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The Master Plan by hpffisawesome
Chapter 5 : As the days go by...
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Author’s Note: Okay, I know this took me about a month to get this up. I had a major writer’s block, mainly on how to start this chapter. I needed something new, something that I hadn’t used before. Tell me if you like this chapter if you have the time.


Disclaimer: J.K. Rowling came up with everything, and I wouldn’t be here without her. From characters to settings, it all belongs to her. I came up with the plot, and a few of the characters.




The weather went through a rapid change during the next two weeks of October.

From what had been slightly breezing but comfortable was now chilly in the mornings and nights. The days were shortening, and practices for the Ireland Quidditch team became more brutal.


Harry was holding practices every day for his team, from seven in the morning to

one in the afternoon, rain or shine. Sometimes, Harry wondered if he was turning into a new version of Oliver Wood, except for the long before-practice speeches. While everyone else on the team on the team were groaning and complaining about things like weather, times, and schedules, Harry was living what he thought of as the ‘prime time,’ of his life.


Eliza might have been unemployed, but that wasn’t stopping the young couple

from sharing discussions in the morning and laughs at night. Harry was finally starting to understand the difficult procedure of job searching, and was even able to come up with suggestions for Eliza as she sent countless owls out of the house to different wizarding companies around the nation.


Meanwhile, Ginny had her hands full to the limit. With practice for half the day,

which included her playing chaser AND playing girlfriend for Mitchell in front of Harry, she had hardly any time for herself. This was also because Hermione was at her lowest point of her life.


If she wasn’t thinking about the baby or Ron, Hermione was busy puking in the

bathroom, eating strange foods, or else crying, laughing, or yelling at someone. Mrs. Weasley had been the victim for a couple of these hormonal rages. The thing was, if Mrs. Weasley tried to retort, Hermione would burst out crying.

So it was Ginny’s job to keep Hermione’s mind off of life in the whole. She had

taken her to Hogsmeade several times, buying things like clothes, shoes, and others of the sort. Then they might even go off and buy some items for Hermione, if they had time after all the infant shopping.


Ginny was starting to feel like Ron in a way. Well, she hoped that, anyway.

Hopefully, if Ron were here, he would be helping his pregnant girlfriend out as much as he could, even if Hermione was being a pain.


“Once Ron comes back from Gringott’s, I’m taking a vacation,” said Ginny.


“Well, I guess our first match in Australia will do.”


“Australia’s hot and sunny. Over here it’s cold and cloudy. I think anywhere

that’s sunny got to be a good sign,” replied Mitchell, looking up glumly at the sky. “I still wish we could have had our first match here…even if it’s a little…”


“Dull,” finished Ginny. “Come on, let’s get to the locker rooms. It looks like it’s

going to rain.”



Harry watched Ginny and Mitchell stride over to the locker rooms. So far, Harry

rarely saw the two away from each other, and it was really starting to bug him in a strange way. Maybe it was because Mitchell was around five years older than him.


‘Does Ron know about this?’ Harry thought to himself as he picked up the ball

crate. ‘Well, if he doesn’t know about Hermione, then there’s fat chance he knows about anything that’s going on around here. At least there’s only two more weeks…then things get interesting.’




‘Harry hasn’t said anything about Eliza in two weeks,’ Ginny thought to herself as

she changed in the locker room alone. ‘Ever since he found her, all he’s said is that they’re doing just fine. No more fighting or anything. They might be happy together.’ This was not part of Ginny’s plan. Of course, it had been an added bonus to everything when Harry ended up losing Eliza.

But no, if he was able to live a happy life without herself and not be jealous, there was a flaw. What was she to do now? Surely, he had noticed that she never left Mitchell’s side. Actually, it was a good thing that Mitchell liked her, or else he would be seriously annoyed. How else was she supposed to get Harry’s attention AND look innocent at the same time? She was at a loss, and there was no more time to dwell on the matter, for Hermione was probably biting Mrs. Weasley’s head off at that very moment at the Burrow.




When Harry returned home, he was greeted by Dobby’s usual bow and offerings

of food or drink. Harry declined both.


“I just need to know where Eliza is,” said Harry.


“Ah, and Dobby has some very good news to your question, Master Harry,” said

Dobby. “Mrs. Potter had an urgent appointment: An owl came by about an hour after you left, asking her to come to St. Mungo’s at once for a job interview!”


“Are you serious?” This was fantastic. If Eliza started working at the hospital, let

alone got a job…she had been saying she wanted to do something worth-while, or something of the sort.


“Dobby does not lie, sir,” relied Dobby, a huge smile spreading on his face. “She

said she’ll be back at around seven this evening, sir.”


“That’s great!”


“Would Master Harry like anything to eat, now?”


“Now that you mention it, I think I’ll take some kind of sandwich. Doesn’t matter what kind. Thanks a lot, Dobby!”


“Yes, Harry Potter, sir! Yes!”



When Ginny arrived in Hermione’s room, she found her best friend reading a

book. Hermione looked up.


“Practice okay?” she asked.


“Same as usual,” Ginny replied. “You all right here?”


“Same as usual. Just counting down the says until Ron returns.”


“I wanted to talk to you about that.” Ginny sat down in the chair facing

Hermione. “You know that you and my brother are going to have to do several things in a short period of time, right?”


“What do you mean?”


“Well, you’re pregnant. You’re going to have a kid. That means that you and

Ron are probably going want to raise that kid up away from here, right?”


“I guess so.”


