room, I noticed the thin gold swirls on the walls glowed at night. While I settled into sleep I thought of what this year night bring me.


A/N: There you have it! Chapter 5 of Falling Through Thin Ice... hope you keep reading!! Chapter 6 is done being written already and will be typed soon!!

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