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Falling into the arms of the Enemy by Dracolovergirl5000
Chapter 1 : Head Girl Hermione
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Disclaimer: I own only Lissa and Rafe Snape. All the other belong to the talented j.K. Rowling, who is a wonderful author. I am honored to use her characters in my Fan fiction

Image done by Annihalation @ TDA!!!

A/N: REVISING CHAPTERS 1-10! My Amazing Beta Dramoniegirl82 is helping me with this process. Please Review


I was on the bed in the room listing to the boy talk to his mother. That makes no sense, but right now, neither did my life. Finding out that I was a Snape, and had been raised in a muggle family, well let's just say it stung. 

So here I was laying on what did not feel like my bed in my room, listing to my new brother talk to my mother. I was still confused.

A tap sounded on my window and I set the book I was reading down. I already knew it was an owl, but who would know I was here? I slowly crossed the soft carpeted floor to the window, slower than I had ever moved in my entire life. A large brown owl sat there with a letter attached to it. I took the letter and the owl flew off, obviously meaning I should not bother with a reply. I let out a sigh of relief at the normal standard school letter.
"Ah Hermione, that is who it would be, stupid girl," I thought to myself.

It was nice to feel the normality and comfort of the letter. I was just a normal student, going back to school, for her 7th and final year
My Relief disappeared when an attached piece of paper caught my eye. It was a letter written in small cursive handwriting very neatly.

Dear Miss Snape,
I am pleased to inform you that you have been chosen for Head girl of Hogwarts for your seventh and final year. Please report on august the 31, to compartment 10 on the Hogwarts express. There you will meet the chosen head Boy. At 1:30 I will be composing a meeting, for you both, as well as to meet this year's prefects, and present you with you badge. Have a wonderful rest of your summer holidays. 
Minerva McGonagall

Crap! I didn't want to be head girl. A knock sounded on my door and I heard Snape's voice from the hallway.


"Yes Profes-- err father?" I said as I opened the door.

"Your mother wants you to be dressed and downstairs for dinner in 10 minutes."
"Yeah sure, whatever"
I was nerves about eating Lissa Snape's cooking. I'm sure it was good, but...

I went back into my room and picked out a short purple dress, from my unpacked trunk. I emerged from my room and walked right into my twin brother Rafe.

"Watch where you walk!" He shouted at me. 

Before I could reply, Snape bellowed across the hall.


Rafe shot me one last dirty look and proceeded down the stairs. I followed.

It wasn't like he hated me or anything... he had just had a really bad day. He was being transferred to Hogwarts from Durmstang. He wasn't exactly pleased about that. 

I walked into the perfectly aligned; dining room ad took my spot at the table. Tonight there would be no company. Hopefully there would be no company tomorrow either. It was my eighteenth birthday the next day. That brought back a flashback from my first night here.

I had been sitting in the dining room, thinking. The entire day had been a blur and the night even more so. It was like I had been ripped out of my body and was watching my life flot on without me. Lissa had been speaking but I only caught one thing she said.

"Hermione, you must realize that on your eighteenth birthday, the glamour charm is going to wear off. You will look like us and it will be obvious who you really are." 

Crap! I was going to look different tomorrow. 

Father walked into the dining room.

We ate, I told them the news. Normal family poo that did not make sense to me. Then I went upstairs and began writing a letter to Harry, My best Friend. 

Harry was dating Ginny, my best Girlfriend and my other best guy-friend Ron's sister. Ron was dating Lavender Brown, the most scandalously indecent girl in Gryffindor that all the guys wanted for her reputations, the morons. I was the only one left single in our little Trio. Boy, I couldn't wait to get back to school. I missed my Friends. More so I missed my old life, but Hogwarts was a large part of that so maybe things could go back to normal, and I would wake up and this would all be one big night mare right?

I tied the i had written to Harry Before dinner,letter to Gwenivere, my large white owl and she went sailing off into the sky. Then I went to the bed. It was my last night as Hermione Granger. Tomorrow I became a true Snape.

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