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There's Something About Dom by hpfan45
Chapter 4 : Sober Long Enough To Breath
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Chapter Four: Sober Long Enough To Breath


“Oh Jeez, I’ve had the most stressful Saturday in my whole life. No exaggeration. I haven’t worked this hard since I had to hide from Louis that I accidently killed his owl,” I say, sinking into the worn leather sofa in the middle of the wide living room. I close my eyes and lean my head back trying to de-stress from shopping with Vic.

“God forbid you spend a day with your sister,” says LJ from a mismatched chintz chair next to me. 

“Well I had to help her find a bloody dress which took forever! Then she insisted on finding me a dress, which took about half my life away. THEN I had to rush over to the Bandon’s and literally beg on my knees to get the keys to the bar he just opened. After an hour of that he finally agreed,” I sigh, rubbing my hands over my tightly closed eyes.

“What made him agree?” She asked uninterestedly, painting her nails. 

“A date with you,” I reply back in a deadpan voice secretly watching her reaction.

“Eh, not too bad.”

“Really?” I ask sitting up quickly, glad that she’s not mad at me for setting up a date for her.

“Yeah he’s pretty cute and owns like, what? Five bars?” she asks rhetorically and continues, “The only drawback would be that his name is Bandon, as opposed to Brandon.”

I laugh, “Yes, I think his parents made a typo on his birth certificate.”

“Or maybe you just gravitate towards people with weird names?”

“For example?” I ask promptly, taking a sip of the hot coffee that Bobby silently handed me while taking a seat himself.

“Garland, myself LJ, Bandon-”

“Lillian is not a weird name,” I say, sipping my tea again and adding on a side note to Bobby, “Hazelnut?”

He responds “The very best.”

“LJ is,” LJ puts in, ignoring our talk of coffee - something she doesn’t have any patience for; I’m guessing because she’s around it all day.

“Your name’s not LJ!” Bobby inserts exasperated. 

Our coffee talk is interrupted by a knock on the door. LJ looks pointedly at me before I heave a huge sigh and get up, walking across the room to the door. I swing it open to reveal-

“Hey, Domsters.” 

“Ted,” I growl as he walks past me to the kitchen and begings fixing himself a sandwich. I follow him nosily. I can hear from the kitchen Bobby and LJ continuing the conversation. 

“How many times have I told you not to call me ‘Domsters?’ It sounds like ‘dumpsters’ for Merlin’s pants!” I say, leaning against the yellowing tile counters. 

“Sorry love,” He replies, his mouth half full with tomatoes and lettuce. Attractive.

I sniff in distaste and he laughs.

“Jeez Dom, when did you become all prissy and whatnot?”

“Your vocabulary exceeds you,” I comment dryly. 

“Ah, someone not excited for tonight?” he asked, getting some hot coffee from the pot. I frown at his back, tracing the mismatched and cracked tiles on the kitchen counter.

“I just live to go to parties for a person I particularly don’t like! I love listening to his foul friends hit on me and coming home, my shoes sticky with cheap tequila.”

He laughs lightly, lazily running his hand through his hair, “Dom, cheap never bothered you before, as well as douche men.”

“If you're referring to Gar!—”

“Relax Domsters,” my eyes slit as he uses the nickname again. “I wasn’t, but it’s funny how you come to that on your own. And anyway, it’ll be like old times again; you and me just drinking the night away!”

I make a grimace with my face jokingly as he shoves me into a cabinet, walking out of the kitchen. 

I follow him annoyed, but still smiling at his antics and head to my room where I’m sure he has already crashed. 

Sure enough, Teddy was lying haphazardly on my bed flipping through a glossy fashion magazine. “You really are a manly man Ted, reading some hardcore material there.”
Teddy makes a face at me and says, “Do you still have some of my extra clothes of mine? I kind of left my place in a rush...again,” he explains sheepishly.

“Yeah, yeah, course I do, and thanks for reminding me. We have to get dressed now and head over before anyone else gets there. We need to make the place look good and put up some decorations.”

“Ughh, Dom do I have to? Isn’t going to the one I love’s boyfriend’s party punishment enough?” He whines like a five year old. 

I mockingly contemplate and answer, “Uh, no. And no one is forcing you to go”

“Unwritten rules of society, love.”

I roll my eyes, and start to take off my dress. I’ve changed in front of Teddy more times than I can count. It’s nothing he hasn't seen before or thought twice about. 

But now I saw Teddy’s goofy smile disappear as his eyes followed my hands while I unzipped my short summer dress. “What are you doing?” he asked nervously.

“I’m changing,”I answer obviously. “Come on Ted, since when do you care if I change in front of you?”

“Right…yeah, of course.” My dress dropped to the ground as I looked around for the dress Vic gave me.