“Then there’s the fact that you and Ron will be this kid’s parents. The only

sensible thing for you to do is to get


“Ginny, I thought we would get to that topic sooner or later. Getting married just

because I’m having a baby is…well…it just doesn’t seem right. I mean, it’s almost like saying that without this little accident, we could’ve split up and life would have went on as usual. It’s like we were forced into it.”


“What’s wrong with that? I mean, you love him right?”


“More than life itself. But, well, it’s complicated, Ginny.”


“Fine. We’ll come back to that later. What about a house or flat or something?

Do you want to-“


“I’ll wait for Ron to come back before anything big happens,” said Hermione

stubbornly. “I think I can last two weeks by myself.” Ginny looked away.


“You really think so?” Hermione stared at her for a second, then quickly spoke.


“No, no, not like that, Ginny. I’m sorry. I know you’ve been doing everything

you can to help me out. Thank you. I just meant-“


“Yeah, I know what you meant,” said Ginny, but she still looked slightly hurt.


“You need anything else?”


“No, I fine. Thanks, Ginny.”





“It’s not really working for St. Mungo’s,” Eliza told Harry. “I mean, I’m only

managing a section of the hospital, if I get the job. It’s not like I’m doing any of the surgery or something.”


“But it’s the next best thing, right?” said Harry, grinning.


“You could put it that way. Oh, I was so happy when they sent the letter! And

just when I was starting to loose faith again.”


“Did the actual interview go okay?”


“I think it did, but only time will tell, right? I’ll know it went well if they contact

me again with a congrats or something.” They ate in silence for a bit, both absorbing the news. Then Eliza spoke again.

“When’s the Australia game?”


“Two weeks from now. The week Ron gets back. I think I’m going to have the

team leave a day before the match. If everything goes as planned, we’ll be back the morning after the match.”


“How are you going to get there?”


“Well, most of the way, by apparition. We’ll turn up on this one island near

Australia. A boat will have to take us the rest of the way. I think it’s because Australia is really strict about keeping all signs of magic away from muggles. They’re not going to take any chances.”


“Ooh, is it going to be a cruise to Australia? I’ve always wanted to go on one of



“You do know that you’re coming right?” Harry laughed and Eliza squealed.


“Oh, you should have told me sooner! There’s so much I need to do! I’ve got

to…” Harry half-listened to his wife go on about things that would be put on a pretty extensive list. It had just occurred to him that she and him had not been on any sort of honeymoon, or vacation alone, just the two of them. Could Australia be the place to go?


The first game would be over in a day, and then the rest of the team would take

the ship back, and then disapparate. That could be the key for leaving him and Eliza together, seeing that the next match wouldn’t be for a couple of weeks. He could just let the team practice alone, and then he himself would come back a couple of days before the match to go over some drills.


“Eliza,” Harry said, cutting Eliza off from her fantasy. “How about we have our

honeymoon in Australia?”




The next two weeks went by faster than it had in a long time. Harry, Ginny,

Eliza, and Hermione all had their hands full of upcoming events, being for better or, in Ginny’s case, for worse.


Harry held a final team practice a couple days before the departure for Australia.


“I think that I’ve worked you hard enough,” he had said over the rainfall on the

Quidditch pitch. “Of course, with my luck, these next two days will have the best

weather we’ve had in a long time, and everyone will want to be in the air. Feel free to if you’d like, but it’s not required.”


Meanwhile, Hermione had a mixture of fear, excitement, and more fear at the

thought of Ron’s return.


“I mean, Ron couldn’t possibly be mad, right?” Hermione asked Ginny the night

before Ron came back from his month’s hard training at Gringott’s. “We’re in this

together, and, well, even though it’s unexpected at all…at least no one’s going to get hurt or anything.”


“I sure hope not,” replied Ginny. “Ron may fall back in a faint, and that could

cause some sort of head injury. Who knows? Maybe you’ll laugh about this, let’s say, fifty years from now? Maybe sixty?”


Eliza hadn’t heard back from St. Mungo’s, which only meant that it hadn’t been

an automatic ‘yes’ from the job interview. But this wasn’t keeping her spirits low. Harry had just gotten his first ever Quidditch captain paycheck, which pretty much meant that the young couple were officially ‘living large.’


“You know, I think you need some, well, lady-like friends to take along with you

when you go shopping,” said Harry grumpily as he and Eliza entered the fourth shop that afternoon.


“I mean, I like dresses as much as the next guy, but, well, the next guy IS a

“Don’t worry, this’ll be the last one,” said Eliza for the third time that afternoon.

Ginny, on the other hand, had her focus on the future, that wasn’t looking to

bright in her case. Harry and Eliza were going to be alone together in a sunny, warm place for a good week and a half, meaning that if everything went as planned for them, they would come back tan and happy. What Ginny needed was for them to have a nice row again, and this time, if Eliza ran away again, Harry wouldn’t go looking for her. What a dark thought.


Anyway, if Ginny really wanted this to happen, she would have to take things into her own hands…and this time, Step Two of the Master Plan would be fulfilled, no doubt about it.




 If you ask me, it’s been a bit of a while since I’ve left everyone at a cliffy. I want to ease everyone back into it, though, so this is what I came up with. I hope you liked it, because it really took me a while to get this right. Oh yeah, and sorry if anyone thought it was kind of hard to follow the random shifts from character to character. If anyone doesn’t understand it, tell me, and I’ll edit it. Thanks everyone for keeping up with this fic!

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