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Betting on the Heart by MiaMarauder
Chapter 5 : The Morning After the Storm
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A/n Okay I wont say all my excuses. I had a totally brain blast of a Rose and Scorpius story so I've been working on that so I haven't had time to post. But the wait is over and here ya go! Enjoy!

Disclaimer: I don't own anything this is all J.k Rowlings's magic!

Thanks to nika@TDA for the lovely banner!
#4 Betting on the Heart

I woke up next morning, on a big comfy couch. I looked around to a million little elves running around the kitchen. I looked at clock, over the fireplace, 1:00 it read. Everyone probably already left for Hogsmeade, so I'm probably safe. As I got up from the couch, I had a pounding headache.

I left the kitchen and walked back up to the Gryffindor common room. I saw no one on my way up, but once I was in the common room their was a bunch of first and second years. I quickly made my way up to the girls dormitory. There was no one in there, as I suspected. Alice was probably in Hogsmeade with Johanna or Frank, if that dare went good last night. I quickly went into the shower to forget of the events that took place from last night.

I wanted to forget the fight I had with Sirius, and I wanted to forgot the kiss with Chris, even though I don't want to. I just needed all of this out of my head and needed to focus on exam week coming up. When I got out and put a towel around me. I made my way to my bed when I saw a note on my pillow.

Come find me, I'll be in the library

I crumpled it up and threw to the floor. I dressed into my jeans and big long, comfy sleeved Gryffindor shirt. That us girls made last year to wear to the Quidditch games. I put my hair in a bun and fled down the stairs to the library. I needed to talk to someone, I really did and Lily was the perfect one. I pushed my way through the first and second years. I was almost at the door when a small black boy, came up to me.

"Hi Layla!" George Thomas shouted up at me. Scott was a small little second year and he was.... well kinda obsessed with me, since last year, when Johanna bumped into him and made all his books fall down. She walked past him without even helping him pick them up, I helped him though. He just never forgot about me, he once said that was nicest thing anyone did for him all week, I was just being polite.

"Hi George! I haven't seen you in forever!" I said with enough excitement back. He did annoy me but he is the cutest kid ever and I don't think I could ever break his heart, if I told him sod off.

He gave me his best award winning smile "I know I've been busy. But I'll see you later, I have to beat my friend in wizard chess." He waved goodbye. Scott's smile can always cheer me up. As I walked to the library I almost forgot about my problems. ALMOST. I quickly spotted Lily, It's kind of hard not to.

"Hi, Lily." I said as I took a seat next to her.

"OH EM MER! TELL ME EVERYTHING NOW!" She shouted at me. The Liberian gave us 'sh' look and one of her award winning death stare.

"A little less ya know... excitement. But tell me what happened after I left or when Sirius came back up." I said to her in a whisper.

"Oh well after you guys left Johanna and Remus went on a walk and me and James stayed in the dorm." I raised my eyebrows, "Nothing happened. But we talked and it was... nice. After a while of talking, Sirius came in, he looked really mad, James asked "what's wrong" but he just muttered "nothing". James thought it was a good idea for me to leave. He walked me back to the girl dormitory and said goodbye." She smiled at the end. "BUT where were you that made you not come back to the dorm and made Sirius so mad?"

I told her the whole story. Lily was the most trustworthy, she is like a vault.

"Wow," Was all she said, I think that all she could get out. It was a lot of information. "I. But. Sirius? Like? And Chris. I'm confused."

I couldn't help to laugh. "Lily, how do you think I feel? I haven't talked to Chris yet so. Ugh and Sirius, he had so many chances to tell me why not, just tell me!" I was frustrated at this whole situation. Sirius had so many chances over the years. It's not like I would have gone out with him, I was complete and hopelessly head over heels with Chris. But Sirius and I always had a bond, and just mean less flirting I thought. "But before I do anything with Chris or Sirius I have to talk to Johanna. By the way she didn't do anything with.... Remus? Did she?"

"Oh heavens no! She wouldn't, her and Remus just went for a walk, she said that's all. She was under Veritaserum, don't forget."