“I think I’m going to take a, uh, shower now. See you soon, or in five minutes...maybe ten,” I look behind to already see Teddy gone. Since when does he sound nervous around me? 

Ah, there’s that dress. I take a look at the material again. My face scowls at Vic’s girly dress she picked out for me. This night will be long.


Since when do I become nervous around her? 

Well, then again she was a very attractive half-naked girl...and we were alone in her room.

No! Dom is completely different! I’ve seen her nearly naked countless times (it does happen when you’ve known someone that long). But today, the room was just too hot and made little beads of sweat go down her back achingly slow, and she moved so slowly and her white hair looked soft and smooth. 

“Teddy! Can you come over here and help me with this bloody streamer?” I looked over from where I was behind the DJ booth trying to figure out the muggle wires and where they all went. Honestly I have no idea how Dom’s friend, being a wizard, made his club with muggle power. 

Walking over to Dom, I take in the vast club. It’s unlike the futuristic chrome in the previous bar that Dom set up for us to meet. Instead it has hot tones of purple, red, and gold. I can’t tell what color the plush leather couches are because of the constantly changing lights. The whole place screams ‘rich and private.’ Leave it to Dom to find it for free. 

“Here, I’ll take over the banner and you can fix that rubbish in the corner,” I say to her form, carefully looking at her forehead. I haven’t been able to look her in the eye for more than five seconds since whole ‘bedroom situation,’ as I like to refer to it in my head.

She doesn’t take notice, since she’s now stressing about the catered food coming and distracted by the bartender just walking in. 

She walks up to the smartly dressed bartender in all black, a dark beauty with silkily midnight hair. Something about her reminds me of some Ministry of Magic Mystery personnel. 

“Teddy, this is Ebony. She’ll be the bartender for tonight. She’s a witch by the way, so you can put up that banner with magic like I know you will.” 

I smile sheepishly at Ebony. “Gee, thanks Dom, she probably thinks I am one of those wizards that can’t function without a wand. Which I am, but she doesn’t have to find that out within the first two seconds of meeting me.”

“Hey Dom, is this a smoking club?” I ask. She doesn’t even look over shoulder while calling a hurried ‘yes.’ 

Cigarette One of the Night. 

Within the next hour, Dom walks around a lot. She fixes the DJ booth wires. She talks to the caterer on the phone. She gets a shot ‘for stress’ from Ebony. She yells at the caterer on the phone. She lights a cigarette to forget about it when the caterer ends up coming. I put out said cigarette in case of fire. 

I sit on in the circular V.I.P. booth the whole time. I would help, really but every time I get up Dom would push me down and tell me not to touch anything. 

Cigarette Two of the Night.

Guests start coming early. Dom shoves them out and tells them to come back after walking around the block. She then turns up the music, calls someone on her cell (I never use mine, expect to call her since she’s glued to that thing) and within the next six minutes (I counted) five waiters show up. 

She pushes trays of champagne and shots into each of their hands and opens the bar’s double pleated doors. 

Outside stands a line of people, a bouncer with a checklist, and an irritated Vic. I quickly stub out my ciggie on the side of the table, hiding all evidence by throwing the smoke in my glass of champagne. Smooth Teddy.

“Jesus, Merlin, and Voldemort Dom! I’ve been trying to get into this freaking club for the past half hour and I’m the girlfriend of the birthday boy!” Vic exclaims walking into the club and stopping to take in the amazing club and perfect electro pop music that’s bursting from the walls. 

I, on the other hand, am struck by how crazy beautiful she looks. She’s dressed in a blue sequined dress that should look trashy, but doesn’t. It reveals her perfect legs, chest, and skin. Her hair is lush and down in spiraling curls. My heart goes all warm and pounds harder as her eyes light up, all anger gone, talking to Dom. 

Dom looks smug, as usual. I find my eyes going from Vic to Dom, for the first time taking in her attire.

It’s different from the usual revealing clothes she wears. This has longer seams and a high neckline, but Dom looks just as good as she usually does in anything.

I suddenly wish that I was Ben, Vic’s boyfriend, and this party was thrown for me by the beautiful Weasley girls. I find myself frowning. I always get the short end of the luck stick.

I take a sip of my champagne to immediately spit it back up. I forgot I put my burned out cigarette in there. Fuck. 

Rubbing my hand over my tongue, I notice that Dom and Vic have gravitated towards me and are looking at me like I’m crazy. I see where they’re coming from. 

I cough, straightening up, “Hullo Vic.”

Her eyes full of laugher, she replies, “Ted.”

“Now that we’re all acquainted, Vic, go greet some guests and I’ll make sure everyone has a good time tonight. And what I mean by good time, I mean so completely wasted they can’t tell me their own name,” Dom finishes smirking. 

Cigarette Three of the Night: 

Vic is totally wasted out of her mind and I can’t even take advantage of her cause it’s her boyfriend’s birthday party. 

