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Promises by xLunaMalfoyx
Chapter 1 : Why you?
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“So this is it then…” Luna trembled, looking at Draco through the rain.

She didn’t want to let go. She wanted to run her hands through that silky blond hair, drown in those beautiful gray depths.

“You can’t do this,” Luna cried, the rain drowning out her words. She ran to him, and clutched his shirt to her cheek and wept.

“I have to do this,” Draco’s voice remained steady as he held her close.

“Why?” Luna sobbed, “Why you? Why does it have to be you? Why does it have to be the only person in the world that will ever love me?” She wanted to stay like this, in Draco’s strong arms.

But she couldn’t.

He had to leave. He had to leave her.

“Because this is what I was born to do,” Draco replied, stroking her wet hair. “This is my destiny.”

“But you’re destiny is to be with me,” Luna shook her head, tears pouring down her face, mixing in with the rain that poured down.

“We’ll be together,” Draco promised, “We’ll be together forever.”

“How can we, when you know you’re going to meet death?” Luna looked up at him, her eyes shining with tears.

“I’ll always be with you,” Draco said firmly, “I will come back alive, and I will be with you.”

“Don’t leave me,” a new rush of tears and sobs erupted from Luna.

“I’m not leaving you,” Draco kissed her head, “I’m only fulfilling my duty to my family, to my father.”

“Lord Voldemort…” Luna trembled, “He’s taking you away from me.”

“I will be back. I won’t die at his hands, I promise,” Draco whispered, gently prying her hands off him.

“I love you, Luna Lovegood,” Draco called as he backed away, his eyes never leaving her tear-streaked face.

“I love you, Draco Malfoy.”


It’s been a year since I last saw him. He disappeared… after he completed his task. Some say he’s dead, some say he’s hiding somewhere. I know Draco’s out there. I know he’s watching over me. I know he’s looking for me, as I am looking for him. He promised he’d stay forever. He promised he’d come back to me after the war.

Where is he now?

I want to see him, to look at him. I see him in my dreams.. his face haunts me.

Draco, oh draco! I miss you! Come back to me, you promised! You can't just leave me like this. I'm hurt, I'm alone. I need you here with me.

I'm here, can't you see me? I'm here, waiting for you.

Come back.. don't leave me like this.

I've waited a year. I can't stand it anymore.

Its not supposed to be this way.. we were supposed to live together after the war! You weren't supposed to leave me!

You've taught me a lesson, Draco.
I'm losing my faith in you.

Promises aren't supposed to be broken, Draco.

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Promises: Why you?


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