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Close to Heaven by Leo072491
Chapter 3 : Chapter 3
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A/N: Chapter Image coming soon.

Sirius came rushing out of The Great Hall. He forgot to wake up Peter...again! He knew he was forgetting something this morning but he couldn’t remember what. Apparently waking up Peter had been it.


It was a shame that it was such a long way to the Gryffindor common room. At least he wasn’t a Ravenclaw; they lived up in a tower. Sirius came skidding around the corner of the last hallway and collided face first into something.


There was a flurry of books and papers flying everywhere. Sirius’s foot caught on a paper and it sent him flying forward. He collided again with whomever he had bumped into and they both went tumbling to the floor. Sirius threw his arm out and caught his body at the last minute before he hit the ground. A shooting pain ran up his arm as his elbow hit the floor.


Sirius swore as his elbow began to throb. It wasn’t until he looked down that he noticed he was straddling someone.


There was a girl underneath him.


She had dark brown hair that was nearly black. Her eyes were also a soft brown and Sirius froze for just a moment staring into her dark eyes, which were wide in surprise. Sirius saw her head snap back as she hit the floor and he heard a crack as her head thumped on the ground. Her dark brown eyes filled with water and she closed them as the pain washed over here.


“Ouch,” she whispered softly, and she reached behind her to rub the back of her head.


 This snapped Sirius out of his trance and he sprang off the girl.


“Oh Merlin, I’m sorry!” Sirius said as he reached down to pick up the girl. He grabbed a hold of her arm and pulled her to her feet.


“Is your head ok?”


The girl placed her hand on the back of her head, and she chewed her lip in concentration as she felt around the back of her head for some sign of a lump. After a moment she put her hand down.


“Yes,” her voice came out in a soft whisper, “I’m fine.”


Immediately she dropped to her knees and began shuffling all her papers in to a neat pile. She didn’t look up from her work and was surprised no notice a much bigger hand cleaning up the rest of her papers and books. She turned her face upward to find Sirius looking at her intently, with a soft smile on his face as he handed over a stack of books and papers.


“Sorry ‘bout that,” Sirius said as he rose to his feet. “I wasn’t looking where I was going.”


She nodded and tucked the books in her bag.


“It’s ok,” she answered softly, and then with a shy smile she turned to make her way down the corridor.


“Hey wait a minute!” Sirius called and dashed after her tugging gently at her arm. “Can I make it up to you in someway?”


Sirius turned his charm on her and hit her with his dazzling smile that had a tendency to make hearts flutter and girls become weak kneed.


She looked up him and smiled a little before she shook her head.


“Its fine,” she said again, and then turned and made her way around the corner.


That was new. Generally if he ever said that to a girl they would come up with something they wanted from him. He had never had a girl actually just turn away from him like that. Sirius stood for a minute with a quizzical look on his face when suddenly he remembered why he had been running through the corridor in the first place.




With that, Sirius took off again for the Gryffindor Common Room.


Lily lay stretched out on the sofa in the Head’s Common Room. She rested on the right end and was re reading one of her favorite books, Pride and Prejudice. On the other end lay James. He seemed editing his Defense Against the Dark Arts Essay on non – verbal shields. 


Every few minutes or so Lily would look up from her pages and watch James work. The way he would run the quill under his lips when he was thinking something over, or how he would crinkle his forehead when he scratched something out, and when he couldn’t figure out something all together he would scratch at some of the rough prickly stubble that was beginning to peak out from beneath his chin.


Somewhere around the fifth time Lily went to peak at him from behind her book she was embarrassed to find that James was already staring at her. Slowly he grinned and Lily started to shy away from behind her book.


They had been dating for just over a week now, and although she was comfortable with him everything was still new and interesting. Sure she had dated other guys in the past, but none of which she felt this close to, especially not this early in their relationship.


After James broke eye contact with her, Lily began slowly stretching her legs out even more until they nudged the side of James’s thigh. Without even hesitating, James stretched his hand out and lifted Lily’s bare feet until they lay across his lap. While his right hand was still editing his paper, James reached down and started massaging Lily’s foot absentmindedly.


Lily’s head snapped up once again from her book. No one had ever done that for her before. And it felt so good. There were tingles traveling up the length of her lower leg and the more he continued the less interested she became in the trials and tribulations of Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy.


Eventually Lily let the book fall on her lap and she leaned her head back to enjoy the impromptu massage. She could feel James’s hand as it slipped under her pants and began to rub her ankle.


“You stopped reading,” James mentioned while smiling. He hadn’t even looked up from his paper yet.


“Hmmmm,” Lily responded.


