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My Life as a Snape by Wanted Free7
Chapter 13 : Brothers
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A month passed and it's now July 15. Harry'll be 16 soon and I'll be 14. Everyone had changed since I've turned 12. Now I'm almost 14.

Sam and I talked to each other almost two weeks after our fight. I would of done it sooner, but Dad told me to wait, and let out anger cool off for a while. We're not back to normal yet, but we're getting there. Harry and I had a disagreement about me continuing to date Sam. Harry said I didn't deserve him and I could do better.I told Harry that I would love Sam no matter what and all couples went through tough times. He still wasn't happy and we didn't talk for days.

Sam helped me to slowly come out of my depression. Dad helped Mum, and Katie helped Harry. Its a good thing that we all have someone to depend on. I hope one day, that Sam and I will get married. Right now, its just a silly little girls dream. I mean, he's only my first boyfriend.

"Emma?" Dad asked. He appeared in the doorway of my room. "We're having a family meeting in the living room in ten minutes. Don't be late."

I sighed. I was working on my homework for History. Morgan jumped up onto my desk and peered at the assignment.

"The goblin gold rebellion didn't happen until 1217 and you have 1312 written down. You should change it," she mewed.

"Whatever," I muttered sarcastically.She looked offended.

"I was just trying to help," she said and stalked off, sitting on my bed. She started licking herself.

I put away my books and changed into a pair of jeans and a black and green polo shirt. I had been wearing my pajamas, even though it was three in the afternoon. I went downstairs and Morgan followed a few steps behind me.


"We're doing what?" Harry asked. He looked confused.

"Harry," Dad said, "We just want to know if you want to have another sibling."

"Dad, that's gross!" I interjected. I mean, if they'd call a family meeting, why would they ask us that?

"Emma," Mum said, "Not a baby sibling."

"Wait," I said, confused. "What do you mean?"

"I've got a cousin on my mother's side, who had a child. He died and now the Ministry wants to know if we will take in the child," Dad said.

"Who is this. . . child?" Harry asked.

"Matthew Draconis Prince. His father is Draconis Prince," Mum said.

"Oh," Harry said.

"He's fourteen years old and he's a Squib," Dad said.

"Oh," Harry said. His faced showed mixed emotions. I can guess that we both felt confusion, fear, excitement, and happiness that our parents would be able to have another child.

Dad called a owl that I had never noticed before. Dad quickly wrote a note on a piece of parchment, attached it to the owl's leg, and the owl flew out the window. I watched the owl fly off into the sky, wondering what the future would bring.


About a week later, Matthew came to live with us. He had black hair and dark eyes. He was tall and skinny. "Just like Dad," Harry had muttered to me. I had to stifle my giggles, but Dad still glared at me anyway.

Dad told us earlier that Matthew's name would be changed from Matthew Draconis Prince to Matthew Severus Draconis Snape. I hoped that he'd like our family. I now have two older brothers.

Matthew got the spare bedroom, the one that Will used to have. He silently unpacked his stuff while I watched. He reminded me of my teenaged Dad, but a little heavier. Dad was practically a stick when he was in school. I think Matthew is more handsome than Dad when he was younger.

"I'm done," Matthew's voice startled me out of my thoughts. He was staring at me. I cleared my throat.

"Oh, um," I said, trying to think of what we could do. Harry appeared in the doorway.

"Why don't we play Quidditch? Mason, Katie, and Sam are here. We'll only have six players, but we can manage," Harry suggested.

"Sure," Matthew said. We walked downstairs and into the kitchen where the others were waiting.

"Matthew?" I asked. He looked at me. "Do you want to be called Matthew or Matt?"

"Matt would be fine. My mother used to call me Matthew and I hated it," he replied.


We came straggling in at six in the evening. Mum served us our dinner and we wolfed it down. She rolled her eyes and said, "Slow down, before you choke."

We did as we were told. After we were done, Mum sent Mason, Katie, and Sam home. Then we had dessert with Mum and Dad.

"So," Matt said. "That guy, Sam, is he your boyfriend?"

Everyone looked at me and I started blushing. "Um, yeah, he is."

