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Rebel in love by RegulusSiriusGirl
Chapter 9 : Awkward Albus, Mysterious Mum Meeting and Hermione's Pancakes
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I think I am completly, absolutely, altogether, conclusively, fully, on all accounts, painstakingly, perfectly and totally and uterly lost for words.

Tia and Albus ? Had Sex ?!

Have I been sucked into a parrelel universe where I am now the responsible one and Tia is the Rebel?

Tia sniffed loudly and sat down on the couch, "I am so stupid!" she hissed "how could I of done that?". Her face crumpled and she hid it in her hands sobbing quietly, "Oh Tia" I whispered and crouched down in front of her, stroking her hair and making comforting noises, "it's okay".

"No it's not" she cried "Albus will just think of me as one of those girls that I hate, desperate for sex with anyone" she bit her lip "and I don't want him to think that off me".

I pulled her into a hug and we stayed there in silence while she calmed down. I had always thought that I would of lost my virginity before Tia, she had one boyfriend before and didn't kiss him until the fifth date but then dumped him as he went for second base, she isn't a prude, she just wants to be loving with the right guy.

Who I always thought was Albus.

"Hey, we found the Weasley Wonder!" Devon shouted, "Alix? Tia?" Rose called out. They came into the living room and saw me and Tia, "Merlin, whats up?" Rose whispered, coming over and sitting on Tia's left side, "Tia whats wrong?".

Devon sat on her other side, "Wheres Ami?" I asked Devon, she rolled her eyes, "She's outside trying to get a signal, Matt left her a voicemail saying he needed to talk to her, mabye she and him will stop being idiots and just be with each other again".

Amen to that sister.

"But whats up with you chick?" Devon asked in a worrying tone "Tia never cries". Tia just wiped her eyes with the tissue she made appear with her wand, "I ... we .." she began, she looked at me beseechingly.

"Hem hem" I cleared my throat and got Rose's and Devon's attention, "Tia and Albus well they, they ...."

"We had sex" Tia finished in a low voice.

Devon's mouth dropped open and I swear it could of hit the floor, Rose's eyebrows shot up to heaven "WHAT?" she screeched. Tia winced but Rose had jumped up and started to pace, "I can't believe this happened".

Tia looked distressed, "Rose, I am so sorry" fresh tears came to her eyes, "I never meant this to happen".

Rose looked confused, "Why should you be sorry?" she said, she frowned, "it'll be my cousin that will be sorry for doing this to one of my friends". Devon and I exchanged looks, "Em, Rose, and no offence Tia" I added quickly, "but it does take two to tango, it isn't anyones fault, it just happened".

At the wrong time and place and situation.

"Well it comes down to this" Devon said logically, "if Tia and Albus are wanting to be with each other than this isn't as big as it is, just a kickstart to the relationship" Yeah a pretty big kickstart, "but if she never wants to be with him, then it's a mistake".

Rose frowned again but she looked at Tia, "It's your call" she said quietly. Tia breathed slowly and by an amazing transformation, she looked calmer. I knew there was a reason she meditated and did yoga, it was preparation for when she had to tell us she slept with Albus.

"I love Albus" she calmly stated, "and it's only been him".

I couldn't help but feel teary, it was about time that Tia admitted her feelings for him. "Okay, now thats sorted" I said knowing Tia would want the limelight off her, "Rose, care mentioning why you and Lily had it out?".

Rose's face darkened "No, I do not wish to mention" she folded her arms and rolled her eyes, "she's the stupid girl going to get her heart ripped out after I warned her and she promised me she wouldn't try it on with Joseph".

With who? I thought she was with Joey? Oh ....

"I honestly think he cares about her" Devon said, leaning back into the plush setee, "ever since Valentine's Day he hasn't been with anyone since". Rose looked outraged, "It's only a matter of time!" she yelled, "then where shall she be? Heartbroken again and not able to talk to anyone about it 'coz I won't be there to pick up the pieces again!".


The fire burned bright green and we stared at surprise as Dominique came out of the fire looking furious. "What is your problem?" she yelled at Rose, "making Lily cry like that!".

Rose just sighed "Dom, listen this is between me and-"

"Do not give me that crap Rose Emmeline Weasley!"

Rose looked taken back, only her Grandma Weasley called her by her full name. "She is heartbroken about this" Dominique's silver hair was falling from the intricate plait that she had at the ball, "Well, Joey-"

"Not about Joey!" Dom sighed heavily and looked Rose in the eyes, "she thinks she's lost her cousin because of her, and I quote, "Her big, stupid, Potter, Weasley mouth".