"Right. Alright I need air. I'll see you around." I said goodbye to Lily and left the library. The people who went to Hogsmeade should be back by now. I passed some people coming back. As I walked to the lake. I just kept thinking of Chris's lips. His smile, and how anything can make him laugh. His untidy blond hair, that he couldn't care less about. And his perfect beautiful blue ey-

I fell to the ground hard. As I looked up, I looked into the beautiful blue eyes, I was just day dreaming about.

"Hey Jo" I said, getting off my back and sitting by the beech tree.

"Hi," she sighed sitting down next to me. Johanna always sighed when she wanted to talk about something.

"Jo is their something wrong?" I said asking the question, I already knew. I looked up at her, she looked sad and confused. Her hair was a little messed up and her clothes were askew as well. "Oh Jo what's wrong?" I said giving her a hug. She broke down in tears, I rubbed her back it was the only thing I knew what to do.

"I.... got away." Was all I heard between her tears, but I understood right away. She kept crying for a few minutes and stopped.

She took a big breathe in and let it out she seemed better. "I really thought he was a good guy, ya know? But he kept trying to grope me by the old the shirking shack. I finally kicked him in the groin and kept running," she sighed again. "BUT LETS FORGET ABOUT ME! WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED WITH SIRIUS LAST NIGHT?!" I knew she was back to normal at once.

"Well, we got into a fight," I said not about to tell her the real reason "About well... a little kiss I gave you're brother," little my arse it was the most romantic thing that ever happened to me. Well kinda if I didn't get into a fight with Sirius after and didn't run away. BUT still romantic!

"Really, he got mad over a little kiss. Like you meant it. It was just Chris after all," she said standing up.

"Yeah, just Chirs," I said with a sigh.

"Well, he's coming into the grounds now," she said walking away.

This will probably be my only chance to talk to him, since Ill be studying for exams and I wont see him until I stay at his house this summer. I got up and walked over to him and his three friends coming in. There were laughing about something.

"Hey, Chris can I have a word." When he saw me his smile faded into a thin line.

"Yeah, Sure." He said bye to his friends and lead me to the edge of the lake. He picked up a few pebbles and started to throw some at the water; trying to jump them.

I wasn't sure if I should start. But it doesn't look like he is going to start this conversation "I just want to start off by saying, I'm so sorry about leaving you in the library last night and I did come back, which by the way. How did you leave?"

"Portrait hole. Short cut," he said looking straight ahead, still throwing rocks. He seemed annoyed with me, and he probably was.

"And I'm sorry about that kiss, I didn't mean to come off as a girl who just kisses a boy and runs away. And I'm sorry about that stupid dar-"

"Layla," He dropped the pebbles on the ground and turned around to face me, well look down at me. "I'm not mad, you can just stop apologizing. I am just upset that you just left me their. To run after that stupid Sirius Bl-"

"And I'm sorry-"

"Layla," he said smiling and rising one eye brow. I smiled, "So about that kiss..." he said smiling again. My face went automatically red.

"Chris, If we do become anything or not something. I really liked to just wait to summer to talk about it."

"I feel the same way. But we will talk about this," he picked me up off the ground and gave me a hug. I giggled and blushed.

"I'll see you around!" Chris screamed running to catch up with his friends.

I was up beat now. I was on cloud nine. Then I saw grey eyes glaring at me from the entrance. The cold grey eyes quickly went in to a different direction. But I comforted by hazel eyes blocked behind glasses, coming closer to me.

"Hey Lay, wanna go for a walk?" James said coming towards me.

"Yeah," I said to James as we started to walk around the school.

"So, how much does he hate me?" I asked with a sigh.

"He's just upset, what happened between you and him. I mostly got him calmed down when we were in Hogsmeade. But when he saw you hugging Chris and I think he got upset again, and maybe thought you guys you're a... thing?"

""No! No he was just upset that I had to run after Sirius," I was pretty sure James knew what I meant. "I had no idea how he felt about me! I would have...I don't know.. not do that in front of him."

"Lay, Lay I know you didn't mean too. He's just upset now. He'll cool down."

