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Through Her Eyes... by American Ginny
Chapter 12 : My Best Friend
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*Hermione's perspective*
I ran out the door and sat on the porch step. I laid my head down in my lap. Why was Ron being such a Git?! Why didn’t he just say it?! Why did he put me through this?! What happened to us?! I thought we would be forever…


I let out a sigh and said to myself, “He made me look like a fool…”


“No, you looked like a girl who had to announce the abandonment of her engagement to his and her parents. You aren’t weak. You aren’t a fool. You are a smart and powerful witch. The smartest witch of your age to be exact. Your amazing.”


My head shot up at the sound of Harry’s voice. I never heard him come out. I was lost in my thoughts though.


Harry sat down beside me and said, “Is this what you were thinking about earlier?”


I looked at him and saw a loving concern in his eyes. Why could Ron be like you? I nodded and said, “Yes. This was Ginny’s idea. We were trying to have Ron announce it because I didn’t think I could handle it which was proven tonight. As you can see though, the plan didn’t work because Ron decided to be smart for once in his crummy life.”


“Ah, yes. I see why you wouldn’t want to announce it. Ron should’ve been a man though and announced it without you having to trick him.”


I looked at Harry slightly shocked, “Why do you think that?”


Harry looked at me and said, “Well, it’s just my opinion, but most girls are emotional. Therefore, I don’t think it’s fair to deal with the break up and then announce it. It’s already hard on them. Don’t make it worse.”


I nodded and let a silence envelope us. It didn’t bother me. I needed the time to think and fully comprehend the day’s events.


Harry never moved from my side. He just sat, and together we watched the sun set over the hill. What a beautiful sight, I thought.


When the sun had sunk below the hill, we heard a rouse of noise coming from the kitchen. I tensed up at the fact that dinner was over. I didn’t want to deal with people at this moment of time. Harry was about all I could stand.


Harry must have felt my body tense because he stood up and offering his hand said, “Want to go on that walk now?”


I looked at him and smiled which he returned. Taking his hand, I stood up and hand in hand we start to walk away from the burrow and towards the forest.


The sky grew dark as we entered the forest. The night was peaceful. Why can’t life be like this? It’s so wonderful out here.


Harry shifted his Weight nervously beside me as we sat up the ground in a clearing looking out over a lake while leaning against a fallen tree. Removed from my thoughts by the sudden movement, I looked at Harry. He looked at me, and our eyes locked.


I tried to take my eyes of his, but I couldn’t get myself to do it. I wanted to just keep looking into his electric green eyes. Finally, Harry broke the contact and looked away with a hint of red colour in his cheeks. I laughed inside my head because as I looked at him a stupid, old phrase someone once told me popped in my head: If you make eye contact with a guy for longer than 5 seconds, then he is the man you are going to marry.


What a foolish saying. That would never happen. Harry is my best friend!!!!

Harry looked up at the sky as if he was admiring its beauty. It is a beautiful night. “If you don’t mind answering me, will you tell me why?”


I looked at him confused, “Why what?”


He looked at me and said, “Why did you cancel the engagement?”


I let out a deep sigh and said, “I didn’t. Ron did. He said we got into too many fights. I told him that I wanted to wait before we made that decision. Then today, I was dropping off a note for Ginny, and he came in. He must have heard me or something because I didn’t tell anyone I was there. He started to discuss wedding details, but I was tired and really didn’t want to discuss it but tried to anyways. That was it. We got in an argument about something to do with our wedding, and that was the end.”


I felt the tears slide down my face as I finished reliving the thing I called my nightmare. My body began to shake as I cried harder. “Boys are prats.” I quietly sobbed.


Harry stood up and pulled me up with him. He sat down on the fallen tree that we had been sitting against a few minutes prior and sat me on his lap. I wrapped my arms around his neck and buried my head into the curve of his neck. He wrapped his arm around my waist and placed the other on the back of my head. He started to pet my hair and rock me back and forth like a husband would his sorrow stricken wife. “Shhhh…Hermione, it’s going to be alright. It’s going to be alright. Shhh… Mia, you’re alright.”


Immediately after Harry said Mia, I started to calm down. Harry relaxed his grip on my waist and moved his hand to my back rubbing it in circles. Why wasn’t Ron like you? This is what a real husband would do.


For quite a while, he held me rubbing my back. Finally, my eyes began to droop, and my body became completely relaxed. Harry lifted me from his body leaving my arms around his neck and asked, “Are you okay?”


I nodded as I looked off at the lake. He gently pushed my face to look straight at him. He wiped away the stray tears from my face. Our eyes locked again, and his hand lingered on my face.


