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Living Dead Girl by Lily123Evans
Chapter 6 : Green Boxers, Invisible Horses, and Ratty Hats
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AN: Oh my gosh! It's been soooooo long! I am so incredibly sorry! I promise I'l write a ton over Thanksgiving break.. I've been sooo busy it's not fair! Anywho, I promise that I will write you a super long chapter next! I hope you like this one! Sorry for the long wait!
The rest of the train ride was surprisingly uneventful… although there was one incident with George, Allie, and a Dungbomb… but that ended all right. Finally, just as the sun was beginning to set, Hermione stood up and announced, “We’re almost there! Let’s get our robes on.” And with that, she grabbed Allie and Ginny by the elbows and marched out.

“God Hermione! Did you really have to break my elbow?” Ginny grumbled, grabbing her arm.

“Oh shut up…” The trio stopped in front of the bathroom door. Ginny walked up and gave the door three sharp raps, when no one answered, they walked in. Quickly, the girls pulled on their skirts, blouses, and vests (Allie being very careful not to show her bruises…) and then threw their ties over their necks and walked out the door sock footed, carrying their shoes in hand. When they got back to their compartment, the curtains were drawn, most likely so the boys could change. Hermione walked up to the door and knocked. No answer. She tried again… still no answer. Cautiously, she reached for the handle and slid open the door. Hermione immediately jumped back, blushing furiously

“HERMIONE!!!” Ron’s loud voice reached all their ears, making them jump back a few feet. Ginny and Allie peered in, seeing what had made Hermione jump so much. Standing in the middle of the compartment, was Ron, wearing only boxers (they were very nice boxers… green with little quaffles all over them). Everyone else, fortunately, was dressed. Ginny began to giggle uncontrollably as Ron’s ears turned beet red, and he tried to cover himself up with an open book he had found lying on a seat.

“Oh, c’mon Ron. Is it really that hard to get dressed?” Ginny teased. Ron just glared and mumbled something. “What was that, Ronny-kins?” He glared some more, and mumbled louder. Ginny was beginning to look annoyed. She started to speak extremely slowly and loudly, “WHAT. DID. YOU. SAY. RONALD.”
Ron, who was now completely red, looked up and bellowed, “GET OUT SO I CAN PUT MY CLOTHES ON!!!!” Soon after he had said that, Fred and George popped in.

“Is Ickle-Ronnykins getting into trouble?” Fred said deviously.

“Who would know a Prefect could actually have fun!” George added with a suggestive wiggle of his eyebrows.

If at all possible, Ron would have turned even redder, but at this point, he was at such a shade of red that it would be impossible for him to get any redder. “Shut up,” he grunted at the twins. They turned to look at each other with a smirk.

“That wouldn’t be fun, now would it George?”

“Right you are Fred. Shutting up is not fun at all!”

“So I don’t think we will.”

With a defeated sigh, Ron looked up miserably at the girls and his older brothers. “Can you all just leave so I can change please?”

Feeling kind, Hermione, Ginny, and Allie left Ron with Fred and George and Harry so he could dressed with at least some dignity. The three strolled up and down the corridor, visiting with friends and having a good time. Finally, just after the sun had sunk beneath the mountains, the train screeched to a jerky stop.

“FIRS’ YEARS THIS WAY!!!!” A large man holding a lantern was motioning to the small first years to come to him. The nervous eleven year olds clustered together looking cautiously at the half-giant.

“HAGRID!!” Harry, Ron, and Hermione waved their arms madly, trying to be seen above the other students. When Hagrid saw who was shouting his name, his face broke into a large toothy grin.

“Lo, you lot! See you at the feast!” The four waved good bye and headed off to the carriages. Hermione and Ron were trying to explain what would happen… from the carriages to the feast.

“So you see, the carriages are pulled by invisible horses…” Hermione began.
“The food is BLOODY AMAZING!! You haven’t eaten until you’ve tried Hogwarts food…” Ron interrupted.

“RONALD!” Hermione threw him a dirty look. “Anyway. As I was saying…. The carriages are pulled by invisible horses and…”

They had just arrived in front of one of the carriages… Allie screamed. “What the hell is that!?!? I don’t think that’s an invisible horse!"
Harry and Hermione looked at each other, realizing something. “You’ve seen someone die, haven’t you?” Harry asked quietly.

Allie glanced at him angrily. “’Course I have. What d’you expect. Voldy would protect his child’s innocence and make sure she’d close her eyes while he killed people? Yeah, right. That’d happen. But what does that have to do with that… thing?!?!” She motioned at the thing in disgust (but she did have a right to be disgusted… the thing was skeletal, with black leathery skin and wings like a bat… quite grotesque actually).

“This, Allie, is a thestral. You can only see them if you’ve seen someone die. Which is why Hermione and Ron can’t see it.”

“Okay… can we just get in so I don’t have to look at it! It’s giving me the creeps!”

“Sure!” The other three chorused. And with that, they picked up their trunks and stepped into the carriage.

It was a short trip up to the castle, but seemed to last an eternity to Allie. The thestral has put her on edge, and she was more nervous than she had been in a long time. When they finally reached the magnificent castle, everyone jumped out and scrambled to get inside. Allie looked back at her friends and said, “My letter said to report to Dumbledore’s office. I guess I’ll see you guys later…” They waved goodbye, and Allie set off up a set of spiral staircase to meet Professor Dumbledore for her sorting.

Once she had reached the gargoyle guarding the office, she said the password, “Ice Mice.” The gargoyle turned slowly, until it revealed a tiny staircase. She stepped onto it, and much to her surprise, it started to moving. She stood on her tiny section of stair until it reached the top. Then she cautiously stepped off, and walked to the large oak door with the gold, owl knocker. Before she could reach her hand up to knock, a voice said, “Come in.”

The room Allie entered was amazing. It had sleeping portraits of past headmasters and headmistresses of Hogwarts and incredible magical trinkets on nearly every surface. There were two towering bookcases behind a large desk, where Professor Dumbledore was sitting. On the top of his desk sat a ratty hat…. The Sorting Hat.

“Ahh! Allie! We need to hurry… the first years are coming soon! Sit down and we’ll get started!”

Allie sat down on one of the poufy chintzes that were in front of Dumbledore’s desk. He pushed the hat toward her with an inviting smile. With a trembling hand, she reached for the hat and placed it on her head.

Hmmm… a Riddle eh. Last one didn’t turn out so well did he? 

Allie gritted her teeth. I am not like my father! Don’t you dare compare me with that piece of...

The hat chuckled. Feisty aren’t we? N., you aren’t like your father; I can see that now. You, however, are smart. You are caring. And you are brave m‘dear. Brave beyond measure. You are difficult… where shall I place you? Obviously not Slytherin. You are too pure hearted for that. Hmmm…. Better be… 

Out loud, the hat announce, “GRYFFINDOR!” Dumbledore smiled at her over his half moon spectacles. “Well Aldora, let’s go join the feast!”
AN: Well. What'd you think? I know it's short, but like I said I was a little bit short on time. Anywho. You know reviews really encourage me (hinthint hinthint). Lol! Hoped you liked it! :O) Sorry again for the long wait! Won't happen again!

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