"Oh," Matt said. Then he got a funny look in his eye. "You guys looked pretty involved in that snog you two shared."

I blushed again and Dad gave me a look. Harry leaned over and whispered that I should be careful, or I'd get the "Talk" again. Wonderful.


We gathered in my room after. We all sat on my bed, cross-legged. Morgan crawled onto my lap and promptly fell asleep. I petted her gently on her stomach.

"Is she your cat?" Matt wondered.

"Obviously," I drawled. Morgan awoke and looked at me curiously. She then looked at Matt.

"Who is this?" she mewed. Matt jumped. I guess he never met a talking cat before.

"Matt Snape," he stuttered.

"Ah, another Snape?" she asked. "You do look like Severus."

"I'm his cousin's child," he said. "My father. . . he wasn't the nicest person around."

"He abused you?" Morgan asked sharply. She looked slightly angry. I patted her head to calm her down.

"Not physically. He called me worthless, a mistake. My parents fought a lot and blamed me for bunch of things. My father only struck me once, when I was nine."

I felt sorry for him. He's now my brother, a part of the family. Dad didn't believe in hitting a child for no reason, unless they deserved it. I leaned over and gave him a hug. He looked away, embarrassed.

Mum came in to tell us to got to bed. The boys left to go to their rooms. Mum tucked me in and gave me a kiss. She turned out the lights and left.


Later that night, I woke up to terrible screaming. I got out of my bed and raced into the hall. I nearly ran into Harry. Mum joined us a few seconds.

The screaming came from Matt's room. He thrashed about on his bed, his face contorted in pain. Dad tried to hold him down, so he wouldn't hurt himself. Dad stopped trying, for it was useless.

"Stupefy!" he cried, pointing his wand at Matt. Matt went limp. Dad looked at us.

"Don't do that unless you can't wake them up. I tried but he wouldn't wake up," he said. He then said the counter-spell to Stupefy.

Matt woke up. He looked around, taking in where he was. He saw Dad standing over him and shrank back.

"I'm sorry," he whispered. "I didn't mean to wake you."

Dad accepted his apology. He summoned a draught that would help Matt sleep. Matt took it, falling asleep a few seconds later. Dad herded us out of the room and told us not to speak of it again, unless he brought it up.


The next morning, after breakfast, Matt and I were up in my room. We sat on my bed, Morgan laying between us. We were talking about our interests and other things. Then, the subject of what happened last night came up.

"I'm sorry about last night. I never meant to scream like that," Matt said softly.

"Its fine," I said gently. I put my hand over his. "We understand. Everyone has nightmares."

"Thanks," he said and I smiled. We stared at the wall.

"What did you dream about?" I asked. My curiosity had finally won over, and I couldn't resist asking.There was a silence.

"Death Eaters," he finally said. "My father was one. I saw him die. They killed him, because they though he wasn't loyal or something. They did terrible things. . . . "

His voice broke. I looked over to see him trying to hold back tears. He brushed them away and looked at me.

"They did terrible things," he started again, "and they made me watch. I was going to become a Death Eater once Voldemort came back and I was seventeen. I dream about it and I can't get it out of my head. What they did. . . . ."

I understood. Dad had nightmares still, from his days as a Death Eater. I felt sorry, that he had to see all that.


Matt told the family what he dreamed about. They were shocked and I could tell that Dad was angry. Then, Harry, Matt, and I went and flew around.

We went to the Weasley's. Mrs. Weasley gave us some lunch and we hung out with Ron and Hermione. Ginny joined us a little later.

The boys went to go play some Quidditch with some of Ron's older brothers and Hermione, Ginny and I talked. We talked about Sam and other aspects of my life. Ginny giggled that she thought Matt was pretty cute. After a while, we joined the boys and played a mass game of Quidditch.

Mum came to get us around four in the afternoon. We went home, exhausted. We had dinner early, then we went to bed. Matt was so tired, he didn't have any nightmares.


AN: I'm so sorry I haven't updated in so long. I've been so busy lately and haven't had the time. Thanks to all the reviewers, you guys are amazing!

Please leave a review. It helps me to improve as a writer and I love hearing from you. Thanks!

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