Slowly we both began to lean in. My thoughts started to go wild. I could smell his cologne as we got closer. The powerful smell of the burrow and his cologne filled my nostrils. This wasn’t suppose to be:


No this is wrong. This is Harry!


He’s everything I’ve ever wanted!


No this isn’t right. He’s my best friend.

It’s perfectly normal for girls to fall for their best friends.


It’s Weird


I love him! I love him more than I ever did Ron!




We got closer. I needed to stop. This wasn’t right. Closer and closer and closer we got and then…


“Harry?! Hermione?!”


Ginny! I fell off Harry’s lap landing on the ground. I quickly stood up and sat down beside Harry trying to make the scene look as normal as possible.


Ginny appeared a few minutes later in the entrance to the clearing in which we were sitting. “Hey, didn’t you guys hear me calling?” She asked.


Harry and I glanced at each other and said in unison, “No.”


Harry continued by saying, “We were a little preoccupied by another topic. We didn’t hear much other than what we were saying.”


I blushed because the “topic” we were “discussing” was not what Ginny was thinking it was. Ginny saw the red colour in my face and jumped to the exact topic I knew she would.


She ran over to me, gave me a hug, and said, “I’m sorry! The plan backfired. I’m so sorry. I would totally understand if you never forgave me. You have every right to hate me.”


I laughed a little and said, “Way to be dramatic, Ginny. I can’t hate you. I have no reasons to hate you. You couldn’t have known that the one time your brother was going to be smart was when you needed him to be dumb. Ron is a git, but tonight he played us well. Harry always knows how to clam me. Although, he should after all these years.”


Ginny smiled and said, “Well, I was just going to check on you two and tell you, Hermione, that I’m heading to bed. Try to be quiet when you come in because I have practice tomorrow morning. Harry shouldn’t you be going to bed too?”


Harry was slightly taken back by this comment but respond none the less, “Er…yeah, I just want to talk to Hermione a little more about everything that’s happened.”


Ginny smiled and said a quick goodnight. We watched her walk away. An awkward silence started to form as her presence was removed from the clearing.


Harry cleared his throat and said, “Why were you tired?”


“What?” I responded a bit confused by his question


“You said you were tired. Why were you tired?” He explained.


“Oh!” I said half-way shocked that he had picked that up. “I haven’t been sleeping well since this all started. I’ve had nightmares pretty much every night.”


Harry nodded to me not knowing what to say. Silence commenced to fall over us again. The night was getting later, and the air was getting colder.


My body started to shake. I should’ve grabbed my cloak. Harry stood up and removed his cloak. He placed it over my shoulders and said, “Come on. Let’s go back. It’s getting cold out, and you need sleep as do I.


We started to head back to the burrow. As we walked down the path to the burrow Harry said, “About what happened or started to happen back there, I’m sorry. It was out of place for me to try it. I had no right. It was rude of me to even attempt it. I mean you just had your engagement called off, and it was rude of me. I was a gi-.”


I stepped in front of him, faced him, and placed my finger on his lips. “Harry, you were fine. I was going to. You know I was going to, but then I heard Ginny calling. I wanted to, but Ginny stopped me. I’m glad she did. It is too soon, and I think that we just got caught up into the moment. Maybe we can try in the future, but right now I don’t think we should even attempt it.”


Harry smiled, “Alright, we can still hang out right? Even if it is just the two of us?”


“Harry,” I said tenderly, “We can occasionally, but not often. The more suspicious people get…I’m sorry.”


He nodded and offered me his arm. I gratefully took it, and we continued our way back to the Burrow.


When we arrived at the house, I looked at Harry and said, “Thank you for tonight. It was wonderful to have a guy there for me for once. I really appreciated it.”


I stood up on my tiptoes and gave him a kiss on the cheek. I turned away from the house and start to walk away.


“Where are you going, Mia?” Harry asked.


“To think,” I replied.


Harry understood I believe because a few seconds later I heard the door open and close. I looked up at the sky and smiled.


What a wonderful night it has been. Harry is wonderful. After everything is over, I think we’ll start to date, but who knows things could change since then.


I looked at the stars that twinkled above me. They looked magnificent against the black sky. As I watched I saw a shooting star. I closed my eyes quickly and thought, I wish I could find the one this time.


I opened my eyes, looking at the stars one last time. I turned and headed back for the house. It was such a silly, muggle folklore, but the wish was my only desire…

a/n: over 2000 words that's a first. Sorry i haven't updated sooner. you know how life gets. I love this chapter a lot. I hope you enjoy it too. I'll get the next chapter up faster i promise. Please leave a review. Thank you for reading. Love,

Am. Ginny

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