Okay that was a little more than douche-like. 

Sticking to her word, Dom has been feeding Vic drinks the whole night along with every other person in this club. Ben showed up and is sitting in the V.I.P section yelling with his guys, with Vic on his right telling some jokes that aren’t funny. 

Other drunk/tipsy people are at the bar. Some of the girls are on the dance floor slurring the words of dance hits.

Dom is currently flirting with one of Ben’s numerous friends. Sitting at the bar I angrily puff out my cigarette. I keep looking between her white hair twirling between her fingers and Vic’s small hand going up Ben’s thigh slowly. 

I suddenly make a pact to have some damn fun at this douche's party, even if that includes me acting like a douche. 

Cigarette Four of the Night: 

I am making out with this drunk girl. I’m going to admit I’m a little more than drunk myself.

What’s a little more than drunk? Crunk? No, I think that involves-

Whoa, her hand just slipped down to my jean’s buttons. I don’t even know this chick’s name. 

Actually I don’t really know where exactly I am in the club. Or why I’m here. I peak open my eyes to see my surrounding, which is admittedly spinning slightly. No, that’s a lie; everything just looks like my head is tilted. Wait-my head IS tilted. 

I don’t even know what Ebony fed me at the bar. I just asked for her to give me something that will get me drunk. It was like I was at Hogwarts again, and all I cared about was getting drunk, not taking into the consideration how I got there.

I see Vic and Dom on top of a table. I extremely jealous of that table right now, especially since Dom just slid down it. 

Cigarette Number Five or Six...?

“Teddy let’s do somebody shots!” Dom says to me. 

I take in her bright eyes that are out of focus and smile back giddily, the warm drink sloshing in my stomach.


“Ebondy! Wait...Ebondy! Wait didn’t I just say that?” Dom says a little confused already climbing onto the bar. 

“Ebony! Shots here now!” I hear myself yell. A chorus of ‘cheers!’ greets my ears. A crowd gathers around Dom and me. 

“Guys first Teddy!” Dom smiles lying down on the bar and pulling up her dress to reveal her smooth pale stomach. 

“Not going to argue Domsters,” I say, telling myself that I am in love with Vic and it’s just my hormones talking and making my hands want to run all over Dom’s body. 

Yes, hormones, that’s it. I haven’t gotten laid in a while that’s all. 

I hear cheers going around and find myself licking salt from Dom’s stomach. I can feel her shiver.

Somebody pours a shot down my throat and I force the vile brown liquid down and quickly lean towards Dom’s mouth where a lemon slice waits before the gag reflex acts on its own. 

As I get the lemon wedge out a roar of approval goes around and I put my hands up in the air. “WHOA!”

I laugh suddenly light as air. Dom sits up laughing as well and our eyes meet, and I suddenly get the urge to kiss her.

When drunk, urges are the only thing you really act upon. Bad. 

I feel my mouth move fast, but at the same time extremely slow against hers. She reacts immediately and grabs my white collar straddling me against the bar. My hands move up her thighs and roughly feel the soft white blond hair. I instantly relax even more with the feeling of familiarity of this girl. This girl is Dom. I really shouldn't being doing this, and the conscience that has been sleeping the past few drunken hours weakly advises me to stop. 

But at that exact time Dom whispers drunkenly in my ear “You know my roommates are out for the night...”

I feel the familiar sheets around me as I crash into the same bed I was on this afternoon. 

I breathe her scent over and over again. I have no feel for time as I start to feel more and more of her skin and less of her clothes. 

Dom arches her back as I find myself pushing farther into her. A sigh escapes her lips, as well as mine. 

I feel her cool hands over my hot chest, and suddenly - or maybe not so suddenly - I realize who she really is. It’s who she’s been this whole time: the little sister of my best friend, Vic. Oh sweet mother of Merlin. 

I go to push her off, but she pulls my in with more moaning. 


I might be half drunk, by the sober half is yelling very loudly ‘IDIOT!’

This time I do succeed in disconnecting our bodies and leave a shocked Dom on the bed as I storm away. 

Well, I bump into a few more walls in the process. The sudden movement makes me fall to my knees on the floor somewhere. Unexpectedly I heave the contents of my stomach.

This is why I don’t usually attend Dom Weasley’s parties. 

I groan, face down on the floor and close my eyes. My head is still spinning and I feel like I’m relapsing into a blackout. I’d rather ignore the consequences of the morning because right now, the morning is very far away.


Well someone made some stupid mistakes didn't they?
Mostly from Teddy's drunk state of mind, so what do think happened to Vic? (Do you care?)
Ben-makes a appearance...kind of.
Do you think Dom feels for Teddy in a more than friend way?
Thoughts on the morning after!?

Review, ya know (:

becca xx

Edit: 1/5/10

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