“Is that a yes?” James asked quirking an eyebrow.


Lily bobbed her head but didn’t say anything more. She heard the rustling of paper and the sound of ink quell being placed on the table, but she still didn’t open her eyes.


Suddenly she felt James grip both her ankles. Lily let out a squeak and her eyes flew open as James swiftly pulled her across the couch and right up to his chest.


“Turn around,” James said.


Lily scrunched her face in confusion but proceeded to turn around so her back was facing James. She felt slowly lift her hair, twist it, and place it over her shoulder so her back was clear. James placed his hands on her shoulders and began kneading the flesh on her back and neck.


James brought his mouth right next to her ear.


“Better?” He asked.


Lily nodded again as she let her head roll back on to James’s shoulder, and her eyes fell close.


After a couple of minutes Lily finally spoke.


“We haven’t had much time alone together.”


“No we haven’t,” James agreed. “Sorry ‘bout that. Between classes, Quidditch practice, and Head duties we’ve just been… missing each other.”


James moved his hands from her shoulders to around her back and began rubbing them up and down her arms.


“Yeah we have,” Lily responded. “And I enjoy having you around.”

Lily reached behind her and grabbed James’s hands and brought them around her waist to settle on her stomach before she relaxed into his arms. The two of them laid there in silence for a while as Lily played with James’s hands that were resting in her lap. She could feel herself slowly start to drift off to sleep when she heard the sound of the portrait door slam open.


Sirius came strutting in as if he owned the place and threw himself down on one of the armchairs that were adjacent from the couch. “For goodness sake!” Sirius exclaimed. “Wake up, it’s the middle of the afternoon.”


“Sirius!” Remus hissed from the portrait doorway. “I told you not to burst in there like that!” Remus glanced over at James and Lily before slowly making his way inside with Peter following close behind. “Sorry ‘bout that guys,” Remus responded. “I told him to knock.”


Both James and Sirius snorted. “Like Sirius ever knocks,” answered James.


“What were you two up to?” Peter asked after taking a seat on the floor while Remus sat down in the other chair.


“What do you think Pete,” Sirius answered, rolling his eyes.


Lily groaned from James’s lap before she sat up and ran her fingers through her hair, shaking loose a few knots. “How did you get the password anyway?” Lily snapped, glaring directly at Sirius.


Sirius stretched out so that his feet rested on the small table in the center, and placed his hands behind his head. “James gave it to me,” Sirius shrugged.


Lily turned her accusatory glare towards James.


“Oh like you didn’t tell your best friend what the password to the common room is!” James finally said.


Almost as if on queue, Bridget came stomping through the portrait door. “Well, well.” Sirius smirked, “if it isn’t the she – devil herself.”


“Piss off, Black!” Bridget barked as she stormed inside and threw her stuff to the ground.


“Whoa Davis, relax!” Sirius snapped, throwing his hands up in defense. “It was just a joke! What the hell is your problem?”


“Matthew broke up with me, that’s what!” Bridget growled throwing herself in the last remaining chair.


“You’re kidding,” said Remus. “Why would he do that?”


“Apparently so he could date that slut Tracey Montgomery.”

Sirius started laughing. “You mean the French hottie, with the tight body.” Sirius’s laughter quickly turned into a cough when Bridget sent him a look so fierce it made his skin crawl.


“Oh Bridget, I’m so sorry,” Lily said sympathetically. “If it makes you feel any better, I never liked him much anyway. And you are way prettier than Tracy, and of course way nicer –”


“But not easier!” Sirius interrupted. “And trust me I know. I’ve been with her and when she gets in the mood she becomes a right tiger! I mean she….”


Sirius trailed off when he noticed everyone was staring at him like he had lost his mind. “I meant it as a good thing that she isn’t easy,” He responded defensively.


“I bet,” Bridget snapped. “Whatever, I’m done here. Clearly I have interrupted something, and I need chocolate. Lily do you have any?” 


“A ton, upstairs, in the trunk underneath my bed.”


“Thanks,” she answered before marching up the stairs.


“Poor thing,” mumbled Lily.


“That’s horrible what Matthew did to her,” Remus stated.


“Marauders!” James piped in, leaping to his feet. “ I think this calls for retaliation!”


“I agree,” Remus firmly stated.


“Yeah, yeah, lets,” Peter jumped in.


Sirius rolled his eyes for a bit and slumped down into his chair. “Yeah, sure, I guess. I’ve been bored. Besides –” he smirked, “ – we haven’t done anything to Snivellius in a while, maybe we can kill two birds with one stone.”