Rose looked instantly doleful, "I .. I thought she was the one who hated me" she sighed, "after Valentine's Day, Joey called it off because he felt disloyal to James and that he was too old for her, and it broke her heart". Rose looked so sad "I just hated seeing her like this, and after seeing him and her .. I just lost it".

Tia rubbed Rose's shoulder, "Your just looking out for her like any cousin would", Dom nodded "Tia's right Rose, Lily is a horomonal teenager" I raised an eyebrow and smirked "and if I remember rightly you were a horny little Weasley".

Rose chuckled "I should go over there and make up with her" Tia nudged her "and apologise for being a moron".

Devon laughed "Rose Weasley admitting that shes a moron, wish I got that on tape". I yawned "Mabye you should go tomorrow it is pretty late" I rested my head on Devon's shoulder "and I'm pretty tired".

Rose smiled weakly at Dom, "Friends again?". Dom smiled happily, her Veela beauty shining through, "Of course 'cuz" and then they both hugged. "I should go" she rolled her eyes, "Victoire and Teddy are on Dom watch tonight and Maman will kill them if I'm not there" she laughed and waved at us all before disapering into the Green Fire.

"I think it's time for bed" I yawned again, "before I pass out seriously". We all got up and headed for the stairs, "Ami?" Rose called knocking on the window. Ami was pacing with her mobile pressed against her ear, "we'll be upstairs okay?". She didn't answer but she turned and knocked twice before turning her back on us again.

Luckily Rose's room was big enough for us all, we made a huge bed on the floor made up of cushions and duvets and it was pretty comfortable. I snuggled down wearing my blue pyjama's with the giraffe's on them, "Soo comfy" I murmured. I felt Tia move in beside me and Devon on the other side with Rose.

I was all ready to fall asleep but the girls had another idea. "So Miss-I-Would-Never-Date-James-Potter" Devon grinned "what changed your mind?". I knew this was coming, "Guys, remember when Tia slept with Albus" I muttered "lets talk about that again".

"Nuh-uh" Rose smirked "at least we always knew they'd end up together" she pushed my shoulder "come on Alix spill!".

I leant up onto my elbows and raised an eyebrow, "We really need to chat about this?", "Ehh YEAH!" they all shouted back.

Merlin, this is gonna take a while.






Hermione and Ron didn't return untill the early hours and they were still the first ones up, well Hermione was, Ron still remained in his bed. His snores echoing throughout the house.

I lay in bed still, I could just see out of the window, the sunlight stretching over to me, waking me up early. "Bad sun" I muttered, shoving my head underneath my pillow. Last night I had to spill everything (except Lucas, I still was a wimp about that) and Devon, Rose and Tia "Oooh'ed" and "Ahh'ed" in every right spot, and Rose even gave me her blessing for dating her cousin and also gave Tia her blessing to be with Albus.

Even in the early morning, Tia looked gorgeous, it was so unfair. I was always pale and terrible looking in the morning with my hair in an afro state. Tia remained fresh faced with slightly curled hair and generally looking like a goddess.

Not Rumplestiltskin the Second.

I eased up out of the many covers and pillows and exited the room, careful not to let the door creak. I walked down the stairs and heard Ron's snores magnified by like twenty times, man that guy could snore!

Hermione had her hair up in a high ponytail and was listening to a Muggle radio station while cleaning the kitchen. On the table were several pancakes with different toppings, Hermione obviously knew her guests. "Morning Hermione" I said brightly, "hmm something smells-".

- James Sirius Potter was sitting at the table, James, as in my boyfriend -

"Yummy" I finished a small smile on my face "hey you". James grinned and got up and greeted me with a small peck on the forehead, "Hey me" he said. I glanced up and stared into his brown eyes that drew me in everytime, "Morning Alix, the other girls not up yet?"

Way to break the moment Hermione.

"Erm, no not yet" I kissed James quickly and took a seat at the table, scooping some pancakes onto my plate and ladelling chocolate sauce on them, "just me". James just looked amused at my akwardness around his aunt, he took a seat opposite me and started eating his pancakes again.

"Oh, your mother asked me to tell you to come home today Alex" Hermione said turning around, she tucked a strand of curly brown hair behind her ear, "she sounded upset".

James glanced at me worringly but I smiled, "She probably can't work the laptop and thinks shes broken it" I ate up my pancakes "no biggie". Just then Rose, Ami, Devon and Tia came down looking tired but brightened up at the smell of pancakes. Hermione Weasley was not like Mrs Weasley at cooking but she came a close second.

"Hey honey" Hermione smiled, she went over and hugged Rose "you feeling okay honey? You left the party quite early". Rose hugged into her mum "Yeah, I was just" she smirked at me, "missing Scorpius".

