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She can't be a Malfoy by StoryLover
Chapter 2 : The Sorting
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“What were you thinking? Befriending Potter?” Snape is angry, very angry. “You’re not even here a day, and you’re already causing problems. Can you imagine what would have happened if your brother had caught you? You have a lot to learn. This is not Durmstrang!” Snape is pacing around behind his desk. That only means he’s really mad.

Snape brought me down to his office right after he caught me talking to Potter and his friends. What were their names? Oh yeah, Granger and Weasley. I need to talk to them more often. It’s hard to get Snape this mad, but it’s always so much fun. “I was just making new friends. I didn’t know it was Potter that I was talking to.” I answer. Uh yeah, everyone knows Potter. He’s been in the news every bloody day.

Stopping behind his desk and slamming his hands down to look at me with that ‘yeah right’ look, “Yeah, and you expect me to believe that? I don’t think so. It is not in your best interest to be friends with them. Your father is not the forgiving type.” Snape finally relaxes. “I can’t believe that I could already give you a detention and you’re not even a student yet,” Snape sighs as he finally sits down.

“Yeah, but you’re too nice for that…Right?” I question, my smile fading showing the worry that has now come over me. I do not need Draco rubbing it in my face that I have a detention already. Plus my parents would be furious.

“Of course. This is your warning though. Next time I will not be so forgiving, or your parents with think that I’m encouraging this behavior. Now, did you know that what Draco told you, about coming to find me, wasn’t true?” Snape asks. Interrogation time, great, Snape starts to flip through papers on his desk clearly looking for something.

“Maybe, but you can’t blame me! He’s the one who told me to go and find you. He should be the one getting this talk. I did nothing wrong.” I quickly explain. I am not going to get the blame for this one. “I didn’t know what you really wanted me to do!”

“Haven’t you learned not to listen to everything that Draco says?” He questions. Great, this talk again. “You two have been trying to get each other into trouble ever since you were little and you still fall into his traps. Just ignore him next time, alright?”

“Fine,” I answer faking reluctance. Just wait until Draco has something important to say!

“Now with that understood, let’s talk about next term,” Snape suggests. “We’ll have to get you sorted but Dumbledore will have to help you with that. As for classes I’ve already got a list of those you will be taking.

“What? I have no choice as to what classes I take?” I question. That doesn’t seem fair to me.

“Well you don’t have many choices in the first place. I’ve talked to you father and he’s agreed with it,” Snape points out. “You obviously can’t take Muggle Studies and though your brother takes Divination… well let’s just say you have a bit too much imagination for that class.”

“But what if I want to take those classes?” I whine, not that I would want to be in the same room as my brother.

“Your father won’t allow it so don’t even worry about it,” Snape snaps. He hates it when I whine… or when anyone whines… or complains.


“No!” Well he’s gotten grumpy. “Let’s head up to Dumbledore’s office. He has a few things he must discuss with you.” Snape tells me as he stands up from behind his desk and heads toward the door.

“Will I get sorted?” I squeak as I jump out of my chair with excitement.

“Let’s hope not,” Snape mutters as he leaves the room not checking to see if I’m coming. Obviously I’m only a step behind him.

We finally get to Professor Dumbledore’s office after a password that sounded a lot like food. Speaking of food, I’m hungary…

Professor Dumbledore is sitting behind his desk, inspecting some funny object. His office is full of these…things. I sit cautiously in front of the desk.

“Well, hello Catharine. How was your first day at Hogwarts?” Professor Dumbledore asks. Snape has to smirk at that question. I glare at him, standing to the right of professor Dumbledore.

“Please, Professor, call me Kate. I hate the name Catharine. My day was very interesting. I met some new people and made some friends.” I explain. This is going to be a long two weeks.

“Well, I am glad to hear that, Kate. Shall we get to your sorting?” Professor Dumbledore offers. I jumped from my seat ready to answer the questions that he needs to ask me. To my surprise he pulls an old, ragged hat from a shelf and motions for me to come over to him. I do as he asks, and he puts the ugly hat on my head.

“Hey, who are you calling ugly?” I jumped two feet in the air. The hat talked! What was going on, ugly hats are not supposed to talk. Well, on second thought hats are never supposed to talk. “I am not ugly and watch your thoughts young lady,” the hat threatens, “or I may just put you in Hufflepuff.” That could be what I want. “I'll just ignore that. Hmm, your father was a troublemaker, and you are a lot like him I would say that you would best fit in Gryffindor. What do you think?”

By the look on Snape’s face I can tell that he is thinking the exact same thing. No, I could not be in Gryffindor; that would’nt be good. Slytherin, I have to be in Slytherin. It would be funny, though, to see Snape’s reactionto me being in Gryffindor, but I have to be in Slytherin. “Well that makes sense, I suppose. I’ll put you in…. Gryff…No… Slytherin!” That hat is the greatest hat I have ever seen. The look on Snape’s face was priceless. He was horrified that I would be in Gryffindor!

“Well, congratulations Kate. I am sure that you will be just fine in Slytherin. Now,” Dumbledore begins, “about you transferring, we need to know how far you are in your education. I will have each teacher have a test ready for you by next week. Don’t feel that you need to study. It is just to see if you are at the same place as the others of your year or if you need to catch up to them.” More like, how far ahead I am. “I am sure that I will be seeing you again soon, Kate. You may go.”

As I go to leave, I realize that Snape isn’t in the room. He isn’t in the hall either. I start to walk around and remember I have no clue as to where the Slytherin common room is! Great, just what I need, to be lost in this huge castle after dark. “Hey, Kate, what are you doing up?” It was Harry. “Shouldn’t you be in your common room, wherever that is? Do you even have a house yet?”

“Yeah, but I don’t know where my common room is. I’m in Slytherin.” From the look on his face, I can tell that he doesn’t like Slytherins, at all. “And I suppose you don’t know where I could find it, do you?”

“No, I don’t. Well, I better go before I get caught out of bed.” Harry says as he just turns and walks away.


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She can't be a Malfoy: The Sorting


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