“No!” Lily exclaimed, rising from her seat. “I don’t care what you do to Matthew just leave Severus out of this alright. I’m going to go check up on Bridget. James, Sirius, I’m not kidding.”


“Fine, fine,” Sirius responded, raising his hands in surrender, “We won’t do anything. Happy now?”


Lily merely snorted and stomped up the stairs.


“So seriously,” Sirius asked once Lily was clearly out of ear shot, “what are we gonna do to Snape?”


“Nothing,” James mumbled, crossing his arms, “We can’t. Promised Lily.”


“Oh you were serious Prongs? What the bloody hell! I thought that was a joke!”


“Just forget it Padfoot,” Remus said, jumping in. “He isn’t gonna touch him. Besides –” he added maliciously, “ – I’d rather payback Matthew.”


“Fine,” Sirius grumbled. “Anyone got any ideas?”


“I got a few,” Remus said, grinning.


“Well, well Moony,” James responding smiling, and leaning forward in his chair. “Let’s hear them.”


The group huddled together in the middle of the room and despite the fact that the only other people in the whole area were upstairs they lowered their voices.


“So,” Remus said, “Here’s what we do. Sirius there is some things you’re gonna need to sneak from Slughorn’s cabinet, James there is this book I need you to pick up from the library, and Peter I am gonna need you to get me all the times of Quidditch practice for the next few days and some rope. Now here is what we’re going to do…”



Breakfast the next day all the Marauders were together, their faces leaning in towards the middle of the table, and they were talking in hushed tones.


“Now are you sure you mixed the potion right, Sirius?” Remus asked.


“Don’t I do everything right Moony.”


There was a pause at the table and Sirius sighed.


“Yeah I’m sure I mixed it right.”


“Good,” said Remus. “And Peter where did you put it?”


“I smeared it all over the pole of the post,” Peter answered. “ I even put some on the bottom half of the pole.”


“Perfect,” Remus responded, grinning like a mad fox. “And James are you sure you know which is his locker?”


“Relax Remus,” said James. “I know his locker, you have the spell memorized, Sirius is gonna take care of his socks and stuff, and Peter made sure that the Ravenclaw team is practicing right now. We have everything covered.”


Remus nodded, “Just wanted to make sure. Everything has to go perfect.”


“We get it Remus,” Sirius groaned, shoving a huge spoonful of eggs in his mouth. “Why do you care about getting him so much?”


Remus never got a chance to answer. It was then that Lily and Bridget decided to show up to breakfast. Bridget came around the other side of the table and sat down next to Remus. Lily came up to James and stepped over the bench, placing herself right next him. James leaned over and placed his hand behind Lily’s head, turning her head, and kissing her softly on the lips.


“Morning,” James said quietly, leaning his forehead against hers.


“Morning,” Lily responded, smiling madly.


James leaned his face again. And started to slowly kiss her. It was only a few seconds before Bridget snapped from the other side of the table.


“Some of us are eating here!” She grumbled, stuffing a piece of her muffin in her mouth.


“Sorry,” said Lily grinning when she finally pulled her head away.


“Well Davis, you’re cranky, I guess we know where you decided to store you wand today, right up your ar –”


“Finish that sentence Black,” Bridget growled, “And I swear to Merlin, you won’t be able to run far enough. I am not in the mood.”


“You know Davis, I have had enough of your –”


“Drop it Sirius,” Remus stated firmly, looking Sirius dead in the eye.


Sirius stared back for a moment before dropping his eyes to his food, and began stabbing at it with a new vigor while mumbling under his breath.


“Why can’t our best friends get along?” Lily asked James quietly.


“Because that would be far too easy.”


It was quiet for a few minutes before Lily struck a conversation about a project they had Charms with Remus, before small talk resumed all around the table.


They sat there eating and talking for almost a half hour more before Remus interrupted the conversation.


“Peter, what time is it?”


Peter glanced at his watch. “Almost a quarter passed ten.”


Remus motioned to the other boys and they all stood up.


“Well we’re off ladies,” Remus said smiling at both Lily and Bridget.


“Where to?” Bridget asked.


“Quidditch Pitch,” James responded immediately. “Got to get in some practice.”


He leaned down to kiss Lily good – bye. Eventually Sirius snatched James by the collar and had to pull him away from Lily’s face. The girls could clearly hear Sirius say, “I can not wait until this honeymoon phase of your relationship is over!”


It took a whole two minutes for something to click in Bridget’s mind.


“Wait a minute,” she said to Lily, “Remus and Peter aren’t even on the Quidditch team, and Gryffindor practice doesn’t even start till eleven. And the Ravenclaw team is still practicing. What are they up to?”