"I just think if he wasn't under Vertiusium. The things he said would never actually would have come out." I looked up at James and he had a guilty expression on his face. "What?"

"Uh well, us guys didn't really... put any in ours. Uh just you girl's drinks," he said rubbing the back of his neck. I should be mad, but I wasn't. Now I'm just confused.

"But then why did Sirius tell me he liked me then?"

"To tell you the truth, I have no idea," James said with a shrug. "Maybe out of anger?"

It got silent as we made our back up to the castle.

"Well, thanks James, it was really nice to have a nice conversation with you." I feel like James is a type a guy that has sides to him. He can be totally a goof ball when he's with his friends, a nice guy that gives great advice, and a hopeless romantic.

"No problem Lay and if you ever need help with a problem or anything just talk to me, Or you can even owl me in the summer if you want. Oh and can you maybe mention it to Lily that I helped you out."

"Thank you James, I might take you up on that offer. And of course I will tell Lily. I'll see you around," I said starting to go inside. "Oh James," I said turning around.


"Don't give up on Lily," I said. A grinned flashed on his face.

"Thanks Layla," I started to walk away.

I went in to the dorm and turned on Lily's muggle radio. A song from my favorite muggle band Lily showed me was on. I got in my bed and started to doze off while singing.

"If I give my heart to you... I must be sure from the very start, that you would love me more then her.... If I trust in you, oh please don't run and hide."


I woke up to dark in the dormitory. I looked over to my night stand, the clock on it read 7:30 . I got up and checked myself in the mirror and made my way down to the common room. No on was in their because there were all at dinner. I made my way to the Great Hall. I haven't eaten all day and I'm freaking starving. As I walked into the Great Hall and stood at the entrance looking for Johanna and Lily, I noticed that some people were looking at me and whispering to the person next to them.

I spotted Lily and Johanna all the way at the end of of the Gryffindor table. The seventh years usually sit at the top of the table, all of them had N.E.W.T's coming up and were probably all at the library. As I walked passed the first years and second years. I noticed some third years were pointing at me. Once I got the fourth year section I got some glares from all the girls, as I waved to Chris. And the fifth year section ignored me as they had O.W.L's coming up to be bothered with gossip. Chris was just taking a break I guess? But Chris and his friend are like the 'Mini Marauders' of the younger grades. As I passed the sixth year section, everyone was whispering in each other ears. I saw Alice sitting with Frank, I gave her a thumbs up and smile, she beamed back. As I walked passed the marauders I put my head down and looked at the floor. I finally got to the end of the table and quickly sat down.

"Tell me that wasn't as bad as it looked," I said to Johanna and Lily putting some chicken and mash potatoes on my plate.

"It really wasn't. Don't worry," Johanna said taking a sip of her pumpkin juice. Johanna wouldn't talk to anyone to know the truth. I will ask Lily not to mention it or James too. I think the whole rest of school just knows about how me and Sirius fought. It was a very loud screaming match.

"Only the Griffindor's know about what happened," Lily said reading my mind. Probably just my face expressions. "Don't worry you'll soon be out of here anyway."

"Your right I guess, I really don't care. I just wish all the fourth years and fifth would stop giving me dagger eyes," I looked down the table, all of the girls were whispering and pointing. I looked back up to Lily.

"Don't worry about them. They're just worried that you snagged one of their boys," Johanna scoffed. "The rumor that's going around is that you and Sirius got over a fight about one of the fifth years. And since you kinda look like you rolled outta bed and you still look pretty, they're just jealous."

So she doesn't know yet, "Eh I guess... I'm just so sick of these people, I'm just waiting for this school year to be done."

"I know what you mean. Ryan came over here before begging for me take him back and he was sorry. I just slapped him," Johanna said shrugging.

"Oh speaking of guys, guess who helped me before and also gives great advice?" I said asking them, but really asking Lily more.

"Who?" Lily said looking up from her soup.

"James Potter," Johanna just shrugged and looked back down. While Lily smiled, and looked down to the marauders, I looked down as well. James was in a conflicted conversation with Sirius. While Remus looked from his book to say something and I think he just noticed me looking. All four boys looked over to where Lily and I were staring. We both quickly looked away.