Hermione tutted "Your father, I really do not know what I am going to do with him", She then returned to cleaning the cooker. Tia sat next to me, she looked exhausted and her hair was tously like she had tossed and turned all night "Tia, are you okay?" I whispered, she turned and nodded tiredly "Yeah just feeling off" she laughed "shouldn't of drank last night".

James suddenly smiled at Tia, "Oh yeah, forgot to mention" he said "Albus is coming over at one".

Tia froze next to me, "Oh sadly we will miss him" I said quickly, "well at least me and Tia will". Everyone stared and I felt a blush come on from the attention, "How come?" Ami asked, I gulped down some apple juice "Well, my mum wants me home, and Tia's asked to stay the night".

James looked crestfallen and I suddenly felt guilty, "I'm sorry James, I'll stop by later tomorrow and we'll spend the day together". Devon and Rose just winked at each other and James leaned over and kissed me on the lips "Till then, then" he whispered, I smiled and leaned in again "Till then".

I heard a clearing of the throat and saw Ron standing at the door with an eyebrow raised, "Alix your mum phoned saying that your Uncle will pick you up in ten minutes", I frowned, what could be so serious that my mum would want me straight away?

"Oh well, better get packing then" I said jumping up, Tia nodded "Is it still okay for me to come?" she asked, I grinned "Yeah, course". We gave a quick wave to the others and headed to the door but it opened before we could exit and who other than Albus Severus Potter stood there.

"Hey Albie" I said in a happy voice, "Hows you?".

He just looked past me to Tia who was looking at her shoes in extreme intrest "Tia?" he said softly. She didn't answer but thankully Hermione spotted her nephew "Albus how are you?" she asked warmly, "We're fine thanks for asking, BYE!" I said in a rush, pushing by Albus and pulling Tia with me. I ran up the stairs (both) and stood panting in Rose's room while Tia just stared blankly into space.

"Do not tell me we have to do that everytime we see him?" I shook my head "otherwise I will so need to get into shape". Tia shook her head, "No, I will have to talk to him" she sighed "I'm just not ready yet".

It took me and Tia roughly ten minutes to get ready and by the time we returned to the kitchen, my Uncle Ricky was sitting at the table with Ron discussing Quidditch. "The Canon's are well getting better" Ron argued, "Ronnie boy, saving one goal and losing 350 to nothing is not getting better" he said exasperated, "the Scots are gonna win this year".

Ami laughed "You just saying that 'cause my dad is your number one customer", my Uncle Ricky nodded in her direction "Loyalty to custemers is my number one quality" he winked "specially to my Alix's friends".

"Alix, Alix" I said thoughtfully tapping my chin "if I'm not correct that is the name of your gorgeous, talented niece?". Uncle Ricky mocked confusion "Noo, thats Tia your describing there". I gasped "Slander!"

"You don't even know what that means do you?"

I giggled and hugged my Uncle Ricky, he was definetly a favourite of mine, "Hey Tia" he smiled, "I hear your coming too?". She nodded shyly "If thats okay?".

"Of course it is".

Uncle Ricky got up and smiled at Hermione and Ron, "Well we should be off, thanks for suffering the monster".

"I resent that comment"

"I know she's a handful"

"Coming from the man who leaves the toilet seat up!".

Ron just laughed "No bother mate, tell Ellen we said hi". I went over and hugged my girlies "Bye guys, I'll text/owl you soon". Ami looked worried "Remeber your coming to me on Sunday" I looked blankly, "my dads got a new girlfriend". I suddenly remembered, Ami's mum was staying in New York sealing the deal on one of her paintings and Ami was staying with her dad who wanted to introduce Ami to his new girlfriend, she had asked me for moral support since Rose and Devon would be on holiday and Tia had a wedding to go to.

"I'll see you Sunday" I promised and hugged her tight, James pouted "Do I not get an appointment with the Halliwell?" I giggled and hugged him with extra tightness "I'll see you tomorrow, I promise". James smelled so good, I couldn't help hugging him longer not that he minded.

"Come on Alix, your helping at the shop later on", James pulled back and kissed me sweetly on the mouth, "Bye sweetie pie" he waved his fingers at me, "I'll miss you".

Merlin, I loved him, he was so cute.

"I'll miss you too honey bunch" I laughed, "thanks Ron, Hermione say bye to Hugo for me". Tia said her goodbyes to everyone too but when she came to Albus she stopped herself, turned around, grabbed her bags and went out the door. Albus looked crushed and I couldn't help but feel sorry for him.





Sorry this is a shortish chapter, but the next one will be longer, think of this one as a leadup to the dramatical bit, involving a major change in Alix's life.

 don't 4get about my website =] link is on my homepage

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