“Not even I quite know.” Lily answered. “Except that we are supposed to go out to the pitch as soon as practice starts.”


“How come?”


Lily smiled, “Apparently there is gonna be a show.”



Matthew Whittington III was showering after a long Ravenclaw Quidditch practice. He was the beater the Ravenclaw team and had just spent the better part of the last hour running from team mate to team mate trying to make sure that there head didn’t get taken off by the bludger. The other beater was terrible in his opinion, so was everyone else on the team. He basically had to run the show single handedly. He should have been captain… in his opinion.


Nevertheless he had to hurry up. Tracy would be waiting for him, and he was itching to see her. He turned off the water and reached for his towel outside the shower door, and tied it around his waist. He went to his locker to put on his clothes.


 They weren’t there.


Nothing. Not a tie or a sock in sight.


He frantically pulled item after item out of his locker but he couldn’t find a stitch of clothing.


“Ha ha very funny guys,” he called out. “Now where are my clothes?”


No one answered.


Matthew went back to his locker. His broom! His broom was gone! He began to panic. That broom was expensive.


“This isn’t funny anymore!” He called out.


He took a look over at the door leading to the Quidditch field and he saw a sock innocently lying there.


He walked over and peered at it closely. It was his. He snatched it up. When he bent over to pick up the sock he noticed his tie lying on the floor wedged between the door. He walked over, opened the door, and picked it up. He peaked outside and noticed his entire outfit sprawled all over the field. The closest items were his other sock, a shoe at one corner of the field, another shoe at the other corner. His belt laid in the middle of the field. On the entire other side of the field was his shirt, his underwear, his robe, and finally at the far corner was his pants.


This was strategic.


Matthew swore under his breath and glanced around to see if the field was empty. After he confirmed that it was all clear, he clutched his towel tightly to his waist and then made a mad dash for his clothes. He ran for the closest item, his other sock. When he bent to pick it up, however, he felt something sweep between his legs and he was thrown backwards and lifted up.


Well he found his broom. Unfortunately it was beneath him while he was wearing nothing but a towel.


As the broom began to rise and buck wildly he flipped over the back, and as he felt himself fall he threw his hands up in the air to catch the handle. So now he was hanging by the handle of his broom, in only a towel, and his broom was spinning madly. He had no control over it. The thing flew him over to the middle Quidditch hoop and began to shake madly as if to throw him off.


Finally Matthew felt his fingers begin to slip and before he knew it he was snatching at thin air trying to get back to his broom. Frantically he grabbed the ring of the Quidditch hoop, and as soon as his hands touched the ring he felt his fingers stick instantly.


His hands were completely stuck. While he hung from the highest hoop in the pitch, in nothing but a towel he began to hear laughter.


“Whose out there!” He yelled. “You come out here right now! I’m stuck! Who the hell did this to me!”


Remus Lupin and Peter Pettigrew came up from behind the stands, doubled over in laughing, tears streaming down their faces.


And then up walked James Potter and Sirius Black in their Gryffindor uniforms followed by the entire Gryffindor Quidditch team, most of the fifth to seventh years, a couple of tag along second years, Lily Evans and Bridget Davis, and of course Tracy Montgomery. All who were laughing manically (James, Sirius, and Bridget), staring in shock (Tracy and Lily), running to get help (the second years), or just trying to hold in their laughter (everyone else.)


“You!” Matthew yelled, swinging his feet in the direction of the Marauders. “You did this to me! You let me down this instant.”


“You might want stop swinging your legs Whittington!” James called. “The towel could go any minute!”


“I’ll get you for this!” He yelled.


“You could try!” Sirius yelled. “But you’ll fail!”


By this time everyone who had been trying to hold in their laughter had given up and began outright laughing and cheering on the Marauders.


“Thank You, Thank You!” Sirius called out. “You’re all to kind, really.”


He and James began bowing in unison while Remus just stood there smiling at Matthew frantically swinging his legs, and Peter cheered on the crowd.


Bridget walked towards the goals, until she was more underneath them and looked up.


“Wow Matthew,” she called, “ I hope for your sake that the cold really does shrink everything!”


The entire crowd broke out in to more laughter and “Ooooohs.”  Just as Matthew was beginning to turn red with fury and embarrassment Professor McGonagall came plowing through the crowd.


“Lupin, Pettigrew, Potter, Black!” she yelled. “You come over here right now!”


The four boys trotted over to McGonagall who was practically steaming.


“What is the meaning of this?” She snapped. “You four are turning this school in to a blasted show!”