"Yeah. So. The." I said quickly to Lily trying to make up a fake conversation.

"Oh. Yeah. And. Uhhh. N.E.W.T'S NEXT YEAR!" I gave her a confused look and laughed. Typical for Lily to talk about school, and panic. We both just laughed until I noticed Lily stopped and looked up at someone behind me.

I turned around to no other Remus Lupin standing over me.

"Yes, Remus," I said looking up.

"Hi ladies," he nodded to Johanna and Lily."Uhh Sirius and James would like to have a word, if it's alright with you, of course," he said very politely, looking down at me.

"Uh if you don't mind me asking, but why does James have to be present?" I said looking into his brown eyes.

"Well to tell you the truth, it's cause he doesn't want Sirius to say something stupid to you," Well if Sirius wasn't going to be mature about this neither am I.

"I'm declining but I'd like Johanna and Lily to go," I looked at Johanna and Lily they both nodded their heads. I looked back at Remus, "To go talk to them. Where are they?" Looking at they're seats, not seeing them.

"I'm supposed to take you, or well, them, to them." He said to Johanna and Lily.

"Okay," Johanna said standing up. "Remus do you mind if we can just have a word with Layla really fast. I'll meet you at the door." Remus nodded his head smiled at me and headed to the door with his hands in his pockets.

"What you want me to do. One, tell him 'he's a prick and grow a pair'. Plus tell him to talk to you by himself. Two, be nice and say 'sorry but she's not ready to talk to you?' " Johanna asked.

"First one please. He's such an arse."

"You got it girly," she said as she ran to the door to meet Remus.

"Lily, can you try to shut them up, or tell Johanna to leave if they try to mention the snog." I said looking up at Lily who was about to leave.

"Of course, but you're going to have to tell her sometime," she said walking off to meet Remus and Johanna.


Later that evening we were all sitting around in the common room, in front of the fire. Johanna was telling us what Sirius and James wanted.

"Once I got into the classroom, I told Sirius 'Oi! Do you really need your boyfriend with you to talk to some girl!' After that I told him to grow a pair and walked out." We all laughed as she continued, "Lily stayed thou-" She was cut off when the marauders coming in.

They were all quiet while walking in. Remus was in first and sat down on a arm chair by the fire and next to me. Peter was second and just walked up to the boys dormitory. When James and Sirius came in they were whispering back and forth. Sirius and I had quick eye contact and it quickly broke apart. As Sirius quickly ran up the stairs.

James came and sat next to Lily on the couch. I quietly sat their while listening to Lily and James conversation.

"Lily look what I got you," James said handing a bag to Lily.

Lily looked inside the bag and a full grin went on her face "Oh! James thank you. I knew you would know my favorite candy was chocolate frogs!" She gave him a quick hug and ran up to the girls dormitory.

"You going to be okay?" I said the look on James face. Looked like he was about to explode, he was smiling so much.

"Yeah, you alright Lay?" He asked.

"Yeah, I think I am going to be," I said. I walked upstairs hoping that Johanna would stay down in the common room.

"Lily," I said coming into the dorm. She was on her bed eating one of the frogs. "What happened after?" I asked since Johanna said she stayed after Johanna left.

"Well Sirius said he just wanted to talk to you," Lily said getting up to go in the shower. "And he'll try again. Without James."


Exam week was tough. But I did get a lot studying done trying to forget about the Chris and Sirius situation. It was Friday after dinner and the night before everyone was going home for summer. I was sitting in the common room in a arm chair in the corner watching people around me coming in and out. I had a sketch book in my hand drawing while, everyone was saying goodbye. I already packed my stuff, two days ago.

I was not even paying attention to the people around me. As I wanted to get this one part of the tree right, I was drawing. I noticed a black shadow over my paper. I looked up into a pair of dark grey eyes.

A/n Sooo eh eh? What do you think? Please tell me in a review because I noticed when I'm looking for a story to read I look how many reviews they have and I'm like wow this probably is a good story. SOooooOOOo yeah I'll post soon promise, I hate when people don't post.

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