“Thank You,” Sirius responded grinning.


“That was not a compliment Mr. Black,” McGonagall answered angrily. She marched towards the posts and glanced up at Matthew to better asset the situation. She turned he back from Matthew to face the Marauders again.


“This kind of anarchy will not be tolerated!” She screeched at them. “You will be punished!”


All of a sudden the students laughter became louder than ever.


“Professor McGonagall” James interrupted, “you may want to save the punishment for later.”


“And why is that Mr. Potter,” she seethed.


“Cause,” Remus answered smirking, “The towel just fell.”



“You four have officially gone too far!” Professor McGonagall yelled slamming her fist down on the table in her office. Remus, Peter, Sirius, and James just stood there in front of the desk biting their tongue to stop themselves from bursting into laughter.


“An hour, it took us, an hour to get Mr. Whittington down off that post. What possessed you four to pull a completely reckless stunt like this!”


All four Marauders stayed silent.


“Fine,” she sniffed. “Just tell me whose idea this was.”


No one said anything again. Professor McGonagall walked down the line staring at each one of them and stopping for a moment in front of Sirius.


“Well since suddenly all of you have decided to be silent for the first time in your lives I will have no choice but to punish you all. Mr. Pettigrew, you will be helping out Mr. Filch in his office all this month.”


“But Professor McGonagall –” Peter interrupted.


“And you Mr. Lupin will be working with Professor Slughorn for the next month.


“Yes Professor.” Remus answered.


“Mr. Potter, you, will be here, with me, doing anything I ask of you.”


“But Professor, it really wasn’t all that bad! I mean no one was hurt!”


And you Mr. Black,” Professor McGonagall said turning to Sirius, who gave up on trying to hold in his smile somewhere around the middle of the rant and was now openly grinning.


“Will be working with Professor Flitwick –”


“Professor,” Sirius interrupted, “you really should just let this one go.”


“– for the next month!” She continued. “Keep talking and I will make it longer.”


After a brief moment of silence they were excused from her office.


“Is it just me,” Sirius asked once they were out of earshot, “or does Professor McGonagall just love me more.”


“It’s just you,” James answered.


Sirius made his way down the hall towards Professor Flitwick’s office. It was eight o’ clock and the halls were already relatively deserted. Sirius approached the big double doors leading to the classroom and as he pushed them open he nearly tripped over a fluttering waist high Professor Flitwick.


“Mr. Black!” Professor Flitwick exclaimed. “Good you are finally here. I have to run out for a little bit, some material I need for my fifth years just became available and I must go pick it up. You just stay here and I need you to organize a few things in the back.”


“What things, Professor?” Sirius asked.


“Oh this and that,” he answered distractedly while running around trying to gather a few of his books, papers, and quills. “It’s all in the back. My teaching assistant will help you, now I must go.” Flitwick rushed past Sirius and out the door, closing it behind him.


“Assistant?” Sirius asked to himself while making his way to the back of the classroom. The floor was covered in even more books, materials, and other artifacts and pieces that Flitwick usually used in class.


Sirius carefully stepped over the books, but a sheet of parchment caught his foot and his right food slid right out from underneath him. Sirius flung forward; crashing into what felt like a coat rack, and then landed with a huge thud, pain shooting up his arms.


Sirius groaned in pain when he moved to get up he heard a squeak beneath him.


There was a girl underneath him… again.


Same dark hair, same brown eyes.


“Excuse me,” came a quiet voice beneath him. “Could you let me up, please?”


“Oh Merlin! Yeah, I can’t believe I’ve flattened you like that, ya know, again.”


Sirius leaped up and quickly reached down to pull up the other girl.


“I am so sorry,” said Sirius. “Really, don’t know what’s with me. I’m usually much smoother than that.”


The girl nodded. “So I’ve heard.”


Sirius began grinning from ear to ear. “So you’ve heard about me, huh.”


She only blushed in response.


“You seem to have me in a disadvantage,” he continued. Sirius took her hand and made a deep bow, sweeping down to brush his lips over her hand. “I’m Sirius Black, and you are?”


She blushed again. “Bailey Daniels.”


Sirius’s grin broadened and he waggled his eyebrows up and down. “And what may I ask are you doing here Bailey Daniels?”


“I’m Professor Flitwick’s Assistant.”

A/N: So I know I haven't updated in FOREVER. I don't even know if I have anymore readers. I am SO sorry. Really I am. I have strated college since my last update and I am trying to graduate super so thats why I have been so busy. Still its no excuse and if anyone is still reading I appreciate it. 

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